Charlotte, Emperor's Special Agent:

The Russian Affair

Chapter 1

Bu Hugues

Charlotte de Maupas shivered. It was cold in this winter in the plains of Russia and nudity was not appropriate to travel in a stagecoach.

But Charlotte de Maupas had no choice.

The young French countess had been taken by surprise in her bedroom by four strong men who had stripped her brutally and pushed into her mouth her long black panties, folded in a large ball. They were brutal but methodical: one man firmly held her arms behind her back while another one tightened a rough rope on her white skin, fastening her arms behind her back. They rolled her in a blanket for transporting her outside towards a hidden stagecoach where they placed her on a bench and opened the blanket covering her.

Charlotte de Maupas shook her red mane and blinked. She was now nude, in front of a woman all in black: black hat, black coat, black trousers, black boots, black mask, and black hair floating over her shoulders.  Charlotte's green eyes turned on her left and she saw Josepha.

Josepha was her maid, a young Métis born in the West Indies with soft coffee skin and short curly hair covered by her white cap. Josephine was not naked, as her mistress was; she wore her work clothes: a black short sleeved woolen shirt with a white collar, a long black skirt and black wool socks and a white apron.

She was also gagged, with a pair of Charlotte's worn panties in her mouth, and tied up, her forearms held by a big rope around her tummy, joined to a knee rope to prevent her reaching her gag with her bound hands.

Charlotte white face reddened. She felt so humiliated to be naked and cruelly bound in the company of two women fully clothed.

She tried to struggle in the bonds constricting her upper body, fighting against the ropes joining her elbows behind her back with the effect of pushing her white tits towards the masked woman. She grunted with the effort and the pain in her soft skin. She grunted ever more when the woman slapped her violently.

"Be quiet, spy girl," she said in Russian.

"Grrmmmffff," Charlotte answered in French, totally mortified.  

Josepha looked sadly at her poor mistress but all she could do was to twist desperately her bound hands.

The masked woman took a long rope and took advantage of Charlotte's being temporarily stunned from the slap to tie her naked left ankle to Josephine's socked right one. She then tied up the two ankles of the Métis maid together, and to a wooden bar nailed under the left door.

Charlotte reacted when the woman in black opened then her legs with her gloved hand to tie her right ankle to the wooden bar under the right door.

She blushed. The young countess did not know where she will be transported like this, but she understood that she would travel with her privacy available to the sight of the mysterious woman… and of her own maid!

The horses pulled the diligence of a fast trot. Inside, the two captives suffered the shakes, especially Charlotte, embarrassed by her arms tied behind her back.  

The woman in black rode with them, her eyes behind the mask continuously monitoring the prisoners, with particular attention to the open legs of Charlotte. The young woman wanted to hide her privacy and for that, she tried to pull on the rope connecting her to her maid, but Josepha resisted, her own feet joined to the wooden bar on her left. Josepha groaned. The futile efforts of her young mistress hurt her ankles. Their captor frowned. Charlotte had not forgotten the hard slapping on her cheek and she sat quiet, facing the eyes of the unknown woman, despite her humiliating nudity and her captive situation.

With hours, travel became increasingly difficult. The rope clutching Charlotte's elbows bit more deeply into her flesh. Her arms were suffering a slow numbness. The panties in her mouth had a strong taste and were half choking her. The bumps hurt her naked back and buttocks. Charlotte tried to relieve her wrists injured by the rough rope and caught between her back and the wood of the seat by sliding forward. The masked woman saw the movement and pointed a gun towards her captive:

"What are you doing, bitch?"

"Mggnnnnnn!" Charlotte grunted in her big gag.

"Hum, we are in a deep forest. I can take off your gag for a moment."

"Mgggnn!" Josepha moaned, asking for the same relieve.

"Shut up the maid! Or I add this soaked gag in your dirty mouth."

She expelled a black cloth soaked of saliva from Charlotte's mouth. The young countess retched, coughed and salivated with a look of disgust. She said hoarsely:

"I just want to relieve my wrists. They are bruised, tied up like this and caught against the seat! And the gag was choking me."

"Poor babe," the woman laughed at her, stroking a red cheek.  

"Don't touch me," the young woman shouted, pulling back.  

"You don't like women?"  The masked one mocked.

"No, I don't and especially women like you!" Charlotte grunted, pulling on the rope bruising her wrists. She faced her enemy:

"Could you at least explain to me the reason why you kidnapped me?"

"Sure I can! I'm working for the secret services of the Czar and I know that you're an agent sent by Napoleon III's  services for information on our military defenses in Sebastopol. We were watching you for several weeks and we saw how you used your beauty to seduce our young officers and get information. We could arrest you but if we did it, we must arrest these young naïve men and weaken our army. And though it would be a pleasure to kill you under the knout, we think that it could be the pretext that your Emperor is waiting for to attack our country. And we are not really ready to fight against France and England. I will be better to simply make you disappear from circulation. You are famous as a courtesan and everybody will think that you are simply taking your pleasure with a young officer, forgetting your mission. In a few months, the war will break out between our countries and we'll carry out your public execution."

"A good program indeed!" Charlotte said with a defiant look.  "And what are we going to do awaiting my execution?"

"We are going to my family's castle. We have very luxurious bedrooms and dungeons… very uncomfortable. I think that you will spend very unpleasant days, my poor love!"

Charlotte looked at her with her beautiful green eyes:

"You hate me! Really! Why?"

The woman laughed, a wicked laugh:

"Why? Because you are a spy… and because one of the officers you seduced was my lover! Take it!"


