A Day In The Basement

By Dileep

A thread of drool escaped her lips.

Eww, she thought groggily as she instinctively tried to bring up her right hand to wipe her mouth... And found out that she couldn't.

Wha... what? Sonam thought as she groggily tried to open her eyes. She tried moving her arms again and realized that they were being held down. No, they were tied down... her hands were tied up!!! With this realization her mind jolted awake. She tried to open her eyes but her vision was still blurry. The first thing she felt was a pain in her neck; her head had been hanging limply while she was unconscious. Under normal circumstances this would have been distracting enough, but feeling was coming to her body slowly and she was starting to realize her predicament.

Almost immediately she felt an intrusion in her mouth. There was a hard, smooth object inside it forcing her lips apart. She tried to move the plastic tasting intruder with her tongue but it wouldn't budge. Slowly, she started to become more aware and realized the object was being held in place by straps which encircled the lower part of her face. She shook her head weakly but this caused more drool to escape from her lower lips. She realized that the front of her blouse was wet with slobber and recoiled instinctively.

The next thing she realized was that she was seated on a heavy, wooden armchair... Or rather lashed to it. She felt ropes encircling her below her breast, almost covering her tummy and pinning her torso to the back of the chair forcing her to sit straight. As her vision slowly cleared, she saw that her hands were tied to the arms of the chair near her wrists and her elbows. A type of smooth white cord was being used to hold her limbs in place, wrapped several times between her arms and the arms of the chair. She saw that her drool had pooled on her skirt in a dark patch. As feeling continued to return she realized her legs had been tied crossed with each other to the opposite legs of the armchair. Leggy as she was, this position held one of her feet slightly above the ground making it impossible for her to move the heavy chair in any direction with her other foot. In her dazed state she almost felt comfortable in this closed position. But as soon as the thought crossed her mind she began to realize exactly how vulnerable she was tied to a chair with no idea of the situation she was in.

By now Sonam's vision had cleared up somewhat and she began to scan her environment. She realized she was in a dimly lit room full of old furniture, cardboard boxes and old, framed posters. The chair she was bound to was placed in the center of the room which had been cleared of any junk. The room was lit by a dull fluorescent light bulb that seemed to be directly above her. She looked to her right slowly and saw a wooden door with a metal handle. It was closed and appeared to be locked. She continued scanning her surroundings tentatively. The floor was a dark grey and cold and the walls were dusty and peeling. As she kept turning her head looking around she saw a full length dressing table pushed against the wall to her left. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in its mirror and stared in horror.

The first thing Sonam noticed was the bright red ball in her mouth. The plastic ball, around which her lips were wrapped, forced her mouth wide open in a stupid looking gape which was accentuated by the look of shock in her eyes seeing herself this way. The ball was held in place with straps which were fastened somewhere behind her head. Her long black hair was still in the tight low bun she usually wore for work. A thin thread of drool hung from her lower lips. She continued to observe herself in the mirror tilting her head slightly to try to catch a glimpse of how her gag was fastened but to no avail. The straps were thin and tight but were made of a smooth cloth-like material that didn't cut into her skin, thankfully. The top button of her blouse had come slightly loose revealing her collarbones under olive skin which was beginning to glisten a little with perspiration. Her knee-length business skirt, which she usually wore for work, had rode up a little but thankfully still covered her up pretty well.

She kept checking her reflection in the mirror absentmindedly for a while before realizing that she had begun to drool through her gag again. She composed herself and tore her gaze from her reflection. By now she was fully aware of her surroundings and tried to move her arms to loosen their bonds. She struggled for a few minutes before realizing that the ropes were not coming loose; whoever had bound her knew what they were doing. She tried to move her legs but the ropes were taut and she could only swing them about slightly in their bound position to no overall effect; she couldn't even uncross her legs a little bit. She realized that she could only sit straight on her chair and look about.

After squirming about for a while Sonam gave in to her captivity and settled down. She decided to keep quiet and consider her options for the time being so as not to alert her captors to the fact she was awake. She wondered who had kidnapped her and why. Ransom? She thought. But Sonam, though well off especially for someone her age, was not even close to filthy rich. Her parents weren't rich either as she hailed from a normal Indian middle-class family.

Surely, there have to be better people to kidnap for ransom than me? Thought Sonam to herself. She tested her bonds again. Despite her plight, by this time in her captivity Sonam strangely had stopped feeling afraid or worried. In fact, all things considered, she felt annoyed and frustrated that someone was keeping her in this dismal place against her will. She was a bold and clever young woman and wasn't one to scare or be intimidated easily. Her frustrations played into her thoughts and a still-groggy part of her mind half considered giving her captors a good telling off when they showed up. This was no way to treat a lady she fumed to herself.

What felt like hours passed by incredibly slowly. After a while, and seeing no other options, Sonam tried screaming for help. Her voice, distorted by the strange gag, sounded almost infantile, but other than causing her to start drooling uncontrollably her calls for help did not garner any responses at all. Frustrated and embarrassed she resigned to try to stop her uncontrollable slobbering. The worst problem about her predicament was that she was incredibly bored by now and couldn't do anything about it. Though she had spent most of her time tugging relentlessly at her bonds, they did not give by a single inch and she was still as properly secured to her chair as she was when she woke up.

By now she had given up fighting against her bindings and had resigned in indignation to tapping her fingers on the arms of the chair, chewing on her gag and shifting uncomfortably to give some slack to her legs. She glared at her reflection in the dressing table mirror. Where were her captors? She wondered. Surely they hadn't left her here to rot?

She rolled her eyes and sighed. Her nostrils were flared from laborious breathing. Her jaw was starting to ache a little now and she desperately wanted the infernal gag out of her mouth. She had managed to stop herself from drooling too much but a trickle of spittle would occasionally escape her lips softly to crawl down her blouse and pool on her skirt. She felt like some absurd mockery of an ancient monarch perched upright and rigid on her throne held motionless in her regal pose that under any other circumstances she would have found comfortable at least. After an intermittent break out of sheer exhaustion she was just considering starting another round of squirming and struggling, at least as a form of entertainment from the mundaneness of imprisonment, when she heard footsteps descending a flight of stairs outside her room...

To Be Continued...?

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