Monica White PI

by Charles Spencer

Monica pressed her nose against the glass window twenty two storeys up, noting that people looked like scurrying Lowry stick people whilst the vehicles looked like models. The windows were floor to ceiling but the reason Monica was on the floor was she was very securely hogtied on the floor, dressed only in sky blue satin bra and high leg panties.  Her arms were tightly tied at wrists and elbows with cinched wraps of thin hemp.  A rope harness was wound above and below her ample breasts, lower down two loops of tight rope reduced her thin waist by a couple of inches then the ends dived between her legs.  Centred over her crack pulling her panties so far into her crack wisps of dark black hair showed either side of the lacy edges    Her ankles were tied so tight her ankle bones grated even with the cinch between.   More rope joined her legs above her knees and then her thighs, each time wire tight with cinches.   Even shoe laces had been used to join her big toes then the same for her thumbs, cinched tight, a major overkill she decided.   Finally, her feet had been pulled back until they touched her fingers and joined there pulling her body into a slight arch even though, due to yoga and her fitness she was supple enough to take it but she was uncomfortable and in pain.

She was of course gagged, with a large foam sponge ball pushed and squeezed fully into her mouth stretching her jaw down as far as it would, strips of duct tape closed her mouth then sealed in by metres of vet wrap.   With a grunt, groan and muffled sigh of pain she rolled over on her side and looked for the other party in the room, her assistant Sharon.    She was secured to her office chair by more tight rolls of rope.  Arms behind joined at wrists and elbows then her wrists drawn down to the centre support under the seat which drew her shoulders back.   A full chest harness secured her to the seat back. A full crotch rope tore through her crack and was again secured to the chair back stopping her hips moving forward.  Her legs were tied at ankles and thighs, then the ankles pulled back and secured to the seat base so only her toes brushed the floor making it impossible for her to get enough traction to move the chair on the floor. She was gagged the same as Monica and currently had her back to her.

Urgent grunts from Monica made Sharon start to struggle with her head and shoulders which swivelled her round on the chair so they faced each other.  Sharon’s face dropped, or what little could be seen, as she saw Monica’s position and realised help was not at hand, rather they were stuck until someone came in to free them.

Monica however had other thoughts and realised she had to shuffle and crawl to Sharon and see if they could untie each other.  But how?  It may only be some 15 feet but tied as she was it could have been a mile.  With a groan she started to rock herself over onto her stomach and breasts again, then howled into her gag as her body fell over and slammed onto the smooth wooden floor. Even through the cloth of her bra, rubbing on the floor caused real pain in her soft tissue.   It was very tough going especially as the fierce gag reduced her air intake.  Soon the sweat was pouring down her face and glistening on her bare flesh. After ten minutes she had gone three feet as she rested, staring at the closed office door with it’s in house humorous signs.  “Monica White Private Investigator”.    But Monica was actually Indian brown.    Her parents had fled India after the Partition but Monica was born, bred and educated in London with classic Indian looks, brown skin, medium, firm breasts, petite with dark glossy hair cut in a short bob. As she slowly wormed her way across her office floor she recalled the run up to this day.

She had recently taken a job is find a kidnapped girl, Marina, 19 year old daughter of Baron Lars,(a Swedish multi-millionaire), who was studying at London University Greenwich.  She had gone missing four days before and a ransom of one million Euros in Bitcoins had been demanded.   The Baron had started to purchase the Bitcoins but had asked Monica to find her first.  Long urgent hours talking to her contacts and she had managed to find the kidnapper was the world renowned Amy Boucher but she had contracted two clowns to look after the girl and Monica soon found their hideout leading the police in. No ransom was paid.   Her stepmother had flown in to help and initially Monica had wondered if she was anything to do with it but quickly saw Stephanie was genuine and cared for her step daughter.  She was not a trophy wife but mid-forties, curvy and natural or as natural as a multi-millionaire’s wife would be. 

Now two days later Marina and Stephanie had called in to thank Monica.   Unfortunately, somehow Amy had found out also, so as everyone raised their glass of champagne the door burst open and in came Amy followed by two goons who Monica quickly saw were a standard above her previous help, hard muscles and military bearing, one carrying a rucksack.  At the point of a gun Marina and Stephanie had their wrists and elbows joined by hand cuffs behind their backs and manacles with around 12 inches of chain to allow short steps. A large ball gag for each completed their attire.

