In the Coils of Death

by Johnny Mills

Chapter 3

    Cruelly bound and gagged in a heavy wooden chair, Krissy Samuels watched with sick apprehension as the woman who was holding her captive opened the bag which was resting on a nearby stool. The woman, Ms. Mouri, removed a small knife and brought it toward her prisoner.
    A small cry sounded in the back of Krissy's throat. Was she to be slowly cut to pieces? But Ms. Mouri merely slipped the blade under one of the girl's brassiere straps and sliced through the fabric. Krissy shivered both from the touch of the cold metal and from the knowledge that the tiny bit of clothing she still wore was to be taken away. The woman quickly made two more cuts and pulled the undergarment off the girl's chest. She then cut both sides of the coed's panties and pulled them off as well.
    Somewhat to Krissy's surprise, the knife was then returned to the bag. "Now that it's just us girls," Ms. Mouri purred, "we can let our hair down a little, so to speak." She began to shrug out of her dress, watching the girl all the while.
    The fear which had been a nearly constant companion to Krissy since she had awakened was slowly dissolving, being replaced by something she couldn't yet identify. She had thought that the drink recently forced upon her by Ms. Mouri and her servant would be another knockout potion similar to the one she had unwittingly consumed before her abduction. But while her breathing had slowed considerably and she felt much more relaxed, she seemed in no danger of losing consciousness. She wondered if that was good or bad.
    Ms. Mouri had been nude under her dress. Now she took a slim vibrator from the bag next to Krissy and turned on the device. Smiling in a way which might have seemed kindly under other circumstances, she wedged the stimulator between the chair seat and the girl's crotch. Krissy made a muffled protest and tried to push the device out from under her, but she didn't have enough freedom to do so. She could only groan and shake her head wearily.
    Her captor, satisfied that the vibrator could not be dislodged, came around to one side of the chair and spoke softly to the girl. "Just close your eyes and give in to your feelings, Krissy."
    The woman eased her naked body gently across her prisoner's thigh onto the open space between her bound, spread legs. Her hands went  to the girl's face. Krissy tensed, expecting some new torment - a scratch, a pinch, a slap. Instead her hair was lovingly brushed back from her face, and Ms. Mouri began to kiss her gently.
    Krissy moaned, but it was not just a sound of disgust or helplessness. As the vibrator buzzed beneath her and the woman's lips settled softly on her face, withdrew, and settled again, Krissy knew what the feeling was which had been spreading through her body. The drink she had been forced to consume had been some sort of incredibly powerful aphrodisiac. She was, against her will, becoming sexually aroused.
    Ms. Mouri stopped her kissing for a moment and thumbed up one of Krissy's half-closed eyelids. She noted with satisfaction the unfocused gaze and the way the blue-grey color had taken on a foggy overlay. She then glanced at the room's grandfather clock. 11:40.
    The older woman resumed her kissing, including on her captive's lips around the cloth gag. Ms. Mouri's hands moved from Krissy's face to the girl's breasts - stroking, squeezing, massaging, gently pinching.
    Occasionally Ms. Mouri would shift her body and her right hand would go down to Krissy's groin, remove the vibrator, and move in with skillful fingers. When this happened the dark-haired woman's head would move to the breast which had been left unattended, and her lips, tongue, and teeth would would take up the work abandoned by the fingers. After a minute the vibrator would again be slid under the girl, the hand would return to the breast, and the mouth would resume working on Krissy's face and neck.
    Krissy's reeling mind, the only part of her not totally responding to the attentions of her captor, tried desperately to extinguish the arousal which seemed to be multiplying within her by the minute. "You were kidnapped!" she screamed at herself. "They drugged you, tied you up, and drugged you again! You're being molested by some perverted woman, and she's planning to kill you! Stop this! Snap out of it!"
    It was useless. The insanely potent aphrodisiac coursing through her exhausted body, coupled with the expert stimulation supplied by the woman, was moving her rapidly toward the only conclusion possible. Her body was out of her control. Waves of arousal cascaded through her, each cresting higher than the last. It had to be the unknown drug; she had never experienced anything one-tenth this powerful.
