My Medical Appointment

Amy Flanagan

The doctor looked at me gravely, peering over the top of his glasses. "I'm not saying that there's any cause for alarm, Lisa, but I think that you need some further tests."

That did get me worried. "Why, what's the problem, Doctor?"

"These tests I had done on you do show some slight irregularities. I'd say that 99% of the time they're harmless, but it's better to err on the side of caution. And you can get them done quite quickly. My brother, who's also a doctor, has recently opened a specialist diagnostic clinic and I'm sure that if I ask him, he'll do the tests without charge."

I smiled to myself. That's a classic bit of it's not what you know, it's who you know. I agreed, and a few days later his receptionist contacted me to say that the arrangements had been made, and giving me the phone number of the clinic.

A few days after that, I arrived at the clinic. It occupied the ground floor and basement of a new block of offices. Stepping inside, I was greeted by the receptionist, a stunning redhead of about my age. "Ah yes Miss, the doctor will be out to see you very soon," she said, smiling warmly. "Welcome to the clinic. I hope that you will enjoy your time here as much as we shall enjoy having you." That seemed like rather a funny thing to say, but I supposed she was just being friendly. She offered me coffee and a chocolate biscuit.

As soon as I had finished my coffee, the doctor arrived. I could tell that he was my doctor's brother; they looked quite alike. He greeted me warmly. "May I call you Lisa?" he asked as he shook my hand. I had no objection. We chatted as he escorted me to the lift and we went down into the basement and into an examination room.

"Now, Lisa, we need to prepare you for the tests. Please go into that booth and take off all of your clothes and put on the gown that is in there. And when you come out, drink this; it's a muscle relaxant." Well, he's a doctor, so it wasn't too embarrassing letting him see me in just that gown. I drank the glass of liquid; it had quite a pleasant taste. "It won't take long to act," he told me. Indeed, soon I was drooping and felt like a rag doll. I was about to fall off the chair when he caught me and laid me face down on the thick carpet. I could not move.

"You see, Lisa, your muscles are so relaxed that you no longer have any control over them. You can't even talk coherently or shout. Not that anyone outside the basement could hear you if you could shout; this room is well soundproofed." I was getting alarmed. What on earth was going on? Why was the place soundproofed?

The doctor pulled up the gown, exposing my bottom. Something pressed against my anus. "Now, because your muscles are relaxed, this will go in easily," he told me. "Normally, it would be a struggle." I could feel that something big and cold was being pushed in, and I could do nothing about it. I did indeed try to scream, but only a faint gurgle emerged. Once it was all in, he fastened something around my waist. "I hope you don't mind; I love women's legs in stockings," he said as he pulled black stockings up my legs and fastened the straps from the belt to the tops of the stockings. Turning me over, he opened my gown and pushed something into my pussy. He then tied ropes tightly around my legs; they went around my thighs just above my knees and around my ankles. He wrapped sticky tape around each hand, bunching my fingers together. I could now do nothing with my hands, even without the paralysing effect of the muscle relaxant.

Picking up the phone, he called the receptionist down. She looked at my exposed breasts with admiration. "My, yes, I shall certainly enjoy your stay," she purred. She was carrying something black and shiny. She put it down on the floor next to me and helped the doctor remove my gown.

"Now, Lisa, we need to get you into this straitjacket," explained the doctor. A straitjacket? If I could, I'd have leapt up and run out of the room, screaming, but I literally could not move a muscle, no matter how hard I tried. They pushed my arms into the sleeves and buckled straps tightly around my wrists to stop me pulling my arms out. Turning me onto my front, they zipped the straitjacket up my back. It was tight, and they had to stretch it slightly to get it to fasten. I noticed that there were two holes in the front of the jacket and my breasts poked out through them.

The doctor reached between my legs and pulled something through. I felt a sharp sensation in my crotch as he tugged hard on this thin strap and fastened it to the back of the jacket. "This crotch strap stops you pulling off the straitjacket or expelling the butt plug or dildo," explained the doctor. Next, they sat me on the chair and the receptionist held me steady while the doctor crossed my arms in front of me, securing them with a strap, and fastened the ends of the sleeves to the sides of the straitjacket, thoroughly pinioning my arms in place. I was hugging myself.

I was beginning to recover from the effects of the muscle relaxant, not that I could move much in the straitjacket with my legs bound. I tried to speak, but the doctor stuffed a sponge into my mouth and sealed my mouth closed with tape. He also taped over my eyes. "As part of the preparation for the tests, we need you to be totally relaxed, not to talk and not to be able to see anything," he said. "Now just take it easy. You'll be ready for the tests in 24 hours or so."

I was carried across the room and propped up against something soft. The dildo in my pussy came to life. "This will bring you to the point of orgasm and then cut out, again and again," said the doctor. "You'll get incredibly frustrated. That's an important part of the preparation for the tests. Now I'll leave you. The receptionist will stay with you for an hour, and then there will be a rota of receptionists and nurses to make sure that there's always someone with you."

He left, closing the door behind him. "Ooh, your bottom and breasts are really easily accessible," said the receptionist happily, as she started to rub my bottom. "I'll start sucking your nipples shortly."

The End

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