The Hidden Room 

By  Jugrntts




It feels like it's been several days I've been here.  

Something inside me, while it fade out, tells me that only the first night has pass. Only just a few hours of agony and desperation, fearing that every time I was quivering, was the last.    

And Iīm not even suffered the half of the time I must live this nightmare...  


It was already night, on Wednesday after a disgusting meeting with some accountants that try to bribe me to make disappear some very important documents that can prevent the fusion of two big companies. One of them is the one that employ me.  


So, Instead going home, I call Connie, my assistant, to help me in the office to check one last time if everything is just fine to speed up the paperwork in the morning, before the trial that decide the destiny of the company, but she didn't answer. I left a voice mail saying I'm heading to my office and I'll wait her there, may be it wasn't too late when she hears it. 


I was put in charge by the president and founder of the company itself, to stop the fusion of the legacy of his family, and I won't disappoint him. 


I keep the most important things in a safe box inside one especial room,  hidden behind the bookshelf that the founder build when this was his office, before he acquire a new building and move on there some years ago. The safe box was replaced every time a new manager gets this office. I'm the second one and the only one who know the code number to open it. 


After some refresh on my private restroom, I was walking inside my office when suddenly two masked men, hidden on both sides of the doorgrab me and cover my mouth. 


Both of them lift me so easily to sit me on my chair, one of them, went behind and grab my arms behind the back the chair while he keeps cover my mouth very firmly. 


The other one pull a gun from his back, and pressing it hardly against my head began to talk. 


- Easy babe, easy, just be quiet and we don't hurt you, do you understand? 


I nodded  


- I'll ask you a question and I want a clear answer, nothing else. Do you understand? 


I nodded again. 


Good girl, now, tell me the code number of the safe box. 


The thief who was strongly holding me, remove his hand from my mouth. 


- This is a mistake! I have no safe in here; there is no money in thi... ARGHHHMMMPPPHH! 


He slaps me and the other man put his hand over my mouth. 


- I'll ask you again just one more time bitch! GIVE ME THE DAMN NUMBER! 

He shouts while pressing harder the gun on my head.  


I was terrified, I was risking my life just for a bunch of papers, but, a very valuable ones. I was sure they are here for the papers of the fusion I try to stop. 


I gave him the number. 


I'm in big trouble, I thought what is going to happen when my boss know I let them take those papers. Or at least I thought so at the time, did not know what it was waiting for my later. 


The thief with the gun walks towards the bookcase that conceals the secret room and began to pull the books in exact order to open the hidden room 


How they know where is the room? Even the way to open it!  

Except for me, nobody in this office knows the existence of this room, and only few top people of the company. How they know?  


With a slight murmur, the bookcase slide to one side and the pale light came on.  Inside there are only two storage racks with some papers and file boxes here and there, and the safe box at the end of the small room, fused with the wall. 


He walk towards the safe and began to input the number on the digital panel. 


I felt how the thief who was holding me, relax his muscles while look how his partner open the safe.  


I don't think it twice, I take the opportunity to escape, I throw my head and the chair backwards, hitting the thief on his face, throws him down. 


I run towards the office door. 


When I open it, I began to scream and I ran into a woman who was standing a few steps near the door, both hit it off the ground and when I try to get up, she held my legs, and I fall again, almost immediately she straddled me up. 


Few seconds later, strong hands grabbed my arms and lifted me from the ground and stronger handagaincover my mouth and dragged me back to the office 


I was already surrounded by two robbers and a woman. 


She was Connie! My personal assistant. 


She's with the thieves?  


-It is okay, you can take your hand of her, I check the entire floor and there was no one to hear her screams 


-Damn it, Connie, why you did this? I asked angrily. 


- I'm not who you think, sweetheart.  


She said while touching softly my cheek. 


-This assistant job was only spy on you, sweetie! And you could avoid this situation if you accepted the bribe they offer you, but, here we are.  Bring her in! 