    Her numb fingers and toes clawed at the air. Her head rolled in slow circles on her neck. Groans pushed past her gag while her teeth gnawed at the cloth. Her thigh, hip, and abdominal muscles clenched and relaxed only to clench again. Her lower body strained to thrust and rotate against the imprisoning ropes. There was moisture on her inner thighs which she knew was not perspiration.
    The energy gathering inside of her was becoming painful and she felt as if she might be boiled alive from the inside out. She could not fight or delay any longer. Her mind resigned itself to the greatest humiliation yet since she had been abducted. She drew in a long breath and held it. Her eyelids closed as her eyes started to roll back in her head. Her head also rolled back, over the top of the chair. Every muscle in her body tensed.
    Ms. Mouri, smiling triumphantly, quickly pulled three acupuncture needles from her thick black hair. Expertly she thrust them into the girl's lower abdomen.
    The effect on Krissy was not quite so dramatic as if a barrel of ice water had suddenly been dumped over her. But it was very similar. The imminent explosion within her was suddenly and totally gone. Her racing heart continued to beat rapidly for a few seconds but then resumed its regular rate. Her head returned to its normal position as she stared at the older woman in disbelief. She could not prevent a moan of disappointment from starting in her throat, but cut it off as quickly as possible.
    "An extremely dramatic coitus interruptus, I know," Ms. Mouri laughed. "But all of this hasn't been an exercise for your pleasure, my dear. And it isn't just 'the little death' that we're seeking."
    The woman pulled the vibrator out from under Krissy, turned it off, and returned it to the bag beside the bound girl's chair. Glancing at the room's clock - 11:54 - she returned the stool and bag to their place in the closet. Her manner might have been that of a product salesperson cleaning up after a demonstration. She returned to her prisoner and smiled at the wondering look on the girl's face.
    "Oh, it's still down there," she told Krissy, brushing a hand lightly over the girl's crotch, "building in intensity every minute even though you can't feel anything. Much like a violent flash flood being temporarily held back by a rickety dam." Her hand lightly tapped the tops of the three needles. "And when that dam breaks..." She laughed gently.
    The woman crouched down suddenly next to Krissy and whispered into her ear. "The intensity of it will split your heart and shatter your brain. And then it will all be sucked into me. The taste... the taste is indescribably delicious, Krissy. You simply can't imagine..."
    Ms. Mouri again seated herself on the chair by sliding across Krissy's thigh. "Don't think too badly of me, my dear. After all, I am sharing. You will die while experiencing literally overwhelming ecstasy. Could anyone hope for a better ending?"
    The woman's voice was starting to sound different - distorted, as if she had something lodged in her throat. Her hands brushed over her captive's body one more time, and she kissed Krissy's forehead with something approaching genuine affection.
    "Midnight, Krissy. That's when the needles come out. Seconds later the fangs go in, as you have the climax of your life, in more ways than one. Now you'll have to excuse me, while I slip into something more comfortable."
    Krissy, her mind in turmoil as she tried to absorb and process so much information that made so little sense, then began to experience something which would make her ordeal nightmarish in every sense of the word. Ms. Mouri's lower body began to ripple and transform. Krissy felt the movement and the change in texture against her thigh. Ms. Mouri's legs were lengthening, fusing together, becoming less rigid.
    The girl glanced down and to the side of the chair, and her eyes widened in shock. It was no longer Ms. Mouri's legs hanging down to the floor, but the trunk of a monstrous snake. It appeared that the thing was coiled at least twice around the base of the chair.
    "Whaaa hammmunung?" Krissy's frightened query came through the gag sounding like the voice of a terrified little girl. The coed moved her gaze back to the woman's face - and met only greater horror. Ms. Mouri's face was mutating as well. Her eyes were now slitted and yellow, wholly inhuman. Her nose had flattened. Her mouth opened in what might have been meant as a smile, and a thin forked tongue darted out between long, slim fangs.
    Krissy screamed into her gag and tried to move back and to the side in the chair. She screamed again, and yet again.
