The Fetish Film Company

By Amy Flanagan

On a Saturday, there would normally be nobody in at the studios of the Fetish Film Company. Today, however, three people were in the building, busy finalising the company accounts: Hugh, the finance director, and his two assistants, Janet and Mary. Hugh was 30; his assistants were in their early 20s. The girls were both very attractive with excellent figures; there was a standing joke among their colleagues that whatever the state of the finances, there were excellent figures in the accounts section. Not that Hugh had picked them for their looks; Hugh had been appointed after them and he had had no say in selecting them.

Both girls had a crush on Hugh. Mary, a rather shy and withdrawn character, had attracted his attention more than brash, assertive Janet had. Indeed, he had agreed to take Mary for a drink after they had finished for the day. Mary was very excited by the prospect, and Janet was decidedly put out, though she did her best not to show it.

The offices were a rabbit warren of small rooms, so each person was in a different room. Mary’s was near the entrance, opposite the studio where the filming was done. The others were upstairs. Mary had finished her contribution by 2pm and e-mailed it to the others, but she knew that Hugh would not be finished for ages. She would normally have gone home, but she obviously wanted to stay until he was ready so she could go out with him. This gave her an opportunity to indulge her fantasy. She had often seen bondage films being made, and she had yearned to be tied up herself. She had considered asking the head of the studio if she could be used as an actress, but she had never managed to pluck up the courage. Now she could tie herself up.

Leaving her room and crossing the corridor, she opened the door of the studio, switched on the light and closed the door behind her. She knew where everything was and had worked out what to do. Opening the wardrobe, she took out a strapless bra, a pair of tie-sided briefs, stockings and suspenders and a pair of stilettos, all black. Taking off all her clothes and folding them up neatly, she put on the sexy clothes. This was a thrill all by itself. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, twisting and turning to see herself from different angles. . She ran her hands over her breasts down to her crotch, over her thighs and round to her behind, then repeated the process, doing a full 360 degree turn while she stared at her reflection. Yes, she certainly looked as good as any of the bondage girls the studio used. Maybe she should ask if she could be in a film.

She set her phone to sound an alarm at 3.30. It would take only a few minutes to get herself tied up and then she’d have a bit over an hour in bondage. That would be ample, and if she really didn’t like it, she could release herself before the alarm went.

She took a handful of small padlocks. They were designed so that they all opened with the same key, and she put a key on the floor, attaching a chain to it so she could find it easily. She also took out some lengths of light chain and all the other equipment that she had carefully planned. She buckled a collar around her neck, not too tightly. Sitting on the carpet, she wound a chain around her ankles and under her shoes, securing it with a padlock. This held her ankles firmly together; it also made it impossible for her shoes to come off. Drawing her feet up to her bottom and her knees up to her chin, she wrapped some chain around her ankle bonds, securing it with a padlock, and then passed the other end through a ring on the front of her collar, securing that as well. This kept her legs doubled up. Another chain went around her legs just above her knees, keeping them pressed together.

Next, Mary stuffed a sponge into her mouth and then buckled a gag around her mouth. This had a leather plate covering her mouth; fastened to the inside of the plate was a large knob that pressed against the sponge, driving it further into her mouth. It was rather less comfortable than she had imagined, but it would be bearable. She buckled the strap on the gag tightly around her head.

A blindfold went over her eyes. It was the type with a cut-out for her nose, and the inside was heavily padded. It worked perfectly; everything went completely dark.

Finally, she took a pair of trick handcuffs that she had bought and cuffed her hands together behind her back. She knew that in a manoeuvre that she had practised several times, she could easily bring her hands over her feet and, once they were in front of her, she could remove the blindfold and gag. She could then use her teeth to unlock the handcuffs. But until then, she was in quite secure bondage. She rolled around on the soft carpet, feeling very happy. Yes, this was great. She would certainly ask on Monday if she could be an actress, and if she was refused, she’d find some way to come in at weekends to do this again.

Janet had a couple of queries about what Mary had sent her, so she went down to see her. Looking in Mary’s room, she saw that it was empty. However, she noticed light coming from under the door of the studio. Carefully, she opened the door and peered in. She was quite taken aback to see Mary rolling around, nearly naked and chained up. But thinking quickly, she formulated a plan. Entering, she closed the door quietly behind her and walked silently across the thick carpet.

Mary was taken completely by surprise when Janet grabbed her and turned her onto her front. Before Mary could react, Janet had wrapped a chain around the chain of Mary’s handcuffs and the ankle bonds and fastened it with a padlock. Mary was now trapped; she could no longer bring her hands in front. She yelled into her gag. Janet laughed. “It will do you no good to shout, Mary. Firstly, you’ve gagged yourself very well. Secondly, the studio is well soundproofed. Nobody outside could possibly hear us.”

Mary was frantic by now, but her struggles were completely in vain, and Janet laughed again. “Since you enjoy bondage, Mary, let’s see if I can make it even more secure. That will be very nice of me, won’t it?” She found two leather straps joined by a short chain. Fastening one of the straps around Mary’s left arm just above the elbow, she pushed Mary’s elbows together and buckled the other strap around Mary’s right arm. This restricted Mary’s arms even further. Finding a roll of tape, she wrapped tape tightly around Mary’s hands, paralysing her fingers.

“You know, Mary, you’re still a bit over-dressed for this,” said Janet, removing the bra and untying the tie-sided briefs. Mary was now naked except for the stockings and suspenders. “Hm, maybe you should be wearing something,” mused Janet. She covered Mary’s head with a leather hood, zipping it closed and tightening the various straps until Mary felt as if her head was in a vice. This further stifled any possible attempt by Mary to shout.

However, Mary did her best to shout when she felt a very sharp pain in her right nipple as Janet put on a nipple clamp, squeezing in between Mary’s breast and thigh. Hardly any sound emerged. The same happened to her other nipple. But Janet was not finished. She wrapped a long chain tightly around Mary’s arms and legs, making her into an even tighter ball, and fastened the chain with yet another padlock.

Finally, Janet fixed a chain to a ring on the top of the hood and the other end to a metal ring screwed into the wall. Mary was totally and utterly trapped and helpless. Janet then went to Mary’s room and hid her handbag. She sent an e-mail to Hugh and herself, saying that she was going off to see her boyfriend. She then switched off the computer and the light. Returning to Mary, she told her, “Enjoy yourself Mary. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon and let you free. Meanwhile, Hugh has nearly finished the accounts, and I rather suspect that he’ll want to go and have a drink with someone. I wonder who will be available. Goodbye for now.”

The End

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