In Therapy, Chapter 1 – By Never118


Doctor Monroe was, as always, immaculately dressed. She was the sort of woman who, as far as Kacie could tell, was always immaculately dressed, even if she didn’t need to be. Tall, slim, with straight dark hair that fell in a thick waterfall down her back, with grey eyes and full red lips, she was stunning as well, making her dress sense even more exciting.

Today, Doctor Monroe was wearing a crisp, cream silk blouse with full sleeves, tight cuffs, and a wide collar, a black pencil skirt slit up one side, and a pair of black leather knee-length boots. She had been taking notes, occasionally, on the pad in front of her, listening patiently as Kacie spoke.

They had been seeing each other for a couple of months. Doctor Monroe was a few years older than Kacie, about twenty-seven or twenty-eight, while Kacie was only twenty-four. Kacie had been suffering from insomnia and mild panic-attacks, and had gone seeking advice. The symptoms had cleared up surprisingly quickly, and Kacie’s reason for going had technically gone, but she had told her parents (wealthy and slightly disinterested) that she needed to keep going to make sure there was no relapse, and they had agreed.

Every week, sometimes twice a week, Kacie had pulled up in her blue BMW 1 Series and disappeared inside the offices for an hour, or sometimes slightly more if she could get away with it. She always tried to book a late appointment, close to closing time if she could, and had tried more than once to pluck up the courage to ask Doctor Monroe if she would like to get a glass of wine down the street at one of the many trendy wine bars. She knew it wasn’t a great idea, because she was a patient and there were rules against that sort of thing, but a few times, Kacie had got the impression that Doctor Monroe’s interest in her was also slightly more than purely professional. The occasional lingering touch, a twitch of the mouth, lingering glances.

So far, Kacie had always found a reason not to ask, but today, something felt different. For a start, she had made a real effort to dress in a way that she thought Doctor Monroe would approve of. Unlike most sessions, where Kacie dressed comfortably, or in a way that her friends would approve of (skinny jeans, boots, and a teeshirt), she had opted today for a blue silk blouse with full sleeves and an open neck that gave a good view of her cleavage, and a long, black ankle length satin print skirt with buttons down the centre and white flowers printed on it, and a pair of simple heels. She had done well, because Doctor Monroe had complimented her on her outfit, which she had never done before. Kacie wasn’t sure why, but it was exciting getting compliments from her. Today’s session had focused on favourites. Films (Kacie: The Big Sleep, Doctor Monroe: The Lady Vanishes), music (Kacie: old Madonna, Doctor Monroe: the same), food (Kacie: Mexican, Doctor Monroe: Italian), and even clothing (both: silk and satin). It had been intimate. Kacie felt like they knew each other well, which after two months she supposed they did.

She even got to find out Doctor Monroe’s name, which had always been advertised enticingly with a single initial; ‘R’ on the door. Kacie had guessed all sorts of names, Rose, Rebecca, Rachel, even René. She had been told; “No, Kacie. It’s Roxanne, or Roxy. And you must use it, now you know it, okay?”

It had made this woman, tall, beautiful, mysterious, even more alluring.

“Yes Doctor Monroe,” Kacie had said, mock serious. Doctor Monroe had smiled warmly.

“So, Kacie, how do you feel you’re coming along? Are the sessions helping?”

“I think so,” Kacie said, trying to think about the last time she had suffered from an anxiety attack, or been even remotely anxious about anything, and realised it was a very long time ago. She nodded, smiling at Doctor Monroe in a way she hoped was a mixture of sexy and innocent. She saw Doctor Monroe smile back, warm, happy, and she thought she detected an element of flirtation. She hoped so.

Kacie sat back on the couch, crossing her legs carefully, and folded her hands neatly in her lap. “How do you think I’m doing?”

“I think you’re doing just fine, Kacie,” Doctor Monroe said. “But then, I’m not really meant to find a cure, am I? I’m meant to hope you keep coming back over and over, right?”

“I guess so.”

“For what it’s worth, though, I think you’re in much better shape than when you first came in. I think we’ve sorted out the insomnia, at least.”

