Charlotte, Emperor's Special Agent:

The Russian Affair

Chapter 8

By Hugues

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Charlotte would have wanted to shout but she did not want to give this pleasure to her enemy sat over her. She had been thrown eight hours earlier on the floor of the diligence launched on the rocky paths and every jolt had been a moment of severe pain in her members twisted by ropes. Pain in her scalp, pain in her big toes, pain in her thighs, over all pain in her bisected crotch but pain in all her body in misery!

Her enemy added humiliation to her punishment by putting her feet kicked on the naked bottom curved by the tense links and by insinuating the sharp heels between her buttocks bruised by the rope.

Every time, Charlotte grunted in her enormous gag, making her enemy laugh loudly. She also felt friendly feet, Josepha’s bare feet on her naked shoulders. The poor girl had no other solution than to use her mistress as a footrest. She sat on the seat next to the Russian woman who did not leave her many space to settle down. Her wrists were tied in front of her and she could push away the hands which tried from time to time to caress a thigh or a nipple.

Finally the Russian woman got irritated by this futile resistance.

“Keep your hands away!”

She took a rope and circled Josepha’s neck, then she took her bound wrists and pulled them behind the black girl’s head, tying them to the rope tightened on her neck.

“You had too much liberty! I did not want to do that because the smell, she said while her fingers tickled Josepha’s exposed armpits. Your hairs are even longer than Charlotte’s ones. I shall shave both of you when we’ll be at destination and I shall put these nasty hairs in the nasty mouth of Charlotte darling!”

Josepha glared at her:

“You like to humiliate your prisoners”

“Yes I do, and I only regret that I have no more dirty panties to shove in your insolent mouth. But at the next stopping place, I shall ask to your mistress to give me one of the three pairs of panties shoved in her mouth. I think that she will agree!”

Three hours later, the diligence entered the court of a wooden inn in the border of the forest. The Russian woman took all her time to untie Charlotte’s legs but did not do anything to free her twisted arms!

Charlotte grunted of pain and relief when blood came back in her tortured limbs. The two captives were pulled out of the diligence.

Charlotte blushed when she heard her captor saying:

“Piss now!”

She wanted her to piss in front of all the servants of the inn? A new humiliation for the young countess! She looked down at the rough cord forced in the soft flesh of her thighs

“Yeap, the rope will be wet. It does not matter.”

It was too humiliating for the young woman but she really needed to find relief after hours to hold on. She squatted with difficulty in front of the group of servants which the guards had just joined for this shameful show. Josepha was next. It was so humiliating but easier. The black woman was not tied up so cruelly than her mistress. Some men only laughed when comparing the woods under her armpits and the dark forest over her pussy. But Josepha did not understand Russian!

The Russian woman leashed her two captives and paraded them proudly towards her bedroom.

She untied Charlotte’s numb arms. The poor countess was too exhausted when her enemy tied her up again, in the center of the large bed, her wrists to the footboard, and her ankles to the headboard. She pulled on the ropes until her captive was stretched on the bed.

Nude Josepha joined her, equally stretched on her right, both women hips touching for them not taking too much place.

Some humanity? The woman took off the cruel gag stuffed in the young countess’s throat and she gave her a glass of water. Half of the water slide on her nose and her chin. The woman laughed:

“That you are awkward! We would say a baby!”

And she pushed a piece of dry bread in Charlotte’s mouth before pushing again two pairs of wet panties  with her long nails.

The third one was, as promised, for gagging Josepha! The poor servant swallowed, horrified, and tried to clench teeth and refuse the disgusting ball soaked with Charlotte’s saliva. But the Russian woman pinched her nose until she opened her mouth and pushed the gag deep in her throat.

“Do not vomit!” Charlotte thought, hearing the poor servant retching just by her side.

Then she felt something wet on her bare feet. The Russian washed her feet with wet linen! She explained what she was doing, making the same thing to Josepha:

“I don’t want to smell dirty feet while I’m sleeping!”

