Deana's Bondage Adventure

By Deana McAlister


Chapter 1

It all began with an innocent flier in the mail. “Free Introductory Massage”. It was a new massage studio and Spa in town and it appeared to be a well designed Spa with all the amenities a lady would expect. Deana noted the email address at the bottom and emailed the Spa with the coupon code from the flier. The response was prompt and professional offering her an appointment Friday evening. Deana sent a reply asking for a 7pm appointment and quickly received a reply.

“Hello Deana, This is Natasha, I’m one of the therapists here at the Spa and I will be working Friday evening. It would be my pleasure to serve you when you arrive, so please ask for me at the desk.”

Deana rearranged her schedule on Friday to account for traffic and a shower before she drove to the Spa. When she arrived at the massage studio, Natasha met her at the front desk. Natasha was a gorgeous brunette with a strong European accent. Deana giggled to herself as she thought of “Boris and Natasha” because she sounded Russian. Natasha showed Deana to a very nice room with a valet to hang her clothes and a nice plush robe to wear while she waited. Natasha pointed to a chilled bottle of wine and a glass on the table and suggested Deana make herself comfortable and she would return as soon as she finished ringing up a customer. Before she left, Natasha instructed Deana to undress completely and put on the robe to wait. Deana did as she was instructed and sat in a comfy chair in the corner while she waited for Natasha to return. Deana poured herself a glass of wine and waited. When the glass was empty she poured another glass, hoping she wouldn’t have to wait too long…

When Natasha returned, she apologized for the delay, then picked up one of the plush, towels and unfolded it. Natasha could tell by Deana’s slightly puzzled expression that she wasn't sure what was supposed to happen next. "Just slip off your robe and slippers and lie down on your stomach," she explained. "Then I'll put the towel over you."

Deana wasn't shy, but for some reason she felt a little uncomfortable getting naked so abruptly in front of someone she had just met. But Natasha was a professional, Deana told herself. That assurance and the two glasses of wine made it fairly easy for her to shrug the robe off her shoulders and put it in Natasha's outstretched hand. She then kicked off the slippers and stood there totally naked.

"You have a very nice body," Natasha said appreciatively, as her eyes played up and down the full length of Deana’s body. "I always wanted to have more curves," she added. "I kept thinking I'd eventually get some. But it never did happen . . . that is until I bought these." With that, Natasha smiled and glanced briefly at her breasts, confirming Deana's suspicions that they were implants…very nice, but larger than Natasha’s frame would normally have supported.

Even though the room was quite warm, Deana could feel her nipples harden as she and Natasha stood there and looked at each other. Deana felt as if she was being inspected, but not necessarily in a bad way. Rather, with appreciation. And that thought made her relax a bit more.

"Okay, hop up on the table. On your stomach." Deana followed Natasha's instructions and by the time she had stretched herself out, Natasha had covered her bare bottom with the soft white towel.

The lights in the massage studio were quite soft, but they definitely set a very relaxing tone. New Age music floated softly from an overhead speaker and the scent of vanilla drifted from a candle burning somewhere in the room.

The soothing surroundings and Natasha's deft touch soon brought Deana back to the super-relaxed state she had experienced minutes before. The young masseuse started with Deana's hands and arms, skillfully kneading and massaging each to the point that they felt so relaxed and heavy Deana didn't feel as if she could even hold them up by herself. Then came the feet, which received the same delicious treatment.

"Do you have a favorite scent?" At first the words didn't even register. But finally, Deana realized that Natasha had asked her a question.

"Oh, uh, why?"

"I have all different kinds of oils I can use, and I thought you might have a preference," Natasha explained.

"Well, do you have anything that smells like raspberry?"

"Sure do," Natasha said as she reached into a cabinet and retrieved a bottle that was a cross between deep red and purple. She poured some of the liquid into one palm, allowed it to warm a bit, then began to rub it into Deana's shoulders and back. Unknown to Deana, when Natasha returned to the table, she reached underneath and pressed a small red button.

