by Samurai 1300


This story came out of my some what goofy imagination one day courtesy of an anime DID board, and it just spiraled out and out until we got the current masterpiece. All the main characters are 20 years plus and are busty Japanese Beauties. Enjoy.

The rain was cascading along the roof of the clay slanted shingled house to tap the wooden walkway surrounding the whole wooden house. The sliding screen on the first floor slid open to reveal a a striking beauty clad in a dark blue kimono with a white bonsai tree on the back. The woman's blue-black hair shone in the moonlight. Hana Kisuagai was one of the most beautiful women in all of the Iga Province and was always fending off suitors.

But tonight there was no fending: she lay on her side, trussed in meters of strong, tight hemp cords. Her hands were bound palm to palm, at the wrists, and at the fingers, immobilizing her hands completely; further up her arms were bound at the forearms and elbows. The upper half of Hana was covered in criss crossing of hemp between and around her bust, arching over into a shoulder harness laced into the arm bindings. Her arms were pinned to her body above the elbows and below and at the wrists. Hana's legs were bound at ankles, above and below her knees and along her thighs. A swatch of cloth had been stuffed in her mouth and covered with a white spotted scarf wrapped around her head and knotted at the nape of her neck.

The figure at the doorway was outlined by the moon, and she stepped into the room to reveal her shapely figure clad in tight black clothes, with a hooded black mask. She pulled off her mask after sliding the screen shut, and shook free her glossy black hair. Maki Rasuka knelt by the form of the bound beauty and smiled.

"Hana, what have you gotten yourself into now?"

Hana only groaned and mmmphed indignantly at her friend and struggled and bounced towards her.

Maki smiled and sat crossed legged across from Hana, and took in the spectacle of her trussed and helpless friend of fifteen years. They had known one another since they were ten, and as soon as they had been able to, at eighteen, they had completed their training at the Hidden Fortress ninja academy. Hana had returned to her family holdings and taken up her inheritance of a prosperous estate and lands, taking the occasionally assignment for the clan when needed. Maki had gone onto carry out missions for the clan, and herself, time permitting. The friends had been teamed up on several missions and maintained their friendships throughout it all. Their training is classified as a clan secret and as such will not be discussed here or any where say in the clan's most secret and secure strong holds in Iga and the islands.

Hana and Maki where both 25 years old about the same height of 5'3 or so give or take an inch. With medium length shining black hair, their skin was the color of fine china. In short, they were gorgeous.

Maki at times over the years had been known to sneak into Hana's house and put her in similar situations as she was in now, but this time it had not been Maki who had bound the mistress of the house. But Maki was having so much fun recalling those times to herself and Hana that she had failed to untie or ungag Hana.

"Do you remember to the time two months ago when I snuck in past your security and protection charms, catching you in the garden with your companions Uki and Mai? You were watching a heron in your large pond from under the shade of the teahouse with Uki twenty feet away on the opposite side of that great oak in your garden. She never saw or heard me coming; she was reviewing the accounts of your holdings for you to check for errors before she brought them to you. I was in the bushes in front of her and used the 'Quiet binder' on her."

Hana looked a little puzzled along with extreme anger at her thoughtless friend as she to began to join her in the memory. The "Quiet Binder" is a hand held mechanism with many clockwork pieces and springs. It is a weapon unique to the clan they both trained with; Maki had perfected the weapons use to an art. It was about a foot long and eight inches wide and deep, once unfolded from its carry mode, it used a bowstring to launch a densely packed bundle of enchanted hemp cords. If used correctly it could immobilize a target instantly and silently, which it did with Uki.

Maki had hit her with three bundles: one on the head, one on the upper body, and one on the legs. The first bundle was to silence the target: it contained a thick ball of cloth tied into a longer swatch of the same cloth. Once it hit Uki, it unfurled, wrapping her head and stuffing her mouth with the swatch gagging her. The second bundle, on the upper body, bound her upper body, with wrists together and bound tight against her chest, bending her arms to her. The last bundle took her at the waist and spiraled down to her toes, encasing her legs in hemp; the whole attack took less than a minute. Uki had been so stunned that she just lay against the tree and seeing it was Maki just shrugged and lay still.

"Mai was just coming back from the kitchen along the long winding path through the densest part of the garden when I caught her." Maki smiled deeply at the memory of that day: as Mai walked along, Maki used a blowpipe to launch a stun dart into her neck causing all her muscles to freeze her in place for 30 seconds. Maki hurled 2 balls the size of her fist at Mai; they were graying made of a pliable but strong material. On impact with Mai they enveloped her in a cloud of dark blue mist blocking her from sight. As it cleared, Mai's lithe form was revealed, encased from chin to ankles in a solid sheath of ribbon-like bindings. The first ball had been, as with the "Quiet Binder," a gagging device that lodged in her mouth and expanded out to wrap around her head, gagging her securely. As the dart wore off Maki caught her as she fell and hauled her into the bushes. Once Mai was hidden, Maki smiled at her and made the universal sign of raising ones finger to your lips for "Shush!" Mai, eyes wide, recognized Maki and nodded in resignation to her fate. Maki had then moved from the bushes into the trees and nimbly made her way to the teahouse in the garden.

Hana grimaced and grunted through her gag as she recalled finding both companions later that day: Uki trussed up under the Great Oak tree half asleep and Mai struggling in the bushes as a kitchen cat curled up on her lap, purring.

