(The Peril of Being) The Other Woman

by Johnny Mills


The keycard was swiped and the door opened noiselessly. Evelyn Rogers eased it back almost closed again, blocking it from latching with her foot, and smiled at the assistant hotel manager. "No chain on," she said softly, "so I won't need your help any further."

She handed the man a $100 bill. "Again, I am so grateful for your help and discretion. I know that both of us want to handle this as quietly as possible, to preserve the reputations of both my husband and your hotel."

"Thank YOU, madam," the man said as he pocketed the money. He bowed slightly and walked off down the thickly carpeted hallway.

The woman waited until he disappeared and then sent a text message from her cell phone. A minute later two men came down the hallway carrying various items. Evelyn pressed a forefinger to her lips, and then pushed the door open and led them inside. The sounds of a late night talk show could be heard from a television, almost but not quite blocking the sounds of light rhythmic slapping and feminine moans.

The three intruders turned a corner past the bathroom into the main room and spread out a bit. Evelyn smiled with cynical amusement. A paunchy middle-aged man clad in only undershorts was standing with his back to her, his open right hand out to one side. He brought it swinging in rather gently in front of him, producing another slapping sound followed by another squealing moan.

Evelyn gave one more glance at her companions to make sure they were in position and then nodded sharply. "Care to make a statement, Senator?" one of the men shouted.

The man in front of them whirled, a look of horror quickly supplanting the shock on his face. "Evelyn! I wasn't... this isn't.... she.... we were only..." He gaped as his wife began taking pictures with a digital camera while one of her companions, a wiry man holding a video camera, jumped up on the bed to film from another angle.

"Give me that! You can't break in here and..." he had taken two steps toward the videographer when he was forcibly halted as Evelyn's second companion, a man with the approximate dimensions of a refrigerator, fastened a huge hand on his arm.

"It's already done, Jeremy dear," Evelyn cooed at him. "And so is your career, if I decide to have this posted on the internet. Now it's getting rather late. And I believe you have a speech to make in the morning to the Christian Champions of Decency, don't you Senator? You'd better put your nice expensive clothes on and go get some sleep."

She watched with delight as the man hurriedly dressed, constantly changing his position as the cameraman moved about, continuing to film from alternate angles. "Quickly, Jeremy," she threw in at one point.

The man finally finished his chore, and a certain amount of dignity returned with his clothing. "Evelyn, we can work this out," he proclaimed in his carefully-coached baritone voice. "If you will simply listen to..."

"Some other time dear," she cut him off frostily. "And don't go to the house. I've had the locks changed. You'll have to find another hotel, or stay with one of your ex-flings from your campaign staff."

"But I'll need..."

"One of your suitcases is in the hallway, packed with everything you'll need for the next few days," she told him. "You can call me on Monday afternoon, and we'll discuss our situation and future arrangements."

"But what about..." he glanced to the side.

"Ah. At last you spare a thought for your inamorata. Don't worry, I'll look after her."

"Evelyn, if you will just be reasonable..."

She turned to the man with the recorder. "Did you say you can post to the internet directly from here?"

"All right! I'm going!" Rogers barked, heading for the door.

"Don't forget to zip your fly, Senator," his wife called after him.

When the door had closed, Evelyn spoke to the two other men. "You should leave now as well. Jeremy isn't a complete idiot. Once he starts thinking with his brain again, he may send people to try to seize that recording. Thank you both. You'll be getting bonuses."

"You sure you're gonna be okay, Ms. R?" the bigger man rumbled.

"Never better, as long as he knows I'm holding that over him. Make copies, as I told you, and send them to the people I told you, along with the various instructions." She glanced to one side and seemed lost in thought for several moments.

"Come to think of it Franklin, since this episode has played out somewhat differently than I anticipated, I'm going to change the gameplan a bit. There are some things I'd like you to pick up for me and bring back here if you would, after the copies have been attended to." She gave him a quick inventory of a few items.

"Right, Ms. R. No problem." The heavyweight left the room immediately, trailed more reluctantly by the other man. Evelyn walked after them and used the chain and deadbolt on the door after it closed. Then she went back into the main room, her eyes glinting with predatory delight.

In front of her across the room were a pair of long legs balanced on high heels which strapped around the anklies. Above the legs, a shapely upturned rump. The legs were spread apart, each ankle tied to the back leg of a chair which had been placed in front of them. A pair of pink bikini panties were rolled down under the swell of the taut buttocks, which were divided by two lengths of tight rope coming up from the front of the crotch.

