Tying up Miss Lowes

By Never118


It didn't take long for us to meet up again. Miss Lowes gave me a call two days later, on a Saturday, and asked me if I wanted to see her again. What can I say? I jumped at it. She told me to meet her at her house, so I told my mum I was meeting a friend, got dressed, and headed off, feeling excited all over.

I may have mentioned I was a little 'alternative' by now. I'd thrown on a really short denim skirt, the pockets of which were almost longer than the skirt itself, a black satin halter neck top, a pair of socks that came up over my knees, and a pair of high heeled leather boots that reached my knees (the only pair I could wear without falling over). I put an alice band in my hair to keep most of it out of my face.

Miss Lowes lived in a small ground floor flat on a main road, but it looked amazing from where I was. I knocked on her door, stomach feeling all floppy, and waited, almost bouncing up and down with excitement. Miss Lowes appeared at the door a moment later, looking amazing. She had a pair of tight leather trousers on, a dark grey satin shirt that fitted really close to her body, and some high heeled boots. She beamed at me as she opened the door.

"Ellie," she sighed, happily. "You look stunning. Come on in," she added. I smiled and followed her inside. I saw she had the scarf I had bought her hanging around her shoulders, the trailing ends dangling down past her breasts, and her leather trousers clung to her bum beautifully. She led me into her front room, which was cosy, wooden floors, a big red rug, dark red walls, and some lamps. It was warm in there, the atmosphere dim, but not dark. She'd left the deep red curtains over the windows.

"What would you like to do?" I asked. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure I should push it, so I waited to see what she said. She walked over to me, her hand running up the length of my arm as she came close and kissed my cheek.

"I thought a repeat of what we did at college," she said softly. I nearly squealed with joy, but I held it in (just about). "But I was wondering if you would let me tie you up this time?"

"Um, sure," I said, suddenly dizzy with excitement. "Here?"

"We can start here," she told me, a wicked grin spreading over her face. "But we can end up somewhere else," she told me. I smiled. "I have an idea, though," she said, pushing me down onto the sofa. "I'll be back in a minute," she added, hurrying off. I could hear her searching in a different room. Looking for something. She came back a minute later with two things in her hands. The first was a thick silk scarf, just like the one I had bought her, but instead of a green square it was silvery grey. The other was a beautiful cream silk blouse, which she handed to me.

"What's this for?" I asked, a bit confused, like usual.

"What do you think? It's for you. A present. I think it's your size, so try it on, love," she told me. I didn't need much more convincing. I stripped off the halter-neck, surprisingly uninhibited even though Miss Lowes was in the room and I wasn't wearing a bra, and pulled on the blouse. It was divine. Heavy cream silk, big billowing sleeves, broad cuffs with several buttons and a low neckline with a wide collar. I fell in love with it right then and there, and it felt heavenly on my bare skin. Miss Lowes watched me put it on with a huge beaming grin on her face. "I knew it," she said. "Perfect fit. You look lovely," she said.

"It's beautiful. Thank you," I said, running my hands over it as I tucked it in. Miss Lowes grinned and I bounced over to her and kissed her. She flicked her tongue over my teeth and I knew I wanted her more than anything else I could think of. I pressed myself against her, enjoying the feel of silk on silk, pushing my tongue into her mouth. It was a long time before we pulled away from each other.

"Okay," I said. "Do your worst."

"I thought you'd never ask," Miss Lowes said…

It didn't take long for Miss Lowes to tie me up. She tied my wrists, elbows (I thought it was impressive), and upper body like I had tied her, nice and tight with white nylon rope, and she made some sort of harness out of the ropes that framed my breasts. By the time she was done, I could barely think straight I was so horny, let alone move. I noticed that my nipples were pressing hard against the silk blouse, that Miss Lowes would sometimes stop to play with them.

When I was tightly tied, Miss Lowes stopped to admire her work. I was well and truly at her mercy, which I didn't really see was a bad thing. It felt great, being tied and helpless in front of this incredibly sensual and sexy lady, and she knew it, mostly through my nipples being stiff enough to cut glass, but also the massive grin on my face.

