Gingers Evening

By Bob2300

with contributions by Zenetx.


Part 1


  Ginger bit her lip nervously and wished fervently that she had just a little bit of liquid courage backing her up. A nip of rum or something similar to steel her nerves, to brace her resolve before this heart shaking encounter. Her fingers twitched of their own accord, involuntarily reaching for a pack of cigarettes that were not there. She had given them up years ago, but there were still times when she was nervous, she imagined her destination what would happen if she was caught there what would happen if she stayed there for a prolonged period of time, she felt her heart beat hasten. Then she felt an irresistible impulse take over, perhaps she should start vaping? She took a few deep breaths to steady herself. She had been told not to attend this session intoxicated, she had chosen to come to play this game she had to abide by their rules. Or else she would be turned away and she would not receive a refund.


  She had to admit that there had been times when one drink led to another and another, so perhaps it was for the best. A little bit nervous was better than being a bit drunk and a bit stupid, who knew what she might sign herself up for if she was not in control, she felt a little thrilling impulse imagining the worst scenario she could imagine, did the image excite her or haunt her. It was this little clubs belief that alcohol would dull the sensations and depress the mood of anyone participating. She was still not sure if she should be doing this, the reality of what she was stepping into could be very different from her fantasies. Her nerves would not get the best of her yet. She had been referred to this service at the recommendation of a friend, signed up to visit this place at a discreet hour. She steeled herself to continue, it had been a genuine favour by a very dear friend.


  Patricia had really gone well above what you would expect of a friend. She had gone as far as practically setting this all up. Registering Ginger with the establishment, filling out all the paperwork and disclaimers the releases on her behalf. All that to enable her to explore a sexy fantasy, something that had been buzzing away at the back of her mind for months. If she was truthful with herself the seed of the idea had been planted years ago. She had dreams and ideas that had become more and more concrete that she had experienced with growing clarity, a desire that had not waned. It was something that she had confessed to her friend just a week ago. It had taken her real courage to speak up, she felt relief when her friend had not laughed at her made fun of it or reacted with judgement or revulsion. Ginger felt that was the mark of a true friend, to support you no matter what you set out to do.


  She had helped set her on a path of discovery. A road leading to what now appeared at least from the outside to be a small dull nondescript hotel. The sort of place that accountants would gather to have a conference on tax codes. Ginger surreptitiously checked the address, her eyebrows raised. Looking about it was not very provocative, but still she told herself interesting things often came in plain wrappers. You couldn't always judge a book by its cover, especially with a cover as non-descript as this one. Looking about it was hard to see anything unusual about the other clients slowly making their way to the hotel. There were a number of people dressed up for a night out. But the crucial thing seemed to be that they were dressed up and heading to the hotel. That was the clue, rather than people dressing up and heading out from the hotel. That made the implication that there was something going on in the hotel worth dressing up for. It didn't mesh with her fantasy of what such a place should look like, but then those were dreams and this was the practical reality.


  Ginger had made some particular preparations for the night. She wanted to convey a look of raw sexuality, a feeling of confidence. She was preparing herself for the actualisation of her fantasy. Trying deep inside to build up her courage to actually go through with it and not turn tail and run out the door. To this end she was dressed in a very short bright red silk dress that left nothing to the imagination. She was tall curvy with a strong athletic body on display, it was barely covered by the thin fabric. Her height was accentuated with high red heels in a similar shade of red, adorned with a dainty little ankle strap.


  Not quite so visible for public consumption she wore a red lacy underwear. An under wire red bra, with garters holding up stockings above her five inch high heels. She was admittedly not very good at balancing in them, so she was walking very slowly towards the venue. She looked at herself in the reflection of a window, she was really quite the sight. With these heels and a few drinks in her she would not have been able to stand up straight. She posed for herself, she was rather muscular, as she had a hobby as an armature triathlete. It was much more fulfilling than her day job in administration. She had a vivid imagination that conjured up all sorts of scenarios in anticipation of this night.