“And the anxiety?” Kacie asked, confused, as she had thought that was the bigger issue.

“That’s trickier, Kacie. I don’t think you entirely trust me, and until you do, we can’t get to the deeper issues,” Doctor Monroe said. Kacie was shocked. She had thought she trusted Doctor Monroe implicitly, but maybe she was holding back. It was hard to tell. She felt herself blush.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Monroe,” she started.

“Roxy,” Doctor Monroe said, softly.

“Sorry, Roxy, yes. I hadn’t realised I was holding anything back,” Kacie said. Doctor Monroe smiled warmly.

“Of course not. Don’t worry. It isn’t a difficult issue to solve. We just need to try some trust exercises,” Doctor Monroe said. “Do you think you have time?”

“I’m sure I do,” Kacie said, looking at the clock and realising she had picked the slot just before the practice closed. She wondered what ‘trust exercises’ meant, although she quickly realised she didn’t really care as long as she got to spend more time with Doctor Monroe. She was smiling at her, beautiful and statuesque. “What do we need to do?”

“Well, let’s start with the standard ones first, shall we?” Doctor Monroe suggested. “I need you to stand up, close your eyes, and drop backwards into my arms to start with, okay?”

“I think I can cope with that,” Kacie said, mock-serious. Doctor Monroe smiled a genuine, warm smile, and stood up, adjusting her skirt and standing just a short distance behind Kacie. “Are you ready?” Kacie asked.

“Yes. Just drop backwards, okay?”

Kacie did as she was told, dropping backwards into the arms of Doctor Monroe, who caught her under the arms easily and lifted her back to standing. “Easy,” Kacie said.

“Well, yes,” Doctor Monroe said. “We’ll try it again, but this time I won’t catch you as quickly. You’ll fall quicker and further. Are you okay with that?”

“I think so,” Kacie said, biting her bottom lip nervously. “You will catch me though, right?”

“Of course,” Doctor Monroe told her.

Kacie nodded and turned around. This time, before she dropped backwards, she couldn’t resist a quick peek over her shoulder. Doctor Monroe spotted it and giggled. “Nervous, by any chance?”

“A bit,” Kacie said.

“Right. I have a solution. Wait there, and don’t drop back yet. Okay?”

“Okay,” Kacie said.

“And close your eyes,” Doctor Monroe said. Kacie nodded and closed her eyes obediently, feeling a little foolish waiting with her eyes closed, but a little excited. A moment later, she felt the warmth of Doctor Monroe standing behind her, close enough for their bodies to almost touch, and Kacie imagined what it must be like to be touched by her.

“Eyes closed?” Doctor Monroe asked.

“Yes,” Kacie said, nodding.

“Good. Hold still, then,” she said. Kacie felt cool, crisp fabric touch her cheeks and forehead and pulled back in surprise a little, then felt the wide band of a silk scarf held gently across her eyes. She held still as Doctor Monroe brought the ends of the scarf around to the back of her head and knotted them snugly, drawing the silk blindfold across her eyes firmly. Kacie tried to look out the bottom, but the band was so broad that it blocked out all the light from above and below. She was completely blind.

“I can’t see a thing,” she said with a smile.

“I know,” Doctor Monroe said. “That way, if you can’t resist a peek, it won’t do you any good. The point of this is trust, Kacie. Try again, okay?”

“Okay,” Kacie said.

This time, Kacie dropped backwards and rather than Doctor Monroe catching her quickly, she fell until she was almost horizontal, almost waist height, before Doctor Monroe’s hands swept up under her arms and stopped her, holding her up in a warm, safe embrace. For a moment, Kacie had felt free and excited and relieved, trusting completely that the beautiful woman behind her would catch her.

“How was that?”

“Exciting,” Kacie said. “I knew you’d catch me,” she added.

“The blindfold is okay?”

“Yes,” Kacie said. Oddly, she found it made her slightly excited, and slightly flushed. She didn’t know what it was, but something about being slightly more vulnerable with this beautiful woman made her excited. “What now?”

“Depends how adventurous you want to be,” Doctor Monroe said.