Evelyn walked across the room with deliberate slowness, savoring new details as they came into view. A short white cheerleader's skirt which had been flipped up to rest on the woman's back. Arms bent in hammerlocked position, with the wrists bound together and then tied to other ropes which ran around the woman's body harness-style above and below her breasts as well as under her arms and behind her neck.

"Mmmm - this certainly looks uncomfortable..." Evelyn said, untying the knots around the wrists and pulling off the first few coils. "...but MUCH too loose," she finished, clenching her teeth and yanking on the rope ends with all of her wiry strength. The bound woman gave a stiffled scream as her hands were pulled more tightly together and forced higher up her back.

"I swear - that man can barely be trusted to lace his own shoes properly," Evelyn muttered as she tied loops, cinches and knots with equal tightness. She tied the last knot up around the rope strand which ran behind the woman's neck, well away from her desperately waving fingers. "That's better."

Evelyn moved around the chair, taking note of the folded towel cushioning the woman's midsection against the top of the chair and the white cheerleader's sweater which had been pulled up above the superb (and bare) breasts. She nodded with approval at the thin cords which ran from heavy clamps placed on the woman's nipples down to the front chair legs, keeping her in the bent posture. She considered for a moment the lustrous dark hair which hung over the downturned face.

Evelyn went down into a crouch, parting the woman's hair with her fingers and peering in between the glossy folds. She saw large, moist dark eyes, and full lips stretched around a large pink ballgag and its black holding strap, fastened under the woman's hair behind her head. Tears fell from the eyes and saliva dripped over the lower lip. Both forms of liquid dropped onto a towel which had been placed on the chair's seat. There was a thin pink collar with tiny faux jewels buckled around the woman's neck. The captive looked at Evelyn with a mixture of fear and pleading.

"Hi there!" Evelyn said cheerfully. Then she acted concerned. "Oh honey. You've gotten some drool on your hair. Men just don't think about things like that, do they?"

She rummaged in her purse until she found a large rubber band. Standing, she collected the bound woman's hair carefully and gently brought it back behind her head. Then she yanked on it sharply, pulling the woman's head up and back, and eliciting a loud though muffled protest from her. That was followed by a softer but deeper and longer groan as her involuntary recoil caused the cords in front of her to pull taut, bringing greater pain to her nipples. Evelyn smiled, wrapped the hair in the rubber band, and then released the ponytail she had fashioned.

"There we are - fixed that for you," she said sweetly. Suddenly with no warning she began spanking the woman as hard and fast as she could. After about twenty seconds her right hand was sore and tired. She threw in some swats with her left hand and finished up with one last ringing whack with her right.

She moved and crouched again in front of the sobbing woman, holding out an open hand. "Hi. I'm Evelyn Rogers. And you are...?" She waited with a look of expectation and then supplied, "The mistress. The whore. The slut. Nice to meet you! Don't want to shake hands? That's okay." She reached over and tugged gently on first one nipple-connected cord and then the other. The bound woman gasped and winced.

"Well, you're very pretty," Evelyn continued,"even prettier than the pictures the investigator gave me - as best I can tell with your face wrapped around that ball. Great body; that tight little ass is a sheer delight to paddle. Looks like you're very diligent about waxing and shaving, which I'm sure Jeremy, with his adolescent air-brushed idea of what a woman should look like, appreciates. And young of course. Was it 25 or 26? Whatever."

She took another chair from near the wall and drew it up alongside the captive. "I hope you mind if I smoke," she sneered, lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke into the prisoner's face. After a couple of more puffs she tapped ash onto the towel below the other woman's head and then took a cellphone out of her purse.

"Evans? It turns out I won't need you as soon as I thought I would. Bring the car back to the hotel's main entrance at 4 A.M. sharp. I'll have a friend with me then. After you drive us home, you're free until noon on Monday."

She rang off, then made another call. "Jeremy? Several copies of this evening's little romp have been made and sent to several trusted friends and attorneys. If I don't text a message to certain places at certain times, it goes out. No. No! Monday, Jeremy."

She put the phone away and looked over at the bound woman. "Well, you must've had that boob jewelry on for - what - over half an hour? Your girls must be feeling pretty sore by now."

