By Thanos



Chapter 1


DATE: NOVEMBER 10, 2007 

TIME:  2:16 AM





Raika Élan, Attorney-At-Law, floated passively in the water. A wet suit encased her body.  Actually, the counselor wore two wetsuits and a large dildo filled her anus. The “full Aldridge” her captor quipped. Putting on this get up was difficult, but the added warmth slowed hypothermia in the frigid water. The rubber clung to her perky breasts as they heaved with each labored breath. Raika feared that each inhalation may be her final one. Despite the experience of her many misadventures, this time she confronted overwhelming dread.


She understood her role as bait. A trip wire connecting the white phosphorus explosives to the entry door would engulf a prospective rescuer in flames. She could envision her paramour and co-conspirator, Aimee, speeding to her. Her captor planned for Raika to witness her partner’s immolation. Then Raika would slowly expire due to asphyxiation while mourning her lover’s death. 


Raika was inescapably trapped underwater in a pool ten feet deep. Her tormentor tauntingly fixed her head inches from the surface. A full face scuba mask provided oxygen to the comely abductee. The water was cleaned and chlorinated so that Raika could see through the surface to the door of the abandoned natatorium.


The female attorney profited from an impeccable professional reputation. She founded a prosperous intellectual property law office. Her roster of clients included many of the most innovative in the information technology field. A renowned beauty, Raika Élan Esq., was crowned runner up in a number of pageants during her teenage years.


Of Japanese/Hawaiian ancestry, Raika Élan stood five feet two inches tall and weighed one hundred and two pounds. She was blessed with a 34-25-35 hourglass figure, a protruding ass, and shapely legs.  Measured at a D-cup, her gravity defying rack allowed her to rock it GI Jane style when it suited her whim. The form-fitting neoprene wetsuit accentuated these attributes. Her oval face boasted full rounded cheeks, high cheek bones, pouting lips, a button nose, a winsome smile and big brown eyes. Raika’s moderately tanned smooth skin was her most striking feature. Her chestnut brown hair, cut to medium length, matched the color of her eyes. All of these pulchritudinous features were presently obscured by the scuba gear, yet her attractiveness remained palpable.


A latex single glove compressed the arms and buckled straps merged the legs of the hapless barrister.  A diabolical set of weights and buoys held her ineluctably motionless. The ring at the end single glove was anchored to a large weight at the bottom of the pool.  Similarly, a chain ran from her belted ankles to the bottom. Another set of chains, attached to buoys, held her torso in place at the waist and below her breasts. A ring on top of her head was attached to a buoy on the surface and a weight on the bottom. Both of her nipples, uncovered by the neoprene, were separately clamped and connected to buoys on the surface of the pool. These connecting chains reached absolute tension. The forces pulling Raika both up and down rendered her completely immobile in a backward arching position, like an inverted shrimp.


Seemingly unnecessary because her underwater cries would be inaudible on the surface, a large red ball filled her oral cavity.  Its purpose was to restrict airflow and extend the oxygen in the four attached scuba tanks.  Raika’s tormentor had set the perfect trap and she wanted to ensure that Raika survived long enough to witness her lover’s demise.


Normally, Raika did not object to being bound and gagged. She was obsessed with restraint since childhood. In games like Cowboys and Indians, she arrogated herself Native American princess and ordered her minions to bring her captured cowboys. Young Raika delighted in tying up her playmates. She laughed hysterically while they struggled in their bonds. But any boy who attempted to turn the tables on her received a black eye.


The tables were turned once. Sharon, a tomboyish yet cute neighborhood rival, waylaid the elfin Raika. Sharon cruelly hogtied Raika with a jump rope and shoved a plush toy in her mouth. Discovering their princess missing, her allies frantically searched the neighborhood. Sharon concealed herself and the restrained girl in a tool shed. Raika found it exciting to be dominated by a girl, especially when Sharon held her down and muffled her mouth when the seekers drew near.


Such feelings were suppressed through her early teen years as Raika found herself the object of many boys’ designs.  She dated and participated in many normal sexual activities. The young Ms. Élan restricted herself to a vanilla menu and did not attempt much exploration. Aside from her excellent academic record and conspicuous beauty, she was the typical girl next door.


Interestingly, it was intellectual pursuits that reignited her interest in bondage. Highly competitive academically, Raika continuously searched for methods to improve her concentration and imagination. She discovered that tightly wrapping herself in a blanket improved her meditation.  As this technique gradually lost its effectiveness, Raika flashed back to the episode with Sharon.


After recognizing that filling her mouth with an object improved her intellectual ruminations, Raika started to experiment with rope, furtively studying the internet for ideas and methods.  She became extremely adept at self-bondage. Raika could tie her own elbows behind her back. Nonetheless, her applications were often escapable. Chains, handcuffs, and other mechanical devices did not achieve the same level of stimulation. Moreover, such contraptions were difficult to explain to parents and roommates.


