Teenage Star

by Mel

Chapter Three

Fenella's universe had shrunk from the whole world to virtually nothing. She couldn't see anything. She could hear nothing but the non-stop roar of white noise. She couldn't speak. She couldn't move. Her body ached as it protested against the harsh pull of her metal restraints. Her nipples were on fire, and the vibrators had given her intimate parts a different sort of fire.

Only a few hours ago she had been free - a famous model with the world at her feet. Now she was at the feet of the world. She had been taken, chained, caged. She was a prisoner - locked into a world of cruel restraints and severe bondage. Her imprisonment, torture and agony were being streamed around the world live over the Internet to those who could afford to pay for such treats. Her naked, chained body was entertainment for those who had coveted her over recent times.

Time stretched. Fenella had no way of knowing how long she had been kept there.  She was aware only of her torment. Her perfect body strained against her immovable captivity, but it was no use. At some point during her never-ending torment, Fenella felt a sharp prick in her right bicep, and then her pain seemed to recede into the distance, the never-ending white noise seemed to fade, and she passed out.

Fenella woke up. She was lying on a small mattress. Her mask and ball gag had been removed. The white noise had stopped playing through her earpieces. Her wrists were now chained in front of her. Her manacles were still locked around her wrists, but they were connected by a length of chain perhaps twelve inches long, allowing her a bit of movement. Her ankles were chained in a similar manner. The heavy metal collar was still locked in place around her neck. She still wore the nipple clamps, and she could feel the huge intruders buried deep inside her.

She reached up and felt her blocked ears. She felt the earpieces held in place by some sort of now hardened putty.

"Don't touch them," a harsh voice suddenly commanded, the sound ringing through her ears.


Fenella sat up and crossed her chained legs; there was just enough slack in her fetters to allow this. She realised how much every part of her body was aching. Just next to her mattress was a tray of food. There was a bowl of sliced fruit, a cereal bar, a glass of orange juice and what looked like a protein shake.

"Eat," the voice commanded again, in a tone that would accept no denial.

Fenella was extremely hungry. She was unsure how long she had been unconscious. Her body needed fuel. She ate and drank ravenously, and soon finished everything. She sat cross-legged and waited for something to happen.

She looked around the room - the vault - her prison cell. The heavy metal door was closed and no doubt locked from the outside. Restraints of all kinds still hung on the wall. The cages waited patiently for an occupant. She saw cameras in every corner of the room, at various heights. A small red light shone from each camera. Fenella was being filmed from every angle. She wondered who was watching.

Fenella continued to wait.

"What now?' she suddenly blurted out.

"Do not speak!" replied the voice loudly through her ear pieces. "If you speak again, you will be punished severely."

Fenella sat and waited for several long minutes. She wondered how much longer she was going to have to suffer this dreadful imprisonment and bondage. She wondered how long it had been since she'd first been captured at the swimming pool.

"Do exactly as I say."

Fenella was startled by the voice in her head.

"At the top of your mattress is your rubber hood. Place it back over your head and zip it up."

Fenella looked to the top of the mattress. There lay the rubber hood. She reached over with her chained wrists and picked it up. She held it up in front of her. The last thing she wanted to do was put it back over her head.

"Put it on now!"

Fenella just sat and stared at it, unable to bring herself to put that foul thing on again.

"Fenella, you must do as you're told. I think that by now you must understand the consequences of your misbehaviour. Now wear it."

She looked around her prisoner cell. She looked at the chains hanging from the wall. She assumed that they were the restraints which had held her firmly in place. Her arms, shoulders and thighs all still ached badly from her earlier bondage. She didn't want to be chained like that, ever again.

She pulled the tight black rubber hood over her head. She made sure the mouth and nostril holes were in the correct place and then she pulled the zip down at the back. The latex clung to her face. Once again, she was in a world of rubbery blackness.

"Now, lie face down on your mattress. Place your wrists high above your head and stretch your legs out straight. Then wait. Do not move. Do not talk. Nod your head if you understand."

Fenella paused a second and then nodded.

