My boyfriend's sister

By Mel

It was about 10am last Saturday. I was drinking coffee and starting to think about what to have for lunch when the doorbell rang. It was Cathy, my boyfriend Hugh's sister.

"Come in," I said, surprised to see her. "Would you like some coffee?"

"I … thanks," she said, seeming somewhat agitated. I waited until she was sitting drinking coffee before asking her what she wanted to say.

"Hugh has a request, Melanie," she explained. "And he didn't quite have the courage to ask you himself. He'd like to have you … er … tied in a spreadeagle."

I was rather surprised, but tried not to show it. Of course, I was vaguely aware of bondage, but it had never occurred to me that Hugh might be into it. Still, if he was keen on it, I wouldn't say no.

"Hugh was really worried about asking you," she continued, "knowing your views on female equality, which of course he totally agrees with. You might think it was an attempt at patriarchal domination or something …"

I laughed, imagining Hugh's thought processes. "No, no, Cathy, that won't be an issue. Tell him I'll be happy to let him do that."

"Well, er, actually he says he can't bring himself to do the tying. Would it be alright if I did it?"

"Oh yes, I suppose so," I said.

"Great. Well, when you're ready, I'll tie you to your bed and then I'll call him to come over," said Cathy, evidently greatly relieved.

We finished our coffee and I led the way to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. Cathy got nervous again.

"Oh Melanie, you'll have to take your clothes off first unless you want Hugh to cut them off," she said. "You don't mind if I see you in the nude, do you? I mean, it wouldn't be the first time. We've changed for swimming together a couple of times, haven't we?"

"OK," I said reluctantly, stripping off and lying on the bed.

Cathy fished in her very capacious handbag and fished out four lengths of rope. She attached the ropes to the feet of the bed and then to my wrists and ankles. I was stretched out in a big X and could hardly move.

"Is that OK, not too uncomfortable?" she asked.

"Yes, I feel fine," I smiled.

"Good, now the gag," said Cathy.

"Gag? I don't want to be mph …" I said, silenced as she pushed a sponge into my mouth. Writhe as I might, I could do nothing to stop her forcing it all in and buckling a leather strap tightly around my head to hold it in. She then wrapped duct tape several times around my head over my mouth, reinforcing the gag. I tried to protest, but only inarticulate sounds of mph could emerge.

She also wrapped tape several times around my head, covering my eyes and carefully pushing it down around the top of my nose. I was totally blindfolded.

"OK, Melanie, I can phone now," said Cathy. There was a short pause. "It worked, Mary," she said in a triumphant tone. "The dumb blonde fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Come round now with all the stuff."

I was utterly shocked. What on earth was going on?

"Melanie, you're so utterly gorgeous," Cathy said, playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples. "You're utterly wasted on my brother. Mary and I will have so much fun, especially with the equipment she'll bring. And to know that you're straight and don't want to do this will vastly increase the pleasure for us. It will be a delightful few hours, at least for Mary and me, though maybe not for you."

The End

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