NEW FOR 2006:

Silenced Night, by Historian

A Holiday Tradition, by Mike S.


Some from me:

The Christmas Party, by Jeb

My Favorite Elf, by Jeb

"from her head to her foot...", by Jeb

And a Whole Bunch from my Friends:.

The Affair of the Christmas Presents, by Frank Knebel

All I Want for Christmas, by Kalena Hunter

Another Night Before Christmas, by Curt

Birthday Blues, by Gillian B

Black Friday, by Historian

Carols by Spencer, by Charles Spencer

Christmas Evil, by Jeanne Thorne

Christmas Wrappings, by Brian Sands

The Gift, by elle`attend

Hi, Kitten, I'm Home, by Brian Sands

Reprise: A Christmas Tale of Restrained Love, by Brian Sands

The Santa Claus Abductions, by Cordelia White.

The Surprise Gift, by Frank Knebel

A Visit From St. Nicholas, by Curt