As Deana lay there enjoying Natasha's sensuous touch, her mind drifted, the wine was very good and she could feel it helping her relax. Deana imagined her husband was massaging her. Unfortunately he was a military officer and was overseas on deployment. One of the crappy things about being and intelligence officer was that she never really knew where he was. The thought of Mark massaging her caused her to sigh deeply and she could sense that her pussy was beginning to get moist. She decided to surrender to the blissful feeling. It just felt so wonderful!

As she lay there daydreaming, Deana realized that Natasha had worked her way from her shoulders, downward until her skilled hands had reached the curve of her bottom, still covered by the towel. Natasha's expert hands, slickened by the sweet-smelling oil, slid up and down Deana's back, from her shoulders to her bottom and back again. Each time the hands seemed to go a bit farther down, exposing a little more of her hips with each pass.

Soon, as the hands traveled upward, they moved outward, as well . . . along Deana's sides, farther and farther each trip until she could feel Natasha's palms grazing the sides of her breasts. Though unexpected, the feeling was quite pleasant, and Deana relaxed and enjoyed the warm, delicious sensations. Natasha's hands may not have been as big and strong as Mark’s, but the girl knew how to use them!

Soon, Natasha moved to the other end of the table, and Deana was almost disappointed that she could no longer enjoy the feel of the cute young masseuse's hands along the sides of her sensitive breasts. But soon, those sensations were replaced by something even better. Natasha had begun at Deana's calves and was slowly working her way up her legs. Once again, she was taking it slowly, but with each trip upward, her hands went a little higher underneath the towel.

Before long, Natasha was not paying any attention to the legs, but instead concentrated fully on Deana's bottom. She kneaded and massaged, occasionally pausing to apply a little more of the raspberry oil to eliminate any friction.

Deana was by no means gay, she liked girls, but never had an actual bisexual experience. But that doesn't mean she didn't have an appreciation for a woman's sex appeal. She thought women were beautiful creatures—quite sexy and fun to look at. On occasion, she had even fantasized about having sex with a woman as she was pleasuring herself.

So it was not at all surprising that Deana was feeling extremely aroused by this point. All thoughts of Mark were gone, replaced by thoughts of what Natasha might look like underneath her tight white top. As Natasha continued her attentions to her bottom, Deana opened her eyes and glanced up the mirror on the wall to see the young masseuse, who seemed to be engrossed in her work. As she leaned forward, it was easy to see practically all of Natasha's firm round breasts in that low-cut top. She was obviously not wearing a bra, as evidenced by her hard nipples pressing tightly against the thin fabric. Deana could even make out the faintest hint of the pink of her areolas.

As Deana enjoyed the unobstructed view of her breasts, Natasha glanced up at that moment and their eyes met. Deana could feel her face flush with embarrassment and she started to look away. But before she did, Natasha gave her an enigmatic little smile and continued with her work.

Still uncomfortable at being caught ogling Natasha's breasts, Deana closed her eyes again. But it did not lessen the pleasure she was feeling from the girl's touch. She could feel herself becoming more and more aroused. In fact, she could smell the scent of her arousal beginning to mix with the aroma of raspberry and vanilla. Deana knew that if Natasha was so inclined, she could easily look between her legs and clearly see how wet she was.

But any embarrassment Deana might have otherwise felt in this situation was washed away by the delicious sensation of Natasha's hands on her body. In a moment, the massage stopped abruptly and she felt Natasha remove the towel, leaving Deana completely exposed. Startled, she opened her mouth to protest. But before any words could form, she felt more of the sweet-smelling oil being drizzled sensuously over her tender flesh. It trickled into her crack and dribbled down over the lips of her already very wet pussy.

"Oops," Natasha giggled. "I guess I got a little too much." And before Deana could react, Natasha had run two fingers between the cheeks of her bottom and down farther between her legs, as if to try and retrieve the excess oil.

The feeling of Natasha's fingers tracing along her slit was like an electric shock, and Deana gave a deep, involuntary moan. Apparently, this was all the encouragement Natasha needed. She immediately began to focus her attentions on the insides of Deana's thighs, massaging up and down and frequently allowing her hand to drift high enough to press against her swollen lips.