"Very nice, Ellie. What do you think?"

"This is amazing," I told her. "I feel really sexy, and horny, and helpless."

"See? It was a good idea," said Miss Lowes.

"Oh yeah," I said. "What's next?"

"Have a seat, love," Miss Lowes told me. I was practically shivering with excitement as Miss Lowes led me to the sofa and lowered me onto it. I was still wriggling, hoping I looked as sexy as she had two days ago. I went to cross my legs, pretend to have modesty, but Miss Lowes stopped me. Her hand on my thigh felt amazing. She slid her fingers up my leg and I trembled with excitement.

"Is this okay, Ellie?"

"Oh, God, yes," I said. She continued to move her hand up my leg and her fingertips brushed my underwear. I'd put on a pair of white satin pants, almost a thong they were so tiny, and the second her fingers brushed against them, I almost lost my head. I flushed straight away, and as Miss Lowes' fingers stroked between my thighs, I could feel myself warming up. I shuddered a little.

"Would you like me to continue?" She asked. I nodded. I didn't trust myself to say anything sensible, so I nodded quickly. Miss Lowes smiled, kissed me gently, and slid her hand all the way up my thigh and brushed at my underwear again. I let a little breath out with excitement, and felt another tremble. Without realising it was happening, Miss Lowes had slipped my pants off, her fingers then going to work on me, rubbing and stroking gently.

I moaned, aching with desire as her fingers tickled and stroked. She worked on me expertly for a couple of minutes, and I was trembling and weak at the knees when she suddenly stopped.

"Want a gag, Ellie?" She asked me, whispering in my ear with her sweet and sexy voice. I was hoping she would ask, and I nodded quickly.

"Yes, please," I said. "Nice and tight," I added.

Miss Lowes smiled warmly, plucking up the scarf she had brought in. She folded it into a broad band, and I opened my mouth for it. Before she gagged me, though, she tied a knot in the centre of the scarf. She held it up in front of my mouth, letting the trailing silk ends slide over my thighs and tickle the insides of my legs. I was even more exciting. "Oh God," I whispered. "Please gag me," I breathed. I was worried I might cry out in excitement and bring the neighbours round.

I took the knot between my teeth and Miss Lowes knotted the scarf snugly at the base of my skull, tying it tightly and letting the long ends dangle over my shoulders. I sighed into the silk as it filled my mouth, and moved my legs aside again. Miss Lowes seemed to understand, and her fingers slipped back up my legs, massaging me and filling me with excitement. Her hand moved quicker and quicker, and her other hand started to massage my breasts through the silk. First one, then the other, and then she kissed me.

It didn't take long, I'm ashamed to say. The skilful use of her fingers and her lips brought me to a shuddering climax incredibly quickly and I groaned loudly into my scarf gag, shuddering against the ropes that bound me tightly and breathing heavily. I twitched back from Miss Lowes a little, feeling sensitive and hot and flushed. Miss Lowes was smiling at me, licking her fingertips suggestively. I breathed heavily into my silky gag, pushing my hard nipples forwards towards Miss Lowes. She grinned and bobbed her head down to kiss my chest softly, one hand still massaging my nipples.

"Good?" Miss Lowes asked me.

"Mmm hmmm," I sighed. She grinned.

"Excellent. Come on, Ellie, love, we have more to do," she told me. I looked at her, eyes wide. She grinned at me and stood up, a hand on the rope harness around my chest to help me stand, and to let her continue fondling my breasts. I slowly, on unsteady legs, got to my feet, still wobbly from my orgasm. "My room, sweetie," she told me, her lips brushing against my ear.

I could hardly believe my luck…

It was a gorgeous bedroom. Dark red walls, a huge bed, satin sheets, dark curtains. It felt snug and sexy right away. Miss Lowes had pushed me down on the bed quickly, still gagged securely, and after she had retied my hands in front of me, she had started to tie my ankles to the bed posts. There wasn't much I could do, and if I'm honest, there wasn't much I wanted to do as the gorgeous Miss Olive Lowes tied me strictly to the bed in an incredibly vulnerable position.