The bound woman gulped heavily. With her head down, swallowing the saliva which built up in her mouth was difficult. She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing that she might open them and find herself awake after a horrible nightmare.

"No? You're fine? Okay."

The woman's eyes snapped open and she shook her head while making urgent noises behind her gag.

"Sorry, sugarbuns." Evelyn reached out, grabbed the ring at the front of the pink collar, and shook it slightly. "You need to learn to respond faster. You'll get your next chance in twenty minutes or so."

The captive closed her eyes again and hung her head down, sniffling and coughing behind the ballgag. Evelyn continued smoking and talking.

"If I remember the investigator's report right, your name is Angelina, isn't it? Es verdad, senorita?" The Hispanic beauty breathed more heavily as Evelyn continued.

"Such a pretty name for a dirty little homewrecker. Now understand, it's not that I'm angry about my worse half cheating on me. You're scarcely the first. No, if anything I was grateful for the various one night stands and brief affairs. After all, it meant fewer times that he was pestering me for sex. The big boy has put on more than fifty pounds in the twenty years since we married. Me, I take care of myself. Could fit back into that wedding dress any damn day I want.

"No, the problem is that he actually seems to be serious about you. I'm not ready to be put out to pasture quite yet. And I don't like the fact that he has seemed to be getting more confident, more... masculine... since he took up with you. This cute little scene here? For most of our years together, it would have been me tying and tanning Jeremy. Now he seems to be wanting to hold the paddle. And that simply will not do.

"So you're not going to see him anymore. At least not until I'm sure he's risen as high as he can go on the political ladder. After that, he can cut me a VERY generous divorce settlement, and if the two of you still want one another, well you'll have my blessing. I may even buy you a nice toaster.

"But if you come within 100 yards of him before then, an edited version of tonight's tape will be going to Forestview Elementary as well as all the tabloids. 'First Grade teacher gettin' her freak on!' Juicy, hmm?"

She picked up her camera and pointed it at the woman, who turned her face away. "If you want those nasty clamps off at any point in the next twenty four hours, bitch, you will look directly at the camera," Evelyn told her icily. "And you will do your damnedest to smile. Any questions?"

The tearful woman slowly turned her face back toward her captor, and Evelyn spent the next ten minutes taking pictures and then showing them to her "model.""This is my favorite," she decided. "See, it shows both your boobs, the clamps, a bit of that pretty, sparkly collar, some drool coming off your lip, tears in your eyes, and you can see part of your hands where they're tied on your back. And you ARE trying to smile!" She laughed with incredulous delight. "I love it!"

She sat down again. "By the way, aren't your nipples getting awfully sore by now?"

Angelina looked up and nodded frantically.

Evelyn merely smiled and said "Good."

Angelina stared at her for a few seconds and then hung her head down, sobbing with despair.

"Just five more minutes, chica," Evelyn told her while stroking the top of her head maternally. "Ten at the most. You have my word of honor."

Twelve minutes later Evelyn suddenly blurted "Oh my gosh - look at the time! You should have said something!" She reached over and grasped a clamp in each hand. Then, barely squeezing the ends to open space between the opposing sides, she yanked them off. Angelina screamed into the gag and shook with sobs as she slowly raised her upper body erect from the back of the chair.

"Oh, don't be such a drama queen," Evelyn scoffed. "You'll need to toughen those things up if you ever want to breastfeed when your kids start getting teeth."

She untied the cords from the front chair legs and dangled the clamps in front of her prisoner's eyes. "We'll save these in case you don't mind your manners," she said before dropping the devices into her purse.

Evelyn turned the tv off and found a soft rock station that she liked on the radio. She started to dance around the room, humming along with the tunes. Eventually she began dancing next to or behind Angelina, running her hands over the younger woman's body time after time and sometimes pretending she was playing the drums on the prisoner's behind. She kissed Angelina up and down both sides of her neck. "Come on, novia, sway with me. Use that hot little moneymaker of yours. Show me something."

She pulled the damp towel off the chair and knelt on the seat, facing her captive and licking at the drool on her lower lip and chin - and then at her abused nipples while Angelina groaned and strained uselessly against her bonds. Evelyn's hands roamed over the defenseless, writhing body relentlessly. "So good, isn't it?" Evelyn whispered. "Oh yes, so much better than it is with him."