She took one chair in front of my desk and said to the thieves. 


-You two, tie her very well in that chair, I donīt want more surprises. I'll keep checking the safe. 


I was relieved to think that was not in their plans to kill me, for a moment I remember a movie where a damsel in distress is tied up in her office. But what happened to me after, make that movie a joke for children. 


One of them brought one sport bag from out of the office; the bag was full of rope, a lot of ropes and several rolls of duct tape. 


They sat me in the chair, one of them held my arms behind my back while the second robber took a coil of rope and give it to his partner behind me, he took a second coil and started to tie many rolls of tight rope around my ankles and even my high heels were attached to my feet with more rope under the soles. 


The thief behind me began to tie my arms, just up my elbows, many coils of rope, tightening until he put my elbows together and cinch them between my arms very tightly. 


I just kept cursing as they bound me so painfully. 


More and more rolls of tight rope in my legs on my knees and wrap tightly between my legs. 


I let out cries and begs, but they seemed not heard anything. 


I call Connie louder, begging to stop doing this to me. 


She finally walks out of the small room holding some envelopes; she left those on the desk and come close to me 


-You know Rachel, you always act like a bitch with me, and yet you beg my compassion? 

I do not think so 


She pulled a scissors from the bag, and pointing at me with it, she told me: 


-After I hear the voice mail, knowing you'll be here. I just had planned that they will leave you only handcuffed in this office, but when you tried to escape even though they had promised not to hurt you, and worse, you saw me, now things will be very different, I got my chance to make you pay everything you did to me. 


-Put it up. She orders. 


Thieves lifted me as if I weighed the same as a feather. 


She kneels in front of me and lifted my tight mini skirt exposing the tops of my black stockings. 


-This skirt is so tight to your hips!  I see you when you move that tight ass in front of the men in the whole building. You are an attention whore, isn’t? 


She keeps lifting my skirt to expose my lace panties. 


-I knew it, you also wear a bitchy underwear, you canīt hide anything whit this soft and thin lace, and no pantyhose? Instead you wear stockings. You know your tight skirt let us know you are wearing stockings? You slut! 


-No, please, stop that Connie! 


I try to struggling while she touches me, but it was futile, my legs are completely tied, and with my elbows tightly tied behind my back, I was no challenge for those strong thieves holding me. 


The scissors cut my panties and without any care, she pulled my panties away from my body, 


She got up with a smile and with his left hand touches my private parts sticking his finger into my vagina. 


-Please, please Connie, please stop. 


-I am tired of hearing your cry, open wide bitch! 


She makes a ball with my panties and put it in my closed lips.  


-Open your mouth, bitch! 


Suddenly, I felt a lot of pain when she pulls some pubic hair from my groin. I open my mouth to cry in pain and she put the ball inside. 


I try to spit the ball but one of the thieves put his hand in my mouth, meanwhile she took a big red ball from the bag, with two leather straps each side, and put it again close to my mouth, he move his hand from my face and she push the ball against my mouth. 


-Open wide, sweetheart, this is a big one. 


I open my jaw before she pulls more hair from my groin and as much as I open my mouth, it is not enough for the big ball get into my mouth. 

She is pressing the ball, forcing my jaw to almost dislocating from my head, suddenly, I feel how the ball gets into my mouth, settle behind my teeth, pressing my tongue down, filling me and pushing deeper my panties to my throat. There is no way I can spit that big ball by myself without my hands. 


She pulls my head down and began to buckle the straps very tightly behind my head. feel the straps almost cutting the corners of my lips.  


-Oh, look at you, you look gorgeous. Definitely the red is your color. 


I just cried, I had surrendered. 


They put me in the chair again, and before they keep going to bind me she stop them. 


-Wait, it just occurred to me, let's play around with her mind. We need to add a couple of things before we finish with her.  