As soon as my legs were tied wide apart, she pushed my skirt up and went to work with her tongue, her lips, and her fingers. I couldn't believe how fast it worked. She had me flushed and panting again in seconds, my body so excited from the first orgasm that I hadn't had a chance to calm down again, yet. I was shivering with excitement when Miss Lowes paused for a moment, her fingers lingering on my skin, but no longer moving.

"Ellie," she whispered. "How do you feel about swapping round?"

"Wmmph dwww www mmnn?" I asked through the thick silk in my mouth. Miss Lowes wiggled her fingers, sending a fresh thrill up my spine. I shivered, feeling my face flush even deeper red.

"Will you tie me up again?" Miss Lowes asked.

I nodded eagerly. I loved being roped so tightly and helpless while Miss Lowes made me orgasm, but I really wanted to see if I could have the same effect on her. I wanted to make her as happy as she was making me.

"Oh, good," she whispered, kissing me. "I'll just finish up here," she said.

In less than five minutes I was screaming with pleasure into my thick silky gag…

Miss Lowes let me loose after I'd finished up for the second time. She had worked wonders on me, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to stand up straight. Miss Lowes let me get myself together, watching me with an amused smile, and then flopped back on the bed with a grin.

I was excited, getting to tie her up again. She was excited, too. I could tell as her nipples strained at her shirt. I stood in front of her, thinking about what to do first. Eventually, I grabbed some rope and tied her wrists snugly behind her back and then tied her ankles and her knees together. With each knot, Miss Lowes moaned softly and pushed her breasts out towards me a little further. I was getting hot and bothered myself, and I massaged her breasts between each set of ropes.

Soon, I had her tightly tied at the wrists, ankles, knees, and a harness that went above and below her breasts and around her shoulders. She looked amazing as she wriggled around for me. I was about to pull her leather trousers open when she stopped me. "Gag me, Ellie," she sighed. "I like being gagged," she said. I grinned and reached up to undo the gag that still hung around my neck. "No," Mss Lowes said. "Leave that there. There's more in the drawer," she added.

I went to investigate and pulled out a beautiful big blue silk square with diagonal lines of dark blue, white, lilac, and gold. I folded it like Miss Lowes had folded mine and then tied a knot in the centre. "You learn quick," she said approvingly.

She wiggled herself up to a sitting position and smiled at me. I kissed her lips, sucking the bottom one gently. She moaned. I held up the silk knot and she opened her mouth obligingly so I could gag her tightly. I pushed the knot in behind her teeth and then pulled the ends behind her head and knotted them tightly, savouring the sound of the silk sighing over itself as I tied it off. Miss Lowes was sighing contentedly into her gag, so I kissed her again and let my hands stray to her breasts. She was breathing a little more heavily now.

I was getting excited myself, and I started to slip the buttons of her shirt free, pulling it open to reveal her bare breasts. I licked and kissed and sucked, and Miss Lowes loved it. I teased her nipples to hard points, my own were already there, and carried on. I let my hands run down her body to her trousers and popped the buttons open, letting my hand stray inside. Her satin pants sighed against my fingertips as I carried on going.

It didn't take long to work Miss Lowes up to that point. Her face flushed and she groaned extra hard into the gag. I worked her trousers down over her hips and her bum, allowing my hand to keep stroking and rubbing, watching her face flush further. My other hand now drifted back to her breasts, massaging her nipples and bringing them to hard points again. I moved myself closer to her, pulling her knickers down so I could slide my tongue into her. Miss Lowes whimpered into her gag happily, and then tried to get my attention.

I gave her a final kiss down there, then lifted myself up, crawling across her gorgeous body towards her. I loosened the knot on her gag and let it dangle around her neck. "What's up, lovely?" I asked.