“I don’t mind,” Kacie said. “I think, at this stage, I should probably place myself completely in your capable hands and see what happens,” she said.

“Good answer,” Doctor Monroe purred from behind her. Kacie felt her breath on her ear, warm and soft. “Hold still,” she added. Kacie felt the brush of Doctor Monroe’s soft, plump lips on her neck, the sigh of her hair sliding over her silk blouse.

“Oh, okay,” Kacie sighed.

Doctor Monroe’s hands ran down from Kacie’s shoulders to her elbows, then to her wrists, and Kacie felt her step closer, their bodies pressed together now, Doctor Monroe’s ample breasts pressing gently against her back through a layer of silk and satin. She drew in an excited breath, feeling her pulse quicken, her cheeks redden, and Doctor Monroe drew her closer, her lips nipping again at Kacie’s neck, then her cheek, then her ear lobe.

“Do you trust me?” Doctor Monroe asked.

“Yes, Doctor Monroe,” Kacie sighed, feeling Doctor Monroe’s tongue tickle her earlobe a second time. She tried to reach around to touch her, but Doctor Monroe held her arms by her sides gently.

“Now, now, Kacie. No touching. You’re under my control, right?”

“Yes, Doctor Monroe,” Kacie breathed.

“And call me Roxy,” Doctor Monroe told her, kissing her other earlobe.

“Yes, Doctor Monroe,” Kacie whispered. She felt a light slap on her bottom, and she breathed in, a smile playing on her lips.

“Naughty girl,” Doctor Monroe said. “Roxy, please. Not Doctor Monroe.”

“Sorry, Roxy,” Kacie said, finding it very difficult to concentrate as Doctor Monroe’s hand stroked her buttock softly through the satin of her skirt. She realised she had put on suspenders and stockings, which would be easily felt through her thin skirt.

“This feels very nice,” Roxy said, and Kacie could hear the smile in her voice.

“It really does,” she replied. “Oh wow,” she added a moment later as Roxy’s other hand slid down her shoulder to cup her breast. Her nipples were already getting hard, and Roxy’s long, delicate fingers had no trouble in teasing them the rest of the way.

Roxy’s hands were now both working on her breasts, and Kacie felt her face flush with excitement. She leaned back slightly into Roxy, her hands feeling behind her, trying to touch the beautiful doctor’s body in any way, but Roxy stopped her with a soft tutting noise. “You really are very naughty, Kacie,” she said. “No touching. Or do I need to stop you?”

“I’m not sure you could, Roxy,” Kacie murmured. She could feel her nipples becoming almost painfully hard. Roxy chuckled behind her, her lips brushing over Kacie’s neck and cheeks again.

“Oh, I think I can. Wait there,” she told her, stepping away. Kacie almost let out a cry of horror. She had been so swept up by the physical contact that when Roxy stepped away she felt empty because of it.

“Where did you go?”

“Don’t worry. Just wait a second,” Roxy purred.

Kacie stood and waited, her excitement growing. She could feel her nipples harden, her pulse quicken, and her skin flush with joy. She felt a little foolish, waiting in the centre of the room while blindfolded, and suddenly remembered there was a receptionist who could walk in any minute.

A moment later, she felt the warm, calming touch of Roxy’s hands, stroking her shoulders and pulling her closer. She could feel her excitement growing again. There was something in Roxy’s hands, though, something firmer, harder, but still flexible. “Now, let’s see if we can’t do something about your wandering hands,” Roxy said in her ear, her voice low and filled with sex.

“What are you planning?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” said Kacie. She smiled, and slowly Roxy’s hands moved down her arms, taking gentle but firm hold of her wrists and bringing them backwards behind her. Kacie was slightly surprised, but excited, as she felt soft rope run across her wrists, winding around and around her flesh as Roxy quickly bound her hands behind her and ran the rope between her wrists to cinch the ropes. “Are you tying me up?” Kacie asked, trying hard not to let the excitement show too much in her voice.

“What gave it away?” Roxy asked. “Shall I carry on?”

“I couldn’t stop you if I wanted to, could I?”

“You could always scream,” Roxy said with a giggle.

