Police Patrol

By Bob2300

Officer Ramona Morant was tired, it was an aching weariness that she could feel creeping up on her. She felt as if she was 52 years old rather than 25 which was her actual age. She had an ingrained weariness that came from working day in and day out. So far, she had done eleven hours of a twelve hour shift, with very little in the way of rest or breaks. Now at the very last minute instead of getting the chance to head back to the station and catch a bit of elusive shut eye, something else had come up. She was being called out to an incident, one more thing to deal with. When everyone else was in bed she was keeping the streets safe responding to another 12:14. The police officer yawned and stretched her arms as best she could, making sure she didn't hit the steering wheel. She looked at her empty coffee cup on the dashboard and sighed. A 12:14 was basically a public nuisance call the lowest possible priority.

She looked at the dispatch, the police had been alerted by some insomniac dog walker that something was going on at this late hour, the description was very vague as the witness had not stayed around very long. The concerned citizen had noted that someone was messing about in the middle of the park in the middle of the night. It sounded like a busy body a curtain twitcher had decided she had one more call out for the night. Now it was her job to find out what it was that was actually happening and deal with it, that was if it was anything remotely serious in the first place. If she was going to be forced to do paperwork at this time of night someone was going to suffer. Someone would be fined or at the very least spend a night mercilessly hogtied on the cold cell floor.

She gripped the steering wheel tightly and looked at the radio, she was tempted to make some sort of excuse, a dereliction of her duty. Slowly she sighed and put the handset back in place. Half the time it would be a boozy alcoholic looking for a bench to crash on. She grimaced remembering the last, some of them even remembered their pants. Then almost the other half of the time it would be just some kids playing about setting off some fireworks or trying to burn there name into the grass with a can of gasoline or some other similar stupidity. Or still fairly rare for this town someone trying to get high on some dubious substance that they had found on craigslist. The juvenile arsonists and wastrels were a pain in the ass to deal with, but not that much of a threat. Sometimes they were a nuisance when they stole fire extinguishers or traffic cones. As her car moved off down the road She didn't like the thought of having to do two or three hours more paperwork. If she did actually manage to catch someone doing something illegal, half the time she would spend more time doing paperwork than the petty criminal would do in jail. She also didn't want some booze hound throwing up stinking up the back-seat of her ride.

Her patrol car came up to the park entrance, the gates were open they hardly ever bothered to lock it. The officer stopped and squinted through the windscreen of her car, there was something down the road. She swore that off in the distance there was a car with its lights off leaving the scene via the second entrance to the park. She got ready to put her foot down on the accelerator. They were probably the ones causing the disturbance, departing the suspected crime scene. Most likely it would just be some morons who should be in bed, then chasing them in the dark could cause more issues. Ramona should probably give chase, someone driving off like that when they saw a cop had to have something to hide, even if it was probably just pilfered booze and tobacco. She hesitated thinking it out, but she conceded on the other hand it was going to be a lot easier for her if she just investigated the area first. If she made sure everything was ok in the park, before she followed any other possible leads. She thought about the vague report. She would probably find the remains of a small fire some beer cans and possibly one of the revellers passed out drunk, far better than chasing a car full of skittish teens along the dark roadways at this time of night.

She got out of the car, slammed the door real hard to announce her presence so that anyone else might run off and she could avoid paperwork. She looked about then adjusted her equipment belt, perhaps she shouldn't carry quite so many pairs of handcuffs and legions, but she told herself they were useful. Ramona locked her car-door. She pulled out her torch and began to follow the path in the opposite direction that the car had gone, leading to wherever it had come from. Right to the approximate location of the disturbance. There were a few tire tracks and a shrub that had been mercilessly flattened in their haste to get away. She soon found the location of the disturbance and she relaxed.

The officer saw a recent fire pit with dimly smouldering ash and cinders, there were some crushed beer cans around the place for decoration. She adjusted her light gripping the torch, it was heavy it would hurt as much as her baton if she hit someone with it. Then she stopped and slowly circled around. No one was left behind passed out drunk, but there were foot prints which strangely looked like someone was wandering about bear footed. Perhaps some of them had run off without the car, had someone been left behind? She whipped the light around again paying closer attention. She noticed a particularly dense bush on the other side of the clearing rustling as if someone or something was in the middle of the tangled branches. It looked to her like one of the revellers had been left behind when their friends had run for it rather than explain themselves to the police.

