My Wedding

By Jay

"Of course dear, I'll arrange the wedding. You needn't worry about a thing."

The grey-haired lady spoke softly but very firmly, in a way that brooked no denial. My fiancé, Craig, was completely in awe of his mother, and it was obvious why. I knew that he'd never have proposed to me if she'd disapproved of me. But she thoroughly approved of me, and knowing that alas my own mother was dead and I was rather estranged from my father and his new wife, she'd decided to adopt me, as it were. Her first duty as my virtual mother was to arrange the wedding.

"And of course Craig's sisters will be the bridesmaids. They'll be ideal."

That startled me. I had never met Craig's sisters; in fact, I'd forgotten that he had any. I vaguely recalled being told that they were twins, a year younger than he was, and lived up the other end of the country. He'd only ever mentioned them once or twice, and didn't seem to think much of them. A pity, I thought; as an only child, I'd have loved to have sisters. Maybe as a girl I'd get on better with them than he did. Who could tell? I'd find out.

The months went by in a whirl. Mrs Boult was as good as her word; she took care of every single detail with prim efficiency. She found a magnificent old hotel where we could have the ceremony, reception and bridal night under the same roof before jetting off on our honeymoon. With her impeccable attention to detail and propriety, she assured me that the hotel had thick walls, which would ensure that we'd have total privacy on our first night.

However, I heard nothing more about my bridesmaids. It would have been so good to meet them in advance for a nice long chat, I thought. I really wanted to get to know them. I mentioned this to Craig, but he just shrugged and said he had no control over his sisters.

So I didn't get the chance to meet my bridesmaids until the day before my wedding. I'd wanted them to come to my hen night, the week before, but they were apparently too busy. They couldn't come until that day, and since I'd always been told that the bride and groom shouldn't see each other on the day before the wedding, I had to go and meet his sisters on my own. Craig gave me the address of a bar that his sisters often went to when they were visiting, and told me to be there at 6pm.

Being me, I was there ages before I was due and had a long wait. It was horrible. I quickly realised that it was a gay bar - well, if his sisters were that way inclined, that was their business, and I wouldn't shun them just for that. The men there were for the most part distinctly uncouth and slovenly, but they generally ignored me, preferring each others' company. A few gave me some odd looks, but they left me alone.

The girls were another matter. Most of them were dressed quite outrageously, with skin-tight or see-through clothing and ultra-short skirts. Many flaunted almost obscene amounts of cleavage, or stocking tops peeping out from below their skirts. I was dressed as I always do, like a normal respectable person, with a proper blouse and a knee-length skirt. Many of the girls were looking at me as if I was the weirdo, as if they had never seen anyone dressed like that before.

At about quarter past six, two girls, apparently twins, came in to the bar. My initial impression was that they were singularly attractive, and despite being totally straight I could imagine myself fancying them. They had long blonde hair and figures to die for. They were really over the top in their dress, though, even by the standards of that sordid place. They had bright red fishnet tights, extremely tight minis, crop tops that left several inches of bare midriff showing and a huge amount of cheap rubbishy jewellery. Their immodest dress distinctly put me off them. I wondered how much longer I would have to wait in this awful place ... wait, twins? Could they be ..."

As I looked, one of them noticed me. Tapping her sister on the shoulder, she stretched out an arm, pointing to me. The other one nodded, and they both smiled, rather creepy smiles I thought. Then they walked straight over to me and stood just in front of me.

"Let me guess: you're our future sister-in-law," said one, her smile now warm and demure.

"Yes, I ..." I said, rising to my feet and proffering my hand. Neither of them made any attempt to shake my hand.

"We're very fond of Craig and we want him to be happy in his married life," said the other.

"Oh, I'm glad to hear it," I replied.

"Craig's spent his life totally dominated by Mummy," she continued, in a low voice. "Mummy seems to think you can take over from her and keep him under your thumb. We have other ideas."

With that, they turned round and walked straight out of the bar. I stared after them, open-mouthed. What did they mean? What were they planning to do? I stood there for I don't know how long, shocked and bewildered. Finally, I recovered my senses and left the bar too. It was not a place I ever intended to visit again.

