Gorilla at Large

By Woody

Part Five


“Help me understand this. You fellas come out here to take nature pictures?”

“That’s right.”

“Birds and stuff?”


Artie was explaining to a state police lieutenant the situation.

“Hey Lieutenant! Somebody in the woods. Or some thing.”

The troopers massed at the site of the report.

“Who’d it look like, one of your group out there?”

“No we’re all here,” said Artie.

The trooper who had sounded off said, “ to be honest it looked like some sort of animal.”


Which it was, a human dressed as a Gorilla. Buck had spotted Betti’s left behind clothes and shoes and gathered them up. Clumsy to grip in the suit, he still thought it better to not be seen with them. Being dressed as a Gorilla would be easier to explain then being accused of planning to wear women’s clothing around a bunch of men with cameras. He eased deeper into the woods.

As the sound of the group faded he paused to remove the costume head. Hot and bothered but away from cops, he worked to find the trail that Betti and Joyce had been directed to travel. He found it easier going, head in hand and fighting the temptation to take a little sniff of the bundle he carried. He adored Betti, but sniffing her garments might make him weird, if only to himself.

He did wonder if she was still bound and gagged, of course she wouldn’t be, her sister would have taken care of that. He did hope they’d negotiate a deal for Betti’s curvy sister to earn bound and carry cash.

He should catch up to them soon, he had hid for a bit before moving, but he doubted they would be that far ahead. Ah there was the stream, good place to stop, he needed to splash his face. He put down the head and clothes, sipped water from his paw, splashed off, then noticed a pair of sandals. He had Betti’s shoes, these must belong to Joyce. Why would she have left these? Must be around here.

“Hey Gals it’s me Buck.” Maybe shouting wasn’t a good idea. Would any of the cops know to search down this trail? Artie and the club would have been able to shoo them away. Still had to wonder why Joyce had left her shoes behind.


“Urgumph,” said Joyce, thinking she had heard shouting. She glanced at Betti, then at Shortknife. He kept pulling, ignoring as they exchanged grunts.

Betti said,” I heard something,” [Um urg hum ing].

“Ur gunning id id,” (No kidding you did), said Joyce.

Joyce grunted more, tried to stop but was nearly slung off her feet.

Joyce had not managed a clear sound since opening her eyes to the hand clamping her mouth and the black hair guy in a red flannel shirt, belted kaki pants, dress shoes with a dusted over polish and the knife. A pocketknife, a short blade.

She’d never seen the guy she decided to call ShortKnife. She “mummphed,” a few times.

“Oh hi,” said Betti. Say you were hitch hiking weren’t you?”

“I was hiking. Yes I saw you pass. All those nice cars. And the men. I saw what they made you do. It’s all right now.”

“Yes it is. No need for the knife. That’s my sister Joyce, I’m Betti. Those guys will be joining us here in just a minute. All of them. Gosh might as well put that knife away, they might get the wrong idea.”

“Don’t worry I won’t let them,” he said. “And she won’t be tying you up anymore. I understand how you can be still scared, I saw her drag you into the woods. I lost sight and then managed to find you, fighting with her. You’re very brave. We need to tie her up.

“Mummph,” said Joyce. “Mutti mell mum.”

“We’ll have to gag her,” he said. “I saw stuff in that box. And that rope too.”

“Mum um,”

“Please.” He wiggled the knife. Joyce muted herself and shook her head yes bunches and bunches so he knew she was very nice and quiet. He took his hand off her lips. Joyce kept her mouth shut and listened and looked at Shortknife and Betti.

“Hand me some rope,” he said.

“I can tie her,” said Betti.

“Best to have someone one who knows what they’re doing.”

“Oh I can figure it out,” she said.

“Put your hands behind. No I’ll handle this. And I’ll have to tie you.”


“Keep your hands back there. Keep them crossed.”

He finished binding Joyce, then said to Betti.

“Because you’ll panic. I’ll make you safe for when those men come searching, rest assured they will.”

“Well I won’t say anything to them,” said Betti.

“Of course, I’ll gag you too.”

“Oh I promise to be quiet.”

“I need cloth for her mouth,” he said.

Joyce watched Betti hand Shortknife a frayed red checked dishcloth and a black bandanna. He folded the bandanna as if packing for a trip and wadded Joyce’s mouth. He fastened it with the dishrag like he expected a bumpy journey.

“Ergh,” said Joyce. The deep gag showed lips and teeth but buried her tongue. She chewed with her molars and drooled.

He ignored that, saying to Betti, “It’s better for you this way too.”

Betti thought running was the better way, he gripped her right wrist.

“Just turn around.”

He gagged her first, not taking the chance Betti’s sweet tones would entice him to leave her loose. He neatly puffed the blue rag he pulled from the box past her sexy lips and white teeth. He folded and wrapped a white rag, tying it straight, the band pinching behind her ears and leaving her with no hint of a mouth. He crossed and bound her wrists, then removed his belt. The women’s eyes widened thinking he’d whip them. He trussed them side to side, Betti’s right elbow to Joyce’s left, leaving slack to grip.


Now they stumbled along the trail. “Um um ir?” said Betti.

Bare feet heeled and stubbed against tree roots, branches skittered over bare skin not covered by Betti’s bikini, Joyces’ bra and short shorts.

“Doem,” said Joyce.