She grinned and slapped the weighty torch in the palm of her other hand with a menacing thwack. Officer Morant walked closer and shouted at the bush clearly identifying herself.

“Police … Oi, you come out of the bushes … police”. She half expected a stray cat or dog to dart out into the night. Instead the head of an inebriated blond teenager 18 or 19 years old slowly poked her head out of the bush, there were a few twigs in her messed up hair. It was styled in a short crop and rather muzzy as if she had been dragged through a bush. She looked wasted and a bit nervous, trying to focus on the police officer, like a driver trying not to fall over before there sobriety test.

The officer moved closer and looked at her suspect,

“Is it just you?” The girl glanced around the clearing desperately expecting her friends to come back for her at any minute. Ramona knew that they were miles away by now saving their own skin. The scruffy blond looked down then hesitantly nodded. The police officer was not totally convinced she could after all be a decoy, but it was highly unlikely. The officer moved closer one hand on her belt,

“You haven't got any friends kicking about?” She shook her head in a defeated gesture, finally finding her voice stammering, …

“It’s just me … my cousin and the … boys are gone”.

The officer walked over to the suspect, taking in the sight of the fair skinned blond who held up her hand to shield her eyes from the torch. She wore make up that was a bit trashy and it was also currently running a streak down the left side of her face. The girl had blotched and strained mascara over pretty eyes, she also had a pretty pair of lips adorned with an awful shade of red. A beautiful sculpted face, she would be really pretty in other circumstances, not that she wasn't attractive now. Ramona looked at her sternly, she was getting closer to the bush,

“What's your name”? The blond swallowed as if there was some hesitation some doubt, the officer wondered was she too drunk to remember her own name? Actually she was trying to think up a convincing lie, the officer gave her a withering look, the girl blurted out her name

“Cherry Amelia Jones”. The officer was confident that she had her actual name,

“Cherry, have you got any id”?

She looked nervously about the bush as the officer shined her torch in the suspects eyes. Finally she answered

“Yes … but not with me.” The officers tone grew a bit sharper,

“How old are you”? There was a nervous tremor in the blonds voice

“... 18 … years old … ma'am”. The officer was now standing right next to her though she didn't want to go to the effort of pulling her out of the bush if she could help it. Her voice was quite forceful,

“You know that the legal drinking age in these parts is 21 don't you”? The blond lowered her head in an admission of guilt.

The officer pointed to a spot on the ground right next to her,

“Get up out of the bush, now”. The little blond shook her head flushed embarrassed,

“I don't err … want to”. The officers voice became suddenly red hot,

“That was not a suggestion, that was an order”. The blond shuddered then hung her head slowly she emerged from the bush one hand spread over her privates to hide her lower body. The other clamped over her generous breasts that threatened to spill out. She had a nice body with round flaring hips a narrow waist a flat tummy, her frame ending in long curvy legs with shapely thighs. She was quite a site even if her ankles and feet were stained with mud.

The officer looked at her, reaching forwards to pick the twigs out of her hair, she stared back at her incredulously,

“Where are your clothes?” She looked down at her toes using one foot to try and scrape some of the mud from her other foot.

“Err … I guess … in my cousins car. You see ... she bet that I wouldn't have the guts to streak round the park …. an entire lap of the park nude. She thought that I would chicken out, but … I didn't”. She nervously looked towards where the officer had come from,

“But then … well she must have seen your police car and drove off … leaving me on my own”. The blond looked at the leaves on the floor around her feet. She looked dejected,

“She could have at least … left my clothes behind, rather than … leaving me like this.” There was an evil grin on the police officers lips.

“Ok, public nudity is an offence, actually a considerable one against public decency. So is public intoxication, I am going to have to arrest you, and you will probably spend some considerable time in the young ladies of relentless mercy’s reformatory, now turn around”. Slowly reluctantly the teenager shifted around so that the officer was behind her, her shoulders were slumped in defeat as she considered the implications of being arrested. The officers tone had a bit of a growl to it,

“Now put your hands behind your back”.