Naturally, I went to bed early. But it was hard to fall asleep, and the strange meeting with Craig's sisters kept going through my mind. What did they mean? What were they planning to do? But I fell asleep eventually, and my dreams were all happy and I awoke relaxed and refreshed.

The morning went by very quickly. I dressed myself; I had no need to have bridesmaids to do that for me. Looking myself up and down in the mirror, I was fully satisfied with the result. My dress was gleaming white silk, strapless but not cut to show too much of my breasts. There were matching shoulder-length gloves. Deliberately, I had no veil; I was not the sort of girl to want to hide my face. Low-heeled white sandals peeped out below the hem. Craig would have much preferred high heels, I knew, but I wanted to be comfortable walking in them. Similarly, below the dress were no nonsense cotton knickers and tights, not thongs or stockings or any rubbish like that.

My white Rolls Royce arrived bang on time, and I rode to the ceremony in style. Everything was going exactly as I had always dreamed my wedding would be. Surely never was a bride so thoroughly happy and relaxed as I was as I stepped out of the car and made my way to the hotel's bridal robing room for final adjustments.

Craig's two sisters - I still didn't even know their names - were waiting for me. Gone, of course were their repulsive slutty clothes. They were now in glorious pink dresses, beautifully made up and looking like demure schoolgirls. Had I not seen them last night, I would have thought that they were really delightful girls.

"Welcome, welcome to you, sister-in-law," said one, picking up a powder puff and standing in front of me while the other one went behind me. "Now, if you'll just open your mouth wide so I can touch up your make-up ..."

As bidden, I opened my mouth. Suddenly, it was filled with a large, hard lump of rubber. I was being gagged! I lifted my arms to try and fight back, but the girl in front grabbed them and held them in an iron grip. Before I knew where I was, the gag was buckled tightly behind my head, my wrists were handcuffed behind my back and I was lying face down on the floor with the girls sitting on me.

"Right, now, we don't have all that much time or we'll be keeping the guests waiting," said one girl. "We'll explain to them that you've got a rotten sore throat and lost your voice. Craig won't kiss you at the ceremony to avoid catching anything, and you won't feel well enough to attend the reception afterwards. We'll look after you all the time, of course."

They were mad. They'd never get away with this. How could they stop me ungagging myself? As these thoughts raced through my mind, the other girl was lifting up my dress.

"Look at her," she snorted indignantly. "Tights, cotton knickers, low-heeled shoes! Just what you thought!"

"That's why I brought all the stuff," said the first girl. "Come on."

With that, the two proceeded to remove my shoes, my tights and my knickers, heedless of my ineffectual struggles. I mumbled as loudly as I could into my gag, but evidently nobody outside the room could hear me through the hotel's thick walls. Soon, I was clad in a lacy suspender belt and seamed stockings, and my feet were in shoes with the highest heels I had ever seen. The girls had to struggle to get the shoes on, as they were too small for me, but somehow they managed, and did up the ankle straps as tightly as they could. I wouldn't be able to get the shoes off in a hurry.

Once this was done, they hauled me to my feet. I winced as I had to stand in those painfully tight, high-heeled shoes. Then one of the girls brought a very wide white leather belt and buckled it round my waist. "A little unusual to have a belt on a wedding dress, but not unheard of," she said. The belt seemed to have some metal clips attached. Then she fastened matching bands around my arms just above the elbows, and around my wrists. They slipped a blindfold over my eyes, and all went dark.

"Now comes the clever bit," said one of them. They clipped the bands round my arms to the sides of the belt, and joined the bands on my wrists together. My arms were now immobilised.

"Here's the bouquet," came a voice, as something was pushed into my hands. "Now intertwine your fingers tightly and clasp it." I did so, although there seemed to be something soft and squelchy about the bouquet.

"Hold still and we'll put the veil on - a nice opaque veil so nobody will see your gag and blindfold. And then we'll go. Now behave " we don't want a scene that will embarrass Craig or Mummy or the guests."