  With her slow sauntering walk she reached the entrance. The reception was not particularly suggestive of what was going on inside. However it was very busy, she counted three receptionists and two security guards. There were no bell hops, but then they were not needed with the hotel guests having practically no luggage, just bringing themselves, the hotel apparently provided everything else that was needed for a nights entertainment.


  Ginger had a long coat tucked under her arm, which was checked in to a separate cloakroom. She quickly confirmed that she had the correct establishment with the receptionist, an attendant guided her around the hotel away from the mundane towards the fanciful. She was led around to a waiting room, inducted into the ranks of the club. A little more paperwork for her to sign. She was introduced to her room, at least it would be her room for the next couple of hours. Ginger signed some more legal waivers selecting her limits etc. Getting ready for the nights activities, perhaps she was a little more bold in her choices recklessly so. Filled with an ignorant bravado to begin with, but she would learn eventually that it was perhaps not the wisest choice.


  Ginger had to wait in a small antechamber for a minute, they were preparing for her. The scene was set ready for the festivities to begin, she had enough time to run through a few moments of anticipation exciting her. A brass bell sounded inviting her onwards. She breathed in and out slowly then grasped the handle and stepped into the room proper. It was dark with dimmed lights. There was a filter over the others projecting red light into the bedroom. The room was dressed in rich shades of red. The curtains the bed the walls the drapes and the furniture. There were three mistresses or dominatrixs dressed from head to toe in matching latex catsuits waiting for her. They had knee high lace up boots with four inch heels, tight corseted waists and long leather gloves. She was ready to be inaugurated into her fantasy by these capricious wicked and beautiful creatures. The three oriental women according to the promotional material were meant to be sisters. To Ginger’s roaming eye they certainly looked alike, but then that could just be similarities in make-up hair and dress. Still Ginger was not sure, she decided to embrace the fantasy that there were three triplets who were going to harshly instruct her. After all it was the fantasy that was more appealing than the reality of three unrelated women acting out a role, she wanted to be fully immersed in her fantasy in her escapism.


  They had riding crops in their hands and they looked like they wanted any excuse to apply them harshly to every inch of her body, not that that idea wasn't exactly unappealing to their guest. They moved across the floor in unison a ballet of sensuous fluid motions with their hips swinging. Ginger gasped as they got closer, before she knew what was going on they were circling her like sharks looking at fresh meat. She was told to strip, they inflected the command with a little flick of the crop right in front of her face. She gasped hesitantly and got a little tap on the bottom from behind. The poor girl jumped into the air and yipped, the three woman made an identical motion with their crops, they only had a tiny bit of patience.


  Ginger quickly stripped off all her clothing, her dress came off followed by her heels and her stockings, she placed them on a chair by the door. She reached for her bra for the clasp at the back and her fingers hesitated there was a nervous tremor in her digits as she was about to cross a line. For that pause she got another tap on her bottom from the other direction. That persuaded her to continue, quickly enough her undergarments came off as well and were placed on the same chair. She was going red standing there on the spot. Instinctively she raised her right hand to cover her breasts. That got her another little tap on her thigh and she immediately lowered her hands by her sides, a little hesitant whimper caught in her throat.


  Ginger bit her lip, she could feel her heart racing. She could feel herself blushing, still she was nervous yet aroused at the same time. Her loins were aflame and her breast was heaving with a plethora of contrary emotions. She looked as if she was about to try and fight or run. Neither of which was exactly appropriate for this situation. She was firmly instructed on what to do, told to put her arms behind her back. She felt that there was a seductive quality to the chorus of voices ordering her about. The tone the pitch the inflection it made her body tingle. She gasped a little and submissively crossed her wrists behind her back. They walked around her prodding her with the tips of their crops. They looked at her feeling her taunt muscles and lithe form nodding in approval. She was instructed to kneel on the floor, in front of them upon a rather thick red rug. She gasped and complied, the weave was gentle against her naked skin. There was a tap on the inside of her thigh and she spread her knees wide exposing herself to the three dominatrixs inspection. Her fantasies tugged at her mind and she imagined being trapped in there care for a long time. Mercilessly bound hand and foot then balled up into a tiny little cage gagged and hooded unable to protest, she felt her stomach flutter nervously at the vivid fantasy.