She hesitated for a good long moment, there was an angry growl from the police woman's lips. The naked suspect slowly moved her right hand then her left behind her back, keeping them at about waist height. She practically whispered through her pearly white teeth

“No … please don't” as she heard the clink of handcuffs at the ready. She didn't want to be restrained, yet it was inevitable. There was the click click as her new manacles were applied, she was turned around so that the officer could get a good look at her naked body. Her freedom was gone in and instant. The officer had a good view of her perky nipples and round breasts her peachy buttocks and neatly trimmed little yellow snatch. Then the officer had one hand wrapped around her prisoners neck the other around her elbows. She was not getting away from this tight embrace, the officer had her lips almost touching the prisoners ear as she slowly, red the prisoner, her rights. The officer ran her hands over the prisoners body and inhaled deeply sniffing her hair.

Officer Morant led the suspect back along the park trail to her police car. She made sure to keep a tight grip on her prisoners elbows all the time. The prisoner didn't exactly like being held in this position with her shoulders pulled back and her breasts on full display. But with the cuffs on she had no other option but to submit to the arresting officer. Ramona definitely enjoyed the view wiggling up the path in front of her, as the helpless little blond was frog marched towards her impending incarceration. When she didn't move fast enough for the officers liking she got a hearty spank across her peachy round bottom. Though the terrified squeal of indignation that each piece of percussive motivation elicited only encouraged the officer to strike harder. When they got to the vehicle Ramona immediately pushed her prisoner onto the bonnet of her patrol car. There was a gasp as the air was knocked out of the sexy blond, she just lay there stunned and afraid, too frightened to question what was going to be done to her.

Amelia was surprised as the officer suddenly slammed into her body. She was suddenly right behind her leaning over her with her full body weight pressing aggressively upon the naked delinquent pinning her firmly down. The officers hips were pushing on her prisoners naked rear as if she was just barely resisting grinding herself against the suspect. The prisoner was broken out of her shock as the officer gripped the handcuffs and slowly painfully pulled her victims wrists up as high as they would go. The position was forcing the prisoners shoulders back and forcing pangs of twitching protest from her muscles and helpless sobs from her sumptuous lips. The officer had a hand tightly gripping her hair, forcing her head into the cold metal of the bonnet. Causing a panicking squeal of pain as the naked blond was strictly bent furtherer over the hood of the car. Cherry was sure that this in no way resembled proper police procedure, but she had to ask herself who exactly was she going to complain to and who would believe her?

The officer stroked the back of her captives head as you might an animal or a pet. She moved back a second then kicked her prisoners ankles wide, using her knees to force the prisoners knees wide before pressing back down. Pinning her detainee even more tightly in place, as if she was a wrestler going for a submission hold. She warned her,

“Don't move from that position or there will be a lot of trouble”. Ramona ground her athletic body against the prisoner, kissing and licking her neck.

“How would you like to ride to the station hog cuffed in the boot of my car gagged with my socks”? There was a submissive whimper in reply, Cherry didn't want to think about what this woman could do to her if she was angry. To emphasise her position of superiority Officer Morant pulled her prisoners arms up a little higher, to emphasize just how totally helpless she truly was.

Ramona moved closer so that her own large breasts were pressed into the suspects naked back through her police uniform, in these circumstances it seemed to be made of rather thin material. Her bullet hard nipples were pushing against the suspects naked body, it was really exciting her. She moved in so that her lips were pressed against the prisoners ear, as the terrified blond was pressed helplessly into the car. She gave the blonds ear the tiniest flick with her tongue and with great pleasure noted how little room to manoeuvre the blond truly had as she tried to pull away.

“Now I am going to have to search you for contraband, the less you struggle the better it will be for you”! She forced the cuffed woman's arms up even higher placing more strain on her body and connected them to a roof rack on the top of the patrol car. She went into her car to get supplies. In the dark park at midnight there was the snap of a long rubber gloves followed by a fearful whimper, yet Amelia didn't try to flee, she remained posed exactly as the officer had left her.