I was totally blind, speechless, helpless and trapped as the girls escorted me out. I limped along as fast as I could in those tight, painful shoes. There was not much I could do, and I couldn't bring myself to ruin the day for Craig or his mother. Someone took my arm and led me along. It must have been my father, but he said nothing to me, not that I'd expected him to. It had been as much as I could do to persuade him to come, let alone be nice to me.

I soon realised what the squelchy feeling was. They must have smeared the bouquet with glue, and I could not let it go or unclasp my hands. This added to my complete helplessness.

The ceremony went perfectly. Unable to speak, I just nodded at the appropriate points. As soon as it was over, the bridesmaids hustled me out. "Welcome to our family, little sister-in-law," said one. "Now, just down here to the lift."

Totally unable to see where I was going, I went up in the lift and was soon in what I assumed was the bridal suite. "It's a magnificent room, with a huge four-poster bed," I was told. "What a pity you can't see it, or the splendid view out of the window. Anyway, we'd better draw the curtains."

I heard the curtains drawn, and the girls freed my arms. Before I could do anything, they had handcuffed my wrists behind my back. They removed my veil, but that made no difference as I was still totally blindfolded. Then I felt the zip at the back of my dress being pulled open. As the dress was strapless, the girls had no problem in pulling it down without freeing my arms, and it soon lay around my feet. My bra was of course also strapless, so they could easily remove that too.

One of the girls rubbed my bottom. "My, Craig's going to have some fun with this," she purred. Suddenly, I realised that my bottom was naked, and must have been all through the ceremony. They had removed my knickers and not replaced them except with the suspender belt. How mortifying! Fortunately, nobody would ever know, except I supposed they'd tell Craig.

"The reception will go on for ages, and Mummy will be too busy being the perfect hostess to disturb us," said a girl. "And it's not every day we get to play with such a beautiful girl who's so completely helpless. Now let's lay you down on the bed."

Unable to resist, I was soon on my back on a lovely soft silk sheet. A collar round my neck was fastened by a rope to the bed head, and my legs were spread open painfully wide, held apart by ropes to each side of the bed. My handcuffed arms were trapped beneath me, and a rope joined the handcuffs to the foot of the bed. I felt the girls lying on the bed next to me. Both seemed to be naked.

One of them grabbed my left breast and began sucking my nipple. This was shocking! I was a respectable young lady who had never dreamed of this sort of thing. My shock was redoubled when I felt something cold being smeared all over my crotch. "You need a shave here," came the explanation. I felt the scraping of a razor for a few minutes, and then the area was wiped with a soft cloth. A hand was rubbed all over my crotch. "That's better, nice and smooth now." The greatest shock of all came when something large and hard was suddenly rammed in between my legs. It began vibrating, sending the most amazing sensations through my whole body. These were reinforced when the girls began sucking my two nipples simultaneously and caressing my helpless, naked body. I don't know how long that went on, but suddenly my mind seemed to explode. Never had I known such sensations.

The vibrator thing was pulled out, but was replaced by a tongue. The sensations from that were so different from the vibrator, but also so wonderful. Meanwhile, the other sister was still playing with my breasts and body. My mind exploded again. I lay there, too weak to move even if I weren't tied up.

Suddenly, there was the most incredible pain in my right nipple, which had been as hard as a bullet. Immediately after, the same thing happened to my left nipple. "We've just clamped your tits," said a girl, casually. They then released me, but immediately tied me again. I was now bent over the edge of the bed. My legs were tightly tied together round the thighs, knees, shins and ankles, and held under the bed by a rope fastened to the other side of the bed. Ropes from my wrists and the collar went across the top of the bed and were also fastened to the other side. I was completely unable to move.

There was a strange sensation across my back, a light pressure that seemed to move around as if something was being rubbed across me.

One of the sisters spoke again. "It's a pity, but neither we nor you will be able to see Craig's face when he comes in. He'll see you in nothing but suspenders, stockings and high heels, helpless. And written across your back it says PLEASE SPANK ME HARD. Oh, he's going to enjoy his wedding night!"

The End

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