"In the top drawer, under the scarves," Miss Lowes said, breathlessly. She was completely flushed. "You'll find something to help," she added. I was about to get up and go and look when she called me back. "You forget something?" She asked, still breathing hard.

"What?" I was confused.

"Gag, baby, gag," she said, grinning. I smiled back, kissed her lips, and pushed the knotted gag back into her mouth and pulled the knot tight. She moaned happily. I smiled and got up to go and look in the drawer. I found what she meant quickly. It was hard to miss it. It was a long, smooth, metal finished vibrator. I looked over my shoulder with a mock, disapproving look. She giggled into her gag and wiggled her hips at me.

As I was walking back to her, I heard a sound at the front door and my heart froze. Miss Lowes sat bolt upright, her eyes wide. Somebody had just walked through the front door…

The person that walked in was not who I was expecting. I was expecting a tall, good-looking guy, furious with Miss Lowes for cheating on him with another woman. What I got instead was a gorgeous girl. She was tall, had good breasts, long dark hair, tanned skin, and long silky legs. She stood in the doorway of the bedroom, looking first at me, then at Miss Lowes, and then at me again. I was frozen with the vibrator in my hand, and I knew I must have looked guilty.

The girl sighed and walked into the room, ignoring me a little as she walked over to Miss Lowes and leaned over her, hands on her hips. Miss Lowes looked sheepish. I expected her to pull the gag out or something, but she didn't make any move to let her loose.

"Seriously, Olive," she said. "I thought we were past this," she added. Miss Lowes looked a little guilty and flushed with embarrassment, then smiled weakly around her silk gag. The girl turned to me, finally, and brushed her long hair back. "I'm terribly sorry for the embarrassment, love," she said. She had a voice like honey. "I'm afraid Olive's a little uninhibited," she added. "Don't get me wrong, I like this stuff just as much as she does, but when I'm away, she does have a tendency to get carried away. I thought she might have been up to something," she added. "My name's Jordan," she told me.

"Ellie," I said, still flushed red.

"Nice to meet you. Now. I'm afraid I'm going to have to have a word with Olive, so if you don't mind," she said, softly as she walked towards me. I nodded, and started to put the vibrator back. Jordan shook her head and stood opposite me, her hands moving quickly. She grabbed the scarf that was hanging loose around my neck and jammed the knot back in my mouth, pulling the trailing ends tight so I was effectively gagged again.

"No, babe," she said. "I'm afraid you're going to have to be tied and gagged again for a bit," she told me. I squeaked as I was gagged, but Jordan was a lot stronger than me, and not embarrassed, so when she grabbed me I was completely under her control.

It didn't take her long to tie me up. She used some ropes that I hadn't used on Miss Lowes, and soon my wrists were tied behind me, my upper arms were tied in the same sort of harness I'd tied on Miss Lowes, and I was sat on the floor, cross legged, with my ankles tied together. I was terrified, sure, but also still incredibly turned on, given that now there were two incredibly beautiful women in here with me, and the one I had just been doing naughty things to was still tied and gagged.

I sat and watched, tugging at my ropes, but not really trying to escape. I think I just quite liked the sensation, and Jordan seemed to quite like that I was trying. She gave me a wink before she went back to Miss Lowes. I flushed, and watched as Jordan sank onto the satin sheets with Miss Lowes, grinning. "Hey babe," she cooed. "Miss me? I think you must have done," she said, slipping her hand into the waistband of Miss Lowes' pants. I could see her working her fingers, getting Miss Lowes excited again. I watched her face flush. I was suddenly incredibly jealous and I squeaked into my gag in an undignified way. Jordan shot me a look, then grinned. She looked at Miss Lowes and smiled. "I think Ellie wants a go, babe," she said. I felt my eyes go wide, but I instantly knew she was right.

Miss Lowes looked at me and smiled around the scarf in her mouth. She nodded and Jordan kissed her cheek. She stood up and walked over to me, dropping down next to me and sliding her hands up my legs. I felt myself shudder with the thrill of it. She grinned at me, and then she was at work on me. I tried really hard to keep the thrill from showing, but I knew that the way I was tied and the way my breasts thrust into the satin shirt, Jordan would see the effect she was having on me, even if she didn't feel it straight away.