Ramona aggressively and rather assertively reached between the prisoners legs squeezing and cupping Cherry's pussy, the prisoner whimpered and let out a little moan of fear. Slowly the officer worked one finger into her most intimate region, nervous flesh tried to resist as two fingers were worked in and out then there were three fingers probing where they were not wanted. Then just to surprise her she jammed her thumb all the way into the naked suspects bottom up to the second knuckle. In a panic the suspect struggled to close her legs but the officer had her pinned in place with her knees. Three incredibly embarrassing humiliating minutes later Ramona was finished the actual search and the prisoner was blushing hues of crimson. The officer as she half expected had found nothing of any note, really nothing at all. However she might as well take her time to check the blonds firm hot body again at a more leisurely pace.

For a moment Cherry thought it was over her body started to relax, relatively speaking. She believed that the worst humiliation that the night could hold was over and behind her. The officer chided her

“Don't relax yet”! Then a rubber coated hand firmly cupped her buttocks and slowly the officer started to work her barely lubricated fingers into her prisoners resisting rear again. Eventually after many more intrusive and downright lewd acts the rubber gloves were thrown in the park trash bin. The flushed and embarrassed prisoner was brought back to a full standing upright position, her arms and shoulder muscles were still protesting from her time held in that pose. Her face was flushed crimson and her cheeks were stained with tears. She avoided eye contact with the officer who had a rather smug and satisfied look on her face. The prisoner looked down at the wheels of the patrol car, her voice held no resistance, it was as quiet as a mouse.

“Look … don't you have something … that I could wear?”

The officer grinned with a somewhat private joke at her victims expense, her words were saccharine sweet even if her grin was disturbingly large and toothy like some sort of aquatic predator,

“Actually, I do have something in the back of the car that would cover you up”. She paused to let the little nudist think that she had found a way out of her current predicament, she taunted her.

“But in all honesty, you’re probably going to prefer to be nude”. Cherry looked at the boot expectantly, at this point she wanted something between her naked body and the police woman's hungry lustful eyes. The officer grinned and led her victim round the back of the car, opening the boot up with a loud click she moved quickly and with a flourish that caused it to unfold she pulled out a rather heavy garment. For a moment Cherry thought that it was some ill sized winter jacket, then her eyes popped open in realisation. Giving her just the look of surprise and dread that officer Morant wanted to see plastered over her pretty face.

In the dim light from the patrol car she showed her prisoner a bulky straight jacket that seemed to be made out of a combination of thick magnolia coloured leather and a light grey rubber, with straps zips and buckles seemingly everywhere, all of them filled with some malicious purpose. The prisoner pulled back apprehension and fear on her face replacing surprise, she just managed to get the words out,

“What's … that … thing”. The officer grinned cruelly and stepped in close,

“It’s a souvenir from a prisoner transfer from a hospital to the prison system”. The current arrestee just looked plain confused. The officer explained further, she stroked the jacket moving round to press her prisoner up against the side of the car holding the straight jacket up against her naked body,

“You see she was faking being crazy to get out of jail. But she found the institute to be far far worse. She was confined to a padded room and jacket nearly 24 hours a day. The punitive enema's the stifling gags the discipline hoods the relentless suffocating bondage. So she managed to convince them that she was faking it. So we took her back to prison and I got a free high security straight jacket set out of it.”

She squeezed her current captives shoulder with an iron grip waving the jacket less than an inch from her nose,

“The prison didn't want it, hospital didn't want it, so I left it in the boot of my car. It’s a bit small for you but with the rubber composition it stretches a bit, even if it’s not very comfortable”. The prisoner looked very hesitantly at the jacket. She looked around hoping to see her friends come back to get her or at least give her clothes back. She really was alone, the officer interrupted her thoughts of escape,

“Do you want it?” The officer didn't wait for a response, she flipped the jacket around and started to undo a number of buckles and straps. Her labour intensified as she released a zipper and a number of grommets and press studs so that very slowly the back of the jacket opened up. She had to use two hands and quite a bit of force to open the garment up. It was quite intricate and looked like once someone was put inside it they would be staying put, trapped in their own little crushing personal prison for quite some time. The handcuffs would be a mild inconvenience by comparison, no wonder its last occupant had opted to go back to a regular prison.