The cruel woman had again forced her saliva-soaked panties into Charlotte's mouth, pushing them with her fingers at the back of her throat. The poor girl retched but with her arms tied behind her back, she could not do anything to prevent her enemy from cruelly gagging her again.  

By her side, Josepha looked with despair at the way the cheeks of her mistress were disproportionately inflated. Her silent tears accompanied the furious roar of the young and beautiful French woman. Josepha rested her chin against her mistress' red locks, and laid her dark head on the bare shoulder of her neighbor.

"You are adorable!" The Russian woman laughed at her captives, nestled against one another. Charlotte shot her a glare while her twisted fingers looked carefully for a knot between her painful wrists. Josepha pressed harder against her gorgeous young mistress, with a sad look at the white breasts plowed by the rope.

Chapter 2

Charlotte de Maupas sighed. Hours were days and days were weeks in the dark jail under the basement of the old castle she was locked in with her servant Josephine. The girl, still clad in her soubrette's uniform, was tied up, her hands held in front of her by a thick rope. Charlotte was also tied up but she was naked and her hands were bound behind her back by a thicker rope. Their gags had been removed, but the bonds were a useless cruelty. The captives had no chance to dig a tunnel under the big stones of the wall or to break the bars of the door or of the cramped basement window!

Charlotte had explored their jail in a few minutes. The place was so tiny! Then she had joined the sad Josepha, curled in a corner on the hard ground. The girls had spoken a long time. Josepha was a servant but she had a friendly relationship with her young mistress. Josepha knew all of Charlotte's espionage activities and she had repeatedly tried to dissuade her from living this perilous existence.

But Charlotte was a born adventuress and she was not willing to listen to the voice of reason. Her father had taught her everything a son should know: shooting, fencing, horse riding. The Count had no son, but a daughter, and what a pretty girl: perfect oval face with high sweet cheekbones, large green eyes and full lips over a small determined chin; pale skin, a freckled little nose, freckled white shoulders and pear-shaped breasts.

Charlotte de Maupas had everything to be a great spy but she was trapped now in a damp cell without any ability to use her talents to defend herself. And poor Josepha, who did not look for danger, was her fellow captive.

The prisoners' arms were numb from their long forced immobility, especially Charlotte's, crossed behind her back and very tightly bound. It was painful and humiliating: Charlotte was like a baby in the bound hands of her servant. Josepha had to feed her with her hands when a guard brought them their meager daily meal. She had even to scratch her mistress' nose when it was itching! The only thing that Charlotte could to without help was to pee because she was naked. All she had to do was to go to the opposite corner of the cell and to bend her knees. What a fate for a noble creature!

Naturally their guard checked their bonds when he brought their food so Charlotte did not try to rub her ties against the stone that bruised her back. But captivity was unbearable day after day and one morning, after the brief meal, when the guard was gone, Charlotte leaned forward, showing her bound wrists to Josepha.

"It looks tight," sympathized the Métis woman.

"It's tight!" Charlotte grunted. "But we must learn to these people the equal treatment of prisoners. I'm bound with my arms behind my back and your hands are tied in front of you. We can use of it to try an escape. The guard comes to feed us once a day so we have now twenty four hours to try something. I know that my bonds are knotted very tightly but we have nothing else to do. Please try to untie me with your fingers. Are they numb?"

 "Yes a bit but if I move, it will get better. Can you sit in front of me, turn me back and show me your tender wrists?"

"Sure, my pretty rescuer! Do your job"

Josepha's long fingers found the knots and soon they found their agility coming back. But the knots were knotted very tight and the two captives realized they were having no success: Josepha's bound shackled wrists made her movements clumsy. Several times her fingers inadvertently touched the soft skin of the back or buttocks of the young and beautiful Countess.

"Don't use the fact that I am tied to caress me!" The French woman whispered with a strange smile.

"I beg your pardon, Milady", the servant answered, drawing back strongly.

"Don't stop, Josepha," Charlotte complained. "My shoulders are in pain. I want to be free. Use your teeth."

"You really want it?" the servant stammered, shocked at the thought of having to put her little brown nose on the white ass of her young mistress.

"Yes, I do" Charlotte insisted, offering her bound wrists to the white teeth of her pretty servant.

And Josepha did it, her chin caressing the soft skin of Charlotte's forearm to find a knot.

"Why did they put you naked?" The drk-skinned woman asked, with rope strands in her mouth.

"I don't know," Charlotte answered, looking over her shoulder her servant working on the rope tying her wrists. "I presume that they wanted to humiliate me, or make me die by cold!"

"If my hands weren't tied, I should give you my dress", the girl murmured as if somebody could hear them in this dark dungeon!

As hours passed, the mistress and the servant became closer, friendlier and even tender, but the rope resisted and Charlotte always suffered of her bondage.

The dim light that passed through the narrow window of the prison had died when Charlotte felt her bonds begin to yield. She stood still for a long moment as tingling in her hands showed her the blood beginning to circulate then she turned her back and pulled Josepha's chest tightly against her own bare chest. She felt the pressure of her bound hands against her crotch and shivered. The smell of the girl's skin was good but her fellow captive had other concerns. She gently freed from the embrace of her mistress and asked, showing her bound wrists:

"Could you untie me, please?"

Charlotte could not see anything in the dark, but she answered:

"I understand that the rope can hurt you, Josepha, but it would not be a good idea. When our guardian will come tomorrow, I shall put my hands behind my back again and he will think that I'm still tied up. Your hands are tied in front of you and he will see that there is no more rope around your wrists."

"What's your plan?" Josepha asked with some disappointment.

"To give this man a nasty surprise, then… we'll see!"


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