Miss Lowes watched the whole thing, and I think she was getting turned on by the whole thing. She started moaning and wriggling herself, like she wanted to join us. I hoped Jordan would take the hint, because I wasn't sure I could take much more of this. Muscles I hadn't even known existed ached because of what Olive had already done to me that morning.

I was getting hot and starting to shudder uncontrollably, breathing heavily into my gag, happy that the silk was so thick because then it hid my excitement a little better. Miss Lowes had finally wriggled off the bed and was doing a weird hop over to us, carefully making sure she didn't fall over. She squealed indignantly and then wiggled her breasts at Jordan, pouting around her gag. Jordan paused with me and looked up, smiling a dirty smile.

"Ah, jealousy, my favourite emotion. Come on then, gorgeous," Jordan said, hungrily grabbing Miss Lowes and pulling her down onto her lap. I couldn't quite work out what got me more excited; Jordan's fingers probing under my skirt, or Jordan lying Miss Lowes down, head in my lap, and starting to peel open her clothes again. The silky feeling of Miss Lowes' hair on my skin was amazing, the way she wriggled and writhed on my legs felt wonderful, and her sensual moans mirrored my own. I wanted to kiss her so badly, and I could tell she wanted the same, and we tried, in an awkward way, to kiss each other while we were gagged, our faces upside down for each other. It felt incredible.

Jordan seemed to be quite happy to watch us press our lips together and moan. She sat back, smiling, and her hands slid over Miss Lowes' skin in a way that turned me on more and made me a little bit jealous. I wriggled a bit and tried to reposition so I could do more, and Jordan sat forward to watch, looking a bit more interested.

Miss Lowes was rolling over, pushing her lips into my lap, letting her hair flow across my legs. Jordan sighed happily, then got up, walking over to us. She pulled Miss Lowes off me, crouching down to kiss her, and then looked at me. "Right, Ellie, sweetie," she said. "We're going to get better acquainted."

I squeaked into my gag as Jordan lifted me up in her arms, a little awkward because my ankles had been tied crossed over themselves, and carried me to the bed. Miss Lowes moaned on the floor, rolling over to see what was going on. Jordan stood over me, hands on her hips, smiling slightly. "Olive here isn't really my girlfriend, you see," Jordan said. Miss Lowes sighed into her gag. "She's my lodger. She pays rent. Or at least, she should. Olive's a bit useless with money, aren't you Olive?"

"Mmm hmmm," Miss Lowes whimpered into her gag.

"She usually doesn't have enough to pay her full rent, so we supplement it with this," Jordan explained with a smile. "Olive gives me a little release, and I look past her god-awful accounting," Jordan explained, grinning. "Only now, she appears to have added something. She must be looking for a discount, eh, Olive?"

Miss Lowes mewled into her gag and I could feel my eyes going wide as Jordan stood over me, smiling. She ran her hands over my silk-clad body, her fingers rubbing against my still hard nipples. I squeaked again and I could feel tears in my eyes, which I blinked back furiously, determined I wouldn't show Jordan any weakness. She didn't seem to mind.

Miss Lowes was rolling round to keep us in sight. I tried to make eye contact with her, but she was having trouble moving. Jordan grinned at me. "I think we should get you out of those clothes, dear," she said, grinning. "Maybe get you into something a little different, what do you say?"

"Nww!" I squealed into my gag, but it didn't matter. A moment later, Jordan was using those expert hands of hers to undo my clothes and get me ready for more of what she called fun…

Ten minutes later, I was dressed in a sky blue silk shirt with breast pockets that seemed nicely fitted to my body, and a black skirt that hugged my bum. She had somehow found me a pair of black high heels which fit. She hadn't allowed me to take my gag off, and I wasn't entirely sure what she'd done with Miss Lowes, because she wasn't making any sounds any more in the living room.