The naked prisoner eyed the complex garment with disgust, she dearly wanted to shout to spit to run off into the night. She held her tongue and her feet remained planted as she didn't think that she would be able to get very far. She was certain that if she offered any spirited resistance she would soon be hog-tied and gagged in the back of the patrol car. The officer was starting to get impatient as she waited for Cherry to conclude her deliberation on the merits of the jacket. The arrestee wondered if the jacket would be worse, she considered politely declining the jacket. A shiver ran down her side she was cold and she didn't want to be seen naked by anyone else. Especially at the police station especially by her family when they eventually bailed her out. She reasoned that this strange jacket had to be better than nothing. She also considered that the officer was a vindictive bitch who was just tormenting her, everything was probably an uncomfortable trap.

Miss Jones ducked lower and twisted her body, suspiciously she looked into the back of the boot. This time the officer was apparently telling the complete truth, there was not a high vis vest jacket or blanket available. Nothing else she could use to protect her modesty, for what that was now worth. She couldn't even see a sock in the boot, though if there was a sock there it might have been used to gag her. Now that she thought about it after the officers time exploring every inch of her body, she could see no reason a bodily search involved tweaking her nipples or five minutes, or aggressively fondling and cupping her breasts. She saw no body cam on the officer no public cctv, she concluded that the officer was going to get away with it. She might as well have a layer of clothing to keep warm. Cherry tugged on her cuffs and looked down at her feet, she doubted they would carry her that far away. Her voice was almost nothing it was so quiet,

“Ok … put me in the jacket”.

The officer had prepared the garment ready to go, expecting her prisoner to eventually give in and accept the inevitable embrace of tight leather and rubber. The prisoner had to wonder if the sadistic officer might have forced her into the garment against her will if she had decided to decline. Still she was nervous as the officer held out the jacket ready to embrace her. She looked at the tight waist of the garment the excessive straps, still she took a step forwards. The officer held the garment out as an offering and a silent command. The prisoner was made to step into the jacket. Gingerly she put one foot into the garment wiggling her toes in through the back then into the right leg hole. She moved her left foot into place. The jacket seemed to be designed to be quite a struggle to wiggle into. The officer pulled it up but Cherry also had to put a lot of effort to get her legs into the garment by wiggling backwards and forwards to move the tight bands of rubber leather and thick material up over her thighs and hips to sit its oppressive weight around her waist.

It was like she was wearing a pair of incredibly small rubber short shorts that had been stretched over her naked body. As they were worked up her legs they had been so tight it felt as if her circulation was being cut off. Then she considered the thick leather thigh bands that were incorporated into the design. They were secured … really secure as if they were designed for the containment of some sort of wild animal. There was a weight to them as if they was some thick cable or chain sandwiched in-between the layered leather. She felt that the jacket almost looked like some sort of bizarre diving suit with the rubber. Cherry looked down at the garment trying to categorise and understand it. There were rubber seems at the sides two inch wide lines of rubber. A rubber panel that should go over her breasts that also seemed suspiciously thin. There was obviously the tight pair of rubber shorts she already wore. Then there was a rubber section that would soon be in place over her waist. It seemed to be about 4 inches wide, there was a two inch band of rubber at the collar giving it a high neck. She did notice something hanging down in front of the jacket, it was like a rubber bag, she wasn't sure why that made her feel a little nervous, or what its purpose was.

Experimentally Cherry ran the edge of her fingers over the jacket's edge twisting her arms round from behind her body. The rest of the jacket seemed to be reinforced with leather, she paused or was it leather reinforced with rubber? Whichever way it was a thick sandwich of materials, the boundary between the two fabrics made it a little hard to tell which was the primary component of the jackets manufacture. She had to ask herself what had she gotten herself into, this wasn't a strait jacket this was as heavy as armour. It would be the last questing her fingers did for a considerable amount of time as the officer gruffly scolded her. Soon she would find out that the inside of the jackets sleeves had inbuilt thick rubber mittens, something that would frustrate any attempt on her behalf to use her fingers in any way, for a considerable amount of time.