  She waited a heartbeat, they moved closer and began to bind her. One mistress had a hand on her right shoulder a crop held under her chin. Another mistress had a hand on her left shoulder. Before she could work out where the last Dom was, thick black Para cord was wrapped around her wrists. It was enfolded quickly there was an awful lot of it and it was pulled quite tight. She had a moment to think about it. They were not mucking about, she had seconds left before her freedom was gone. Then while she was still thinking about what to do the cord was rather snugly clinched and knotted about her wrists. Ginger began to get worried as the ends of the cord were snipped with clippers. That would make it very hard to undo the knot, if not impossible. Then she heard the flick and whoosh of a lighter. The knot was melted away in a split second, the melted fibres were smoothed down with the edge of the lighter. This seemed a very intense way of dealing with a bit of bondage play. She pulled on her bonds checking, it was worryingly rather tight. Ginger quickly realised that she had absolutely no way out of these bonds, unless she was cut out of her bonds by another. Her breathing became deeper and faster. One of the mistresses gave her buttocks a playful squeeze and she gasped turning red. An arm wrapped around her elbows and a kiss was firmly planted on her neck.


  She looked nervously around the room, like a deer in front of the headlights ready to bolt. She pulled against her bonds again, she was more like a hare caught in a trap. Doubt fear anxiety began to build in her stomach. She pulled on her wrists really hard and felt a jolt of pain making her grunt. For that she got another crop on her thigh, this one had some real force behind it. She was told to bend down. They gave her a heavily padded blindfold that had gel pads over each of her eye sockets. It was strapped around her head, buckled behind tightly leaving her blind. A hand was gently run over her brow then under her chin. One of the mistresses passionately kissed her on her lips, bending her back devouring her. She was startled as she was suddenly pulled up to her feet. For a moment she could feel the soft carpet under her toes, then It changed to hard wood. Led over to a bed she found it had a very thick heavy mattress that seemed a bit well odd, there was a gap a break in it. She was moved up and positioned on the bed, pressed into a kneeling position in the centre by unseen hands. She could imagine being taken there on the bed the four women forming one writhing knot of pleasure with her wigging about wrapped in the centre she let out a moan of anticipation.


  One of them was stroking her neck and keeping a hand on her shoulder, the other two dominants worked together in unison to secure her in place. A little way above her ankles they used more para cord to tightly tie her legs in that folded over position. Her ankles were connected to her thighs, it was just as tight as the bond on her wrists and now she was quite helpless. The rope was clinched and she could feel herself wince it was god-dam tight. Then just as swiftly they had knotted the para-cord and the loose ends were snipped back. She could smell the little bit of burnt material as the knots were melted and the ends smoothed down. They move in closer and Ginger pulled on her bonds. They calmed her down as they started to kiss and fondle her after she was bound more tightly. There rubber covered bodies pressed up against her, there soft leather gloves running over her skin. She was getting both excited and worried as she couldn’t pull free from any of her bonds. She would remain kneeling with her arms behind her back for the duration of the session, unless they wish to secure her even more stringently.


  Her world was in darkness, she could hear them moving around her exchanging duties. Passing bundles of cord amongst each other in preparation. It was almost as if this rehearsed game was some sort of religious ritual, some rite of passage or inauguration into the club. A kiss on her lips the woman cupping her breasts feeling there weight. Another clinched para-cord wrap was added below her elbows. She felt her shoulders pulled back. Then it got much worse as more rope was added above her elbows. She thought that might be all there was to it, however more rope was employed stringently upon her biceps. The bonds were added in quick succession, reducing her arms to a truly pathetic state. Ginger’s limbs were useless, she was really turned on and helpless, all the while she was gagged with a kiss her lips pressed to another's. There was a similar treatment to secure those bindings so that there were no knots to be unpicked or ends to work lose. The bindings over the kiss was broken and she gaped wanting more.


