Teenage Star

by Mel

Chapter One

Overnight, she had become one of the best-known glamour models in the country. Glossy magazines aimed at young (and not so young) men competed to have articles about her, copiously illustrated with photos of her in sexy underwear. But Fenella was quite unaffected by the sudden fame and fortune. At 19, she was still as sweet-natured and natural as she ever had been, and really remarkably innocent.

She still enjoyed a good long swim whenever time allowed, and the exercise helped to keep her well-toned body in perfect shape. The only problem was that every time she turned up at her local health club, even though it was of course quite an exclusive and expensive one, she was likely to get mobbed by fans, especially after she had changed into her scanty bikini that showed off her firm young breasts, washboard stomach and pert, rounded bottom. So she was very grateful to be allowed to use it late in the evening when nobody else was about.

Having had a nice long swim, and tired herself out, Fenella slowly hauled herself out of the pool and walked slowly to the changing room. Slipping out of her bikini, she stepped into the shower, turned on the water and began lathering herself.

Suddenly, there was a crash and the door to the changing room was flung open. Two large and bulky figures burst in, and pulled open the door to the shower cubicle. A terrified Fenella had a vision of them, their faces concealed by ski masks. She opened her mouth to scream, but before a sound could emerge, one of them thrust something into her mouth, almost making her choke.

Strong hands gripped her, hauled he rout of the cubicle and turned her around. One man pulled her wrists together behind her back and clamped something around them. The other man pulled at straps around her head and fastened them at the back of her neck, holding the large ball securely in her mouth. She tried to kick out at her attackers, but she was disoriented, the floor was slippery and all that happened was that she fell onto the hard tiled floor with a thud.

One of the men picked her up, hugging her tightly so that she could not move. The other one pulled something over her head, and closed a zip at the rear. It stank of latex. She could now see nothing, and had difficulty breathing. The first man released her, and she stood there literally in blind panic, not knowing what to do. "Come with us," growled one of the men, gripping her arm and pulling her. She had no choice but to obey.

Fenella walked slowly with the men. She was completely naked. Her tanned smooth skin was dripping with water, as she had been given no towel and no opportunity to dry herself. Her wrists were locked behind her back with a pair of solid rigid handcuffs. The skin-tight latex hood clung to her head. The outline of her features could be seen though the black rubber which hugged her face. She could only breathe through two small nostril holes and a larger mouth hole. Her breathing was made far more difficult by the oversized ball gag which had been forced into her mouth and strapped firmly around, over and under her head.

The voice continued.

"You're doing well, girl. Keep it up. I know you're afraid but if you stay calm and use your common sense then what happens next will be much easier for you."

The voice was gentle, almost kind. But Fenella was in no frame of mind to appreciate that. Fenella carried on walking. The voice carried on talking.

"You'll be held in captivity, Fenella. Your captivity won't exactly be pleasant, but it won't be too painful - not unless you do something wrong anyway. You will constantly be restrained. Your restraints will vary. Sometimes, like now, you will have a certain degree of movement. Other times, you will be allowed no movement at all and your restraints will be very severe. But like I say, you won't be made to endure too much pain, not unless you make any mistakes. Do you understand that, Fenella? Nod if you do."

Fenella breathed deeply and nodded. No pain? Her huge ball gag was already making her jaw ache.

Her captor continued talking.

"Good, well done, Fenella. I can see you're trying to make this easy for all of us. Now, I'm sure you're wondering how long you will remain our prisoner. Well, that depends, but at the moment it's no concern of yours. Needless to say, you'll be with us for quite a while."

The voice was very matter-of-fact. But the plain simplicity of what was being stated filled Fenella full of fear.

"We've worked out an exercise routine for you. We're well aware that you have to keep that beautiful body of yours in full working order. But, as I've already stated, you will be held in restraints at all times."

There was a brief pause.

"Wait one second, please."

Fenella felt the guiding hand leave her arm. She stopped walking. She heard the rattle of chains and then a banging. She guessed they were standing by a door which was currently being unchained and opened. She felt a rush of cold air suddenly hit her body. She felt a hand push on the small of her back and she walked forward until the push stopped. She felt concrete beneath her feet; she was outside. How come nobody had noticed what was going on? Admittedly, it was well after closing time, but one or two staff should still have been about.

"Stay there, Fenella."

She heard banging and clanking again. The hand once again gripped her arm.

"Just come along this path."

The ground was rough beneath Fenella's bare feet. Her naked, wet body shivered in the cold night air.

After ten paces or so, the grip on her arm tightened and stopped her from moving further. She heard the opening of what sounded like a pair of van doors.