She grunted in defiance as her hands were un-cuffed and quickly fed into the top of the jackets sleeves. It took some considerable wiggling to get her arms all the way in to the ends of the sleeves but soon her fingers were helplessly encased in rubber, tucked out of the way. The officer was tightly cradling her and Miss Jones didn't dare resist. The officers hands slid over her prisoners hips, there was a subtle whimper from Cherry's lips at the thought of being searched again. They hovered for a second then there was a sigh before the officers hands moved over to the waiting garment. The jacket was pulled up her prisoners body, it seemed to want to close with a will of its own, contracting around its victim. The rubber and leather was swiftly pulling it into a familiar shape with a little assistance from the police woman.

The jacket was suddenly tight against the detainees shoulders, Cherry felt nervous as the officer tugged the jacket so that she was as far inside it as she could be. As snug and helpless as she could ever imagine. She was half certain if left like this with no external help, even without the back of the jacket being left open she would not be able to pull her naked flesh away from the sticky rubber, the jacket seemed to be contracting around her arms her waist her hips it was as if it had a mind of its own and it wanted to possess her.

There was a sturdy zipper along the back of the garment, officer Morant pulled it into place to seal the jacket up, Cherry let out a little whimper as it closed around her, at least she would be warm. The officer reached around to the front of the jacket,

“Those lovely breasts of yours are out of alignment, let me help you”. The prisoner could attest that the rubber over her breasts was quite thin as they bulged out obscenely, as the officer generously adjusted there fit in the garment. The officer returned to the back and sealed a number of straps over the zipper with great gusto. The prisoner felt the tug on her shoulders and neck then lower down on her back then in the small of her back and on her waist, she could feel each strap making it harder to breathe. She was also aware that something was hanging down at the front of the jacket from the collar, for the moment the arresting officer left that feature alone.

On the back of the jacket there were some straps hanging free numbering four in total, they were large thick straps made from leather. They quickly formed an x shape over the top of the other eight straps that pulled the back of the jacket closed. The straps were tightened up, the top right hand linking to a buckle at the bottom left and vice versa. When tightened they made the jacket far more inflexible. They also created slack in the other straps as they were tightened up forming an X shape over the other straps. The prisoner could easily feel the officers constant work making the jacket a little stiffer with each tug. Making it harder to twist and manoeuvre her body in the jacket. It also pulled the crotch of the garment tighter and forced her shoulders back further. She felt her ribs and tummy squeezed again as those primary straps were tightened again. Then a leather panel was pulled over the arrangement of straps, making it impossible for the prisoner to get to, as a couple of tags clipped the flap firmly in place.

Cherry expected her arms to be left by her side or maybe loosely secured, instead the officer reached for her already encased limbs. She let out a frustrated sigh as her arms were pulled up behind her back in a forceful and dominating manor. She protested as twinges of pain shot up her arms,

“Do … you have to”? The officer scolded her and slapped her on the bottom,

“Yes, your still under arrest, you need to be secured properly”. The suspects hands ... well the ends of the jackets sleeves and the straps trailing from them were being moved into position. Cherry's arms were fed behind her back through loops mounted on the back and sides of the jacket. The straps were brought around the front of the garment through a catch and loop then tightly buckled pulling the young woman's limbs in place tightly behind her.

She realised in a short moment that her arms were totally useless and shortly after that she found out that it was not at all comfortable having them held like that folded behind her back. She considered asking to be released from the jacket. She would rather take the hogtie and trunk, but she considered with the effort that the officer had put into packaging her she doubted that she would be given the option. Her eyes misted up as she realised her full situation, there was an involuntary grunt from her body as the strap was pulled another notch tighter, making her arms even more useless.

It felt as if the rubber panels on the inside of the jacket were sticking to her body, she could feel her flesh heating up, after another twenty minutes of this she would be boiling rather than freezing. The jacket felt very heavy as if she was wearing a full backpack stuffed with weights, it worried her a lot, the crushing weight of the garment was part of its subjugation strategy. Looking at it the jacket seemed to be designed to be as punitive and restrictive as possible, and now she was caught inside it, she had actually asked for this. The irony was something that the officer seemed to relish as she ran her hands over the surface of the jacket squeezing the prisoner inside. Her hands lingered over her victims chest and between her legs and there was nothing that the helpless prisoner could do to resist as she was squeezed like a body pillow. She still tugged on her arms finding that they were immobile twisted around behind her body with no way to escape. She dreaded to think what else this terrible woman might do to her out hear in the dark night.

