Double trouble


Part Two

A key turned in the lock of Suzanne's front door and a young lady wearing a smart business suit walked in.  Had any of the neighbours been awake, they would not have been surprised by the lateness of the hour.  It was two in the morning, but they knew that Suzanne's career in international banking meant that she worked the most extraordinary hours.  What would have surprised and shocked the neighbours was that a man followed her in.  This most prim and proper of young ladies never invited men into her flat in the middle of the night - never!  But they would have been wrong on two counts.  Firstly, the man was there for a different purpose, to help to ransack the flat.  Secondly, although anyone seeing her would have taken an oath that she was Suzanne, for she looked exactly like her and was wearing her clothes and even carrying her handbag, she was someone else.


Suzanne's head moved groggily as the light came on.  Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked in puzzlement round the small, windowless room.  Where on earth was she?  Why was she lying on a hard floor, half propped against a wall?  She tried to move, and found that her arms were firmly secured behind her back at the wrists and elbows, and her ankles were fettered together.  She tried and failed to stand up, falling back to the hard floor with a bump.  What on earth was going on?

Slowly, it all came back - the policeman who had arrested her outside her office and tied and gagged her, the policewoman who had stripped her naked in the police station and subjected her to a most embarrassing and intrusive body search, and then the shocking revelation that the police were fakes and she'd really been abducted.  Who had done this to her, and why?  Was it a kidnap?

The door of her little room swung open.  In the doorway stood a tall, burly man whom she quickly recognised as the fake policeman who had arrested her.  He was now out of his uniform, and wearing faded jeans and a white shirt.  He was carrying a stool and a bag.  Suzanne tried to ask him what was going on, but the gag filling her mouth prevented anything more than "Mmmm ... mmmm" emerging.

The man walked in, closed the door behind him, put the stool and bag down, and stood looking down at her.  The two of them and the stool and bag almost filled the floor area of the little room.  "Yep, you look exactly like Mandy all right," he said.  Suzanne would have liked to ask him who Mandy was, but she couldn't.  He grabbed hold of her roughly, lifted her to her feet, and undid the straps holding the plastic sheet around her torso.  It fluttered to the floor, leaving her totally naked.  He turned her round to face him.  She blushed as she saw him ogling her breasts and the rest of her body.

He then sat on the stool and laid her face down across his lap.  "And I've always wanted to give Mandy a good spanking, so this will be the next best thing."  With that, he began to spank Suzanne with great vigour.  She struggled and wriggled, but he was much stronger than she was and she was hindered by her bondage so she could do absolutely nothing to stop him giving her a thorough tanning.  Muffled shouts escaped her gagged mouth, but she knew that they would do her no good.  She was sure that even if anyone else was within hearing, there was nobody who was likely to come to her aid.

Eventually, he grew tired of the spanking and stood up, letting her fall to the floor with a painful bump.  "And while I'm at it, let's make you really secure," he said, picking up and opening his bag.  He pulled out some lengths of rope.  "For example, can your elbows touch?"  He picked her up again and pushed her face to the wall.  Grabbing her elbows, he pushed them together with all his strength until they touched.  He then bound some rope tightly round them, holding them pressed together, and cinched the bonds to hold them.  The rope dug in painfully.  More rope went round her body and arms just above and just below her breasts, pinning her arms firmly to her back.  The man turned her around and cinched these ropes together between her breasts, causing the ropes to squeeze and compress her breasts.  he seemed very pleased at this effect, and spent a few minutes playing with her breasts.  He then pushed her face to the wall again and cinched the ropes at the back, fastening them firmly to her elbow bonds.  "That's better.  We wouldn't want these elbow ropes to come off when you wriggle, now would we?" he said cheerfully.

More rope went tightly round her waist, digging painfully into her stomach.  This rope puzzled Suzanne.  How would that help to tie her up?  She was soon to learn.  Her wrists soon received the same treatment as her elbows, with a long length of rope hanging down.  Turning her round to face him and pressing her back against the wall, he reached between her legs and pulled on the rope with all of his might.  She screamed into the gag as the rope cut deeply into her most secret and intimate regions.  He threaded the rope through the front of her waist belt, then turned her around again.  Again reaching between her legs and pulling hard, he brought the rope back and fastened it to her wrists.  Suzanne felt as if she were being cut in two, and her wrists were now pressed tightly against her bottom.

The man was far from finished with her.  A further rope went round her waist and wrists, pushing her arms even more tightly against her back.  Tight ropes around her thighs, shins and ankles welded her legs together.  He even tied her big toes together, then her thumbs, then each pair of fingers.  More rope was wrapped round and round her fingers.  Suzanne was totally and utterly helpless now, her arms and fingers totally immobilised and useless and her legs not much better.  The pain from all the ropes digging into her was excruciating.