"You're being a good little girl now, Fenella. Let's keep this nice and easy and nobody will have to do anything too nasty."

Fenella knelt up. She turned so that she was in the middle of the mattress facing upwards and then she lay face down, as instructed. She reached her chained wrists out above her head and straightened her chained legs.

Seconds passed…a minute? And then she had the sensation of footsteps close to her body. Although her earplugs stopped her from hearing, she could feel some vibrations.

Her wrists were grabbed roughly. She felt a vibration through first one manacle and then the other. She felt the chain fall away from the manacles. Her wrists were then roughly pulled down behind her back and then placed directly next to each other with palms facing up. She felt the vibration again in each manacle.

Fenella tried to pull her wrists apart. Her manacles had been locked together. They were rigid now. There was perhaps two inches distance between them, not two inches of chain but two inches of rigid solid metal. Fenella knew what was coming next. The chain was removed from her leg shackles and they were also locked closely together. Her ankles had also been locked into rigid restraints.

Fenella then felt her legs being bent at the knees and her ankles and feet being brought towards her restrained wrists. Her ankles were pulled right back towards her wrists until Fenella realised she could touch her toes with the tips of her fingers. She felt something being locked between her wrists and then between her ankles.

Fenella tried to move. She was locked in a very stringent hogtied position with solid rigid restraints keeping her wrists and ankles firmly in place. Her body ached and complained at the manner in which it was now restrained. She felt stress on her legs, on her back, on her wrists and arms. The metal dug cruelly into her wrists and ankles.

"No!" Fenella yelled, unable to cope with this new bondage.

"Gag her."

Fenella's head was suddenly grabbed and yanked backwards. Her hood was partly unzipped and the bottom part folded up, exposing her mouth but still covering her eyes.  The oversize ball gag was forced between her teeth and into her mouth, and then the straps were pulled and fastened tightly around, above and below her head.  The hood was turned down, zipped fully closed and padlocked.


"Shut up, girl."

The voice was angry.

"Put her in her cage. Bring her."

Fenella felt her body being picked up, carried a short distance and then dropped again face down into the cage in which she had previously been held prisoner.  She landed with a jolt on the floor of the cage.

She felt the vibration as the cage lid above her was slammed shut and padlocked. She then felt a chain being attached to her collar. She assumed that she was being chained to the bars again. Did they really need to do that? Did they really think that she had the slightest chance of escape?

Fenella remembered some of the first words spoken by her captor. "You will constantly be restrained. Sometimes you will have a certain degree of movement. Other times, you will be allowed no movement at all and your restraints will be very severe."

Even dangerous criminals weren't kept in such restrictive bondage, so why were they doing this to her?

Fenella felt a further chain being attached to the rigid restraints which kept her wrists and ankles locked together and her body in such a tight hogtie position. The chain was then pulled hard, pulling her restrained wrists and ankles up and away from her body. Again, it was pulled, increasing the pressure upon her already stressed body, pulling her wrists and ankles even further away from the small of her back. And then it was locked in place to the cage lid.

Fenella's knees were currently splayed out. It helped to ease the pressure on her wrists and ankles and her back. But Fenella suddenly felt her knees being grabbed and forced together. She felt a length of chain being wrapped once, twice, three times around her legs just above her knees. It was pulled tight and then padlocked into place. This made her hogtie even more painful. The manacles dug painfully into her flesh. Fenella had no choice but to try and lift her head and upper body and arch her back to try and relieve some of the stress on her body.

Why were they doing this to her? She was in a cage. They didn't need to use all these chains on her as well.


There was a pause for a few seconds and then Fenella felt the unmistakeable vibration of her cage being moved. It was on wheels. She was being transported…somewhere…

"Time for a change of scenery, Fenella."

There was an audible click in her earpieces and then the white noise erupted into her rubber hooded head again. Once more, Fenella was blind, deafened, chained and caged like a wild animal.

She screamed as loudly as she could with anger and frustration and pain, but the ball gag did its job and hardly any sound came out. And no-one who could hear her cared, anyway.

To Be continued...

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