Raika sought to assuage her bondage thirst through a series of boyfriends. She explained her practical need. But the responses were not completely satisfactory. Some refused, others were excited, and some were capable riggers. Nonetheless, a helpless Raika proved too irresistible. Her captors could not keep their hands off her bound body. She appreciated their urges, but Raika needed solitude to reach the requisite mental state. For her, pleasure gave way to achievement. She did well in high school, but truly excelled in college.


Fortunately, her college roommate, Michiko, was quite skillful with rope. Although she deemed Raika’s requirements humorous, the roommate acceded to trussing up the desperate Raika. Michiko regularly referred to her as the “bondageable” but others never really understood the truth behind the jest. The two girls made a game of it. Unlike many of her peers, Raika eschewed social activities for her studies.


Every male and many females on campus desperately sought to exchange bodily fluids with her.  At basketball games, thousands of eyes fixated on the petite Asian girl, with her ample endowment undulating through dance routines. Her daily runs through campus attracted a trail of leering followers. Raika enjoyed her power over men, but she only dated sporadically.


The object of many suitors, Raika acquiesced to their demands for dates. But when these admirers arrived at their apartment, they were informed by Michiko that Raika had stood them up. Unbeknownst to the male caller, Raika was thoroughly bound and gagged on the other side of the door. All of these suitors were appeased with Michiko’s offer as a substitute. The shallow college men accepted the stunningly attractive Michiko as an antidote for their Asian fever.


The tied up Raika was left to her studies. Raika learned to relax into the position in which she was tied no matter how strenuous. The strictness of the tie directly correlated to intellectual efficacy. Not distracted by outside influences and forced to concentrate on her material, Raika’s performance soared. As a result, the often captive girl improved her academic performance and obtained a Phi Beta Kappa Key. Her graduation with a degree in Information Technology from a prestigious West Coast school made her family proud.


The arrangement proved advantageous to both parties. Michiko married a scion of a petroleum dynasty, J. Perrywell Norton, she met substituting for Raika. Perry initially attracted to Raika through her performance in a school production mad cap comedy, [1] eventually fell for the elegant and witty Michiko. Perry and Michiko hit it off on their first date and continued courtship.


Upon graduation, Raika started in international management consulting, as the comely “Asian support chick,” who lets the white middle aged salesman do all the talking when she actually performs all the work.  Her professional objectives attained, she sought to put her kinky habits behind her.


Events would make those feelings reemerge. While on a project in Mexico, she had the misfortune of being kidnapped. Her kidnapper was a psychopathic brute. Although strictly restrained and muzzled, Raika was not stimulated in his presence. But when he left the poor girl under the care of his female relatives, two older women who perfunctorily cared for their captive, Raika experienced a renewed interest in captivity.  These women were not particularly attractive and treated Raika like a sack of potatoes, but a fire was lit inside her. The consensual bondage was a tool but the added element of danger was an endorphin rush not experienced since Sharon’s domination of her under the back porch. Raika eventually escaped with the aid of her female captors. But that is a story for another time.


Raika longed to return to academia. She told herself the purpose was pecuniary. Subconsciously, she yearned for her bondage routine. Ms. Élan enrolled at an Ivy League Law School. Her severance package allowed Ms. Élan to live well as a law student. Additionally, she made unorthodox investments in her education. Raika retained numerous dominatrices for regular visits during crucial academic periods. These marathon sessions focused on academic performance.  Raika could remain tied for astonishingly long periods of time. For finals, she spent an entire weekend with arms hammer locked in the Ushiro Takate Kote Shibari position. Quizzes on the material were enforced through corporal discipline.  Raika’s outstanding academic performance attested to their efficacy.


Her present jeopardy was too much for even a thrill seeker such as Raika. Her captor had engineered a fatal scheme to harm not only her but her partner, Aimee. Raika begged for release. Nonetheless, she understood the hopelessness of her position and prayed that her paramour would not come through that door. Raika could face her own demise, but she could not face Aimee’s.


Suddenly, she heard a banging on entry door. Fearing that it was Aimee, Raika hoped that the door would not open. She resumed struggling and against her bonds and screaming through the gag, but her position underwater was fixed and no sound could escape to the surface. Unfortunately, pushing the door ajar triggered a conflagration. Submerged underwater, the bound attorney escaped the scorching flames. She was certain her lover had not. As the oxygen depleted, Raika regretted her greed.  Salt water streamed behind the mask that protected her from the chlorinated pool. She had never experienced such anguish. As her oxygen depleted, she regretted her greed and reminisced on her disastrous scheme with Aimee.


To Be Continued…


[1] Editors note :See Raika’s College Adventures—coming soon


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