  The mistresses ran their hands over her bound arms, but in doing so they detected a flaw. Ginger felt her head grabbed again and she was pulled into a passionate kiss that pacified her from any protest. The clinch on her biceps was reinforced really tightly making her gasp. Her shoulders were pulled back really harshly, to the point where it felt as if they were trying to dislocate them, then the lips pulled away from hers. She started to ask a question, only to have a finger put to her lips quieting her down. Ginger should have really read the fine print on what limits she had set for this session.


  They began to kiss and squeeze her body, playing aggressively with her breasts and squeezing her ass. More para-cord was swiftly added to her legs, at mid-thigh and just below the knee. They worked on both legs really pulling the cord tight. It seemed very redundant, they seemed to be applying it for effect rather than because they thought that she might break free of her restrictions. It was psychological emphasizing her state as a slave. It was also artistic the state of her legs almost mirroring the binding on her arms, maybe both concepts were realised together at the same time. To emphasize the control they held over her and to use the material up they clinched the bonds again, to do a ridiculously thorough job. Either way Ginger was not going to get anywhere, bound as she was. They massaged her legs checking her circulation. The victim of the proceedings tried to sit up, but the cord was really tight, she wasn't getting it off without a lot of help. Even if she had a sharp blade to hand, cutting through it all would be very hard if not downright impossible the way her arms were restricted, this was far more intense than any little session her imagination had spawned.


  There were pockets and draws under the bed that must have contained untold numbers of bondage supplies kept close to hand. Between them they produced roll after roll of thin rubbery tape that stuck only to itself and not to Gingers skin. Not that she could see this, but she could hear the sound of the material pulled from the roll. Her fingers twitched once, a different mistress pressed her lips to ginger's gently biting and licking her. Then with the distraction in place they wrapped her hands. Her fingers were pressed together, with a couple of layers they became useless mittens. They wrapped both her hands together palms pressed tightly in place, until they were pretty much useless. Then they got another roll of much thicker material to go over her arms from her finger tips to arm pits.


  They pulled it really tight moving slowly and carefully, stretching out the material to make it lay as flawlessly as possible. The Mistresses got several hair dryers out and began to gently warm the tape. Ginger soon started to feel nervous despite the warm kisses and the teasing caresses. The material was slowly melting and shrinking around her limbs, making her arms even more useless than the para cord had. She whimpered and was kissed on the lips. A hand squeezed her buttocks and another darted between her legs. They pulled out more of the heavy tape, Ginger was pushed onto her back. One of them knelt on her shoulders as similar restrictions were wrapped around both her folded legs. Two tight layers and then they began the same heat treatment on her thighs. They moved her around giving her bonds a second layer of wrapping and another go with the blow drier. Her arms and legs were useless fused rubbery dead-weight at this point, she had no way to get free.


  One of the mistresses binding her planted a sensuous kiss on her lips, then before she could react her own panties were forcefully stuffed deep into her mouth, the mistress working them in there with her thumbs. Ginger whined in protest into her own undergarments, but they were hardly finished gagging her. Her jaw was forced open as two sets of hands force-fed her a very large sponge completely filling every corner of her mouth. Ginger tugged on her bonds and whimpered into the gag in protest. Of course they were still not finished, the packing material was compressed dramatically by the next article. The other paraphernalia was followed by a massive jaw aching ball gag. It had some sort of wide tube running through it in the middle, not that Ginger could see that part. Her teeth were clamped onto the ball as it was lodged in her jaw. A strap was pulled tight behind her head, causing straps to cut into her cheeks and another strap was pulled under her chin. The straps were locked in place. Ginger would not be making any complaints or using her safe word any time soon, one of the captors licked over the top of the gag and giggled.


  Ginger tried to say anything but the gag was absolutely massive. Her jaw was completely filled and stuffed. She was now blushing with humiliation at the thought of being gagged with her own undergarments. Still she told herself that they were very fresh. But she had been quite aroused on the way over, so really they were not that fresh now. She was blushing even more at the thought, feeling the silky material at the back of her throat.

This was far more intense than anything she had ever come up with on her own.


To Be Continued…


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