And yet worse was to come.  The man laid her down and doubled over her legs so that her heels touched her paralysed hands.  This made the ropes round her thighs dig in even more.  Further ropes held her legs doubled, effectively hogtying her.  She could not move at all.  The only thing she could do was whimper into her gag, so she did that in the vain hope that he might have some pity on her.

"Hmm ... I think we should do something about the noise you're making."  The man pulled something else out of the bag.  Suzanne could not make out what it was, until he wrapped it round her chin.  It stank of leather.  He pulled on some straps that fastened it tightly round her head, and did up the straps on their last holes.  The muzzle completely immobilised her jaw and covered her cheeks, making it almost impossible to make a sound.  The tight collar around her neck pressed firmly on her throat, making it hard to breathe.  Soft pads filled her eye sockets and were held in place by leather patches.  She was totally blindfolded; not the slightest chink of light could reach her eyes.

"There, that should be enough for now," he said.  He picked her up and balanced her on her knees, leaning her with her back against the wall.  She was frightened to twitch, fearing that she would fall over onto the floor.  The hard floor pressed painfully against her knees.  The man slapped her breasts, but she was scarcely able to make a sound of protest.  Then she heard him leave, locking the door behind him.  There was no way that she could tell whether or not the light went off.


Mandy was ecstatic as she looked at the notebook she had found hidden at the back of a drawer.  "The idiot's written down all her passwords, everything we need," she laughed unbelievingly.  She looked round Suzanne's flat, which was now a complete shambles, having been searched thoroughly.  All of Suzanne's clothes had been sifted through, and a generous selection crammed into Suzanne's own suitcases.  This did not include any of her underwear.  "I'm not wearing any of that gubbins," Mandy had spat when she saw it.  "I'll wear my own, thank you.  Nobody will know!"  Her accomplice, Lenny, who had helped to abduct Suzanne, just smiled.  He had not yet been privileged to see Mandy's underwear, but he had a pretty good idea.  She glanced at the clock; it was six in the morning.  "Now, you go off with the big suitcase before the neighbours wake up," she ordered.  "We don't want to start tongues wagging!"

Once Lenny had left, carrying the heavy suitcase without difficulty, Mandy settled down for three hours' sleep before pretending to be Suzanne setting off on her holiday.  She had no desire to wear one of Suzanne's cotton nighties, so she just stripped off Suzanne's business suit, white blouse and black tights, and lay down on the bed wearing just her silk bra and thong.  She slept like an innocent schoolgirl.


Suzanne heard the door open again, and heard a woman laugh.  "Here's a pretty package," said the voice.  She felt fingers undoing the straps holding the blindfold and muzzle to her head.  Soon, they were off completely.  She looked up and ... saw herself!  "Hello, little sister," said this vision, who was even wearing Suzanne's own blouse.

Suzanne's mind reeled.  Who was this?  Why did she call her "little sister" when she was an only child?  Had she come to rescue her, or was she part of the plot?  Why was she wearing that blouse?

"Now, I'm going to take out your gag and give you some water, but if you dare to say a word I'll whip your breasts.  Believe me, you really wouldn't enjoy that."  Frightened, Suzanne remained totally silent as her duplicate removed the foul-tasting rubber bung from her mouth and held a cup of water to her lips.  Suzanne was indeed very thirsty, and drank greedily.  She emptied the cup.

"Do you recognise these, little sister?"  Her double was holding a pair of panties.  "You should do; you were wearing them yesterday."  With that, the girl started to stuff them into Suzanne's mouth.  Suzanne was too scared to resist, although they were big knickers and were more than enough to fill her mouth completely, making her cheeks bulge.  Once they were completely in, the girl pinched Suzanne's lips together and sealed them shut by putting several strips of sticky tape across them.

Then back went that horrible leather-smelling muzzle and blindfold, with all the straps pulled tight.  Once again, Suzanne experienced the awful sensation of the strap going tightly round her neck and pressing against her throat.  Once again, she was totally in the dark.

"Now, I'll bet you've been wondering why you're here.  It's very simple.  As you can see - or could, but can't any more - it's easy for me to pretend to be you.  I can go to your office and steal anything I want from your bank.  Then I'll disappear, and guess who'll get the blame."

Suzanne stiffened, horrified by what she had just heard.  She tried to struggle, but she had been bound into total immobility.

"Oh, and here's a little something to stop you getting bored."  Suzanne, despite everything, gave a little jump and a little yelp as white-hot agony seared through her left nipple.  "That's a nipple clamp.  Here's another one."  A yet worse agony afflicted her right nipple.

"I don't suppose you'll ever see me again, though I might see you.  Goodbye."

Suzanne heard the door close.

To Be Continued...

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