- Here, grab this! She gave the roll of tape to one of the man. - Wrap each one of his hands with this duck tape before you tie her wrists together and put some of this super glue on each knot of every rope on her and the following ropes. I need to find something. 


She said when she walks towards my drawers on the desk and start searching. 


I feel how one of them began to wrap the duck tape in my hands and the other guy raising my legs to apply super glue in the knots on my ankles and knees, then he move back to apply more glue on my elbows rope. 


I felt more and more terrified of losing my own fingers movement and even without the tape in my fingers, with the ropes glued together, there no way I can loose these knots. 


This had a great impact on my morale. This is what she means with playing with my mind. 


I felt my willpower fade away, and my feeling of helplessness increased greatly to be immobilized and exposed that way. 


I feel my wrist be tied with many coils of rope cinched tight between my arms and glued too. With all of this ropes and tape, my arms have become a useless stump. 


We all hear Connie say "Bingo" and walking towards me with her arms behind her and one big smile in her face. Before she tell something, just watching her smile, my horror keeps growing more and more with everything she do. 


And then she shows me what she found. 


I feel shame, terror, helplessness, hate, all these feelings at once, as she shows me the object she found. 


She found my toy that I have hidden down one of my drawers, a big pink dildo, the others thieves laughed and they turned to see me while they said dirty things to me. 


feel my face red of shame. 


- I see this toy before in your desk, and I was hoping you still have it here and I guess this is a good time to use it. Donīt worry about the batteries, I just replace with your spare pack in your drawer.  


-Mmm, let me guess, this 9v battery should last all night. I am right? 


Sadly she was, one night I forget that thing on, in the morning it was still working. Damn it! I should hide it better. 


-Put this bitch face down on the desk. She ordered the two men. 


I fight with renewed strength when they lift me from the chair and put me down on the desk, was bending in half, my skirt was still in my hips, and so, my naked ass was fully exposed. 


One thief was holding me by my neck pressing my face into the desk and the other held my knees pinning me completely, my breasts broke a couple of buttons on my tight blouse when were crushed against the desk. 


She put her fingers inside me and she played me for a while, until involuntarilymy body reacted to his dirty touch. 


I cursing myself, it is not possible, I canīt be aroused in this kind of situation. 


I'm being raped while I'm bound and totally helpless at the will of these three thieves.  


This is not possible. I am getting wet! I try to bite as hard as I can the big ball in my mouth to stop my moaning, of being arousing, to be raped in this way. 


They laughed at my moaning. 


-Wow, look at you, darling, you are really enjoy being raped by me, you dirty bitch! Then she spanked my cheeks! 


She moved off his fingers and immediately felt the big dildo to be inserted in my vagina of a crude blow, almost touching the upper walls of my cervix; I let out a groan of pain. 


-What?  You don't like anymore, bitch? 


She pulls out the dildo and again she pushes it harder inside me. She keeps playing for a while and giving me more spankwhile she was playing with the dildo. 


My mind was so confused, I was feeling great pain but my body keeps getting more and more aroused. 


Suddenly she stop playing, leaving the dildo inside me. And she spoke in my ear. 


- Your punishment for your attempt to escape and see me here was not over yet, sweetheart. 


- Put her down! 


They raised me again and sat me in the chair, I just moaned when my weight push deeper the intruder inside my vagina.  


The same guy, who was behind me before, came back to the task to tie me even more.  


Before that time I thought it could not be tied even tighter, but what came after me scared me even more. 


He ties many coils of rope around my chest and my arms, over and under my breasts and cinching tight under my armpits and behind my neck. 


I felt like all those strings were united in one behind my back and glued again. 

Trapping the chair between my arms and torso, it is now impossible for me to stand up for myself.  


Oh God! What is their problem with me? He is going to tie me with more rope.  


Much more rope is tied around my waist and the chair, cinched and glued between my waist and the chair, squeezing me. Now the chair and I are we fused together.  


