Miss Marvel

by Amy Flanagan




Miss Marvel looked herself up and down in her full-length mirror, double checking that her superheroine costume was in order.  Her long, dark, lustrous hair tumbled around her shoulders.  Her tunic clung to her every curve down to her waist, emphasising her firm breasts.  Her waist was itself circled by a wide belt, pulled tight, giving her a perfect hourglass figure.  Below that, her tunic was loose and came to not much below her hips, allowing most of her shapely thighs to be seen.  Her calves were somewhat less visible, being enclosed in form-fitting knee boots.  Unlike some superheroines she could think of, she didn't bother with nonsense like a cloak.  The costume was made of amazing materials that were indestructible, but the casual observer could not tell that.


Once she was sure that she was ready and her monitors had confirmed that nobody was about, she launched herself out of her secret base in a hill outside the city of Hugetown.  The exit closed behind her and was immediately covered with shrubbery, making it undetectable.


Miss Marvel soared through the air, her loose, short skirt flapping around her hips.  She was on a particular mission that night.  A young woman had been kidnapped, and she was determined to rescue her.  It was an intensely personal matter for her; Amy was the same age as her, 23, and they had been at school together, back when Miss Marvel was just a teenager called Lisa.  Her thoughts turned back to how they had been the best and most intimate of friends until the strange accident three years ago that had miraculously turned Lisa into the mightiest woman on the planet and she had, for Amy's safety, had to break off their relationship.  Did Amy still miss her as much as she missed Amy, she wondered.


She flew over an area of decaying warehouses on the edge of Hugetown, scanning the inside of each building with her marvelvision, looking for clues.  Soon she saw something that made her halt in mid-air.  A naked woman was lying on a concrete floor.  Miss Marvel was taken aback by the stringent bondage.  The woman's wrists were tied together behind her back.  Her elbows were tied too, pressed together until they touched.  A rope went around her elbows and her breasts, cutting her breasts in half and squeezing them into a most unnatural shape.  Her breasts were further distorted by coils of rope wrapped tightly around their bases.  Miss Marvel gasped in horror as she realised that the rope was thin but hard, and dug into the woman's soft flesh in what must be an agonising way.


But there was more.  The same thin rope bound the woman's ankles and knees.  The ankle rope was joined at the rear to the rope around the breasts.  This meant that the woman's legs were pulled back into an extreme hogtie, and that the breast rope must be under great tension as it was pulled by the legs, really pressing hard into that tender flesh.  Yet more of that rope circled the woman's waist, digging deep into her stomach.  A final piece of rope went from the front of that rope through her crotch, and was tied to the wrist bonds.  Miss Marvel shuddered, trying to imagine how it must be cutting into that poor woman's sensitive and intimate areas.


The more Miss Marvel looked, the more terrible the bondage seemed.  She detected that a heavy steel dildo and butt plug occupied the woman's intimate openings.  She wondered how on earth anyone could get such huge objects inside the woman.


She had been so shocked that she had missed the obvious fact that the woman was wearing a tight hood, and that under the hood her mouth was filled with a ball gag.  Again, that gag was so big that it seemed impossible that anyone could have got it in.


Who could this woman be, and what sort of brute could have done this terrible thing to her?  Miss Marvel looked carefully through the hood, and yes – it was her missing friend Amy!  There was no time to lose; she had to be rescued at once.  Miss Marvel, still hovering in the air above the warehouse, turned so that she was pointing head down, with her arms straight out in front of her and her legs pointing vertically up.  Had anyone been beside her, they would have seen her skirt turn inside out and fall around her waist.  They would then have had an excellent view of her pert, round bottom, clad only in a black silk thong.  But, for better or worse, there was nobody to see this delightful spectacle.


Down Miss Marvel flew, crashing through the roof of the building, aiming some distance from the helpless victim so that no rubble would land on her.  Flipping over in mid-air, she landed on her feet near the cruelly trussed young woman.  "Amy," she cried, starting to run over to her.  The woman stirred as Miss Marvel raced to her side, and – suddenly, a net landed, covering them both.


Normally, Miss Marvel would just have swept the net aside like a cobweb before snapping her former lover's bonds with a finger and thumb.  Instead, she collapsed, because the net was made of fibres impregnated with yerbium, a weird substance that had the effect of sapping all her strength.  Desperately, she tried to escape from the net, but three men stormed in carrying large chunks of yerbium.  They pressed the chunks against her, and held her down, easily ignoring her feeble struggles, until she passed out.




Slowly, slowly, Miss Marvel swam back to consciousness.  She tried to move, but her limbs somehow refused to obey her.  She tried to look, but she could see nothing.  She tried to speak, but she could not even do that.  And she was too fuddled to think clearly.


A voice cut through the haze of her mind, a dulcet female voice.  "Welcome to my humble abode, Miss Marvel," it said.  "You honour me with your presence.  It was so very careless of you to come crashing in like that without checking things first.  I was hoping you would when you saw your friend so – shall we say – less than comfortable.  But you should have come sooner; I had to keep the poor girl like that for hours."


