Lisa’s big evening

Amy Flanagan

Lisa was very excited.  It was Friday evening.  Tonight she would attend the evening reception of the Society.  Invitations to this event were extremely hard to come by, and she had been very lucky to get one of the handful reserved for people under 25.  It would be a wonderful networking opportunity and give a boost to her career.  And then she had a week’s holiday to look forward to

To her surprise, the dress code was not evening dress.  She had bought a two-piece outfit of a jacket and skirt, plus a silk blouse.  She was now wearing her blouse and skirt, with stiletto shoes, and her jacket was hung over the back of a chair.  Her precious invitation was on the coffee table.  Her taxi was due in a few minutes.  For the umpteenth time, she looked in the mirror.  She was very pleased with her appearance.  With all due modesty, she knew that she was attractive, with blonde hair and a good figure, which her blouse showed off well.

To her amazement, she heard the front door of her flat open.  Looking out into the hall, she saw her colleague Amy and two women she did not recognise.  “Amy! What …”

“Hello Lisa, you’re looking great,” replied Amy.  “How did I get in?  You left your handbag lying around once, and I borrowed your key and had a copy cut.”

“Well, sorry, but I’m busy this evening.  Please leave,” said Lisa, making a note to get her door lock changed urgently.

“Actually, no, you’re not doing anything this evening,” said one of the other women.  Before Lisa could do anything to resist, the three women had grabbed her, handcuffed her hands behind her back, pushed her against the wall and started stuffing something into her mouth.  Whatever was in her mouth tasted horrible.  She could not resist the three of them as it was stuffed in until her cheeks bulged.  Amy pinched her lips together while the others covered her mouth with duct tape and wrapped more tape around and around her head, sealing her mouth shut.  They also tied her ankles together.

The doorbell rang.  That must be her taxi.  Lisa tried to call out, but the gag muffled her voice too much for the driver to hear her.  The bell rang again, but when she could not answer, she assumed that the driver went away.

The women picked Lisa, who was still making futile attempts to struggle, up and carried her into her lounge.  They laid her on the floor, pulled off her shoes and tied her ankles to a foot of her sofa.  “Ah good, here’s your invitation,” said Amy, picking it up off the table.  “That saves having to force you to reveal where it is.”  Lisa was shocked.  Amy was stealing her precious opportunity to attend the reception.  She writhed on the floor and made angry noises, though the gag reduced her vociferous complaints to incoherent mumbles.

“Yes, Lisa, I need this invitation to help me further my career.  Of course, it would help your career, but I’m just a touch selfish.  What’s more, Lisa, I was going to go in what I’m wearing now, but what you have is definitely a lot nicer.  So I’m going to borrow it.”  Lisa fumed; this was adding insult to injury.  Amy unbuckled the skirt belt, opened the zip and pulled the skirt down to Lisa’s ankles.  She whistled at what was revealed.  “My, my, Lisa!  Stockings, suspenders and black panties.  How sexy, Lisa.  Were you hoping to pull someone tonight?  Now let’s get that skirt off.”

The women turned Lisa onto her front and sat on her as they freed her ankles and pulled off the skirt.  They tied tighter ropes around her ankles, and also ropes around her thighs at her stocking tops and above and below her knees, pinning her legs firmly together.  They tied her wrists tightly.  Gripping the fingers of her left hand, they wrapped tape tightly around them.  They did the same with her right hand, and then pressed her hands together and wrapped tape around both hands.  Her hands were now welded into one mass and she could not move her fingers.  Never in her life had she felt so helpless.

But the women had by no means finished with her.  “We really need to make sure you’re completely immobilised and can’t possibly escape,” said Amy.  “I don’t need your blouse; it’s not a colour that suits me.  So let’s just cut it off.”  Lisa got even angrier as her new blouse was cut into pieces.  While the other two women pushed her elbows together, Amy wrapped cord around the elbows.  After a lot of work, Lisa’s elbows were touching and tightly bound.  This put a strain on her shoulders.

The women stood her up.  Her legs had been tied so tightly that she could not move a step.    Her bra was cut off.  Ropes were wrapped around her body and arms above and below her breasts, pinning her arms to her back.

“I’m so grateful to you for letting me have your invitation and outfit, Lisa,” said Amy.  “I’m going to give you a few gifts in return.  Bend her over the sofa, girls.”  Lisa’s head and torso were put on the sofa and one of the women sat on her.  She was kneeling with her bottom sticking out.  Amy pulled her panties down to her knees.  “Firstly, I’m giving you a good spanking for being so cute,” said Amy, delivering six hard spanks.  Then Lisa felt something being pushed against her bottom.  It went into her anus.  “This is an inflatable butt plug,” Amy explained.  Lisa felt it start to swell.  It got bigger and bigger and bigger until Lisa thought that she would burst.

“Now the head harness,” Amy continued.  She wrapped a bundle of leather straps around Lisa’s head.  She buckled up all the straps, pulling them as tight as she could,  Lisa’s eyes were covered by heavily padded patches, completely blindfolding her.  A muzzle covered her mouth, chin and cheeks, reinforcing the gag.  Two crocodile clips were attached by chains to the muzzle.  Lisa tried to yell as a clip dug deeply into her left nipple, and then again when her right nipple was treated in the same way.  However, hardly any sound could emerge through her gag and muzzle.

Lisa was laid down again on her front.  Her legs were bent and her ankle bonds were attached to her wrist bonds, putting her into a stringent hogtie.  Ropes around her thighs and shins kept her legs folded tightly.  She felt the toe ends being cut off her stockings.  Amy tied twine tightly around her big toes and passed the other end through a loop on the back of the head harness.  She pulled on the twine while the other women forced her head back and her feet forward.  When Amy tied off the twine to Lisa’s ankle bonds, her head was pulled right back.  This pulled on the chains attached to the head harness, which in turn pulled on the nipple clips, stretching her nipples.

Lisa was rolled onto her side, and ropes were used to fix her to the two front legs of her sofa.  She was utterly unable to move.

“One more gift,” said Amy, pushing a vibrator into Lisa’s pussy.  “I’ll leave it on a low setting, so you can get nice and frustrated.  I know that you’re on holiday next week, so you can stay here like this.  But my friends and I will drop in from time to time to change the battery in the vibrator and maybe have some more fun with you.  It will be a really enjoyable week.”

Lisa heard the three women leaving and was left alone, utterly helpless.

The End

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