Then she turned her attention to Monica whilst a goon started on Sharon.   Both were told to strip down to their undies of bra & panties.   Then the rope came out and they ended up as now.     It took only around ten minutes then both women were secured and the rest left the office, and Monica heard the lock turn as the door closed.  They were locked in and thoroughly helpless so any rescue attempt had to come from them; no outside help would be coming.

On Monica slid & squirmed on the smooth polished wood floor; she thanked her stars Amy had not moved them to the back room which had a deep pile carpet.   Moving on that would have been impossible.  On & on she went closer to Sharon with each squirm until finally she arrived just below Sharon’s chair.   She had to get close to Sharon and try to get free to chase Amy.   When the goon had come over to tie her with his rucksack she had taken the opportunity to open the sack to pretend to see what was in.   As she cooed over all the rope tape & other restraints she dropped a very small homing beacon, which she had palmed from her jacket pocket, into the bottom.   It only had a short battery life being so small but, assuming they took the rucksack back with them it would show where Amy was now with the hostages. 

 It had taken almost an hour to get this far and now they had to untie each other!!   Communicating by grunts & groans Monica got Sharon to understand she had to turn herself round.   Sharon swung herself around again so her back and fingers were above Monica’s back.   Now the fun started as   Monica realised Sharon’s fingers were tied so tightly to the chair they were anchored about two inches above the ropes on Monica’s back. She collapsed flat to the floor exhausted and close to tears. No, she thought. One last try.   She needed to arch herself by moving her knees forward and shoulders back but this tightened the hogtie rope and the crotch rope to eyewatering tightness but, yes it worked as she felt Sharon’s fingers on the rope between her wrists and ankles. Monica arched forward an inch and suddenly Sharon’s fingers were able to start on the knots by Monica’ ankles.

Sharon’s fingers were going numb but she gamely ploughed on. However as fast as she found the knot and loosened it, Monica’s legs took up the extra due to the strain they were under so nothing really loosened. The pain in Monica’s back, arms and legs was terrible and the crotch rope sawed through her sensitive flesh whenever she moved.  As she started to tear up from the pain she quickly stopped, if her nose filled with mucus she was dead as no air came though the wraps over her  mouth.   Gamely, she tried to hold her position for longer when “whoopee”, Sharon managed to feed a length of rope back through the knot.   A pull, couple of fumbles and the end pulled though.   One half of the knot was loose. It was the work of seconds to tease the other loose and the hogtie rope was untied; Monica’s legs straightened with explosive force and her big toes banged in the floor like a hammer.  The howl of pain was heard all of two feet away through her stuffed and sealed mouth.   She rested there on her sore front for a few minutes then pulled her thoughts together.  Slowly, drawing her legs sideways she managed to sit up.

Smiling at Sharon with her eyes, she grunted as if to say it will be OK now. But they were both still very securely tied. Even though her hogtie was gone the crotch rope was still all the way through her very sore lips and around her wrist ropes as well as keeping her thumbs tied down.  Friction from the rope kept it there and kept it moving every time she moved her arms.  She also saw Sharon’s hands and fingers were blotchy red and puffy; signs of being very numb by now and not much use at undoing tight knots.   Bang, the lightbulb went off in her head. A brand new pair of office scissors on her desk, bought yesterday and bound to be sharp. Now how to get them.  With her big toes still tied shuffling was out and hopping on the slippery shiny floor was probably suicide,  knocking herself out would not get them free.  She shuffled over on her bottom then back to her desk.   Slowly she pushed herself upright and standing and looked down. There they were: now how to reach them as they were in the middle.  Leaning forward she hit them with her nose and after few tries moved them sideways then heard them fall to the floor.  She sank is her knees but to fast, and they hit with a loud painful clunk.  Scrabbling around she got a finger to the handle, held on and made her way back to Sharon’s chair.  Sharon could use her thumbs.   Using scissors is almost impossible without thumbs.   Slipping the shiny blades either side of Monica’s wrist ropes carefully between the flesh Sharon started to cut.  It took a full ten minutes of small cuts and sawing away before Monica felt the tight bonds loosen and was able Is force her wrists apart.  Her thumbs were still joined and this was more delicate: neither wanted to cut off a thumb.   This twine was thinner and suddenly Monica could bring her wrists forward and flexed her fingers.  She still had little movement as her elbows were still joined and harnessed to her upper body.  Working slowly Monica undid the rope’s around her thighs and then her ankles. That left her big toes but she could not contort herself to reach the almost invisible knot on the thin twine. Grunting and nodding she waited for Sharon to drop the scissors and very carefully snipped free.   Her toes already showed, as did her thumbs, the early signs of deep blue/yellow bruising.  