Deana could feel her tension building and knew it wouldn't take much more before Natasha had pushed her over the edge and had her cumming right there on the massage table. On the one hand, it was extremely embarrassing to lose control of herself like this. But on the other, the feelings were so deliciously intense that Deana wanted nothing more at that moment than to cum. And as Natasha rubbed and teased, Deana got closer and closer, until she felt as if one more bit of contact with her pussy would take her past the point of no return.

Every muscle of her body was beginning to tense, in preparation for a huge orgasm to rip through her. But instead of feeling that exquisite release, she heard Natasha say cheerfully, "Time to do your front."

Deana couldn't help herself as a whimper escaped her lips. She pressed her thighs together as tightly as possible in her face-down position to try and get that last little bit of pressure needed to take her over the top. Unfortunately, she couldn't, and she had no choice but to turn over on her back as Natasha had instructed.

At this point her arousal was so intense that any embarrassment Deana normally would have felt about lying on her back naked in front of a girl she hardly knew was completely gone. In fact, it bothered her not in the least when Natasha did not replace the towel. At this point, Deana wanted to be naked for her. She wanted to be touched. She wanted to cum for her.

So Natasha went about her work again, first taking Deana's full breasts in her hands and kneading them slowly and sensuously. Her nipples were already exquisitely sensitive, and each time Natasha's palms grazed them Deana moaned softly with pleasure.

Soon, Natasha's hands slid lower, across Deana's stomach, where she applied her expert touch for a time, working her way lower and lower until her palms were gliding over Deana's smooth, bare mound.

But just when one more movement would have taken the masseuse's hands across Deana's swollen clit, Natasha stopped and moved to the end of the table and began to work her way up Deana's legs. Quickly she made her way above the knees and began to massage the smooth skin of Deana's thighs thoroughly, leaning into her work until her face hovered barely above Deana's hot, wet pussy. If there had been any doubt that Natasha could smell her arousal before, it was certainly removed completely at this point. In fact, she was certain Natasha could feel the heat on her face as it emanated from Deana's molten core. Deana heard Natasha inhale deeply, then felt her warm breath along her crease as she exhaled.

At this point, there was no more pretense that this was merely a therapeutic massage. That became fully clear when Natasha took two fingers and slid them quickly and forcefully inside Deana's tight dripping tunnel! The force and surprise of her actions caused Deana to gasp first, then moan loudly . . .not in pain, but in the pleasure she had been longing for over the past hour.

Natasha crooked her two fingers and pressed them against Deana's g-spot, which was engorged and extremely sensitive. She massaged the magic spot as Deana began to move her hips slowly in rhythm with Natasha's touch. In a moment, Natasha used her thumb to tease Deana's swollen clit, tracing along one side of it, up and down, for awhile, then moving it back and forth, side to side.

With each new touch Deana moved her hips faster, pressing them upward as if to beg for more of Natasha's touch. As she humped the masseuse's hand, she grabbed her own breasts and massaged them vigorously before pinching each nipple hard enough to make herself gasp with the combination of pain and pleasure.

Sensing that Deana was close again, Natasha straightened her two fingers and began to plunge them in and out of Deana's tight, wet cunt, over and over. Faster and faster. And each time, the heel of her hand pressed hard against Deana's clit.

Before she even realized what was happening, Deana felt her muscles tense and every nerve ending in her body seemed to be concentrated between her legs. He rpussy began to throb and clutch at Natasha's invading fingers, and a liquid heat shot from the center of her being, outward to every extremity. The muscles in her legs tensed almost to the point of cramping.

"Oh, god!" she screamed. "Yessssss . . . yesssss . . . .yesssss! Oh, fuuuuuuuuck!"

Deana bit her lip, trying to keep from being so loud, but it was no use. She was totally out of control and gave herself completely over to the orgasm. Actually, it wasn't just one orgasm. It was several that rolled one into the other, taking her to the peak, over and over, plunging her to the bottom like a roller coaster, then back up to the peak again. It was unlike anything she had ever felt. She was throwing her head from side to side and writhing on the table in unashamed ecstasy.

Finally, she was spent. Deana had nothing more in her. Her legs trembled uncontrollably, and her pussy was so sensitive that she could barely stand to be touched. She pushed Natasha's hand away and lay there limp and panting, the sweat trickling down over her heaving breasts.