“Maybe later,” Kacie said.

“I might have to stop you,” Roxy said. Kacie leaned back into her, smiling, feeling her nipples stiffen further, almost painfully tight against her silk shirt.

“You can do anything you like,” she whispered.

“You’re hardly in a position to stop me, are you?” Roxy murmured in her ear. Kacie shook her head, giggling a little. She couldn’t quite believe this was happening, or how turned on she was, but she couldn’t stop the shudder of excitement that ran up her spine as Roxy kissed her neck again. Roxy’s tongue brushed over her skin, and then her hands slid between Kacie’s arms and body, passing something between them.

“What’s that?” Kacie breathed.

“More rope,” said Roxy quietly. “I don’t want you running away,” she added.

“I wasn’t planning on,” said Kacie, wriggling slightly, and finding, to her slight surprise, that the ropes around her wrists didn’t budge at all. Her hands were completely immobilised behind her. The second length of rope was now being wound around her chest and upper arms just below her breasts. Roxy pulled the length of rope tight, pulling Kacie’s arms into her body and pushing her chest up and out. A moment later, Roxy wound the length twice around her body above her breasts. Kacie was surprised about the firmness of the rope, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

“How does that feel?” Roxy asked.

“Surprisingly nice,” Kacie said, with a grin.

“Good. I want you to feel comfortable in surrendering control to somebody else. I want you to feel liberated, not nervous. I want you to realise how pleasurable this can be, not feel it as a burden. What do you think?” Roxy kissed her cheek, pulling the ropes between Kacie’s body and arm, then up around the back of her neck and down between her body and upper arm again, making a strange, yet surprisingly comfortable, shoulder and chest harness. The ropes were pulled tight around her, and Kacie felt another thrill of excitement as Roxy’s fingers brushed over her shoulders and chest, checking the tightness of the ropes.

“Is it loose?”

“Not at all,” Kacie told her, feeling the ropes pull firmly across her body. “What now?”

“I think I want you to kiss me,” Roxy told her. Kacie took a deep breath and let the smile spread across her face. The thought of being ordered around by the beautiful woman in the room with her was exciting enough, but the thought of being ordered to kiss her was almost more explosive. Kacie grinned, leaning towards Roxy’s body, pursing her lips. Roxy’s lips brushed hers, her tongue slipping over Kacie’s lips.

“Wow,” Kacie breathed when Roxy pulled away. “That was good,” she added. Roxy kissed her again, lightly, on the lips. “Is this part of the therapy?”

“Sort of,” Roxy told her, kissing her again, and this time Kacie slipped her tongue into Roxy’s mouth, sliding it over her teeth and lips. Roxy responded, and Kacie tried to press herself against the other woman, her breasts finding Roxy’s and pushing against them. Kacie’s nipples were almost painfully hard as she rubbed her silk-encased breasts against Roxy’s. Roxy’s hands caressed her breasts, her fingers teasing her nipples. Kacie let out a moan of pleasure as Roxy’s fingers pressed her nipples and teased them to painful hardness.

“Really, Kacie, you are quite loud. My secretary will hear us, if we aren’t careful,” Roxy said.

“Can she join in?” Kacie asked with a grin, thinking about the woman outside, small, blond, and stunning, wearing a black satin jumpsuit. Roxy giggled and kissed her ear.

“Not today,” she said.

“Damn,” said Kacie. “What if I scream?”

“You won’t,” said Roxy. “You’re going to find this fun, I assure you, and then the ‘trust issues’ I highlighted will stop being a problem. I think so far you’re responding very well,” she added, teasing her nipples a little more. “I think we can take the blindfold off for a start,” she added.

“Oh,” Kacie said, trying not to sound too disappointed. She smiled as she felt Roxy’s fingers drifting over her breasts and nipples. Then the blindfold was loosened and light flooded back in. Kacie blinked several times to clear her vision, surprised by the sudden reappearance of the world. She felt her cheeks flush as she realised that Roxy’s fingers were still stroking and teasing her nipples through the thin, tight silk of her blouse, the scarf that had been blindfolding her over her shoulder as she plied Kacie’s breasts nimbly with her fingers.