Looking at the clock she saw they had been tied for almost two hours and still they were nowhere free. It only took ten minutes to undo Sharon’s wrists, elbows and upper body leaving her free to then undo her own legs.   Monica lay back on her bound arms and smiled under her gag. They were going to make it but could they rescue the others in time. How long would the battery last on the beacon?  At last frantic gestures by Sharon made her sit up and turn so Sharon would then undo the chest ropes.    More minutes and they were able to start on their gags. Find the end of the wrap and unravel it. Then slowly pull off the duct tape which adhered firmly to sore lips.   Then numb fingers prodding and squeezing the foam ball out which landed like a squelching water bomb on the floor. They still had the remains of their crotch ropes as they fell into each other’s arms in relief and celebration.

“Quickly we must get dressed and track them down.” Monica explained about the tracking beacon.

Meanwhile in a penthouse flat near Chelsea Harbour a young girl was being suffocated.  Marina for it was she, was stretched out in a star shape on the bed.   Wrists and ankles pulled out and tied to each corner.  She was still blindfolded and in her mouth had been forced a ring gag.  Over her face knelt Amy Boucher whilst between her legs was her step mum in a very stringent hogtie also with a ring gag.   The rules were simple, as explained by Amy, Marina had to make her cum before Stephanie made Marina cum or Marina would be whipped but any slacking from either of them and they would both get a whipping. The only noise was the sound of slurping tongues and the first sighs of pleasure from Amy.   In the lounge two goons watched Football highlights guzzling beer.

Meanwhile, Monica and Sharon had found clothes to change into, they always kept some spare in the back room and were now hurrying to the Lifts.  Down in the car park and into Sharon’s Golf. Monica had the iPad which showed the blinking red dot on the map of London.  Luckily, she saw the dot was stationary, even though the red was getting weaker.

“Left turn here, down the end then right; we are getting closer and the dot isn’t moving.”

Meanwhile in the penthouse Amy was feeling much better after a pleasant orgasm. The girls had also been moved.   Marina was tied securely to a dining chair still blindfolded and now with a large ballgag filling her mouth.  Amy was pacing back and forth down the room negotiating the ransom with the Baron using a voice changing App so she sounded like a gruff East European male. Stephanie was standing in the centre of the room her arms retied in a box harness, wrist crossed and tied to opposite elbow behind her and then a rope harness round her arms and breasts. Also blindfolded and ballgagged her legs were untied and slightly open wide.   Like Marina she was now naked. Standing front and back were the two goons, also naked, and feeding a condoms down their erect cocks.   Smearing lubricant over the smooth plastic they approached Stephanie and started to insert into her two orifices, one at the front, one rear. Then they pressed close against her and placed their arms on each other’s shoulders. The age old rhythm started, in and out.  Known as the ‘Baghdad Sandwich’ and introduced into Iraq by American Military, it came about when the lack of women meant their services had to be shared. They were not interested in Stephanie’s pleasure, only of their own. Very soon they both came with groans and smiles. Pulling out and drawing up their trousers they sat her down and secured her to another dining chair.

“Left here, then down the end.  We are almost there. Couple of streets to the left.  Looks like near Chelsea Harbour.   The red dot is getting weaker: hurry up now.”

“I’m trying not to break the speed limit here and this traffic Is awful but here we go-lights green.”