There was a knock on the door. Angelina twisted around and screamed as loudly as she could. "Relax, sexy," Evelyn told her confidently. "I'm pretty sure it's not the cavalry."

She walked to the door and checked through the peephole, smiling when her forecast was confirmed. She unlocked and opened the door and took the bag her employee handed her. "Everything still okay, Ms. R?" the man asked.

"Fine Franklin. Thanks for coming back with these. Have a good weekend."

"Thanks Ms. R. You too."

"Oh, I'm pretty certain that I'm going to have a really good one, Franklin." She waved at him and then closed and relocked the door.

Returning to the main room, she set the bag down on the end of the bed. The captive woman stared at her apprehensively, expecting her to resume her molestation. But Evelyn laid down on the bed, seemingly content to stare at Angelina the same way a wolf might watch a lamb.

"Discipline," she said to her prisoner. "Going to wait for it. I know about discipline. You're going to be getting some very intense instruction in discipline, mia. Soon."

She got off the bed and walked over to the other woman. "In a couple of hours I'll be taking you to my house for the rest of the weekend. It seems only fair. Jeremy and I agreed to share everything in our lives, and I know he's had you there in my bed."

She suddenly grabbed the woman's ponytail and yanked back viciously. "Did you even bother to change the sheets, you little tramp?" she screamed.

After a few seconds she got her rage under control and released the captive's hair. Angelina bent back over the chair, coughing as saliva dotted with air bubbles appeared around the ballgag.

When the coughing had stopped Evelyn sat back down on the bed and went on in a conversational tone as if nothing had happened. "We'll go directly to bed - to sleep. I'm getting tired, and you're certainly going to need to get some rest. You have a very rigorous day ahead of you.

"When we get up, I'll wash you top to bottom. Shampoo that ratty hair. Take off that stinky crotchrope. We'll find something to replace it. Various somethings at various times.

"We'll go down to the hidden sub-basement playroom. Jeremy may or may not have told you about it. I don't think he showed it to you. Certainly he didn't have time to give you the grand tour the way that I will. I think a ten to twelve hour session, with a couple of short breaks."

She looked over at her captive and smiled in a vulpine manner. "Why you poor little girl! You're shivering like a baby bunny! Don't worry, you won't be marked up - nothing that'll show for more than a few hours, anyway. Assuming that you dress a little more modestly than you did tonight, that is. How could I mar that beautiful face and body? It would be sacrilege!

"Now then, where was I? Ah yes, finishing up with you in the playroom. I'm sure that we'll both be quite aroused, so it will be back upstairs to bed - but not sleep this time, not for a couple of hours. Don't worry about getting pregnant though. We'll use protection. When we get up Sunday... well, we'll just wait and see. Maybe another trip to the playroom, maybe just spend more time in bed. Probably both. In any case, by the time the day is near an end, I can guarantee that we are going to be VERY close friends.

"And then Sunday evening we'll get you dressed back up in this darling little cheerleader outfit, and I'll drop you a few blocks from your house - or near the hotel, if you left your car there. There's plenty of time to work that out later. And maybe next time you want to hook up with a married man, you'll remember this weekend, hmm? How's all that sound to you, mi amor?"

Angelina shook her head and tried to say "Please don't do this! Just let me go!" through the ballgag.

"Sorry querida. You lost me after 'please,'" Evelyn told her in a bored tone. She laid down on the bed again and continued to feast her eyes on the bound beauty. Angelina tried pleading with her through the gag for a little while longer but received no response apart from a humorless smile. Finally she abandoned the effort. She couldn't bear seeing the lust and hunger in Evelyn's eyes.

Instead Angelina strained against the ropes holding her hands behind her - sometimes merely trying to locate knots with her fingers; other times wrenching violently in doomed attempts to simply pull free. Her contortions and gasps of effort were sheer bliss for Evelyn. At one point the older woman played a cruel version of "warmer - colder" while her captive's fingertips got close to or moved away from a knot. At other times she offered mocking encouragement, suggested strategies that her victim might try, or requested that she bend or twist in a certain direction.

This was interspersed with occasions when Evelyn rose from the bed to take a few more pictures from different angles and to spank her prisoner - or to pretend to be about to, in order to make her captive flinch. To Angelina the roughly ninety minutes that passed this way seemed an eternity; to Evelyn it was merely a pleasant few moments.

