The Adventures of Hypergirl

By Miss Vicky

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Hypergirl stood on the roof of the warehouse and peered down through the skylight.  The skylight was closed and covered with frosted glass, but with her hypervision she had no difficulty seeing through it.  In the room below, she could see Vicky and her gang of female burglars at work.  Vicky herself was in her 30s, with lustrous black hair falling over her shoulders.  Her four accomplices were younger, in their early 20s.  All were clad, as she was, in skin-tight catsuits, and she could see clearly that all of them had excellent figures.  Just looking at their bottoms as they crouched caused dampness between her legs.  Her hood, which had no eyeholes or mouth hole, hid any expression on her face, whereas all the girls below were bareheaded.  Her own figure, however, was not at all concealed by her tight garment, and was better than any of the others.

This was her chance.  Her grandfather, legendary superhero Hyperman, had laughed to scorn the idea that a 19-year-old girl, even one who had mysteriously inherited his hyperpowers although her father had not, could possibly emulate his crime-fighting career.  She had copied his costume in secret and had furtively carried out some crime-fighting work, but so far with only limited success.  In particular, she had intervened in a few operations of Vicky's gang, always managing to thwart them but failing to capture them.  If she managed to capture them tonight, surely even her grandfather would have to concede that she was up to the job.

Using the special powers in her fingers, Hypergirl forced the lock on the skylight to open.  She fixed a rope to the frame of the skylight, and cautiously climbed through and began sliding slowly down the rope.  She made not the slightest sound.  The girls were all engrossed in their work, facing away from her, kneeling and leaning forward so that their bottoms were in the air facing towards her.  The tight catsuits made the shape of their bottoms very clear, and the dampness between her legs rapidly grew wetter.

She let go of the rope, dropped the last few inches to the ground, and ...  her feet skidded from under her and she fell flat on her face with a thump, knocking the wind out of her body.  Her hypersenses detected, too late, that the area of the floor just under the skylight was strewn with microscopic ball bearings, making it immensely slippery.  It was a trap, and she had literally fallen for it.

As soon as she hit the floor, all of the girls leapt on her.  Before she could get her breath back and resist, her wrists and ankles had been handcuffed and the two sets of handcuffs had been joined, stringently hogtying her.  A girl clamped a steel box onto her left hand.  The two halves were hinged together, with barely enough space inside them to hold her hand.  A padlock held the two halves firmly together, gripping her wrists tightly, so the box could not be removed.  The tightly pressing thick steel held her fingers immobile and stopped her hyperpowers from getting out.  Her right hand received the same treatment.  A solid steel helmet, too thick for her hypervision to penetrate, completely blindfolded her and was also locked on.

"Well done, girls," came the voice of Vicky faintly through the helmet.  "Carry her down.  I'll see to her bottom and crotch."

The four girls took two long wooden poles and put them at right angles under the cuffs holding her wrists and ankles together.  They then lifted one pole end each, so that Hypergirl dangled helplessly.  Struggle and writhe as she might, deprived of her hyperpowers she could do nothing to resist as they carried off their trophy triumphantly.  She could feel Vicky's strong but gentle hands rubbing her bottom and massaging her crotch through the tight black fabric of her catsuit.  Despite her predicament, the thought of the beautiful Vicky handling her like that was an incredible turn-on, and she was soon bursting to come.  However, Vicky cleverly ensured that she didn't, leaving her immensely frustrated.  

Suddenly, with a thump, Hypergirl was thrown into the back of a large van.  The girls all scrambled in behind her and slammed the door.  They were off.  Bound as she was, Hypergirl could not stop rolling around and bumping into things, so she was more than glad when the long journey ended.  She heard a garage door creak open, then the van drove in and the door creaked shut again.  With another thump, she was tossed out of the van and lying on the floor of the garage.  Vicky unlocked and pulled off her blindfolding helmet.  She soon found the concealed zip and released Hypergirl's head from the hood part of her costume.  Her golden ringlets tumbled out, and her bright blue eyes blinked at the sudden bright light.  "My, you're every bit as beautiful as I hoped you'd be," cooed Vicky approvingly.  "What a pity that such a lovely girl has to be treated so roughly, but you were getting to the point of being a bit of a nuisance."