In the penthouse Amy was checking her computer, logging into her bitcoin account.  “Good, first 200 bitcoins are in. The good Baron said he would have to do it in instalments so only another 800 to go.   Let’s get These women secured. Tie Mum to the next chair and make certain she can’t get out of the chair.  How about a good crotch rope pulling her legs up behind the chair, that should keep them from moving around.   Then put these over their heads.”   She threw two supple Latex hoods onto the table. Pretty soon both women were joined to their chairs. A rope harness a round their upper chests secured them to the chair back, arms box tied and locked between the chair back and body. Their legs were tied at knees and ankles, then the ankles pulled back.  A tight rope around the waist connected to a doubled rope pulled down between her legs, then pulled tightly into her crack then pulled behind the chair back and down to the ankle ropes, pulling the ankles up so any movement of her legs sawed through the tender skin she was sitting on.  Now their heads were enclosed by the skin tight latex which showed the huge ball strapped into each mouth and the roundels of each blindfold.   The men were packing up their bags.   Amy checked her computer again.


In the street outside a plain VW Golf was parked.  Monica tapped her iPhone.  “Sergeant Neil Fielding please.   Neil it’s Monica.   Are you after Amy Boucher and the Baron’s wife and daughter.” “Yes, know anything?”

“She’s holed up in Riverside Mansions at Vauxhall.  We think the penthouse. I managed to put a homing beacon in their bag when they captured us.  You need to get here quickly. We’ll stay here.”

“Don’t go in and mess things, Monica. We’ll take around twenty minutes. I’ll order no sirens when they get close by.”

“OK Neil.  See you soon.  Hurry it up.  No idea how long she will be here for.”   Monica closed her phone and looked again at her hands.   Her wrists still showed dark indentations whilst her thumbs were starting to go from blue/black to yellow over the joints.  Oh well time would heal and when Amy was caught that would make it all better.


Amy kept checking her computer but no further sums showed up.  She started to fret and pace up and down the long lounge area.   Her two goons however relaxed in front of the TV again; new match, new teams.    The two women hung in their ropes whilst Stephanie moved her head around trying to hear things whilst Marina seemed to be semi-conscious and just hung there with her head on her chest.   Twenty minutes went by as Amy’s temper rose when she happened to glance out of the front window.  She froze as she saw two Police cars draw up in the drive.   Out of each quickly came four armed black suited officers.   Then one more car and a van drove in quickly with lights flashing but no sound.    Finally an Ambulance turned into the entrance.

“Right we have to get out.   Now.    The cops have found us; no idea how.  Not interested in thinking about it now.   Grab your bags and go.   Down the stairs and out the back as we agreed.   Take the car and go.    You know where to.  I’ll put your payment into your accounts as agreed.    I’ll just clear up a bit and follow.  Now go !!”

The goons grabbed things and ran for the door whilst she closed her computer and put it in her back-pack.     Looking around she followed them out the door and started down the fire escape stairs.


Downstairs Fielding ordered three men into the lift and two up the stairs.  Two more round the back and three staying in the lobby to be redirected as needed.    Men ran off in all directions guns at the ready.    The goons just managed to get to the basement garage before the cops crashed through on the floor above.  Into the car they piled and drove up waiting for the grille to rise.    Amy meanwhile got down to the mezzanine floor where she knew there was a walkway connecting to the nextdoor building and the shared Gym.   She had already reconnoitred this when she first moved into the building and had made it her escape route.  Down the stairs and striding into the Gym she went straight to the Ladies.  Some three minutes later this female figure walked confidently out dressed in Pink Hoodie top, multi coloured Lycra leggings and trainers with a baseball hat pulled down over her head.  She walked out and away from the building next door.


Upstairs the door splintered as the police used their door hammer.   “Armed police,  Show yourselves with hands up.  Armed Police.”   The shouts started and continued until all rooms were deemed clear.   Then they faced the two figures tied tightly to the chairs with their shiny heads.    Slowly the ropes were cut free and the hood removed, followed by the ball-gags and blindfolds.    Paramedics came in and started to check the women, whilst police called in Forensics to go over the flat.   Down below Monica started to walk to the entrance where Neil Fielding was directing operations.

