My Hen Night- Part 3

By Mel

This had turned into the hen night from hell!

I was wedged in the boot of my own car, trussed up tightly, thoroughly gagged and blindfolded, and wearing no more than my bridal lingerie. My elbows were held uncomfortably close by a pair of handcuffs, putting a strain on my shoulders that grew ever more agonising. A crotch rope cut painfully into a very tender area, my satin thong providing little protection. There were a few items already in the boot, and they pressed into me, increasing my distress yet further. With my mouth sealed, my stomach compressed by the over-tightened corset and my knees pressed against my chest, breathing was not easy and I had to keep calm and take steady breaths.

At first, I tried to guess where they were taking me, but I soon lost all idea as the car turned left and right again and again, throwing me from side to side. Unable to use my arms to break the motion, I kept being bumped painfully, sometimes on my head, sometimes on my almost bare bottom. It must be Katie driving, I guessed. Her father was a rally driver and she had learnt some really hair-raising driving techniques. Oh, that was a sudden U-turn, and another, no doubt to make quite sure that I got bumped and lost my sense of direction.

My thoughts turned to an attempt to escape. I needed to be able to reach my ankles to untie the scarf and undo the handcuffs round them. That meant lying on my face with my legs doubled over and feet near my hands. Despite the cramped conditions and my very constricting bondage, I managed to manoeuvre myself slowly towards that position. Every motion made my crotch rope dig in even more painfully, and each time there was another jolt a different part of my body got banged. However, I made it in the end. I reached towards the scarf, but could only touch the backs of my ankles and couldn't find any knots. They must all be at the front. If only I could get my hands farther from my bottom! But if I tried, it made the crotch rope more painful. With a strain, I found the handcuffs, but with my thick, tight gloves on it was impossible to find the escape levers, let alone move them. Just as I felt totally exhausted and frustrated, the car stopped. I heard people get out, and the boot lid swung open. Thoroughly blindfolded as I was, I felt the fresh air but could still see nothing at all.

"Right, Miss Bride of the Year, here we are. You can get out now." It was Fi. Obviously, there was no way on Earth I could climb out unaided. Many hands grabbed me and dragged me out. Struggle as I might, I was far too well bound to resist as I was carried a short way then propped up against something very rough. Clearly, it was the tree I was to spend the night tied to, a very thick and sturdy one.

A rope across my belly, pulled tight, pressed my body against the trunk, trapping my already immobilised arms yet more. The roughness of the trunk was uncomfortable against my back. But that was only the start. More ropes went across my ankles, thighs and below and above my breasts, pinioning me into absolute immobility with the rough bark pressing against every bit of the back of my legs, my arms, my shoulders, my head. They even tied a rope round my sandals, pressing my feet even closer together. I mumbled through my gag and shook my head as best I could, hoping against hope for release.

"No, dear, we haven't forgotten your head," laughed Fi. I felt a silk scarf covering my already blindfolded and gagged face. It too was knotted tightly around the tree, pressing my head yet more firmly against the rough bark. "That will do. Nighty night!" And the girls all walked off.

Absolutely paralysed and helpless, I could only stand there. There was no knot conceivably within my reach that I could try to undo. No amount of facial contortions could shift my blindfold or gag at all. My feet started to ache in those very high-heeled sandals. The crotch rope dug in. Everything dug in. Time passed, I had no idea how long. I felt wretchedly alone and exposed, every tiny sound making me worry that some threat was approaching.

From nowhere came the sound of footsteps, a firm tread. Someone was walking through the forest! I made such noise as I could. Was that wise? Would the stranger be friend or foe? Whoever it was came up to me and stopped. Hands in woollen gloves rubbed the exposed tops of my breasts and moved down to rub my stockinged thighs. I could do absolutely nothing to stop those hands from roaming round my body. I knew I should be terrified, sick with fear, yet my feelings were fare more of excitement and arousal. I struggled, as much in frustration as in attempted but futile resistance. My nipples soon hardened, and not from cold. Would the stranger notice?

Gloved fingers grasped the waistband of my thong and tried to pull it down. It could not come down because of the crotch rope, but the fingers reached where they could, feeling and prodding my most private areas with impunity. This went on for several minutes, until the stranger evidently got bored and walked off. The footsteps faded into the distance. Was I relieved or disappointed? It was hard to tell.

Eventually, despite my extreme discomfort, tiredness got the better of me and I drifted off to sleep. I was held so tightly and securely that my position scarcely changed. Even my head, swathed in a silk scarf, could not slump.


I was wakened by my head rolling forward as the scarf round it was removed. I winced as fingers peeled off the tape and plasticine over my eyes; pulling off the tape was painful. At first, I was blinded by the light, but I soon made out that all my friends from the party were there. And behind them was Helen's parents' house. I had spent the night in her huge back garden, surrounded as I knew by a massive high brick wall, not in a forest.

Helen seemed to read my thoughts. "You didn't really think we'd leave you alone in the forest, did you? We had you here, and there was a rota keeping watch to ensure you were OK. Wasn't half difficult keeping absolutely quiet so you wouldn't realise we were there."

Meanwhile, Fi was peeling off my gag. The relief as she pulled out my sodden panties was indescribable.

"But who was it who came up and fondled me then," I asked.

The girls looked at each other and smirked.

"You'll never know, Mel," said Fi. "Maybe it was me, maybe one of the girls, maybe not."

I almost collapsed as the last bonds were cut off me. The girls helped me into Helen's parents' house.

"You've all been absolutely wonderful. That was the most amazingly enjoyable experience I've ever had in my life," I said after I'd had a drink and recovered my strength a bit. "There's only one thing. My wedding night will be such an anticlimax. How can Craig tie me up in a way that will be half as exciting?"

The End

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