As Deana lay there in complete exhaustion, she felt Natasha's lips close to her face and she could see that she was smiling. "That's what we call a happy ending," she whispered sweetly.

And with that, Natasha stood up, reached for a towel and draped it across Deana's middle. "Most women enjoy a shower after a massage. The locker room is just out this door, second door on your right. Oh, and if you come back," she added, "I hope you'll ask for me."

And with that, Natasha was gone. But Deana was nearly certain she hadn't seen the last of her….Little did she know…

Chapter 2

Three days later, Deana couldn’t get Natasha and her “encounter” at the massage spa out of her head. She knew one thing for sure, Natasha had completely seduced her - she was a master at tease and manipulation!

Deana started, then deleted at least a dozen emails to Natasha, but each time, she heard her husband’s words about the responsibilities of an Officers wife, and the need for constant discretion. By Friday, Deana was crawling in her skin wanting to make another appointment.

Early Friday afternoon, Deana logged onto her email account and there was an email from Natasha, it read;

“I do hope you enjoyed your massage session, and I would love for you to come back. I have a girlfriend that I team with for 4 hand massages and I would love to serve you again. Please drop me an email and let’s schedule another appointment. J”

It didn’t take much coaxing, Deana replied and suggested an 8pm massage appointment. Once again, Natasha replied quickly and confirmed the appointment.

Deana left work at 5pm and went home, showered and relaxed with a glass of wine before heading to the Spa.

When she arrived, the office looked closed, she could see a light on inside but the sign out front was not illuminated. Deana decided to call to confirm they were still open. Natasha answered the phone and explained that Deana was the last client so they had turned off the light.

When Deana entered the office, Natasha and another girl were sitting at the desk waiting. Deana was clearly nervous. Returning for a second massage was bad enough, but now she knew there would be two girls massaging her and she started to have second thoughts.

Natasha said something to the other girl in Russian and the girl quickly left the office. Natasha noticed that Deana took note of the girls departure, so Natasha said; “I told her to go get the room ready and pour you a glass of wine”.

“Ah, ok” Deana replied. She stood nervously for a few minutes before Natasha stood and motioned for her to walk back to the massage room. This time Deana led as they proceeded down the hall.

When Deana arrived at the room, it was dimly lit as before, and the aforementioned wine was already poured and sitting on the table next to the chair. “I’ll leave you alone for a little while to relax, have a glass of wine, then get on the table and we'll join you for your massage.”

Deana did as she was instructed, she removed her clothes, then relaxed and drank the wine and moments after she climbed onto the table.

When Natasha and the other girl returned, Deana was laying face down on the table. As they entered, Deana lifted her head and looked in the mirror behind her. Natasha motioned at the girl and told Deana, “This is Olga.”

Olga was simply gorgeous, she was quite tall, Deana guessed at least 5’10”, long black hair and a gorgeous coke bottle body.

“Nice to meet you” Deana replied.

Natasha responded for the girl and said, “She doesn’t speak much English yet, but she has wonderful hands”.

Deana smiled, still nervous about being nude in front of two other women. Natasha picked up on her nervousness and asked “Is something wrong?”.

Deana replied, saying, “I’m just not use to being nude in front of two other girls.”

Natasha giggled and said, “Would it be better if we were nude too?”

Deana was shocked at the question and didn’t have an answer. Would she like to see them naked? She knew the answer was “Yes”, but she was terrified to voice her desire to have them take off their clothes. Natasha picked up on Deana’s sensitivities and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Olga followed Natasha’s lead. Deana was again shocked, not just that the girls were stripping, but that she couldn’t take her eyes off of them!

By the time Deana lowered her head into the face cradle, she could literally feel herself getting wet! Like the last time, the massage started off with a great relaxing routine on her back, legs and arms. Deana felt herself drifting off several times, only to be brought back to reality by an occasional “brush” of a finger near her rapidly swelling clit. About 40 minutes into the routine, the girls each took one of her feet and pulled her legs apart so that her feet were draped off the table.

They then started massaging and working their way up her legs. Deana could feel her breathing changing as they got closer...and closer to her pussy.