“Sorry Monica, but the flat was empty of the suspects but both women were there.  Paramedics are treating them now.  They’ll bring them down very soon.  We owe you for chasing them down.”  Seeing Monica’s wrists he stopped.   “You’ll have to tell me your story soon; perhaps over fish & chips.   We cops can’t afford your expenses.    I have just told the Baron, who is very grateful.  He also told me his IT guy was able to claw back the payment they have made so Miss Boucher gets nothing from all this….but aggro.  We will get her as we have a lot of forensics from the flat.  Thank you again.  Ah here they come.”


The lift doors opened and two wheelchairs came out pushed by paramedics.  Monica went over to Stephanie who managed a weak smile and held out her hand covered in deep indentations.

“Thank you so much, Monica.  We both owe you a lot and we won’t forget.   Come and see me in a few days .OK”

“As long as you are OK with that I’ll ring you.  I’m just glad you are Ok and we got there in time.”


Down the street a young woman strode towards the underground station inwardly seething at the same Monica White threatening retribution in the future.  Amy Boucher was on her way to the station then on to Gatwick for a quick flight back to Ibiza and her very private Finca estate.


Two months later, the offices of Monica White, Private Investigator.


It was a Saturday and the whole office building was almost empty, which had been a deliberate choice on behalf of the participants.  They didn't expect any visitors and indeed were not in the main office but in the small back office which Monica used as a rest room cum bedroom. Currently the room was awash with bodies.   This had all come about when Marina had got in touch and asked if they would like another session. What had transpired after the kidnapping was Marina had found she now actually had a strong dominant feature which had come out quite strongly whilst step- mother Stephane had found she was quite submissive and enjoyed the feelings and sensations of being tied tightly.  Sharon simply agreed as she was being paid double time and the money was useful, even if she would be a bit uncomfortable.  Monica just agreed because she always loved testing herself against the tightest ropes and it always paid to keep in with satisfied clients, you never knew who their friends are.


So early that morning, 8.30am, they had all arrived at the offices.  Immediately Marina got down to work having brought in two large bags full of equipment.  Since the kidnapping she had spent some time in Berlin with a professional dominatrix and learnt the tricks of the trade as well as buying a serious amount of equipment to go with it, using Daddy’s enormous allowance.  All three women were quickly asked to strip leaving Marina as the only dressed woman in black leather trousers and a black sleeveless singlet with a picture of Meatloaf on the front, which showed off her pert breasts and prominent nipples even through her bra and top.   She noted with interest and pleasure Sharon was wearing a pair of plain cotton panties with Betty Boo on the front, Stephanie was wearing expensive royal blue silk high leg panties whilst, disappointingly, Monica had on a maroon thong; not much cloth there and one of them would be wearing all of it.   Reaching into a bag she brought out a handful of soft leather which became three supple full face blindfolds with Velcro straps.   They stretched from high on the forehead to under the nose with a triangular cut out for the nose to allow breathing.


“Put these on please and do the straps tight please.  I do not want to have to come round and check them  This is going to be like ‘circuit training’, each of you will be in each position for an hour and then move round.   I don’t want you to see what’s in store now.  Now knickers off please, each of you.”  The women donned the blindfolds and stood waiting next orders.   “Sharon on the bed please, arms spread wide.  Across the head board.   You other two sit on the carpet and do keep quiet. I hear chitter chatter and I will punish it severely.”   She grinned even though none of the girls could see her.   Sharon got comfortable whilst Marina opened the bag again bag and grabbed a few hanks of thin cotton rope. Taking one length, she tied one wrist to the metal bed head frame then tied the other wrist to the other side so her arms were spread wide and almost horizontal along the frame.  Further ropes around her upper arms solidly joined her arms to the frame.  Reaching down Marina took hold of her left ankle, raised it up and roped it also to the frame by her wrist so her leg was above her head.  The same happened to her right leg so she was bent in two with her privates open to all due to her legs being spread wide open.  A quick roping of a crotch rope gave some sensation which were enhanced by Marina pushing in a vibrator which was then switched on.  Finally, she moved to Sharon’s mouth.  Picking up the three pairs of panties she moved back to Sharon’s head.  The first pair, Sharon’s own was pushed in and prodded into her left cheek, then Stephanie’s into the other cheek, finally Monica’s thong was pushed into the open mouth to fill it up.  A number of wraps of vet wrap sealed it all in.