Now she is in front of me and the other two at each side of her.  I can feel his gaze on me, staring all over my tightly tied and exposed body. 


I wonder how bizarre do I look. 



My long legs in black stockings and my black high heels contrasting with white ropes all over my legs that keeps them tightly together. 


My tight skirt lifted up my hips, not only showing the tops of the stockings even showing my bare crotch and the pink wire of the dildo. 


A thin waist formed by the tight ropes around me. 


My red satin blouse half open exposing a black bra that can barely hold my breasts that are forced out by the position of my arms, and the ropes on my chest, tightly tied behind my back.  


long and thin neck holding a cute blond hair head, two pleading eyes, soft features and some pink lips framing a large, shiny red ball held tightly in my mouth. 


She pulled from her pocket her smart phone.  


- We're not yet finished, but let me tell you sweetheart, you're about to be the perfect image of a real damsel in distress. We just need to do on you a couple of things, in order to maximize your helplessness. 


And then, she began to take pictures of me in every imaginable angle. 


What?  canīt believe it! What else they can do to me. I can only moan of despair while she keeps taking pictures. 


Then she stops and took my purse and took my black scarf and some cotton pads from my makeup and she gives it to one of the men. 


-Blindfold her, she already saw enough. 


The last I saw, she was taking a couple of black binder clips from my desk. Then everything went dark. 


Then the thief who was behind me grabbed my head so the other could put the cotton pads on my eyes and tie my scarf in my head, tying too tight behind my head.  


Now I was blind. I felt someone touching the rope in front of my waist. Probably was Connie. 


I felt a tug and again she put her hand between my thighs and one man took my bound ankles and lifting up them, until my knees almost up to the level of my head, then I realized the horror of their actions, I felt a rope being tied around my dildo in my vagina and be pulled between my ass and between my arms over the cord that binds my wrists. Burying deeper the dildo whit every tug. 


I try to scream but with my legs lifted up in that way and the rope on my waist, I can't even breathe. 


These bastards will not stop torturing me with each rope they tie on me? 


- Before you put down her legs, let me take some pictures of her. Said Connie. 


She began to take photos. 


-Please, could you lift the legs a little bit more?  Perfect, keep them that way. 


She is taking more and more pictures.  


Oh God! What is she going to do with all of those photos, post them on line, blackmail me, or she is just a sick pervert. 


Finally they let go down my legs and I barely breathe again after that effort. 


For my surprise they not only lower down my legs, they try to bend it under the chair but I resist, then I feel a strong tug at my crotch rope and I have to let them do whatever they want to do with my bound legs. 


I immediately regretted having allowed them to do what they wanted. 


I guess they tied my crotch rope to the rope under my high heels because when they pull the rope up, I feel my feet lift until the tip of my high heels donīt touch the ground anymoreand my crotch rope going tighter and deeper inside me. 


But they donīt stop there! 


They keep pulling until they can join my crotch rope to the cords that bind my arms and torso behind my back and make a tight knot, and guess is glued just like every rope that will keep me tightly restrained, until somebody cut the ropes. 


This woman should have a very twisted mind, all of this evil ways to keep me completely helpless. 


When I thought it was all over and finally they will leave me alone, I think wrong again.  


- Bring her! Said Connie. 


I felt the chair being lifted and carried forward a few meters,  


This damn crotch rope is breaking me in half every step they take. The change of the sound around me terrified me again. 


They took me to the secret room and put me back on the ground, even with the terrible pain in my crotch I struggle as hard as can. 


They cannot leave me in here! I am the only one who knows how to open it in the entire building. 


I keep groaning and fighting against the ropes but they ignored me completely, I think  they thought to kill me after all, this room is soundproof even without this damn gag, no one could hear me scream on the other side.  


I began to sadly moan. 


- Tie this over there! Ask Connie to one of the thieves. And you help me to move her while I tie this on her. 


