A Christmas Gift



"Hello, Mel," said Jenny, when I bumped into her in the street. "Glad to see you. In fact, I was just going to phone you. All the girls are going to Bob's fancy dress Christmas party on Saturday."


I was doubtful. "But you know Bob's really creepy. He keeps hinting that he wants to take me to bed," I complained.


"Oh, don't be such a wet blanket, Mel. It'll be a party, lots of people there, including me and Claire and Judy, and, oh everyone. What could happen? Anyway, you could do worse his father's a multi-millionaire and he's absolutely rolling in money, after all."


"Well, that's as may be. Anyway, I don't like fancy dress parties; I never have any idea what to go as."


The thing about Jenny is that whatever your objections, she can get around them in a flash.


"The theme is classic children's stories. We've already got a character in mind for you Puss in Boots. It's going to be perfect for you. Good, that's settled; I'll get the costume. Come round to my flat at 6pm on Saturday." She darted off before I could say anything.


Well, I didn't want to be the only one not going. So, with some foreboding, I duly turned up at Jenny's flat. Claire and Judy were there already. Jenny was obviously Alice in Wonderland, Claire was a fairy, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan I guessed, and Judy was Red Riding Hood. All had very short skirts and massive amounts of cleavage. I wouldn't dare wear anything as revealing as that, but of course I would be going as Puss in Boots, not girl in miniskirt!


"Punctual as always dear," said Jenny, hugging me. "I'll just get you a nice cup of tea while the girls help you change."


Claire handed me something black. "Obviously, the key part of a cat costume is a catsuit. Do you know how to put one on?"


"I think so." I stripped off to my bra and panties and picked up the catsuit.


"Oh no, you must wear absolutely nothing under a catsuit," said Claire. "If you do, there will be horrible Visible Panty Line. Believe me, everything shows."


Reluctantly, I took off my underwear and, completely naked, picked up the catsuit again and climbed into it. It was tight but very stretchy. There was a zip at the front down to my stomach. I pulled it closed; it went up to my neck. A thought occurred to me. "Hey, how am I supposed to go to the toilet while wearing this without doing a striptease?"


At that point, Jenny came back with a cup of tea for me. As usual, she had a solution to every difficulty. "There's another zip at the crotch; you just open that and you'll be fine," she explained.


The catsuit was very tight. It clung firmly to my breasts, bottom and thighs like a second skin, emphasising every curve that I had. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realised how sexy it made me look. My nipples grew hard, and immediately I could see them as little bulges in the catsuit. The girls were right; I couldn't have worn any underwear.


"Oh, stop admiring yourself in the mirror, you're not supposed to be Narcissus," joked Jenny, slapping my bottom playfully. "Being Puss in Boots, you need to wear boots."


She gave me a pair of shiny black thighboots. I sat down and pulled them on; they were rather tight, but I managed. "Stand up now," said Jenny. When I did so, I realised that the heels were extremely high, holding my feet almost vertical. The girls closed the zips; it wasn't easy, as the boots were very close-fitting. I sat down again, and realised that because the boots were tight and came well above my knees, I could not bend my knees. I had to sit with my legs straight out.


"You know, I can barely walk in these," I said, sipping my tea.


"So? Where do you think you'll be walking to at a party?" As I say, Jenny has an answer for everything. "Anyway, the next item is your paws."


As soon as I finished my tea, she made me put on a pair of mitts designed to look like catspaws. She buckled the straps at the wrists, pulling them as tight as she could to hold them on securely.


"Hey, I can't move my fingers in these," I complained. "My hands are quite useless!" Scarcely to my surprise, Jenny immediately assured me that there would be nothing to worry about; she and the girls would make sure I was OK.


Next, she put a mask over my head. It looked like a realistic cat's head, complete with pointy ears. It covered the top half of my face, apart from the eye holes, and fastened under my chin to keep it on. However, my mouth and chin remained uncovered. "We'll put on the bit with the whiskers when we get there," she explained.


I looked at myself in the mirror again. I really looked very sexy. This could be quite enjoyable.


"Come on, let's get into the car, Narcissus," laughed Jenny, grabbing me by the arm.


It was a little tricky getting into the car with my stiff legs, but the girls helped me. I had to keep my legs straight, but I was in the front and with the seat moved right back, there was plenty of leg room. The girls also had to help me with the seat belt, as I could scarcely use my hands. We soon arrived at Bob's house. He certainly seemed to have loads of money. It was a large detached house, with plenty of room for us to park in the front garden. The girls had to undo my belt and help me out of the car. I stood next to the car. Claire got out of the rear and stood behind me.


"We've just got to put on the rest of your mask, Mel. Open your mouth as wide as you can," said Judy. As I did so, Claire wrapped the mouthpiece around my head. I was startled as I suddenly found my mouth filled by a huge lump of rubber. Claire buckled it tightly behind my neck. I had been gagged!


Before I could react, Claire and Judy grabbed my wrists. They pulled them behind my back and handcuffed them together. Hands were at my ankles too, and looking down, I saw that Jenny had manacled my ankles. That was all I had time to see before Judy closed the eyelids on the head mask, leaving me totally blind.


I was bewildered. What the hell was going on? What were the girls playing at? I couldn't ask them; I tried to speak but nothing could emerge through the gag except vague mumbles. My arms were gripped by the girls and I was forced up the steps to the front door. It was very difficult to walk in those boots, especially with the manacles, which only allowed me to take short steps; I almost had to be carried. They rang the bell and after only a brief pause I heard the door open.


"Hi, girls," came Bob's voice. "You're all looking very sexy."


"Merry Christmas, Bob. This is your present from us," said Jenny, pushing me forwards. "No need to unwrap it fully; just open the front and crotch zips to access the important areas."


"Thanks girls; this is just what I want, and so perfectly gift wrapped too. I promise you that Santa will ensure that you all have a very, very Merry Christmas this year!"


My senses reeled. I'd been betrayed! The girls had delivered me, helpless, to Bob to do heaven knows what to me. There was no way I could escape from him; I was absolutely helpless, tied up, gagged and blindfolded. I tried to scream, but barely a sound could get through my gag, certainly nothing loud enough to be heard in the street or the neighbouring houses. I was picked up and flung over a shoulder. Strong arms gripped my manacled legs, and my struggles were totally useless as I was carried upstairs.



The End


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