“Back this way.”

This way was just a short move off the trail, thru a curtain of branches to a living room sized clearing.

“On your knees.”

They knelt, Joyce could just make out the trail thru the branches. He put down the box, unfastened the belt, then walked to stand in front of the sisters.

“I suppose the gags, it must be hard to breath.”

They nodded yes and he released their lips and tongues, keeping the wadding and wrapping close in a pile. Betti and Joyce drank in air, it was hot even in the shade.

“Are you warm in that flannel?” said Betti.

“I’m fine, but thanks for asking. What do you have to say?”

“Well not more then what I’ve alrummph,” said Betti.

He put a gentle but firm hand over her mouth.

“What do you have to say?”

Betti was quiet.

“Well if you’re talking to me,” said Joyce.

“I am.”

“Come here often?”

“You mean hiking? Yes, I mean I’m from out west, my mother runs a motel there.”

Joyce was careful not to call him Shortknife, she thought he’d put the knife in his left pants pocket, but wasn’t sure. She asked him his name.


“Norman, oh, well I’m Joyce, but Betti told you that.


“Could you take your hand off her mouth?”

He did.

“Thank you,” said Betti.

“Ever been out west?”

“No, I think Betti has.”

“I visited Hollywood.”

“You’re beautiful enough to be in Hollywood, both of you,’ he said.

“Thanks,” they replied.

“Did I mention my mother has a motel out there, you’d like my mother,” he said.

“If we had time,” said Betti.

“I’m trying to figure a way we can get there,” he said.

Joyce said, “ well we couldn’t go like this, tied up.”

“Why not?”

They didn’t know what to say to that.

He put his hand on the tiny mound of gags.

Betti yelled first, “FIRE”

Joyce just screamed, “ARRAYH!”

He pushed his hand at Betti’s jaw, pushing her mouth shut and then sliding over her lips and clamping hard.

“Fimmrrr!” came from under the hand gag. Joyce went on yelling. Betti rolled to her left trying to get her lips loosened; he rolled with her to her back. He straddled her, took his hand away and stuffed the black bandanna past Betti’s incisors.

“Urmgggy,” said Betti. She bit, he stuffed more in and snatched the white cloth and wrapped it around her head, over her black hair and did one, two quick knots behind Betti’s head. Her lips fought the gag, he worked the band deeper and her incisors showed over the top and bottom of the white band, the black gag slid to her molars, out of sight like entering the mouth of a cave.

Joyce dove on her front, holding her face off the grass, she rolled to her left side and got her long legs scissoring, striking Norman’s back and shoulders. Betti burbled into the gag, her eyes fierce.

Norman left Betti bound on her back and turned to catch Joyce’s right heel on his left ear. He snatched her ankles, pushed wide and got between her legs, grinding his hips into hers.

She screamed.

Buck thought he heard something.


Norman pushed the red checked dishcloth into Joyce’s mouth.


She thrashed. He wrapped the blue bandana around her head, cinched it tight against her blonde hair and knotted the gag.

Moist bleating sounds came from both women.

Buck heard the noise again, ducked into the woods, then watched a parade of camera club members and state troopers pass along the trail. Drat they must be on the lookout for Betti and Joyce. Well he would be too. They have the smarts to stay off the trail and out of trouble.

“Umpool gum erkle,” said Joyce as she was rolled like a baking pin, Norman slapping her ankles together and binding them, rolling her again to her stomach he joined ankles and wrists in a messy knotted hog tie.

He slid off Joyce and rolled Betti, she thrashed her legs but he snatched them and put her in hog tie position. He’d just started wrapping her crossed ankles when sound came from the trail.

Joyce saw pant legs thru the low hanging branches.

Ummph, umm uss!”

Norman layed across Betti and Joyce, adding his hands to their gags.

Desperate woofing came thru the gags, but lawman and camera club members didn’t hear. Norman pressed down on Betti and Joyce, his grip tight on their mouths.

The parade passed. Norman relaxed. Joyce and Betti made sobbing sounds, trying to get more air, trying to damp down panic. He stood. Then a Gorilla attacked.

Binding, gagging and stifling women had kept Norman deaf to the approach of Buck, who figured attack was necessary. The surprise left quick for Norman as ,Real Gorilla or not, his knife was his option.

Lack of air dimmed the sound but not the effort of screaming from Betti and Joyce. They thrashed goggle eyed at the blade went into the Gorilla costume. Buck did some screaming but not from pain, just fear of the blade. But the thick fur of the rental suit suck up the steel, and Buck slapped Norman across the face. Norman stabbed again and again, the suit was ruined, Buck unharmed.

He kneed the groin of the knife wielding nut case. Norman fell backward over the bound and gagged women. Buck put a Gorilla footprint on the hand with the knife; Norman released the blade, staggered up and ran.

“ Urrha goar uck,” said Betti.

Joyce gasped relief thru her gag.

Buck struggled to remove his suit, struggled to untie the two, struggled to control his urges as the two freed beauties hugged and kissed him.

“Jeez Louise that was a close one,” said Betti.

“A tight one, it was for real wasn’t it?” said Joyce.

“You betcha, otherwise I’d have that guy to pay for the suit. Oh the club will have to chip in for this,” said Buck.

“If they don’t," Betti smiled, "I’ll make it up to you... privately."


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