Suddenly I felt be tilted forwards and more rope was tied around my neck, I began to struggling with all my force and despair.  


They will hang me! 


-Hey, calm down Rachel! We are just getting ready to go; we don't want to kill you. Said Connie. But you can kill yourself if you keep moving like that. We put books under the back legs of the chair, if you try to move the chair, the books will move and the chair goes down tightening the rope in your neck, so if I was you, I will stay still like a good girl the next two days! 


I cry when I hear that, two days is too much, I'm already tired of being tied up in this extreme way. And it has not yet passed a single hour since they began to tie me up. 


- This is your fault, bitch, she said angry, they had orders to leave you cuffed in your office and I will free you in the morning, but no, you have to try to run away and saw me outside the office.  


Now I have to disappear and that takes some time. I will not take any risk with you, bitch, you will remain locked in this place tightly bound and gagged until is safe for me. 


Suddenly she rips my satin blouse, exposing completely my breast and pulling each one out of the cups of my bra. 


-And then I will send a couple of pictures to Stuartwhich is madly obsessed with you and the only one you have never flirted because you dislike the lust way in which he looks your tight ass, I'm sure he will be very happy to know how open this door where he can find you completely bound and helpless. 


-Remember, you're blindfolded and soon you will be deaf, so you'll never know when the door opens, and who knows, before he cuts the ropes, maybe he also take lots of pictures of you, or maybe he call the entire office to look the way he find you, and everyone takes pictures of you completely bound and fully exposed. OhI wish to be here to see your face when they find you. 


I try to scream again, feeling so devastated. She wants to destroy my life. 


- But before we left, let me do something to keep you busy. 


Suddenly the dildo inside me came to life and began to vibrate, someone behind me began to fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples, other hands touched my legs and tights and I guess Connie put her hand in my crotch playing the dildo inside me. 


I hear the sound of the phone kept clicking again and again.  


They kept fondling my breast until my nipples were as hard as a rock, fondling my thighs and playing with the vibrator inside, they made my body betrayed me again! 


I start moaning and I get very aroused again. Her hand feels my crotch getting wet. 


-Now. She said 


And the hands that were caressing my breasts moved away and seconds later, I felt a pain like I never feel before. 


My nipples were like fire, now I know why she picks up the binder clips. They put one in each of my nipples. Their hands were still caressing the rest of my body, and the click of the phone was still again and again. 


I try to curse those bastards as loud as I can. But the tight gag muffled every sound I try to make.  


They waited until I was fully aroused to torture me again.  


Suddenly became deaf; they put earplugs in my ears. They are slowly depriving each one of my senses. Just as she told me, every step increases my feeling of helplessness 


There I was, trying to stay as still as I could, but their five hands would not stop touching every part of my body, guess be depraved of mostly of my senses increase my awareness and I feel even more every caress my body. 


was so exited! 


I could not help; I started to move my hips, my hands and feet, trying to use that rope in my crotch, moving the dildo as much as I can.   


I could not assure that, but I guess I can hear when they laughing. 


They keep those hands caressing my breasts, another plays with my clit, other hands fondle my legs and guess that phone continues taking pictures of my predicament. 


At that moment, I didn't care; I just wanted to get the climax! nothing more. 


I fell in trance for a few minutes moaning as hard as I can, convulsing of frenzy, losing myself in a veil that disappeared the world around me, I took me some time to react again. No more hands touching me, there is any noise. Only silence. 


I try to open my eyes thinking that all was just a dream, and yet I manage to not see anything, I try to move my hands to my face and I cannot reach it. I feel a vibration in my crotch, I try to move my hands again and this time I feel a pain in my crotch. 


Damn it was not a dream, I am still captive in my office, only now just a vibration, nothing more. They left. 




Only one night has passed... 


I don't know if I can resist... 


I'm so thirsty... 


Suddenly, I feel fresh air and a pair of hands shaking me. 


Oh my God! 


It's over?... 




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