“Oh, wow,” Kacie breathed. “I’m getting quite wet,” she added.

“I should hope so,” Roxy said. She slid her hands down Kacie’s body and started to caress her hips gently, turning Kacie so that they could press themselves together, and Kacie felt heat rise across her body.

“You have no idea how turned on I am,” she whispered.

“I can guess,” Roxy told her with a suggestive smile, her fingers darting down and lifting the hem of Kacie’s ankle-length skirt. Kacie shuddered in excitement as the satin slid up her stocking clad legs. She squeaked in surprise as Roxy’s warm fingers stroked the hem of her knickers. A large grin spread across her face as she felt Roxy start to move her underwear to one side and then slide her fingers inside. Kacie breathed in sharply as a new sensation of excitement flowed through her. She moaned as Roxy applied her thumb, rubbing and stroking carefully to make Kacie shudder several times in her bondage.

“Oh god,” Kacie groaned, her voice surprisingly loud in the office. She could feel her pulse quickening and her heart thumped in her chest. “Oh, God, please take them off,” she said hoarsely as Roxy continued to massage her.


“Oh, God, yes,” Kacie moaned.

“You’re getting a little more confident, my dear, and a little more submissive,” Roxy observed as she let Kacie’s skirt hem go and slid her knickers off, undoing and replacing the suspenders on each leg meticulously so that Kacie was still wearing them, allowing her silk underwear to fall to Kacie’s feet. “The stockings are very nice,” said Roxy. She smiled up at Kacie. “Step out, please,” she instructed. Kacie stepped out of her underwear obediently, noting they were a little damp, and smiling. Roxy crouched down and plucked up the silk underwear, folding them into a small, tightly packed wad, and held them up in front of Kacie’s eyes.

“Open wide,” she said.

“What?” Kacie asked, surprised.

“Open your mouth, please,” Roxy said. “You’re a little too demanding now, and you need to place yourself completely in my hands. So. No talking,” she said. Kacie’s heart started to beat much faster, but she did as she was asked and opened her mouth. As soon as she did, Roxy placed the small, tight wad of her silk thong into her mouth and stroked her chin. Kacie gasped in surprise, tasting the damp silk in her mouth, and then watched as Roxy plucked up the scarf blindfold and quickly tied a large knot in the centre. Roxy pushed the knot into Kacie’s mouth, on top of the damp thong, and then pulled the ends behind her head, under her hair, and knotted them firmly, securing Kacie’s underwear in her mouth and gagging her effectively.

“Mmmph,” Kacie muttered.

“Much better, sweetheart,” Roxy whispered soothingly. She tugged the trailing ends of the scarf tight and then tied the second knot. Kacie giggled behind the silk gag. Roxy smiled at her and ran her hands over her breasts again, her fingers tweaking Kacie’s nipples and massaging them to firmness again. Kacie sighed behind her gag, feeling herself flush with warmth.

Roxy guided her back to the sofa, lowering Kacie into the seat still firmly bound, now moaning with pleasure as the ropes pulled her silk blouse across her breasts. Kacie wriggled into a comfortable position on the sofa and smiled behind the scarf. Roxy produced another length of rope and knelt in front of her. Kacie giggled, raising an eyebrow.

Roxy didn’t say anything, but carefully placed Kacie’s ankles together, winding the rope around her ankles firmly, pulling them snug and then cinching them tightly by passing the ends between her legs. Kacie moaned in appreciation, enjoying the firm, snug feeling of the ropes as they held her body, her satin skirt sighing across her skin sensually.

Roxy finished tying the knots around her ankles and checked her handiwork, smiling happily. Kacie wriggled a little, testing the ropes across her body and ankles. “Snug?” Roxy asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Kacie mumbled into her gag. She moved herself forwards on the sofa a little, craning to get closer to Roxy.

“Good girl,” Roxy said. “I think you’re starting to be more comfortable with submission,” she said.