Marina then moved to Monica. “Stand please and hands behind.”  Soft rope wrapped and cinched her wrists together, then a rope joined her elbows together.  Going to her bag she drew out a wobbly plastic truncheon with straps attached.  Opening it out it became a short, rounded rubber penis gag attached to a fat leather panel from the front of which extended a long 8 inch knobbly rubber cock.  “Open wide now Monica. Time is rushing on and Sharon is uncomfortable.”  Pushing the shorter gag into Monica’s mouth. The straps were then tightened around her head and small straps tightened beneath her jaw which stopped her opening her mouth any wider.  Monica ran her tongue around the slimy insert whilst the weight dangling in front meant Monica realised what was in her mouth even though she had never experienced one before.  But internet pictures and imagination stood her in good stead.   Stephanie was then subject to exactly the same restraint although being blindfolded neither realised the similar treatment meted out.


“Right Monica, please lie down and on your side.”  Hesitantly, Monica went down to her knees then lay down and struggled onto her side.  With arms tied tight. and unable to see it was not an easy task.  “Now Mum ,  down and on your side; here I’ll help you.”  Slowly and carefully she helped her step mum to lie down but importantly the other way to Monica,  So her head to Monica’s waist and Stephanie’s waist facing Monica’s head.  The classic 69 form.  Grabbing Monica’s head she slowly pushed the waving, wobbly end of her gag into Stephanie’s crack, fully and firmly in.  Drawing Stephanie’s knees together behind Monica’s head, tight rope almost joined the knees to get them holding the head firmly pressed its Stephanie’s groin with the penis fully pressed in.  Tentatively, Monica tried to draw her head back but could only move around an inch.   This would be fun she thought.  Marina moved to Stephanie’s head and repeated with Monica’s knees tied tightly to keep the head firmly pressed in. A number of coiled ropes were wound around their stomachs to join them tight.  Stephanie’s ankles were tied together then drawn back and tied down to this waist band followed by the same happening to Monica’s ankles.  “Ladies, enjoy yourselves.”


Marina glanced at the clock on the wall.  Just in time.  Little did the girls know but she had invited guests and they would be here at 10 o’clock in a few minutes.   She tidied up her bags then took one bag into the main office and waited.  All she heard from next door was the faint sound of moving bodies and grunts from the two on the floor with faint groans and sounds of pleasure from Sharon.


Suddenly, her reverie was shuttered as hard knocks came on the outside door.   She moved over and unlocked it.

“Ah, Jack and Tom.  You found us.  Come in and get settled.  Over here.  Now you both know what we agreed and you are happy with it.?”   Jack grinned widely and nodded fiercely.  Tom was more hesitant, “Well Marina, I ain’t certain but I am here so I guess we had better get started before I lose my bottle.”

“Well come over here then both.   Tops off first.  Oh come on boys, we want to see those six packs.”  Jack quickly whipped off his black T shirt but Tom hesitantly only moved to raise the bottom. “Come on Tom, don’t be shy.  You know you want this.  You have been gagging for it for months. I promise you will get to fuck me. “


  She picked up two small bits of leather and handed one to each of the boys; “put these blindfolds on please.  After all, you might recognise at least one of the ladies next door and that isn't fair to them they already have blindfolds so they can't recognise you,”  Jack grinning broadly thought this was wonderful and immediately settled his over his eyes, it was a thin leather pad with a Velcro strap that he adjusted at the back of his head.  Tom bit more hesitant “Miranda, why this now.  I don't really think I need this, I'm not gonna tell anybody about this.”   “Do it, Tom or you won't get through that door”, reluctantly he did the same as Jack and they were both standing there sightless.