I stood in front of Jordan, very self-conscious, and still a little turned on. She had changed too. Now she was in front of me wearing a white silk shirt, a black leather corset, a black leather pencil skirt, and thigh-length black leather high heeled boots. She looked amazing, and she'd made sure I watched her change.

Now she held rope in her hands, and I knew what was coming. I reluctantly turned around and placed my hands behind me, feeling Jordan wind the cords around my wrists and cinch them tight. I wasn't going anywhere. I sighed and allowed myself to be tightly restrained. She tied my wrists, my upper body and chest in a harness, and then stopped. I'd been expecting my legs at least, but apparently she had more in store for me. I didn't know whether to be terrified or turned on. I think she knew that.

Jordan got me to sit on the sofa, then spread my legs. I was breathing hard, not sure what was going on and completely turned on. She went to work slowly, her hands straying over me, massaging and rubbing and coaxing to a gentle state of arousal. I moaned into my gag as she worked.

By the time I was close to coming, Jordan stopped and grabbed some rope. She bound my knees and ankles with a malicious grin and then kissed me. I was too excited to protest and I kissed her back as best I could while gagged. As she stood up to walk away, she ran her hand over my breasts and then stroked my hair. I wanted her badly, then. I didn't care that she had me bound and gagged, and I didn't care that I didn't know what she had planned. I just knew that I wanted her.

Jordan used a final coil of rope to wrap around my waist, the long trailing end of which she knotted a couple of times and passed between my legs so that the knots pressed gently against some very sensitive (and by now very aroused) patches of skin. She tied the end around my wrist ropes and stepped away without a word.

Jordan walked away, her hips swaying, and disappeared into the room where she had left Miss Lowes. A moment later I heard a happy squeak and then a general groan of pleasure, and I realised she was doing the same to Olive. Jordan stayed with Miss Lowes for a while, and I could hear a soft electric buzz which made me think that Jordan had decided to use the vibrator I had found. I found I was getting jealous. My nipples were straining against the blue satin blouse I wore, and I tugged at my ropes a little. As I did, the knots dug in between my legs and I felt a shudder. I tried again with the same result and realised that what I had taken for Jordan being cruel was actually a wonderful gift. It didn't take long for me to get myself quite worked up, by which time I had heard Olive come twice, loudly despite her gag.

Jordan re-appeared, leaning on the doorframe with a satisfied smile. She looked at me and must have worked out what I'd been doing. She marched over and untied my ankles and knees, still smiling. "Naughty girl," she said. "Amusing yourself? Should have waited," she added. Jordan got me to stand up, and the rope around my waist sighed against my skin. I shuddered. Jordan walked me towards the door to Olive's room, each step an excruciating exercise in self-control, which I lost a step before the bedroom door. I came to a shuddering climax with a grunt into my tight gag, slumping against Jordan as my body shook and strained against the ropes which, of course, just stimulated those patches of skin again and set me off more.

"Feel good?" Jordan asked, as the waves of pleasure subsided and my body started to control itself again.

"Mmm hmm," I sighed.

"Good. Come on. Olive's waiting," Jordan told me.

And so she was. Jordan had pulled her trousers off, and her thong, and she was tied to the bed, spread eagled legs and arms tied together over her head, looking flushed and excited. She was grinning at me around her gag which was as tight as ever.

Jordan loosened the rope around my waist and let it slip from between my legs, which was something of a relief. She led me over to Olive, who groaned excitedly into her gag. Jordan helped me climb up onto the bed and forced me to sit down on top of Olive. I was rubbing against her pussy with my own, nice and wet and very excited.

Jordan smiled and produced the vibrator. Olive groaned in anticipation, but Jordan just grinned and opened another drawer to the side of the bed. She produced another vibrator, like the one I had found, and held both of them up. I knew what was coming, and I couldn't wait. Jordan pushed one up between my legs, wedging it against Olive's body so it wouldn't slip, then wedged the next one inside Olive.

"Okay, girls," Jordan said, with a grin. "Ready?"