    "Hush. Silence." The words were excessively sibilant but still intelligible. The gigantic snake's body lifted off of the girl. Then its head positioned itself in front of the captive at eye level, swaying back and forth in a rhythmic pattern.
    Krissy cried out once more. But then the horror - along with any sign of life - drained from her eyes. After a moment her head began to move slightly, in time with that of the creature in front of her. The great reptile's unblinking eyes and hypnotic motion now held the girl captive no less than did the ropes tightly binding her body.
    When Krissy seemed to be sufficiently mesmerized, the snake's head stopped swaying and it poised expectantly, its huge head slightly in front of the three needles embedded in the girl's lower abdomen. There were less than thirty seconds to midnight.
    From outside of the room's door came the noise of a violent struggle. The door crashed open, and Krissy's eyes began to blink as she recovered from her mental paralysis.
    The lifeless body of Ms. Mouri's servant was flung through the doorway onto the room's carpet. Someone else leaped through the entrance. Before the still-dazed girl could focus on him, his body began to mutate into another form as Ms. Mouri's had.
    There was a heartbeat of silence in the room. Then there came a "click" as the hands of the grandfather clock came together at the top of its face. A sixteen note song began to play. And the monster snake hissed with awful rage as it uncoiled itself from around the chair.
    Krissy gasped as the gigantic serpent's head elevated to brush against the room's high ceiling. With speed that could scarcely be followed it struck repeatedly at the creature which was now crouched in front of it. But somehow that animal, the size of a man but resembling a sleek rodent of some sort, evaded each vicious thrust. And then the intruder switched instantly from defense to offense. It leaped quickly and its jaws snapped shut in the snake's flesh just beneath its head.
    The huge reptile thrashed around the room wildly for several seconds, smashing lights and furniture as it unsuccessfully tried to dislodge its antagonist. They brushed against the chair in which Krissy was bound and shoved it three feet to the side as she gave a muffled shriek. Then at last the snake shuddered, gave a final hiss, and sank lifelessly to the floor. The form of its killer wavered a moment later. And the little man who had tried to stop Krissy from going to her fateful interview stood there naked, looking down at the dead monster.  
    The last of the twelve chimes of midnight, which had begun to play after the hourly melody ended, sounded softly in the room.
    "Long, long, and longer have I searched for you," Travisi said to the unhearing snake. "Praise Horus, your evil is finally at an end."
    He stepped quickly over to Krissy, staring grimly at the three needles stuck in her body. "Dangerous, very dangerous. But I must try. Please remain still, yes?" His small hands came up and he flexed his fingers while he seemed to try to remember something, or perhaps to pray.
    Then his middle fingers pressed into the girl's flesh just below her ears, and his thumbs pushed into places on the sides of her neck. He kept them there for a second. Then, twisting his hands, wrists, and arms, he moved his thumbs and fingers down the sides of her body like a navigator moving the legs of two compasses across a map. At times Krissy could feel only his touch. At other moments he pressed places which caused her to flinch or shiver.
    He stopped his movements with his fingers pressing on the sides of her hips. Keeping the fingers in place, he bent his head and closed his teeth carefully over the head of one of the needles in her lower abdomen. He brought his head up smoothly and carefully, pulling out the slim needle and simultaneously removing his fingers from the girl's body. He turned his head to the side and spat the needle onto the carpet.
    He raised his hands to her face again, this time starting with fingers pressing against her temples. Again his hands pivoted down her body, this time more to the front, including momentary pressure directly on her nipples.
    "Excuse, excuse, it is necessary," the man muttered to her at that point. This sequence ended with fingers above and to either side of her vulva. Again Travisi's head dipped, his teeth took hold of a needle, and he pulled it out as he removed his fingers.
    "One more," he told her after spitting out the needle. "Most dangerous, most difficult. I am sorry for the touch. Please be as still as possible. Close eyes, please."
    Krissy closed her eyes and felt his middle fingers press against the upper curve of her corneas. His thumbs pressed just under her nostrils. Then the hands began their swiveling journey down her body. The "steps" were shorter this time, and the thumbs or fingers were almost always right next to one another as they pushed under her lower lip, below her chin, in the hollow of her throat, along her breastbone, in the solar plexus, the navel, and further down her abdomen. Then they paused.
