My Hot Date

By Mel

Max was everything that I could want in a boyfriend.  He was handsome and suave, with impeccable manners.  And he was interested in everything I had to say, listening with full attention as I discussed my interests, where I went for my last holiday or even my job.  He was surely a keeper.  Naturally, I was delighted when he suggested going out to dinner and returning to his flat afterwards for a coffee.  I knew the code.  It would be a hot date!

The next day, I put on my sexiest underwear: a black bra with matching thong and suspenders, seamed stockings with lacy tops.  I added my stiletto sandals.  My, I thought, checking myself in the mirror, I do look good.  I'm sure that Max will appreciate it.  Thinking about what would happen sent a pleasurable chill down my spine as I imagined him tenderly and affectionately caressing and kissing my body.  But I had no more time to fantasise; I had to go to work, so I hastily put on a blouse and trousers and went off.

It was difficult to concentrate all day at work, and I kept eying the clock impatiently.  Why was it going so slowly?  There was no point in leaving early, and indeed I was the last one out, locking the door behind me.  I still had some time to kill, so I had a coffee at a snack bar, sipping it slowly, still fantasising about the wonderful evening and "coffee" ahead.

Max met me outside the posh restaurant, greeting me with compliments about my appearance, and then a kiss and a hug.  It was a lovely dinner with wine, and of course he paid.  He kept topping up my glass, so I had more wine than I was used to and was a little woozy.  He escorted me around the corner into a quiet side street where his car was parked.  He held the passenger door open while I got in, and helped me fasten the seatbelt before he got into the driving seat.  My handbag was in front of my feet.

Suddenly, somebody popped up behind me.  He must have been hiding in the space between the front and rear seats.  He wrapped a wide belt around me and the seat back and fastened it tightly, trapping my arms and holding me firmly in place in the seat. I opened my mouth to scream, but Max suddenly pressed something against my mouth. My head was pushed back against the headrest as he forced the thing into my mouth. I was helpless to stop him forcing it farther and farther in. Never had my mouth felt so crammed full. There was a leather strap attached to whatever it was.  Max pulled my head forward and buckled it tightly round my head.  I was thoroughly gagged.

Meanwhile, the man behind me must have got out of the car.  He opened the passenger door.  I was kicking my legs wildly, but he and Max just grabbed an ankle each and forced them down, securing them to a pair of handcuffs attached to the rail under the seat.  I was now totally helpless. Then the man stuck something over my eyes and all went dark.  I was in utter panic.  What on earth was going on?  I heard the man get back into the car and we drove off.  I frantically tried to tell Max to release me, but only mumbles could escape the very effective gag.

Blindfolded, I had no idea where we were going, although it seemed to be a fairly long drive.  The car eventually stopped.  I heard a sound like a garage door opening; we drove forward a short distance and stopped again, and the door closed behind us.  Finally, Max spoke.

"I bet this isn't the evening you expected, baby.  Believe me, I'd have loved to take you back to my place and have a coffee and a lot more.  You're stunningly gorgeous.  But business before pleasure.  We have to go and rifle your office, and I know you've kindly brought us the keys in your handbag."

What!  I felt shocked and sick.  Max was using me to help him do heaven knows what in my office, and I'd fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

"And then of course you'll disappear, so the police will assume that you're part of the gang.  Tomorrow we'll remove all the stuff from your flat so it looks like you've fled.  We'll use your credit card somewhere a hundred miles from here and then the day after we'll use it somewhere else, so nobody will think you're still here.  But now we must secure you so you can't get up to mischief while we're gone."

The two men detached the handcuffs around my ankles from the seat and dragged me out of the car.  One of them held my hands behind my back while the other wrapped rope tightly around my wrists and cinched it.  Then they dragged me away and I felt something being attached to my wrist bonds.  There was a whirr of machinery and I felt my wrists being pulled upwards.  I was soon forced to bend over.

"Out of curiosity, let's see what I'm missing in order to do this job," laughed Max.  He pulled the belt out of my trousers, undid the button on the waistband, opened the zip and pulled my trousers down.  I blushed; I was looking forward to him undressing me, but scarcely in these circumstances.  When he saw my stockings and suspenders, he whistled.  "Wow-ee, you're so temptingly sexy, baby, but business before pleasure.  Still, let's get a better view.  Scissors!"

Soon, he had cut off my trousers and my blouse.  He and the other man both expressed their delight at seeing my sexy lingerie.  They then made me more secure by binding my knees tightly and replacing the handcuffs around my ankles with tight rope.  Forcing my elbows together they bound those too.  All of the bonds were cinched.  The elbow tie increased the strain on my shoulders.  Max patted me on the bottom.  "Don't go anywhere, sweetheart; we'll be back as soon as we can."

They left.  What could I do?  Shouting would do no good; with that gag, I could make little sound, and doubtless there was nobody within earshot.  All I could do was hang there, frightened in case I fell over, which would certainly dislocate my shoulders.

I don't know how long it was before the men returned.  They were very pleased with themselves.  "We've got everything we wanted and more," said Max cheerfully.  "Thanks a million, baby, or should I say thanks for the millions."

He cut the ropes around my legs.  Was he going to release me?    "Now, let's get your legs spread, darling," he said, making me move my feet some distance apart.  I felt straps being buckled tightly around my ankles.  "This is called a leg spreader," he explained.  I realised that there was a pole between my ankles so I could not move my feet together.  There was a whirring sound and my wrists were pulled up even further.  My body was now nearly horizontal.  He patted my bottom again.  "And don't worry, as soon as I have time, we'll have our "coffee".  I'm really looking forward to it."

The end

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