That day, Hana had spent two hours tightly bound and gagged herself before being untied. Hana's binding had taken the form of a pair of flying lassos whipping from the trees to ensnare her upper body followed shortly by another of the gray balls to her head that promptly filled her mouth and wrapped itself around her head quieting her on the spot. Maki was on her seconds later, tightening the mystical bonds securing her wrists, elbows, upper body in crisscrossing webs, as well as her ankles, knees above and below, thighs and topping it all off with a square knot in the middle of her chest connecting all the ropes into an artfully tied web.

Now, though, Hana glared daggers at her friend. Maki, after another couple of moments of recalling old pranks, finally removed the gag from Hana's mouth, having to cut it because it appeared to be sealed with no knots or attachments visible. Hana gratefully spit out several huge pieces of cloth, coughing. Maki put the water cup to her lips that allowing her to drink greedily.

"Maki, why did you take so long to take out that damn gag? It was horrible-- worse than the magic ones you use on me."

"Well, that is interesting," Maki smiled. "Then you better not complain so much next time I catch you off guard."

"Listen, will you cut me free now? I have been like this for hours and I think everyone in the whole household is like this."

"Oh? What have you been up to, Hana?"

"Nothing! I was getting ready for bed when there was a blinding flash of white light and when it cleared I was trussed and gagged."

"You have any idea that could have done this Hana?" asked Maki pointedly.

"No this time it was not me. Besides, if anyone else here had tied me up, they would have taken time to gloat over me, you know that."

"Well, then who?"

Over the next two hours, Hana and Maki searched the whole of the estate finding the maids, as well as Uki and Mai, all similarly bound and gagged. It was quite a shock to find Uki handing upside down by her ankles in the tea house in the center of the garden where she had been cleaning up after the evening meal, long hair hanging down, her face reddening. It took a fair while to get her down even after they had cut all but the ankle bonds. All the other women in the household told the same story: a bright flash of white light, then they were all trussed up and silenced.

The estate's guards were also found in the same situation: following the white flash of light, they too had found themselves helplessly bound and gagged.

All Hana's guards are females of striking beauty, all trained by members of Hana and Maki's ninja clan, and all highly skilled fighters. For all that, they had been rendered helpless as quickly and mysteriously as Hana had been.

The captain of the guards, Misato, was not at her post but found twenty feet in the air, suspended in the great oak in the garden. She had been hogtied, the anchoring cords looped through her gag, arching her back. She was found last of all the ladies of the house.

Once Misato was found and freed, Hana ordered everyone to take the next two days off and rest; other members of the clan were brought in along with reserve guards from Hana's holdings.

Over the rest period, Maki helped Hana oversee upgrades to the houses security measures, doubling the number of guards and strengthening the enchantments all over the grounds and in the home proper.

"Well, now what?" Hana asked Maki. "We have made all the improvement either of us can think of and doubled the guards. I feel that we are safe enough now to start investigating who the intruders were, would you agree?"

Maki nodded in concurrence. "Sounds right to me. The informants I contacted in the area whilst the work was underway have shed little light on who they were but, one name did keep coming up from all my local and even from a couple of the clan sources: The Red Ninja Council is the only common link between all my contacts."

"Who are they?" Hana asked.

Maki's response was grim and to the point. "From what I have learned, they are an amalgamation of smaller clans and outcasts from larger clans seeking to take over-- village by village, town by town, province by province--until they control all of Japan."

"So what does that have to do with me, Maki? I had never heard of them until just now."

Maki smiled with little mirth. "It appears that one of their members is a former clan mate of ours: Aiki Sochi. Remember her? We trained together for a couple of months when she came from the clan's annex in the western mountains. She was taller and older than us by about five years. She wore her long black hair tied back in a tight braid. We were twenty then, while she was our age now."

Hana stared into the waterfall in the middle of her garden, lost in memory.

5 years ago:

"Maki! Where are you? This is not funny anymore!" Hana called from the dark storage basket in the storeroom in the back of the clan's training grounds. She had been able to call for only a couple of moments because she had just worked the gag from her mouth, and was now working on the yards and yards of thin hemp cords binding her whole body in an encasing web, arms parallel behind her back wrists bound to opposite elbow, more rope pulling her arms tight completing the box tie. Her legs were webbed with interwoven cords from her toes to her waist all attached to her shoulder harness anchoring the whole mass of bindings.

Maki had once again pounced on her shortly after repelling practice; Hana had been carrying the equipment back to storage in the same shed that now held her. Maki had slipped in behind her whipping a lasso around her arms wrenching it tight and looping the ropes around her in lightning speed to result in her current situation.

Hana had not been frightened, as soon as Maki patted her on the head and stuck her smiling giggling face in front of her.

"Well, well, what have we got here?" came a voice from above Hana. "What could be in here?"

The strange voice grew closer. The basket's lid lifted and Aiki Sochi peered in with a small lantern in one hand smiling somewhat cruelly.

"Oh, it's you," she said, and promptly tossed a gray ball into the basket, which Hana realized instantly as an enchanted gag ball.

There was a poof and grey mist.

"Mmmpfh mmmphf!" was all Hana could say.

As Aiki left, a thought occurred to the woman that she could have some more fun with these fools and get that annoyingly cheery Maki out of her way for a while.

Forty yards away, Maki was practicing her stealth hand techniques on the wooden dummy covered in thirty or forty tiny matte black bells. At this stage in training, both Maki and Hana were able to pluck the items from the dummy with a 99% success rate of absolute silence. The only problem was that it took almost all of Maki's attention to pull it off… which is why she only heard the approaching figure a mere moment before the Quiet Binder ensnared her. The rounds hit her in the f ace and body, binding and gagging her as it would Uki in Hana's garden five years in the future.

As the quiet projectiles completed their binding, Aiki slipped out of the shadows to catch the falling form. and slung her over her shoulder, carting her off to keep Hana company.


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