Reaching into her bag, she brought out a short piece of soft rope, moved behind Tom and drew his hands gently behind and then quickly roped his wrists together reasonably freely, but enough to stop him getting free.  “what…. What are you doing this for? Why now.  I don't like this restraint.”  “This is much better; it is much more fun this way, believe me.  I have tried it this way, you actually have to try and think how you're going to fuck somebody.. anybody.  It's not just a question of using your hands, and diving straight in”, moving to Jack she did the same as he stood there placidly grinning broadly.  She moved back to her bag and brought out two ring gags, leather covered steel rings of around 7 cms in diameter.  Moving in front of Jack she reached up, kissed him passionately, which made him open his mouth and then quickly pushed the ring in behind his upper teeth and dragged his jaw down then clicked it behind the lower teeth so it was settled in his mouth.  He started to gurgle all sorts of objections as she moved behind and tightly buckled the strap, moving across she did the same to Tom, who had more objections but ended up the same way.  Back to Tom's front side, she undid the buttons on his jeans and dropped his jeans and then his Y fronts to the floor and tapped his legs to step out of them.  He was now naked and his cock was hardly erect, but a bit wavy loose in the breeze. Moving across Jack she did exactly the same but noticed that his cock was fully erect and looking to enjoy himself.


“Right lads we’re almost there.  Soon I’ll let you in.  Please know the girls inside are also tied, gagged and blindfolded so you’re all the same and they can't see you and you can't see them, and this will be good fun for you all, trust me.  As I said you will end up getting a good fuck with all the women in there including me.  Reaching into the bag for more rope, she went behind them.  She quickly undid the knot on Jack's wrists and pulled everything much tighter then knotted it down again much better.  She murmured to herself as she reached for a long length and looped round above his elbows, drawing it through.  She pulled and tightened it but being a man with wide shoulders he could not get is elbows to meet but she got them within 4 inches and then carried on looping it round and knotted it off after a good few cinch wraps. Jack meanwhile was objecting and noisily making his complaints known without actually making sense or being able to do anything about it.  Moving across to Tom she did exactly the same and he was now fully tied; she noticed now that his cock had given up and was small soft and flaccid, whereas Jack still was fully erect and waiting for action. 


“Right you two, now it all begins, let's get into the room.  I’ll take you Jack in first okay,?” so saying she rested her hand on his shoulder, opened the door and pulled him into the back office.  He immediately heard the muffled breathing, snorts and noises of other people who sounded gagged and unable to shout out.  “Right Jack you just lie down on the floor here,”  She said as she helped him down to his knees and then lie.  “now lie sideways and I’ll get you ready.” she left him lying sideways on the floor, moving back into the other room.  “right Tom, your turn let's get you ready.”  and again she brought him in to the back office.  Little did they know.  She then arranged Tom sideways on the floor, but facing Jack but also upside down so Toms mouth was close to Jack's groin and the other way round.  Reaching quickly for some more rope from the backpack beside her.  She looped round Jack's knees, then with one motion pushed Toms mouth straight over Jack's cock brought Jack's knees behind Tom's head to rope them together.  This meant his head was sealed and he was noisily doing oral sex.  Moving quickly to the other end she saw that Tom still wasn't aroused so knelt down and started oral sex on him.  Moving slowly, sensuously up and down until he was also fully erect then rammed his cock straight through Jack's ring gag and again tied Tom's knees to hold it all together. Now grabbing a long piece of rope and was able to feed it underneath them.  She joined them with four large loops of tight rope around their stomachs, so the two bodies were joined together.  Moving to Jack's ankles she crossed them and tied them tightly together with cinched ropes, then brought the end of that back and tied it again to the rope around their waists so as to hogtie him.  She then did the same to Tom. 


Slapping Jack on the bottom, “Right lads this is the starter.  This is just to get you in the mood so you get you tonsils working and soon are moving across so that you’ll be able to have a woman on the end of your cock”.  Smiling she reached again into her bag and brought out a long, bulbous wobbly  U shaped rubber item in pink rubber which had what looked like a male penis on both ends, slowly she fed one end into herself and then brought out a set of straps which looped over the silicon rubber and around her waist to hold it fully in.  The other end wobbled obscenely in front of her as she waddled across to Sharon, undid the crotch rope and slowly pushed her way in feeling the pressure in herself.


Smiling she thought, yes, this was going to be a wonderful afternoon.



Nov 2017




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