The officer swung her around and examined the back of the jacket,

“Oh cutie, you look so good but I think we can do one better”. Cherry found her elbows pushed together and this made her shoulders hurt, but it gave some slack in the straps allowing the jacket to be tightened further. A look of horror crossed the prisoners face as more straps were deployed over the jacket above and below her breasts crushing her arms further, and around her waist and hips. She resisted a little but the jacket was tightened again and again. Squeezing her diaphragm arms and ribs until she was taking short stunted breaths that caused her breasts to jiggle in there rubbery confinement. She was in so much distress that for a moment she managed to muster some defiance

“Hey, this thing is really secure … you don't need to keep pulling the straps tighter”. The officer laughed and kept working on the straps,

“Oh, you look real cute. The tighter this is the more adorable you look, so I just have to keep tightening it all the way as far as it will go”, she pulled a few of the straps tighter, pinioning her pretty prisoner even further.

The officer had a cruel smile on the edge of her pretty lips,

“Do you want anyone to see you like this”? She asked the question innocently as she looked at her blushing prisoner. Her prisoner considered her humiliating position, less humiliating than being naked and cuffed but only by the narrowest of margins. She shrugged as best she could considering how her arms were bound,

“No … I don't want anyone ... to see me like this”. The item hanging down the front of the jacket came into play now as the officer reached down and grabbed it. She swiftly connected something quite large to the existing face plate. In one smooth motion Ramona pulled the rubber hood up from the front of the jacket where it was connected to the neck of the jacket. It swiftly engulfed Cherry’s senses shifting over her prisoners head causing her to panic. As she went to scream in terror the tip of the large rubber prod gag built into the hood easily slid into her surprised mouth. Before she could really resist more of it followed stretching her lips and forcing her jaw open.

The prisoner thrashed about as she was harshly gagged and blinded by her combination of restraints. She seemed to have some sort of claustrophobic panic as her world went dark, though the tightness of the jacket removed much of the effectiveness of her resistance. She was humiliated further as her lips were wrapped around the muffling rubber shaft. She renewed her struggling as the rubber tubes were fed up her nose and her sense of smell was cut off by the new invasive assault. Her hair was tucked into the rubber hood like a swim cap as the officer neatened things up. Ramona held her struggling body slowly working the gag in a little then letting her prisoner expel it a little. Only to then force it in further until the choking dimensions were pushed fully home subjugating cherry's resistance. With a final push her teeth fitted into a series of grooves in the gag. It was in all the way totally gagging her, locking her jaw as wide as it could go. Ramona planted a passionate kiss over the top of the gag as her prisoner still tried to recoil in her arms.

She lined the back of the hood up then zipped it shut, not a hint of her prisoners yellow hair could be seen poking out from under the hood. There was one final piece of the restraint that was not completely to her satisfaction, the officer reached behind Cherry's head then fastened an inbuilt collar over the top of the zip with a couple of straps, the hood would not be coming off. At the front of the very tight hood there were a couple of ports and a circular dial. Ramona worked on the gag making it a bit larger pumping it up, making the squirming prisoner quieter. With her prisoner oh so sadistically gagged she turned her attention to tightening up the rest of the jacket a little bit more. She mused it felt so good to have the prisoner squirming against her in all the tight restraints, the more pitiful there struggling to get away the better. Mockingly she asked her prisoner

“Did you want something? I am afraid that you’re going to have to speak up”. Cherry fumed under the gag and hood. Though she had to concede at the very least practically no one would recognise her in this state.

The officer left her prisoner shut in the back of her patrol car as she retrieved more supplies left behind after transporting the previous psychiatric prisoner. She returned and flipped her current prisoner over so that she was ass up on the officers lap. She rubbed a hand over the prisoners bottom and released a strap,

“Now I just want to make sure that you can’t make a mess of my nice clean patrol car so I am afraid that I am going to have to plug you up nice and tight so you can’t have an accident”. The prisoner was caught in her perilous position as the officer cupped her sex with one hand and pressed something else against her ass.