"This way, Fenella, you're doing really well."

Fenella was slightly freaked out by how calm and almost encouraging the voice seemed to be.

"There are some steps here. Step forward and you'll feel them. I'll help you up. Mind your head at the top; the roof of the van is quite low."

Gentle, but firm, hands guided Fenella up the steps into the rear of a large van. She felt a hand push down on her head. Fenella leant forward and stepped into the van. She heard more clanking footsteps behind her and then the clanging of the van doors being closed.

"That's it, Fenella, well done. You've done it. And now, it's time for you to go into your cage."

A cage, thought Fenella, what! She took a step backward and banged against the side of the van.

"Aaaaagggghhhhh! Mmmppphhh! Nnnnnnnnnn!" Fenella desperately tried to yell for help, but hardly any sound emerged, and she had a nasty feeling that there was nobody within earshot, at least nobody who could or would rescue her.

"Oh, come on Fenella, don't spoil it now. You need to go into your cage."

MY cage, thought Fenella, no way.

"Mmmmmmpphh! Nnnnnnn! Aaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Fenella took another step back, stumbled, almost fell but managed to right himself against the side of the van.

"Oh, very well, we'll just have to do it the hard way. Grab her!"

Fenella was momentarily startled as a pair of arms grabbed her from behind and held her in a bear hug. She instantly kicked out, but another pair of hands grabbed her ankles, and then hugged her legs, pinning them tightly together.

"Drop her into the cage."

Fenella felt herself being lifted off the floor of the van. Her feet were lifted high and then dropped onto a cold smooth surface. The arms which had held her upper body released her and then pushed hard down on her shoulders. She straightened her body so that she was rigid.

"Oh, why are you being so stupid?"

Fenella felt a hard punch on her stomach, knocking all the breath out of her body.


Fenella saw stars. She was in agony. All the strength disappeared from her body and she was forced down into a sitting position onto the cold surface. She tried to use her cuffed arms to straighten up, but felt bars directly behind her. When she tried to straighten her legs, her feet hit further solid metal bars. Fenella was only able to sit with her knees bent and pulled up close to her chest.

"Close the lid. Lock it."

Fenella felt a hand push down hard on her head. Directly above her hooded head, the heavy cage lid closed. She tried to lift her head back up, but it banged painfully on yet more bars. She heard a padlock click shut.

"Grab her wrists."

She felt hands pull her cuffed wrists behind her towards the bars of her cage. She felt the cuffs being quickly removed from her wrists but, before she had chance to react, her wrists were pulled through the bars and gripped firmly while they were cuffed again. She tried to pull her wrists back through the bars towards the base of her spine. They came through partially but came to an abrupt halt when the short length of chain between her manacles pulled tight against a bar. Her wrists had been chained outside of her cage.

She felt her left ankle and her right ankle pulled though the bars in front of her and shackled in a similar manner.

Fenella pulled on her chains. There was no point. They were solid, heavy and going nowhere. She tried to calm himself. She realised how much she was sweating beneath the latex hood. She became aware of saliva in her ball-gagged mouth pooling and leaking out around the ball gag. The oversized ball prevented her from swallowing. Her jaw was now aching badly, as well. And the punch on her stomach had really hurt. She felt sick.

Seconds passed.

"There. That's much better, isn't it? We could have avoided all that unpleasantness, Fenella, if only you'd stay calm and collected. You'd done so well up to that point. And now look at you. We were going to save the manacles and chains until later as well. We didn't want to scare you too much. Not yet, anyway. Oh, well, you have only yourself to blame."

Fenella turned her head away from the voice.

"Anyway, Fenella, welcome to your cage. As I'm sure you've realised, it's not all that big. In fact, it's barely big enough to contain you. It's meant for animals, and you're just a captive animal now, Fenella!"

Fenella tried to ignore the voice.

"Get used to it, Fenella. You'll spend quite a lot of your captivity inside it. And whether you remain chained in such an uncomfortable manner is entirely up to you. But for the duration of this journey, those chains will suffice. And there are more to come later, Fenella. You've just misbehaved, Fenella, and so you're going to be punished."

Fenella heard the van motor start. She felt the vibration of the engine through the cage bars.

"Okay, let's go."

Fenella sat in her cage, being knocked about every time the van lurched. She was completely naked, and still wet. A black latex hood imprisoned her head and locked her in a world of darkness. An oversized rubber ball gag was strapped firmly into her mouth. Her wrists and ankles were chained to the bars of her cage.

She had never felt more frightened, or more alone in the world.


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