The Cleaner

Amy Flanagan


Lisa was strapped down so thoroughly that she could scarcely move.  She immediately heard two voices, not those of the policemen.  They must have been other prisoners.  Evidently, they could see her, because they started talking about her and then to her.  Why were they not hooded like her?

"Hey, that slut's got a great outfit.  Bet she gets loads of punters."

"Hi darling, what do you charge for a screw?"

Lisa remained silent as the men made increasingly lascivious and obscene comments, discussing what they wanted to do to her.  She hoped that they were restrained as thoroughly as she was, or at least that the policemen were ready to protect her immediately if anything happened.  The journey seemed to be a never-ending ordeal.  However, even bad things eventually come to an end, and finally the van came to a halt.

She felt her straps being released, but fetters were placed around her ankles.  Also, her elbows were pulled together and fettered.  She was led away, with her travelling companions making some last uncouth remarks and hoping to use her services soon.  After a while, she was made to stop.  She felt her tutu being pulled down, and then her bandeau top was also pulled down over her hips and down to her ankles.  She was lifted up and then put down again a little distance away.  Now she stood completely naked apart from her stockings, suspenders, shoes and of course the hood.

A voice spoke - it was Mrs. Rogers.  "Hello again, Lisa.  It was good of you to come and see me, or at least to be seen."

"Can I have a solicitor please," replied Lisa.

"You're not under arrest, merely helping with enquiries, so the answer is no," explained the policewoman.  "You're perfectly free to leave here at any time you want, if you can find your way, although you'd then be arrested for indecent exposure.  But it's in your own interests to co-operate to avoid being arrested for the possession of the illegal drugs in your flat."

Lisa was horrified, and shocked that such corruption could be happening in the police, but she knew that she'd be in big trouble if she wasn't careful, and she had to play along.  "What do you want from me?"

"Your first film appearance was excellent.  I've already had a favourable review, so you're going to do another.  Of course, you're donating your services free.  Take her to the room."

Lisa was led away, still hooded.  Eventually, they stopped and someone removed the hood.  She was in what looked like a bedroom, with a bed with a brass bedstead.  She saw her two escorts.  They were not wearing police uniforms.  Were they plain clothes officers or hired by Mrs. Rogers?

"Strip off and put on the pyjamas under the pillow then get into bed," ordered one of the men.  Lisa obeyed, and the men tucked her in.  "Now, shut your eyes and pretend to be asleep."

Lisa lay there for a few minutes with her eyes shut.  She opened them with a start when she felt someone climb onto the bed and sit on her.  It seemed to be her escort, except he was now wearing a mask.  She opened her mouth to yell, but he pushed in a rag to silence her.  Another man, probably the other escort and also wearing a mask, helped him to seal her mouth shut with sticky tape.  Trapped by the man sitting on her and her bedclothes, Lisa was powerless to resist.  They the put a hood over her head.  It was much thicker than the one she had had before, making it hard to breather.  It was tight and stretchy, clinging firmly all over her head.

She felt the bedclothes being untucked at her feet.  Strong hands gripped her ankles and handcuffed them together, then fixed the handcuffs to the foot of the bed.  The other man then came back and, helped by the man still sitting on her, extricated her right arm and handcuffed it to the head of the bed.  He came around to her other side and her left arm received the same treatment.  Se was now imprisoned in the bed.

The man sitting on her climbed off, and she felt all the bedclothes being pulled off the bed.  She started to struggle, but the handcuffs held her fast.

"Let's see what we have here," said one of the men.  She felt cold steel as her pyjama top was cut from her right cuff, all along the sleeve and down her side, and at the same time it was cut from the left side.  A few more cuts and she was naked from the waist up.  "Yes, great boobs," said the man, and she felt rough hands kneading and squeezing her breasts.  This seemed to go on for an unbearably long time, with the men discussing her as if she were an inanimate object.

Finally, the men stopped, and again there was cold steel on both sides as her trousers were cut from waist to hem and removed.  Now she suffered the indignity of the men probing around between her legs and even sticking their fingers into her while continuing to discuss her.

They released Lisa and turned her face down, but she didn't dare to try to escape.  Then they tied her wrists together using thin hard string, cinching the rope tightly so that it dug into her.  She was forced to kneel with her head touching the pillow, leaving her bottom high in the air.  Something cold and hard touched her bottom, and then the men started pushing it inside her.  It went in further and further, cold and heavy, until she felt that she would burst asunder.  But with a final shove, it went right in and her muscles closed around it.

More of the thin, hard string was used to bind together her ankles and then her knees, cinched tight.  She was laid flat, face down.  One man put his knee in her back, between her shoulders, and then lifted her shoulders.  The other wound string around her elbows.  With some effort, the string was tightened until her elbows touched.

They stood Lisa on the floor.  She could feel the heavy weight deep inside her shift position, pressing on a different part of her. String went tightly around her waist, sinking deep into her flesh.  A loose end from her wrist bonds was passed between her thighs.  A man tugged hard on it.  She squealed as it cut into her crotch, though little sound emerged through the very effective gag.  She was laid flat on the bed.  Her legs were bent, making the bonds at her knees dig in more.  The men forced her heels to touch her wrists, then tied her ankle bonds to her wrist bonds in a very stringent hogtie.

"Now, roll around," ordered one of the men.  Lisa wondered how she could do that, but with a great effort she managed to.  They made her do it for some time until she stopped from exhaustion.

"Well done, Lisa," said Mrs. Roberts.  "You're excellent!  You can have a nice rest now and then we'll send you home."  Lisa was left on the bed in her stringent hogtie.

To be continued...

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