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Sharon King set in the audience watching the amazing Petra perform her act, she made sure the black wig she wore was still in place, she hated wigs but with her career of exposing "illusionists" and "magicians" like Petra, she couldn't afford to be recognized, her books she wrote under a pseudonym were all best-sellers, people enjoyed seeing the tricks of the magic trade exposed, the magicians didn't like it though, many had threatened her but her anonymity kept her secure.

The amazing Petra was her toughest case yet, it usually took her no more two shows to figure out any act, this was the fifth Petra show she attended and her tricks appeared perfect, she was gonna have to go an extra mile to expose Petra, many magicians claimed that she ruined their careers, but she didn't think anything would hurt Petra's career, she was quite striking, long black hair, a figure that curved in all the right places, pale almost snow white skin, and a stage costume that usually consisted of fishnets and various other leather and fetish gear, she doubted the mostly male audience even knew it was a magic show, as the act ended she got up and applauded with everyone else, then she quickly made her way back to her hotel room.

She changed out of her simple dress and looked at herself in the mirror, the lingerie she wore was sexy enough, but she'd need something more functional than a dress for tonights fun, she changed into her tightest leather pants and a tight white shirt, her figure curved where it should just like Petra's, she debated on which wig she should wear but decided to just go with her natural short blond hair for tonight, the pixie cut she had was cute enough, she then put on a leather jacked that held her camera and a pen and pad for taking notes, she then ventured back to theatre where Petra performed

It only took a little flirting with the fat security guard to convince him to let her in the backstage area, she had to brush up against him and give him a peck on the cheek to let her do it alone, he tasted like whatever greasy food he'd ate that day, but all in the line of duty, she knew the only way to expose Petra was look at her dressing room, she likely kept notes on how she did her illusions, she might also find something about Petra's past, she was as much a mystery as her act, simply appearing out of nowhere a couple of years ago and becoming the biggest female magician there was, her illusions were considered perfect but Sharon smiled, nothing was so perfect it couldn't be exposed.

After she made sure that none of Petra's crew or Petra herself was backstage she snuck into Petra's lavishly decorated dressing room, she looked all over but she didn't find any directions or diagrams, she only found some weird statues and what looked like spell books, she was frustrated and ready to give up when she heard a woman's voice from behind her "find anything you like?" she turned around fast, she was shocked because she didn't hear anyone come in, but Petra stood before her, wearing black pants and a shear top that showed the black bra she wore underneath, she also held something in her hand.

Sharon thought fast and said "I'm a big fan and..."

"Stop, that's not true, you're the girl who likes to expose magicians, Simone Shaw is what your books are called, but it's really Sharon King isn't it?"

Sharon was taken aback, she'd always been careful with her identity, not even her publishers knew it, but she wasn't going to let this smug bitch rattle her.

"You know a lot about me, but I still know little about you Petra, but that'll change, none of your fellow magicians could ever fool me for long."

Petra laughed. "There is a big difference between those fools and me." Sharon should have been more distressed about someone discovering her identity, but she saw in Petra finally a worthy adversary; she was enjoying this little confrontation.

"I'll expose you like I did all the others, then you'll just have to be a stripper or whatever."

Petra smiled, "Is that why you kept coming to my shows, admiring my body? I noticed you at my last five shows." Petra looked her up and down. "You are hard to miss."

Sharon rolled her eyes. "Don't make me laugh, and how did you find out about me anyway?"

Petra looked coy. "Same way I knew you were in my dressing room: magic."

Sharon was annoyed now and got up in Petra's face.

"You expect me to believe your magic is real? You're beginning to bore me. This conversation is ov--mmmpphh!??!" Sharon finally saw what Petra had in her hand: a strip of duct tape! Petra pasted it over Sharon's lips. "Do be quiet now."

Sharon felt the tape on her lips and tried to to pull it off, but it wouldn't budge. The bitch must have put glue on it, she thought. She was angry now. She grabbed the front Petra's shirt and was about to show her how angry she was when Petra reached up and grabbed her wrists.

"Now, now, no need to get violent!" A pair of handcuffs appeared on Sharon's wrists! Sharon jumped back, shocked at the cuffs that appeared out of nowhere. She looked at Petra, who was laughing. Petra then snapped her fingers and appeared behind Sharon. Sharon was startled as Petra grabbed her cuffed wrists from behind.

"Let me help you with those," Petra whispered into Sharon's ear. She pulled Sharon's arms and Sharon watched wide-eyed as the chains on the cuffs separated and rejoined together behind her back. Petra sunk her fingers into Sharon's shoulders.

"Nice jacket-- mind if I borrow it?" Petra ripped the jacket off of Sharon. She stood holding the jacket still in one piece. Sharon turned around and looked at Petra who was gingerly putting on her jacket. She was gagged, cuffed, and seen things she couldn't believe. Scared now, she did the only thing she could think to do: run!

Petra let out an evil laugh.

"No, there will be none of that, honey."

Petra removed her belt, it fell to the floor like a snake and quickly slithered and tied itself around Sharon's ankles. She fell roughly to the floor, mmphing as loud as she could.

