Foreign holiday

By Mel


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The car lurched and we set off, with the car's siren blaring away.

Wedged in between the front and back seats, and thoroughly tied up, I could scarcely move.  My face was pressed unpleasantly against the floor, and I found it hard to breathe.  Still, at least I wasn't thrown around when the car swerved violently, as it often did.  Heaven knows what speed we were doing, but it was probably quite a bit faster than I'd been going when Bill stopped me for speeding.  We were soon at the police station and parked in the area behind it.

"Now, Jonny's gone to get some special equipment we'll need to deal with you, so you just wait there and be quiet until he returns," said Bill.  He climbed out of the car and slammed and locked the door.  I lay there, wondering what "special equipment" they might need.  No doubt I'd find out pretty soon, and the chances seemed to be that I wouldn't exactly enjoy the experience.

After a few minutes, another blaring siren announced Jonny's return.  The two policemen opened the car doors, dragged me out and carried me into the station.  My squirming and mumbling into the gag that I'd applied to myself were both totally futile.  No way could I make enough noise to arouse the attention of anyone else.  Anyway, who would want or dare to interfere with what was happening in a police station?  At best, if anyone did, they'd be fobbed off with the explanation that a dangerous terrorist suspect had been arrested.

The policemen dumped me onto a table, face down.  "A bit of extra security, given how dangerous our prisoner is," laughed Jonny.  He wrapped parcel tape tightly around and around my fingers, making them quite immobile and useless.

"I had a quick check of the rules for terrorist suspects," said Bill.  "We need to send her clothing off for analysis to see if there are any traces of explosives or anything.  What's the best way to get them off?"

I really didn't like the sound of that, and renewed my struggles and mumbling.

\"I'm way ahead of you Bill," Jonny replied.  This suspect is probably far too dangerous for us to remove the handcuffs.  We'll have to cut off her clothes, and I've brought some tailor's shears."

At that, I got absolutely frantic, and nearly fell off the table, but Jonny caught me in the nick of time.

"Calm down, young lady.  Things will be a lot easier for you if you don't act so stupid," he chided me as he pulled off my shoes.  He cut through the belt on my skirt in two places, pulling the bits out of the belt loops.  My skirt was anyway mostly hitched up to my waist, revealing more than a glimpse of my bottom and my black satin thong.  However, when Jonny had cut my skirt from hem to waistband on both sides and lifted off the rear half, the two policemen had an even better view.

Bill whistled.  "That's quite spectacular," he said, patting my bottom.  "I bet you're a barrel of fun to spank, and I'm looking forward to doing it.  Should the thong come off, Jonny?"

"I suppose so," replied Jonny, cutting the waistband on both sides.  He pulled the thong out from under me, together with the other half of my skirt.  Next, he cut my t-shirt from waist to neck, and then both sleeves from hem to neck, and lifted off the rear half.

"There's a well-dressed girl," nodded Bill approvingly.  Your bra perfectly matches your thong.  But I suppose it has to come off along with everything else."

"Right you are Bill, no half measures here," said Jonny, unfastening the bra and cutting the shoulder straps.  He pulled the bra and the front of the t-shirt out from under me.  I was now completely naked.

The two picked me up and turned me over.  "Very nice breasts," commented Bill, giving them both a squeeze.  "And you really are blonde," he added, running his fingers through the hair around my crotch.  "Well, I need to do a cavity search."  He removed the scarf binding my knees, then pulled them apart.  Jonny produced a short stick with leather straps attached to each end.  He buckled the straps tightly around each thigh just above the knee, forcing me to keep my legs well spread apart.

Bill pulled on a latex glove and then stuck first one, then two fingers into my most intimate opening and poked around for a while, making a point of rubbing my clit.  "Nothing in there, so we'll plug it."

What?  Plug it?

Jonny produced a large plastic object and forced it inside me.  Getting it right in took all of his strength and it pressed against my insides, especially my clit.  I had used a vibrator on myself from time to time, but this was far bigger. They turned me on my face again, and Bill performed a lengthy cavity search on my rear.  That too was plugged.  The plug felt even bigger than the one on my front, but surely it couldn't possibly have been,

Jonny ungagged me.  My mouth was very dry and I had some difficulty talking but managed to say that I wanted to see the British consul.  "Keep quiet, young lady, remember you're being held incommunicado.  And it's in your interests not to misbehave.  Remember, we have to send off your clothes to be tested for explosives.  Suppose they came into contact with explosives before we sent them.  You wouldn't half be in trouble, wouldn't you?  I'm sure you don't want that."

I was stunned by this further piece of blatant police corruption, but what could I do?  I had to play ball, and there seemed no prospect of summoning help.  I kept quiet as Jonny gave me a glass of water, which I sipped eagerly.

Once I'd had enough to drink, Jonny produced a weird thing that looked like a bundle of leather straps.  "Now, open wide young lady," he ordered.  When I hesitated, Bill slapped me on the bottom.  "Do as you're told, girl," he said sternly.  I opened my mouth and in went a large lump of rubber attached to one of the straps.  The others were wrapped around my head.  Soon, the rubber lump was firmly held in by a leather strap.  My mouth and chin were covered in a leather cap, holding my mouth firmly closed.  I was now gagged far more effectively than before.  Straps went up each side of my nose joining om my forehead, and continuing over my head, down and connected to the strap holding in my gag.  Heavily padded leather patches covered my eyes, shutting out all trace of light.

"What other stuff have you got to help us secure this dangerous prisoner?" I heard Bill ask.

"Oh, plenty," came a reply.  I didn't like the sound of that one little bit.

Leather straps were fastened tightly around my shins and thighs, pressing my folded legs into a more firmly folded position.  One of the men raised my shoulders and pressed them towards each other while the other one forced my elbows to touch and wrapped another strap around them to keep them pressed together.  I was utterly and totally immobilised, gagged and blindfolded.  Never in my life had I felt so helpless.  What would these corrupt policemen do to me next?  They could do anything they liked, and how could I stop them, or even object?

They turned me onto my back again.  Lying on my arms with my elbows touching was distinctly uncomfortable, but in comparison with everything else going on, it was only a minor annoyance.

Suddenly, there was a tickling sensation in my crotch; they were probably using a soft brush.  I hadn't realised how ticklish I was there.  I tried to squirm, but I could barely move.  "Good guess, Jonny, that's really getting her going," said Bill.

"Let me know when you get tired, and I'll carry on," came the laughing reply.

I don't know how long that torment lasted.  Deprived of sight and speech, and with little to hear, my entire being focused on my crotch and the endless, frustrating tickling.  Finally, to my immense relief, they got bored of it.  But a new sensation started.  The huge objects lodged inside me started to vibrate.  Simultaneously, the tickling sensation started in my nipples.  Biology had control of my body. and my nipples soon hardened.  I could not resist the sensations sweeping through my body.  A huge orgasm was building and my back started to arch as much as it could in my extreme bondage.  Nearly there …

Suddenly, three things happened all at once.  The vibrations inside me stopped.  I was punched in the stomach, knocking the wind out of my body.  Sharp fingernails pressed into my nether lips.  The shock killed my near-orgasm, leaving me tremendously unsatisfied.

How my captors laughed!

To be continued

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