Miss Marvel tried to struggle, but to no avail.  "Let me explain the situation you are in," continued the voice.  "You are of course completely naked, tied spread-eagle to a frame on a table.  You are surrounded with lots of small nuggets of yerbium, enough to deprive you of your strength but not enough to render you unconscious.  I have confiscated your indestructible costume, which will be of great help in my researches to develop new weapons.  But because I am generous, I returned your thong, which is now stuffed in your mouth together with some of my thongs.  It wasn't easy getting them all in, I can tell you, and you can no doubt feel that your cheeks are bulging almost to bursting point.  You are blindfolded with a thick lead shield that even your marvelvision cannot penetrate.  But now, let me remove it."


Miss Marvel felt gloved hands remove her blindfold.  Once it was off, she was at first dazzled by the bright lights.  However, her vision soon cleared, and she gasped through her gag as she saw … the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.  It took her several seconds to realise that this statuesque blonde Venus, clad from head to toe in a shiny skin-tight catsuit that emphasised all of her many voluptuous curves, must be the brute who had so viciously tied up Amy.  Despite her revulsion at this woman's behaviour, just looking at her sent a strange sensation through Miss Marvel's inmost core.


Where was Amy?  Was she OK?  Tearing her eyes away reluctantly from this heavenly vision of beauty, she hunted around with her marvelvision.  A naked woman was standing on the other side of the room.  Marks from tight ropes still marred her beautiful skin.  She was standing with her feet held wide apart by a leg spreader, and bent almost double because her wrists were tightly bound together and held high in the air to form a strappado.  Her lovely bottom, which the teenage Lisa had so often spanked playfully, stuck up into the air.  Each nipple had on it a crocodile clip that was obviously biting deep into her tender flesh, and from each clip hung a short chain with a heavy weight attached, dragging the breasts out of shape.  She was still hooded, but Miss Marvel scarcely needed her marvelvision to realise that this was Amy.


"We're going to play a little game now," came that lovely voice.  "I'm going to try and make you have an orgasm.  If I fail, it will be well and good for Amy.  I shall just keep her in, shall we say, rather amusing bondage until her father pays a substantial ransom.  I've sent him a video of her, naked and tied up and screaming for mercy, which should encourage him to pay quickly.   But if I succeed, she will have her breasts whipped.  As you can see, she's perfectly positioned for it and she can't exactly do much about it.  It's entirely up to you."


The anger welled up in Miss Marvel.  How dare this woman do such a thing to Amy?  Miss Marvel was sure that she could win.  Despite her weakened state, she still had iron control of her emotions.  She would never come, despite the extraordinary effect that this Venus had already had on her.


Three men lifted up the frame, and suspended it from the ceiling so that Miss Marvel swung helplessly just above the floor.  The Venus stepped behind her and put an arm around her waist.  With her free hand, she pressed something against Miss Marvel's bottom.  "This is just a little vibrator covered in yerbium," she explained as she slowly pushed it into Miss Marvel.  It was in fact not that little, and it was no easy job to get it in, but the yerbium covering made any attempt at resistance quite futile.  Once it was completely in and Miss Marvel's sphincter had closed around it, it started to vibrate, sending very pleasurable sensations through her body, making her relax.


She was startled when Venus' twin sister came in, wearing an identical skin-tight catsuit.  She had difficulty in believing that anyone could be so beautiful, yet here were two of them!  Against her will, her nipples hardened, but she made a great effort and brought herself back under control.


The second Venus blindfolded her again.  This new blindfold had discs of yerbium that covered her eyes.  Not only was she now unable to see, the proximity of the yerbium to her brain weakened her self-control.


The two women began caressing and stroking Miss Marvel.  One rubbed her bottom while the other played with her breasts.  Combined with the vibrator, this activity was beginning to arouse her, and she fought to stay calm.  She jumped in her bonds when the two women simultaneously started to suck a nipple.  She jumped again when a tongue started to play expertly around and around her clit, expertly working her into a frenzy of emotion.  Unable to see anything, her mind was completely filled with images of these two beautiful women.  She was no longer Miss Marvel; she was Lisa again, in bed with Amy, enjoying everything that she had been missing for the last three years, except that these two were a hundred times better than Amy ever was.


Her chest filled with heat and pleasure, and she felt her body rising, catching fire, climbing into a sexual vortex such as she had not felt for years, and more intense than any she had ever had in her life.  Her blood raced.  Her heart pounded.  Her head throbbed.  She groaned weakly into her gag, and she felt herself tossed like a child's balloon in a gust of wind, completely out of control.  Again and again, she managed to control herself, but again and again she was pushed back to the edge, being forced up into a swirling mist of ecstatic sexual bliss, forcing herself down, only to be swept upwards again.


Suddenly, the vibrator buried deep inside her grew faster.  Something was pushed into each of her ears.  They were pieces of yerbium!  So close to her brain, the material made her mind give way like a star exploding.  From the inmost fabric of her being came a flood of ecstatic sexual release such as she had never known before.  She screamed and screamed into her gag as wave after wave of incredible pleasure filled body.  Finally, spent, she sagged as much as her bonds would allow.


That voice penetrated the haze of her mind again.  "I think Amy's lost that one, don't you?"



To be continued


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