Finally she stood, stretched, and began to untie Angelina's right ankle from the chair leg. "I think you might appreciate a little rest stop before we head home," she said as she pulled the ropes off the ankle and began untying the crotchrope knot at the back of the captive's waist. She paused, then pulled the ropes tighter for an instant while placing her lips against Angelina's left ear. "Don't get any foolish ideas, dulce. If you're naughty, I will be upset," she whispered in a threatening tone. She removed the rope from her prisoner's crotch but left it around her waist and held onto the ends while she undid Angelina's other ankle.

"Okay, little tamale, come along," she instructed, leading the younger woman into the bathroom. She helped Angelina down onto the toilet and then cleaned the humiliated woman after she finished. "Back into the bedroom now," Evelyn instructed. "We need to get ready for the trip home."

Angelina took a couple of small steps. Then with a desperate cry she drove a shoulder into Evelyn and dashed for the hallway door. Frantically she scrabbled for the chain and deadbolt. With her hands bound and twisted halfway up her back, she could barely get her fingers on the chain before Evelyn emerged from the bathroom. Angelina screamed as loudly as she could, hammering with the back of one shoe against the door a few times and then kicking at the advancing woman.

"I suppose something like this was going to happen at some point," Evelyn said with resignation. "Might as well get it taken care of now." She brushed aside the extended leg with her right arm, took a long step inside it with her right leg, and bent and twisted slightly while driving her left fist into Angelina's unprotected solar plexus.

The bound woman made a muffled, wounded sound and collapsed on the carpeting. Evelyn stepped over her and looked out the peephole, seeing with satisfaction that the corridor was empty, as it should be at 3:35 A.M. Then she bent down to speak to her prisoner, who was lying completely motionless, her eyes wide and a stricken look on her face.

"Knocked the wind out of you," Evelyn told her brusquely. "You'll be okay in a minute." She collected the ends of the rope from around Angelina's waist and carefully threaded them back through the captive's crotch. Satisfied after a few seconds with the positioning, she pulled hard on the ropes and heard a gasping breath taken by the other woman.

"Thought that might help," she muttered with a tight smile while tying off the ropes to the back of the loop around the woman's waist. She knelt down on the carpet next to Angelina, who was just starting to get some color back in her pale face. "Years of self-defense training," she informed the younger woman casually. "Brown belt in karate; could get my black belt if I had the time. So yeah, I'm over 40, but I'm pretty sure I could knock the hell out of you even if you weren't tied up and gagged. But you are tied up and gagged, aren't you chica? And you're going to stay that way until I decide differently. So let's not have any more nonsense."

She got back to her feet and stood with her shoes directly in front of her prisoner's face. "Now get up, you filthy little puta," she ordered.

Angelina groaned and moved her legs slightly but remained where she was on the carpet. Some sort of muffled plea sounded weakly behind her gag.

Evelyn made a disgusted sound in her throat. She grabbed the woman's ponytail in one hand and fastened her other hand on the back of the waist/crotchrope. "You can walk, or crawl, or I can drag you," she rasped. "But you're going, and you're going right now." She started to pull her human bundle along the hallway.

"Waay! Waay!" Angelina shouted into her gag as the front of her body was rubbed across the carpet. Her legs moved desperately and with Evelyn pulling up rather than forward, Angelina was able to scramble unsteadily back onto her high heels.

"Get in there," Evelyn commanded, marching the captive rapidly forward and then throwing her onto the king-size bed. "Stay right where you are. Spread your legs if it makes you feel more at home."

Evelyn bent and picked up the ropes which had formerly bound Angelina's ankles to the chair legs. She tied one of the ropes on Angelina's legs above the knees, leaving a couple of inches of space between the two individually-bound limbs.

Then she reached behind the captive's head and unbuckled the gag strap. Angelina knew one second of hope before the strap was jerked tighter and re-buckled. She cried out as the strap pinched harder against the corners of her mouth, the ball pushed further behind her teeth, and the buckle pressed more tightly against the back of her neck.

Evelyn, completely unconcerned, opened the bag Franklin had brought her and removed a roll of tape from it. Seeing this, Angelina began squirming on the bed and shaking her head desperately. Evelyn waited a few seconds and then caught the prisoner's ponytail to hold her still. "Do you really want me to finish preparing you while I'm angry?" she asked.