“Mmmph,” said Kacie. Roxy smiled and slid her hand up Kacie’s legs, moving the satin skirt further up. Kacie shivered with excitement, hoping that Roxy’s hands would keep going, enjoying the sensation as the satin of her skirt whispered over her skin, followed by Roxy’s nimble fingertips. Kacie was enjoying the feeling when Roxy leaned forward, her silky hair flowing over her shoulders and across Kacie’s thighs. As her skirt slid up, Kacie felt the warmth of Roxy’s breath as her lips started to brush against her thighs. Kacie sighed into her firm gag, enjoying the sensation, and relieved that the door and gag would disguise her moans.

Roxy’s soft lips brushed against the tops of her thighs, making her tremble a little more. Roxy’s lips nipped at the sensitive skin between her legs, her tongue sliding out and sending a shiver of joy through Kacie. Roxy’s tongue slipped out again, stroking her again. Roxy let out a moan of pleasure into her gag.

Roxy shifted back a little and smiled. “How’s that feel?”

“Uummnnnpphhnng,” said Kacie.

“Amazing? Good,” said Roxy, dipping her head again and licking slowly, sending trembles of pleasure through Kacie, making her nerve endings come alive with excitement. She had no idea that being bound and gagged by this gorgeous woman would be so exciting, and the sensuous feeling of the satin skirt, her silk blouse, and Roxy’s silk-soft hair on her skin all heightened the sensation.

Roxy’s tongue worked quickly, bringing a warm flush to Kacie’s cheeks, making her wet, her body starting to tremble as Roxy’s tongue probed repeatedly at her soft, exposed flesh. Kacie found herself getting more flushed, finding it difficult to concentrate, and all she wanted to do was take hold of Roxy, to push her tongue deeper inside, hold her in place, stop her from teasing and pulling back as she came close on more than one occasion to a shuddering climax.

Kacie could feel her skin start to flush and the shudders begin to spread through her more constantly. She was coming incredibly close when Roxy pulled away and pressed a finger to Kacie’s gagged lips firmly.

“Ssh,” she whispered, leaning close and kissing Kacie’s neck. Kacie moaned appreciatively, and through more than a little frustration that Roxy had finished. She wanted to plead, but the adrenaline was still coursing through her, and her heart was still pumping. She was too excited, and was trying to regain her breath as Roxy kissed her lips, her fingers starting to unbutton Kacie’s blouse.

Kacie was incredibly turned on, and as the silk sighed across her skin, she felt a thrill of excitement, added to the others, flow through her. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and she could feel every sensation of the moving silk in her breasts and nipples, the lustrous material flowing over her body as Roxy moved the blouse aside to expose her breasts. Kacie moaned in frustration, wanting to reach her climax, but unable to, and unable to move her hands to stimulate herself.

Roxy kissed her nipples, nipping one with her teeth, then the other, and then teasing both with her tongue and fingers. Kacie had thought that Roxy’s tongue between her legs had been unbearable, but this was a new excitement, and almost more erotic than the previous one. Roxy’s fingers and tongue teased her to a throbbing firmness in her nipples, and she felt her body shiver again as Roxy kissed her repeatedly, her hair brushing across Kacie’s skin with each movement. Kacie moaned into her gag, leaning back into the sofa and spreading her legs in what she hoped was an obvious invitation.

Roxy ignored it for a moment, continuing to kiss and tease her nipples, making Kacie begin to plead through her gag. She could feel the shudders vibrate through her, could feel the excitement rising, and she wasn’t entirely sure she could control herself any further.

Roxy pulled away from her breasts and kissed her bottom lip, making Kacie moan in frustration. She had never been particularly patient, and being bound and gagged and at Roxy’s mercy was at the same time both heavenly and incredibly frustrating. She started to moan into her gag again, pointedly shifting her legs as far apart as her bound ankles would allow.

Roxy smiled at her and slipped a hand between her legs, rubbing her fingers across Kacie’s sensitive skin. Kacie sighed as the feeling flooded into her, and she nestled down into the sofa. The firm, rhythmic pressure that Roxy applied brought Kacie shuddering back to life, her adrenaline flooding her system, and her body starting to shudder again. She moaned and sighed into the gag, her body quaking gently as each new movement of Roxy’s thumb sent a shiver through her body.