Charlotte understood when she saw the tall woman taking off her waders. The proud Amazon did not take care to wash her own feet but she jumped in the bed, in a normal posture, her head on the pillow at the headboard and her feet in the other direction, very close to Charlotte’s gagged face.

Feet smelt strong after a long day in the waders so Charlotte turned her head in the other direction, just to find her nose stuck on Josepha hairy and sweaty armpits! Where was the worst! Luckily the French countess was so exhausted that she quickly fell in a profound sleep.

Another day, other humiliations! The Russian woman leaded her two captives, naked and leashed by their wrists bound in front of them, to the yard where her guards were waiting for them while the servants were working. Everyone stopped all activity when the two prisoners arrived, the black one shameful, low head and closed eyes, the young red countess high head, facing the crowd with her reluctant green eyes.

Her captor spoke loudly for all the men listening.

“Hey what, French spy, do you think you would take place in my diligence, your hands simply tied in front of you?”

Charlotte sent her a contemptuous look but her gag forbade her to answer otherwise. The woman took a long knife and cut the rope that bruised her red wrists.

“Hands behind your back, you know the posture, de Maupas!”

Charlotte glared at her and saw two coils of rope in her left hand, a long one and a shorter one. “The shorter one is for my wrists.” She thought, a little reassured not to see yards of rope in the enemy hand like yesterday!

She offered her bruised wrists behind her back, palm to palm. She did not make a sound when the woman pulled on the twine with all her strength. She did not make a sound when she pulled on the big rope until her bruised elbows were joining together behind her back, pushing her heavy and white breast forward. The big rope was long enough to circle her breasts and it was the worst. The cruel woman tied a circle of rope around each boob until they turn in small pink balls, tearing away rumblings of pain to her victim who shook her red mane while she squeezed the ropes on the link which bruised the tender flesh of her elbows.

Charlotte stood in the middle of the inn’s court while the Russian woman tied Josepha’s hands behind her neck. The black roommate blushed when she saw all the men’s looks on her exposed hairy armpits, but as her mistress, she was gagged with panties and she could only moan while their enemy was tightening a big knot behind her neck.

“’Go up!” The woman said, pushing her on her black bare ass into the diligence.

“Not you!” She added to Charlotte who wanted to follow her servant.

She took a long rope and she slide it with some difficulty under the rope hurting Charlotte pink boobs. The French captive groaned. This knot strengthened the pressure of the rope already cutting in the flesh of her udders!

The Russian woman took the other extremity and tied it to a ring behind the diligence. The woman got up besides a terrified Josepha. The coachman whipped the horses of the harness which left at a trot, firing by nipples the poor countess taken for a long and painful ride through the woods of eastern Russia.

The cruel Russian woman tilted frequently the head by the small window of the car door to laugh at her captive’s torment!

Charlotte tried not to moan, running courageously behind the car, hauled by her bound boobs!

“Faster, the woman cried, faster Charlotte or I add a crotch rope!”

Blasted woman! She was surely fondling naked Josepha in the cabin but while pain increased in her udders, Charlotte was ready more to suffer such an indignity than to suffer misery in her tits!

With her mouth full of panties, Charlotte fought for breath through her nose. As a result, when the vehicle pulled up at the rear of the dark forest, Charlotte's chest was heaving in its flimsy covering.

Finally her fate turned milder little. The diligence entered a zone of high hills and slowed down the train. The rope fired less hardly at her breasts which pointed like little red apples towards the cabin.

They walked a few miles in a narrow path through the forest.

“We cannot continue so, shouted the coachman in front. It is necessary to come down from the diligence and to continue by feet”

The Russian woman pushed a miserable Josepha, her wrists crossed and bound behind her head, towards her exhausted mistress. The French spy did not look at them but she was looking over with horror.

The coachman’s body fell down on the ground, an arrow crashed between his shoulder blades.

To Be Continued…

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To Be Continued

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