Angelina, crying, finally shook her head. "Then stop provoking me!" Evelyn shouted at her. She pulled the other woman's head down onto the pillow before releasing her. Angelina looked around the room hopelessly and moaned softly into her gag while Evelyn tore off strip after strip of tape, covering the lips and the ball between them with several layers. "Sit up," she ordered at last.

Angelina obeyed with some difficulty while Evelyn looked through the bag and then brought out a wide roll of elastic bandaging wrap. She carefully and tightly wound it around the younger woman's lower face more than half a dozen times, covering it from the bottom of her nose to the end of her chin. After fastening the bandage, she produced a long woolen scarf which she wrapped loosely over Angelina's face several times, from below her eyes to down around her neck.

"Nice that it's winter, hmm? Saves us getting a big trunk hauled up here." She took the rubber band off Angelina's ponytail and fanned out the woman's hair, covering the various wrappings on the back and sides of her head.

Evelyn picked up the other rope which had been an ankle binding, lifted the woolen scarf slightly, and fastened the rope to the ring on the front of Angelina's collar before settling the scarf back over the ring and rope. "Stand up now," she said.

Angelina complied, but then took a step back when she saw Evelyn bringing the cords and nipple clamps out of her purse. "Nuuh! Beee!" she pleaded.

Evelyn smiled both at her reaction and at the fact that her attempt at speech could barely be heard less than five feet away. "They're going on," she said firmly. "If you are good, if you behave, they will be off again in less than fifteen minutes. If you resist, or give me any sort of trouble, they'll be on for hours. Totally your choice."

Angelina backed up another step against the wall but then did nothing other than to close her eyes and tremble while Evelyn stepped closer, massaged her nipples fully erect, and then affixed the clamps. "Open your eyes," Evelyn commanded. When the younger woman did, Evelyn smiled and stroked one side of her face.

"You're behaving much better now, mia. That pleases me. Continue to be a good girl, and you will have much more comfortable restraints when we get home." She kissed the other woman gently on the forehead. "Remember: Good behavior will be rewarded, and bad manners will get you treated like a pinata."

She pulled her prisoner's panties up over the crotchrope and brought a long coat out of the bag. She wrapped the garment around Angelina and buttoned it from the neck down to the breasts. At that point she brought the collar rope and the two clamp cords outside of the coat before she finished fastening the other buttons. The coat covered Angelina from her chin to the middle of her shins.

"Very chic," Evelyn said while tucking the empty sleeves into the side pockets. "We're almost ready now."

She tore two relatively small pieces of tape off the roll and pressed them over Angelina's eyes; then tossed the roll of tape into the bag and brought out a large pair of wraparound sunglasses which she fitted over the taped eyes. She put on her own coat, tossed Angelina's coat and both their purses into the bag, and looked around the room appraisingly. She returned the chairs to places near the wall and threw the two towels onto the edge of the tub in the bathroom. Returning to the main room, she grinned at the sight of her prisoner standing by the bed, turning her head slightly from side to side and shifting from foot to foot on her high heels.

Evelyn walked over to her and grasped the rope which was connected to the collar. She pulled on it slowly but firmly, bringing Angelina's head down and toward her captor. Then she took up the slack in the clamp cords until they were taut and she heard more rapid breathing from under the scarf. Evelyn held onto the leashes with her left hand, fitting the excess rope lengths inside her fist.

"Just concentrate on staying on your feet now, querida. Even if falling didn't snap your neck, you wouldn't want to go through life with scabs for nipples, would you?"

Evelyn slung the bag over her right shoulder and pressed her right hand against Angelina's back where her wrists were bound. "Vaya, novia. Small, careful steps."

The elevator doors opened, and two obviously intoxicated women wobbled across the lobby. One was singing loudly and off-key. "Eighty two bottles o' beer onna wall, eighty two bottles o' beer. Take one down an' pass it aroun', eighty one bottles o' beer onna wall." The other woman was apparently in even worse shape; she could only mumble incoherently as she staggered beside her friend, who had to hold her up with one hand in front and one in back.

"Wow," the young night clerk behind the desk muttered as they passed.

"You work here long enough kid, you'll see everything," the older man mopping the floor told him sagely.

"Don't you just wish you could," Evelyn thought with a smile as she sang even louder. The lobby doors opened automatically, and she helped Angelina into the back seat of the waiting limousine before climbing in after her. The car pulled away and moved quietly down the nearly empty street.


The end - ?


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