Petra took out a cell phone.

"No sense to scream, my beauty. The people on the other end of this phone have heard worse when talking to me, and the fat and soon to be fired security guard is under the influence of a potent sleeping spell."

Sharon believed what Petra told her; the only thing she could do now was listen to Petra's conversation and try and learn what her fate would be.

"Yes, this is Petra. Cancel my shows for the rest of the week and tell the promoter in Vegas I'll perform exclusively for them as long as they give me a house big enough for two people and that's isolated... I don't know, say I'm sick, I have better things to do this week than perform for these leering fools. Yes, she's very pretty"

Petra walked over to Sharon and sat down on the floor and brought Sharon up to sit up next to her. She put her arm around Sharon and looked down the front of her shirt.

"I got myself quite a prize here," Petra smiled. Sharon let out a single mmph.

"I suppose you figured out that the reason you couldn't find a flaw in my magic is because, unlike the others, my magic is real." Petra cupped Sharon's chin and turned her face toward her. "It's wonderful, out of all the people who know the truth, you're the best; not a scared sycophant, someone who truly hates magic. It's delicious that someone like you is gonna spend the rest of your life as my prisoner."

Sharon's eyes went wide at Petra's words.

"Oh yes dear, you belong to me now, as a magician or should I say, a witch, my life is quite long, and now I'll have someone to spend it with. I'm lucky it's someone that's so luscious."

Petra kissed Sharon's gagged lips, Sharon pulled away from her.

"Ah, no reason to be mad, it's time we got to know each other better. I look forward to unwrapping this package."

Petra blew a wisp of smoke off her hand; it made Sharon get drowsy and she then fell asleep. Petra picked up Sharon and slung her over her shoulder, she then journeyed away with Sharon.

Sharon woke up in what she assumed was Petra's hotel room. She was chained hand and foot between two pillars, still gagged. She'd been stripped to her bra and panties, she pulled at her chains but they wouldn't give, she looked and saw Petra in her stage costume which looked more like a dominatrix costume.

"Awake?, Good, let's get to know each other better..."'


Sharon lay in Petra's bed, chained to all four pillars and still gagged. During the week she'd spent here, she found out Petra's sexual appetite was near insatiable. She'd hardly been given a break since becoming Petra's captive, but now Petra was on the phone arranging their move to Las Vegas. Sharon was shocked at how easy it was to think of her and Petra together now, but she'd resigned herself, no one with Petra's power would ever let her escape.

Petra got off the phone and walked over to the bed.

"That spell I cast on you means you'll never have to worry about eating or going to the bathroom again. I could have also made it where you'd never have to bathe again, but why leave out something that's fun for me?"

Sharon looked down, truthfully she wasn't going to miss going to the bathroom, but not having to eat seemed more unfair.

"I did this because that's two of the easiest ways for prisoners to escape, but maybe I'd like to have some fun."

Petra snapped her fingers and the chains and gag disappeared. Sharon was shocked to be free again. She reacted quickly and ran for the door, not going to waste her chance to escape. She didn't see the cruel smile on Petra's lips as she snapped her fingers again

Right as Sharon reached for the doorknob the cuffs appeared on her ankles, her arms were wrenched back as the cuffs appeared on her wrists. She got out a single "no-mmmph" before the tape appeared back on her mouth.

Petra laughed and walked over to her and grabbed her roughly; she began fondling and kissing her breasts.

"Mmm, yes, even if you ever did escape I can make you my prisoner again with a snap of my fingers." Petra held her close with one hand while tracing the outline of her lips under the gag. "I have an idea for you to perform in my show, but we'll save that for later." Petra then pull her in closer so their breasts touched, fondled her ass and marched her back towards the bed.


Sharon sat in her cage under the stage. She wore a sheer red unitard and she remained chained and gagged. She would soon be performing the "disappearing damsel in distress act that" Petra had added to her performance. The audience assumed it was simply part of the act as she grunted and mmmphed and looked at the audience with pleading eyes; after she disappeared, she reappeared in Petra's dressing room, still wearing the costume and the chains and gag.

She lay there for an hour waiting for Petra to finish her show. Petra walked in sat down next to Sharon and kissed her on the cheek.

"Ah my love you were wonderful, you'll have to do that as a regular part of the act, the audience loves a bound and gagged woman." Petra gave Sharon a hungry look, "Can't say I blame them."

Petra changed Sharon's stage costume to what could only be described as a very skimpy wedding dress, she scooped up Sharon in her arms, they were both the same size but Petra had great strength, another benefit of being a witch "Let's go home, love."

They appeared in front of the house that Petra had acquired as part of her contract. It was isolated out in the desert, no one would find them. Petra carried her across the threshold like Sharon was her bride now.

"This is our new home now, let me show you the room we'll be spending most of our time, the bedroom of course."


Sharon lay chained and gagged in the sleeping Petra's arms. She had set out to prove magic was fake and had been proven wrong, she had accepted her fate, she belonged to Petra now. She began kissing Petra's breasts through the gag, she decided if she was gonna spend her life as Petra's captive, she could at least enjoy it.


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