By Mike Z

Nikki bought new lights this year for her tree, the old ones she had were all tangled and only half worked. Last year people laughed at her, they told her that her house looked like on of those diner signs that say EAT AT JOES in blinking lights.

Nikki was about 6ft tall, thin, with long black hair and light green eyes. Her ex-boyfriend that she broke up with a few months ago was supposed to come over and help her set up, and Nikki promised him some bondage sex as payment. She broke up with him because he would tie her up and leave her there while he went and watched TV and when she would yell at him for that he would just come back and stuff something into her mouth to gag her. During commercials he would come back and ride her a little: once he was doing this during “Gone With The Wind’ and Nikki thought he would never let her climax.

Nikki got herself a large cup of eggnog and started to work. Bottom row went well, then her phone rang and she dragged the lights with her: it was Nikki´s ex canceling. When she turned towards the tree the string of lights wrapped around her ankles and Nikki fell; fortunately she didn´t hit anything but she did just miss her coffee table by about an inch. Nikki was trying to free herself and her wrists got tangled in the string, she was just about free when she looked up and saw a large man coming in thru her window. He was dressed in black and brandished a big gun. He helped her free her wrists but laid Nikki on her stomach and proceeded to tie her up in her own new lights. He gagged her with a big ornament between her teeth and a big piece of tape over her mouth to keep the ornament in place.

He untied her ankles and undid her jeans, sliding them off, then her panties. He told her not to move he had to get something. Nikki just laid there bound and gagged. He returned with a razor and shaving cream. Nikki started yelling and begging him not too.

He got real close to Nikki and spoke.

“Lady if you don´t keep quiet I am going to make your gag worse, or maybe permanent, and you're much too pretty for that.’

Nikki gulped and looked away as he covered her moist area hair with the shaving cream and carefully shaved the area bald then rubbed it for her.

“I´m going to untie your wrists and I want you to remove your sweater and bra with out hesitation.’

He spoke to her again. Nikki nodded she would. He untied her wrists and she took off her sweater and her sports bra. He pulled a small rope from his pocket and tied her wrists behind her cinching the knot he then took the lights and wrapped then around her ankles, then thighs, around her waist making sure one was in her bellybutton and securing her wrists to her body then around each nipple. He removed her gag and gave her a sip of her eggnog. She thanked him and he told her if she was quiet he would leave her without a gag while he was in the house but when he left she would be thoroughly gagged, so no noise would come out of her pretty lips.

Nikki played with the knot around her wrists for a minute and realized even if she did free her wrists it wouldn´t do her much good with the lights wrapped around her. He rolled her onto her stomach and let her watch television. He asked her if she had a preference and Nikki told him in her current predicament she didn´t have much of a preference or choice in what she watched. He laughed and traced her lips with his gloved fingers. He checked the knot on her wrists and spanked her playfully before he left her. Nikki was glad he didn´t stroke her, cause she probably at this point would have squirted some of her warmth on his gloved hand.

After a few minutes Nikki started to have the feeling of having to use the bathroom. Nikki thought about the gamble she had to take and she took it. When she saw him she called out.

“Mister. Burglar’

He walked over to her, got down on one knee with a balled up scarf in his hand.

“Before I gag you, how can I help you?"

“I have to use the little girls room’

she replied.

So he thought about this and carried her into the bathroom sitting her down on the toilet. He stood outside the doorway and came back when she was finished. He wasn´t happy when he had to wipe her clean cause her hands were tied. Nikki offered to hop back to her position for him, but he carried her and placed her back down in front of the television. He lifted her ankles and hogtied her with one of her ropes.

“Pardon me but why did you hogtie me, it´s not like I can run anywhere with the lights around me.’

He thought for a second and removed the hogtie, but did stuff the balled up scarf in Nikki´s mouth followed by her panties and he smoothed out another piece of tape over her lips then he produced another scarf and blindfolded her. Then to her surprise he kissed her taped lips. His mustache tickled and made her giggle but it was a silent giggle. He left her and went back to work after about thirty minutes he returned and rolled Nikki over and started playing with her nipples. Nikki was begging him to take her but it sounded more like a quiet mfmf he left her there and before he left he did hogtie her, adding ropes around her thighs and elbows, he added a rough rope between her legs to act as a crotch rope attaching it to the line around her waist.

Nikki laid there for what seemed like hours in her home, she knew her housemate wouldn´t be home from her party for hours and might not discover her until morning.

A couple of hours later Nikki heard somebody in the house and hoped it was her housemate. The person undid her crotch rope and watched her sigh then her ankles and legs were untied. Nikki felt her legs spread apart and a human toy enter her and ride her hard it didn´t take long for Nikki to cover the toy and she was made to do it three more times before the person re-tied her ankles and legs they also put the crotch rope back in place, adding a rope just below her waist to keep her thighs against the crotch rope.

Another couple hours passed and Nikki had somehow fallen asleep when she felt somebody untying her when her wrists were freed she took off the blindfold first and hugged her housemate tightly. After the gag came out she spoke to her.

“Did your boyfriend relieve me a couple of hours ago?’

Her housemate shook her head and handed Nikki a note.

“Lady. Sorry I didn´t speak to you when I came back, but I decided to be nice and relieve you of your wetness.’

She smiled and saw a little more of the note.

“P.S start locking your windows’

Nikki smiled again and was happy to be free atlast.


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