"You'll never get away with kidnapping me ..." began Hypergirl, but she was silenced by wads of cloth stuffed into her mouth.  There was enough cloth to make her cheeks bulge and to go almost to the back of her throat, threatening to choke her.  A steel chain wrapped tightly around her head and secured with a padlock between her teeth stopped her spitting them out.  The wads had strange tastes.

"I'm afraid the girls and I have been wearing our thongs for a few days without changing them," Vicky explained.  "I insisted we change them all this morning, and now I've found somewhere to put the used ones.  And don't worry - nobody will know you've been kidnapped.  We'll get that nice costume off of you and onto my friend who's the same size.  She can stand in for you and of course help me."

Hypergirl was horrified at the thought of her costume being used to help Vicky.  Her grandfather would never forgive her.  She tried frantically to escape, but it was hopeless.  Vicky and the four girls undid the handcuffs and spread-eagled her face down on the floor.  Each wrist and ankle was stretched out and firmly secured to a bolt in the floor, and a noose around her neck was secured to another bolt.  Releasing each wrist and ankle one at a time, the girls removed her costume, and then re-secured her.  The extremely stretchy hypermaterial was easily able to go over the boxes imprisoning her hands.  Cushions pushed under her stomach raised her now naked bottom into the air, increasing the tension in her arms and legs.

"Now, this is the fun bit," said Vicky, straddling Hypergirl's helpless and naked body.  Suddenly, a stabbing pain shot through her bottom as Vicky pushed a huge butt plug in.  It was a struggle, but with Hypergirl secured so securely, it could only end with one result.  She could not escape.  The monster ended up entirely inside her, and her sphincter closed around it.  The plug was made of stainless steel, and was quite heavy.

"Guess what! You're going to get a new costume now and a new identity," continued Vicky.  "From now on, you're going to be known as Spankedgirl."  Hypergirl didn't like the sound of that, but what could she do about it? Vicky fastened a very wide leather belt around Hypergirl's waist and pulled it tight, buckling it behind her back.  Hypergirl gasped as the belt squeezed the breath out of her body.  Two of the girls had to help Vicky pull the belt even tighter until it could be buckled on its tightest hole.

While Vicky was doing that, one of the girls was putting a head harness on Hypergirl.  Its numerous straps and buckles held a heavily padded thick steel blindfold tightly over her eyes, reinforced the already very effective gag and went tightly under her chin to prevent her moving her jaw at all.  The harness included a wide, stiff collar that circled her neck tightly.  All the buckles were done up tightly.  Hypergirl was again unable to see anything, and could barely utter a sound.  She was even unable to turn her head.

The girls released one wrist and then clipped it to the side of her collar.  They did the same with the other.  Sitting on her to prevent her getting up, they released her ankles and put spreader bars between her thighs just above knees and between her ankles, holding her legs splayed wide apart.  She was rolled onto her back.  "I see you really are blonde," Vicky snickered, rubbing her most intimate part.  The girls tied her elbows tightly together in front of her, totally immobilising her arms.  Ropes wound tightly round the base of her firm young breasts forced them to bulge spectacularly.  Bending over, Vicky took Hypergirl's right nipple into her mouth and began to lick and suck it.  Despite everything, Hypergirl's body betrayed her and the nipple rapidly turned bullet-hard.  Vicky removed her mouth, and Hypergirl bucked and screamed in vain as the teeth of a crocodile clip dug deep into her sensitive flesh.  Soon, the other nipple had received the same treatment.

Vicky next pushed a dildo in between the helpless girl's legs.  Her previous wetness went against her, as it made it easier for the monster to penetrate her most intimate region.  Again, she struggled, but Vicky's accomplices held her and the one-sided battle ended with the dildo fixed deep inside her.  It was even bigger and heavier than the but tplug.

Vicky fixed a rope to a loop on the spreader bar between her knees.  She passed it through a loop at the front of her collar and back to the spreader bar.  She pulled hard on the rope and the girls pushed her legs.  The bar was nearly touching her face before Vicky tied off the rope.  Hypergirl was now folded double.

Vicky was not yet finished.  She turned Hypergirl on her side and fastened some fishing line to a loop on the front of the belt.  She pulled it tight through Hypergirl's crotch and through a loop on the back of the belt, then back to the front.  She pulled it even tighter before she tied it off.  The line dug deep into Hypergirl and made quite sure that she could not expel either of the heavy, massive intrusions that filled her almost beyond endurance.