Roxy stooped again and licked her, making Kacie giggle into her silk gag. Roxy’s tongue pushed again and explored a little further, making Kacie arch her back slightly and push herself forwards, trying to encourage Roxy to be more aggressive. Roxy licked and nipped at her sensitive skin, making Kacie flush quickly, her body starting to shudder uncontrollably. She knew she was close to a climax, and she wanted desperately to hold Roxy in place while she brought her to a release, but being bound and gagged stopped her. She couldn’t even ask, given the silk in her mouth.

Roxy seemed to understand her desperation, however, and her tongue probed further, then her fingers slipped into Kacie and started to work as well. Kacie felt her excitement reaching a peak, her body beginning to shudder without stopping. She could feel Roxy pressing against her more forcefully, could feel her tongue and fingers probing and working more urgently as she slowly brought Kacie to a point where she was gasping for breath and shaking with excitement.

Kacie felt a sudden gushing flow of warmth and excitement wash over her, and as Roxy continued to probe and test her sensitive skin, Kacie reached her juddering climax. The sudden release of excitement and adrenaline made her buck against the ropes that held her tightly. She could feel her orgasm flowing through her and making her fight the ropes, excitement forcing her to squeal into her gag excitedly.

Roxy pulled away, smiling, then leaned in and kissed her again. Kacie was still breathing heavily as Roxy teased her again, kissing her neck, her cheeks, her gagged lips. Kacie was still struggling to control her breathing and bring her body back under control, her chest heaving as she worked to control herself.

Roxy eventually sat back, stroking Kacie’s bare nipples, the hard buds straining against her soft fingertips. Kacie moaned softly into her gag, although she was finding concentration hard. She wanted Roxy’s touch again, wanted to feel the rush of excitement as she orgasmed while bound and gagged, but she somehow knew that Roxy had other things planned. She whimpered into the gag, pleading for Roxy to pleasure her again.

Roxy smiled at her, and stroked her face gently. “Did you enjoy it?” She asked. Kacie nodded enthusiastically. “Good. I thought you might. But I’m afraid that our session for today has ended,” Roxy told her. Kacie sighed and pouted as best she could around her gag. Roxy grinned.

“I should untie you, really,” Roxy said, her fingers starting to loosen the ropes around Kacie’s ankles, pausing to kiss both ankles as the ropes loosened. Kacie nodded and giggled into the silk wadded up in her mouth. Roxy finished untying her ankles, then loosened the knots holding the rope harness around her chest and arms. The feeling started to flow back into Kacie’s arms and body, and she saw her nipples stiffen even further, partly due to Roxy’s tendency to lick her breasts between each coil of rope being loosened.

As the rope fell away, Kacie leaned back on the sofa, widening her legs slightly, suggestively. Roxy giggled and kissed her stomach, breasts, and then dipped her head between Kacie’s legs, licking suggestively and sending a thrill up Kacie’s spine. Kacie moaned again into her gag and Roxy reached round to free her wrists. Kacie shifted around to allow Kacie access to her ropes and tried to help her loosen the ropes. Roxy pulled the rope away and sat next to Kacie on the sofa for a moment, stroking her thigh suggestively.

Neither of them made to remove the gag as Roxy kissed Kacie’s neck twice more, and Kacie nestled in closer to Roxy, nuzzling at her cheek despite her thick silk gag. Roxy sat back, stroking her hair. “The bad news, Kacie, is that I think there have been some distinct signs of improvement,” said Roxy, leaning forward to kiss Kacie’s lips gently. Kacie nodded.

“However, the good news is that recovery is a long and drawn out process,” she said. “And I think you’re going to need several more sessions like this before you are fully recovered. How do you feel about that?”

Kacie grinned and reached up, loosening her gag enough to pull it around her neck and pull her wadded up underwear out of her mouth with stiff fingers. She smiled, running her tongue across her lips and teeth. “I think I’m going to need a lot of sessions, Doctor Monroe,” Kacie whispered excitedly.

“Good girl,” said Roxy, and kissed her.




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