    "I am sorry," the man said. "This will be hard. Please try to be still and relax." His hands measured off two more movements and then two fingers went inside her. Krissy gasped and tensed, and then made a conscious effort to relax as much as she could. Travisi's head lowered and his teeth gently pulled out the final needle as his fingers came off and out of the young woman.
    Nothing happened.
    Krissy expelled the breath she had been holding. Travisi also exhaled heavily, spitting the final needle onto the carpet. "Brave girl," he commended. "I was not certain..."
    Then he began moving quickly. "I do not know where your clothes are," he told her. "Perhaps already destroyed. I have called the police before entering, and reported screaming and mayhem. They will soon arrive. They will think her dress was yours."
    He tore Ms. Mouri's dress, ripping away a strip of fabric. "I must blindfold you," he said.
    Having expected him to start to release her, Krissy made a plaintive cry, shook her head, and struggled against the unyielding ropes. A muffled "No, no, no," sounded behind the gag.
    "I am sorry! I am sorry! It will be only for a moment. If you tell truly what happened here, they will think you are made crazy. Invent a story, and it may be mis-remembered or proven to be false later. So, you say only that you were blindfolded. You do not know what happened here. Tell about Dr. Dowell. He will be found, with evidence of his crimes. When you woke up here, you were blindfolded. You felt someone abuse you. You felt them put the snake on you..."
    Krissy squeezed her eyes shut. Her body shivered and shook.
    Travisi lightly patted her on a shoulder. "It is dead now. It is dead. You are alive. Soon all will be back as it was before, okay? It will be good again."
    The girl opened her eyes, and Travisi gave her an intent look of inquiry. "Okay?"
    She nodded, although fresh tears fell from her eyes.
    There was noise from somewhere nearby. Voices were raised in question and command.
    "They are here, the police," Travisi whispered. "You heard someone break in. You heard fighting. You don't know what happened. 'Heard.' 'Felt.' No 'saw,' okay?"
    Krissy nodded, getting her tears under some control. Travisi stepped behind her and tied the strip of cloth over her eyes, not nearly as tightly as her bonds andd gag. He draped the rest of Ms. Mouri's dress over the front of her body, and she felt an extra bit of appreciation for him. She said "Thank you," as clearly as she could through the gag.
    Again the man patted her shoulder gently. "Goodbye, lovely young lady," he told her softly. "I hope that from here your life will have much happiness in it." She heard fast, light footsteps, and the sound of a window being opened.
    The new voices were coming closer. Her relief at the knowledge of impending freedom was made even greater when she heard that one of the voices was feminine. She called out through her gag.
    "Someone here?" Krissy heard a variety of startled expletives blurted out as people entered the room. "Check the woman," she heard a man say. "I'm keeping my weapon trained on that thing until we're damned sure it's dead."
    A hand touched her arm. "Are you okay?"
    Krissy turned her head toward the voice and touch, and nodded her head. Her blindfold was undone seconds later and the policewoman began to work on the knot of the gag. Krissy could see an officer across the room, his pistol pointed at the snake - which she could not do more than glance at - as he called into his radio for an ambulance and a crime scene crew.
    The cloth around her mouth was finally loosened and pulled away. Krissy tried to spit out the large hunk of packing wedged behind her teeth but failed. The noises she made brought the female officer around the chair to pull out the stuffing. Krissy coughed and retched after the obstruction was removed. Then she began to both laugh and cry as she was asked again if she was okay.
    "Yes. Yes. Thank you. Just please, please get me out of this chair and take me out of here!"
    The patrolwoman consoled her briefly and then started to work on the ropes which had come to seem to Krissy to be almost part of her body.
    Krissy wondered even then if everything that had happened had been real. But the huge snake was there. Ms. Mouri's servant was there. She saw the needles on the floor. The window was open. Later perhaps some of the memories would fade or could somehow be rationalized away. The important thing now was that it was over. She was going to be going back to the real world again. She closed her eyes and gave thanks to God - and to the strange little man who had been her unlikely hero.
    The end.

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