As a final touch, the girls slipped shoes on Hypergirl's feet.  They were too small, and it was a struggle to get them on.  They had bits of gravel glued to the insides, and they pressed painfully against her bare feet.  Once on, Vicky did up the buckled straps, pulling them at tight as she could, and locked them on with little padlocks.

The girls lifted her to her feet.  "We're putting you on top of a box," explained Vicky.  "Whatever you do, don't overbalance, or you'll fall off the box and onto the hard concrete floor.  We won't try to catch you." She stood there bent right over, with her bottom in the air.  The spreader bar between her knees was almost as long as the one between her ankles, so she was forced to bend her knees.  The shoes had stiletto heels which were so high that she was forced to stand on tiptoe with her feet almost vertical, making it difficult to keep her balance.

"Now, you've heard quite enough from me for today," laughed Vicky, stuffing cotton wool into each ear and then adding heavy-duty earplugs so effective that even Hypergirl's extremely sensitive hearing was blocked.  The earplugs were reinforced by a hood with thick padding over the ears that was put over Hypergirl's head and laced tightly.  Hypergirl was now totally blind, deaf and mute.  She could do nothing, not even whimper, as the girls took it in turns to give her a good spanking, repeatedly striking her bottom and the backs of her thighs with leather floggers.  A strange feeling started inside her, as the dildo and butt plug started vibrating - not enough to make her come, but just enough to keep her intolerably near the brink.

Then she was left there, helpless and screaming silently into her gag with unbearable frustration.  She knew that she was going to have a lot more of that treatment.  Things would only get worse for her; she was forced to remain in a hideously uncomfortable posture and the pain in her feet and nipples grew ever more unbearable.  On top of that was the worry that Vicky was using the Hypergirl costume to further her criminal ends.  But she was helpless; all she could do was wait.

Blind and deaf, she was always taken totally by surprise when the spanking started again.  It was a great effort not to jerk too much when this happened; she knew that if she did, she would fall over and hurt herself badlt.  Soon, she lost all track of time and how often she had been spanked.  She was trapped in a dark, silent world of pain, immobility and frustration.

Suddenly, there was a different sensation.  She felt first her hood and then her blindfold being removed, not by being unbuckled but by being ripped off.  The rope joining her collar to her knee spreader was also snapped, allowing her to unfold herself.  Blinking against the sudden bright light, she saw to her astonishment that Vicky was lying on the floor, still in her tight catsuit, but now hogtied.  Her wrists and ankles had been brought into contact, forcing her back to arch like a bow.  Her elbows had been forced to touch, and were tied tightly together, forcing Vicky's ample breasts to stand out even more spectacularly.  A rope braided into her long black hair was fixed to the rope around her ankles, forcing her head agonisingly backwards.  In her mouth was a huge ball gag, held in by a leather strap.  Hypergirl wondered how a ball so big could possibly have been forced in.

Looking further, she saw four other women on the floor, hogtied and gagged in identical fashion.  One was wearing her Hypergirl costume; the rest were stark naked.  And then she saw her grandfather's old friend, Captain Miracle, standing next to her in his own skin-tight outfit, his face mostly covered by a mask.  He had rescued her.  She was relieved, but she knew that now her grandfather would never ever let her continue her superheroine career.  But - but - wasn't Captain Miracle dead?

The superhero pulled the earplugs and cotton wool out of her ears, but he made no attempt to remove the gag or her other bonds.  He looked up and down her naked figure with evident approval, and she blushed.  Then, looking beyond him, she saw her grandfather, frail but imperiously erect.  "What did I tell you, young lady?" he snapped at her angrily.  "You're no match even for a bunch of girls.  How could you do anything against proper criminals?" She was in no position to protest against his sexism.

"Fortunately for you," he continued, "I managed to contact Captain Miracle's grandson.  He's a real superhero, not some nineteen-year-old girl!"

"Well sir, I'm only twenty-one myself," said the young man modestly.

"But you've got what it takes.  And I really admire your technique for making your captives secure, though you should blindfold them too.  Anyway, young man, once the police arrive I want you to look after my granddaughter and make sure that she doesn't get up to any more mischief.  Take her home and keep her secure so that she can't go anywhere."

"I'm sure that I can manage that, sir."

Looking at his crotch in his skin-tight costume, Hypergirl scarcely needed her hypervision to see how much he relished the prospect.

The End

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