I nodded excitedly, and so did Olive. Without another word, Jordan reached down and pressed the button on both vibrators, turning them on. Waves of pleasure shot through me as the dildo came alive, and I could see it doing the same to Olive. I felt myself flush in moments, and I wriggled, trying to wedge the vibrator in tighter. That only made it more effective, and in moments, I was close to the end. I wriggled even more, sweaty now, the lustrous silk of my shirt sticking to me. I could feel one of my wrists slipping loose, and I wasn't sure whether I should be happy or not.

It didn't matter.

My squirming and writhing had brought Olive to climax, and she grunted happily into her gag. A moment later and I was coming, screaming excitedly into my gag. I could hear Jordan giggling to herself. She stood over me, smiling, and cupped my breasts in her hands. The vibrator was still going, pushing me to more shuddering orgasms. I arched my back and my muscles tightened as I groaned into the silk, feeling hot, sweaty and incredibly turned on. I just wanted to carry on like this, tied and gagged on top of Olive, being fucked by Jordan.

And then we were finished.

Jordan removed the vibrators, both me and Olive gasping hard through our gags and through the joy of our many orgasms. I was sore and shivery and hot and sweaty, and my silk shirt was stuck to every bit of me that it could stick to, and I didn't care.

Jordan kissed me through my gag, then did the same with Olive. She took Olive's gag out and kissed her again, their tongues darting across each other's lips and teeth. I wanted to join in, moaning and groaning, rubbing myself against Olive, stimulating the skin there. Jordan grinned at me and pressed her hand over Olive's mouth as she stood up. She looped her finger around the scarf in my mouth and tugged it free.

"Kiss me," I groaned. "Please," I added.

"Kiss Olive," Jordan commanded, helping me lean down and press my lips against Olive's. I didn't need any encouragement, and from the feel of Olive below me, neither did she. We kissed hungrily, our breasts pressing together through the silk of our shirts, our tongues flicking into each other's mouths.

Jordan's hands were suddenly between us, feeling my pussy, presumably Olive's as well. She pressed and stimulated in all the right places, and soon I was having difficulty concentrating again.

Then she stopped.

"Right. Enough fun for the both of you. Gags back on, I think," Jordan said. The damp silk was pushed back between my teeth and tightened, the same for Olive. I sighed contentedly and flopped forward across Olive. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes, girlies," Jordan announced.

I faded into happy sleep.

About five minutes later, I felt Olive's hand on my shoulder, shaking me awake. I opened my eyes all sleepy, smiling around my silk gag, wondering how she had managed to touch my shoulder. She was grinning, no gag in her mouth. "Morning, babes," she said. "I got my hands loose."


"Don't worry. Let me untie you, and then we can get out of here, okay?"

"Wwggyy," I gurgled.

It didn't take long to get free. Olive had me untied quickly, and we sat on the bed, gags hanging loose around our necks, waiting.

"You okay?"

"Yes," I said, surprising myself a bit.

"You going to be in trouble when you get home?"

"No. I said I'd be late."

"You still want to see me?" Olive asked. "Even with the crazy landlady?"

"Try and stop me," I said, kissing her neck. "She can join in, if she likes," I added. I reached down and stroked Jordan's hair. She was kneeling, still dressed like a professional dominatrix, at the foot of the bed. When she had walked in to check on us, we had both jumped her, me holding her tight against me while Olive tied her wrists, elbows, her breasts, and her ankles. We had then bound her to the bedpost, and Olive had fucked her with a vibrator a few times. Jordan was sweating, breathing heavily. I had gagged her tightly with a gold scarf with dark brown border with a big knot in the middle.

"Want to come play sometimes, Jordan?" I asked.

"Mmm hmm," Jordan said.

"Good girl," I said.

I kissed Olive again.

"One more before I go?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask," Olive whispered. She grabbed the scarf around my neck and held it up. "Open wide," she said.

"You too," I said, doing as I was told.

We gagged each other, pulling the scarves tight, and while Jordan watched, we fucked each other long, slow, and sexy.

And that, as they say, is that...


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