Deana noticed that they moved to the sides of the table near her hips, and in unison they each placed one hand on her ass and with the other they started some sort of circular massage on her inner thighs, each time brushing her pussy. They poured more oil between her legs and continued the process. What ever technique they were using was very effective. Deana felt herself rushing towards a massive orgasm... unfortunately she found herself hung there within an fraction of a second of being pushed over the edge. The teasing was maddening. Deana felt herself subconsciously undulating her hips in an attempt to force an orgasm. It didn’t work. She was nearly crawling on the table, and after no less than 15 minutes, she felt her lips part and the word “Please” slipped out..

Natasha leaned down and whispered in Deana’s ear, “do you want to climax?” Deana quickly shook her head yes… Natasha whispered again…”have you ever been tied up for a massage?” Deana was in a terribly weakened state and she answered the question without regard for discretion, she said; “no, but if that’s what it will take”….

The girls wasted no time. Deana was barely aware as they pulled her ankles together and crossed them, then they bound them with some sort of white cord. Also before she could react, they pulled her hands behind her with her palms facing out and bound her wrists. Deana felt herself being secured as the girls quickly worked. When they were done, Deana’s ankles were crossed and bound, her wrists were securely bound, and they had also pulled her elbows together and bound them so that they were touching. The last step they performed was to bend her knees and bind her wrists to her ankles in a very secure hogtie!

Deana lifted her head and watched as the girls retrieved more rope from a drawer and returned to the table. Deana finally spoke up and said; “Ummm.. I think that’s enough rope isn’t it? I can’t possibly get loose.”

Natasha looked at her in the mirror and smiled and said, “oh the rest of the rope is just for decoration.”

Natasha giggled a girlish giggle as she started adding more rope. Deana couldn’t really see what they were doing, but she felt the ropes being tied around her waist, then ran between her legs, over her swollen and sensitive clit, then around her ankles, wrists, elbows and back between her legs again.

Again, Deana spoke up: “I’m not sure about this, maybe we should do this next time.”

Natasha smiled again and said; “We’re almost done, and you’ll love the effect. This is a special Russian bondage rig designed to heighten orgasmic pleasure…it will be like nothing you’ve experienced”.

Deana realized there were was little she could do at this point, so she said: “Well, just so long as you’re almost done”.

Natasha and Olga finished the last two knots and said “Ok, Done!”

Deana struggled a little and she could barely move, but what she did notice was that every move of her body caused the rope to dance back and forth across her clit. Deana struggled and said “Hmmm…this is ingenious”…

Natasha walked to the cabinet and returned with another bottle of oil. She opened the bottle and poured some on her hand, then rubbed it between Deana’s legs to ensure her pussy, clit and ass were very well coated with the oil. Natasha motioned to Olga and she immediately left the room. Then Natasha leaned down and whispered in Deana’s ear, “We’re going to leave you like this for a few minutes to let you consider your helplessness, then we’ll be back to continue the massage.”

Deana’s eyes widened, “You’re not really going to leave me like this are you?!!”

Natasha smiled and reassured her captive, “It’ll be fine, but you’re free to struggle and get free if you want!” With that, Natasha walked out the door and closed it behind her.

Deana couldn’t believe she let these girls tie her up, she immediately began to struggle, but the more she struggled, the more the ropes danced between her legs. Every move caused the ropes to dance and her clit was swelling and becoming more and more sensitive. No matter what she did, the ropes caused pressure between her legs and before long Deana felt herself on the edge of a strong orgasm. Deana looked at herself in the mirror and she could see that the ropes were exceptionally well tied. Deana was no stranger to ropes. She had several relationships over the years with guys that loved bondage, most liked to tie her up, but a few wanted Deana to tie them up, so she learned how to tie and even took a few classes, but she had never seen, or experienced anything like this.

Deana snapped back to reality as the ropes pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. Her pussy had become incredibly sensitive and every single move of the rope became more intense! Finally her struggling forced her over the edge in a massive body wrenching orgasm. Her body was tossed and turned with the orgasm, which only made the ropes between her legs move more. Finally the orgasm subsided and Deana relaxed in her previously helpless state.

Only then did it dawn on Deana, “what was that oil she rubbed between my legs”…..

To Be Continued

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