“Just a little bit of lubricant then the tip goes in”. The tip of the plug needed a lot of force behind it to make any progress against her sphincter, this was somewhat elevated as she started to work two then three fingers into her helpless prisoners snatch.

“Stop thrashing about this is for your own good”.

She smacked her prisoner on her buttocks and continued pushing,

“This plug is very long and very flexible, it’s going to go in and it can stay there for a very long time because it’s made from medical grade silicon”. The captive was desperately moaning into her gag while panting and wiggling as her rectum was stretched and filled. The officer liked to talk to their captive audience,

“Maybe you like the large bumps and ridges maybe you don't.” Cherry was biting down on her gag as she felt the heat rising though her body. The bitch was slowly working her up to an orgasm with four fingers in her snatch as the seemingly endless length of the plug was forced even deeper into her protesting ass.

“There it’s almost over, just relax I know that the last bit is quite wide”. Cherry thought that the last bit of the monstrous plug would rip her open, but instead it just completely filled her up with its uncomfortable dominating girth. The plug was going to be with her for some considerable time to come,

“There, now wasn't all that fuss pointless. Let me just secure this last strap”. The prisoner moaned into her gag, worried as her captor was fiddling with something else.

Officer Morant patted her prey on the bottom rather forcefully. The massive diameter of the plugs base could quite clearly be seen through the rubber with the strap tightly buckled in place over the top. She whispered into the blonds ear next to the hood,

“Now, let me just pump it up a little bit to keep you entertained”. She had one hand on the pump the other stroking her prisoner between her legs. Desperate screams were muffled by the huge gag. They alternated between moans of pleasure and pain-filled weeping,

“Aren't you so cute and helpless, you deserve to have it inflated all the way”. These words caused more useless struggling and desperate hysterical screaming muted into the massive gag. The prisoner looked like she had cum there on the spot as she thrashed about in her captors grip as she exploded into a forced orgasm, her body spasming against the hash restraints, the officer whispered seductively in her ear,

“There, wasn't that good for you”?

Ramona placed the rather pacified prisoner into the back of the patrol car. She had one more surprise, a matching leg sheath in leather and rubber adorned with laces and straps at the back, complete with wide rubber panels along both sides. The prisoner was limp and it was rather easy to cocoon her legs up really tight. The hobbling garment ended in ankle cuffs joined together at one end securing her feet further with a strap that went over the soles of her feet embedded into the flesh of her arches. Her muddy toes were poking out one end while the top of the leg sheath met the waist of the jacket, secured on with a couple of clasps. The officer tightened up all the bindings just to be on the safe site. The little nudist was not getting away, Ramona happily twisted the control on the front of the gag making it even larger pumping it up, further muffling her prisoners residual sobbing and squealing.

The police officer hugged her prisoner and gave the restraint another round of sadistic tightening, making them even more excessively punitive and restrictive. Just to keep her terrified prisoner nice and helpless. As a final indulgence the officer sat with her prisoner in her lap. One hand between her legs the other clamped on her breasts there was a nice session of groping and squeezing and feeling up her helpless prey, ending in another quaking orgasm for the restrained captive. It really gave Ramona the opportunity to indulge her perverse fantasies. Then as a final encore she rolled her captive over and gave her a good hard merciless spanking. She just kept going the thwack of her open palm against the rubber covered cheeks was so satisfying, that was until her hand was starting to go numb from all the percussive impacts.

To make her prisoner even more snug the officer relied upon a complex arrangement of seat belts and straps. These held Cherry at her waist shoulders neck forehead ankles and knees. Another pair of straps were deployed crossed over her chest squeezing her breasts. The officer got ready to leave, her prisoner was ready to be taken away down to the police station for processing. They would have to give the naughty girl a very thorough search. Instead a delightfully devious idea formed in the officers head,

“Maybe, I can do you a favour, I can take you home with me. There is no need for you to get an arrest record. You just need to spend a little time with me straightening you out”. The captive started to struggle with renewed vigour.

“If you don't want to just tell me”. The prisoner desperately tried to form some sort of measurable resistance. She tried to speak out but she was too well gagged, she would be heading home with the officer as a souvenir of the nights entertainment for god knew how long.

The End … of this shift

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