Charlotte, Emperor's Special Agent:

The Russian Affair

Chapter 10

By Hugues

Morning dew woke up the two captives. Their limbs were numb but they had slept, her foot on the hairy pussy of the other one.

Two men untied them from the trees and they could face each other, their hands bound in front of them protecting their naked hairy pussies exposed to the Turkish army.

They watched as princess Aïcha kicked savagely Ivana Romanov out of her tent. The proud Russian woman was less proud than yesterday, always naked, her arms always twisted high behind her back. A savage kick in her ass propelled her in the wet grass, facing the laughing warriors.

Princess Aïcha slung a water-skin across her shoulder, set the pot on the ledge, then retrieved a lasso from the saddle of her horse. She strolled to Ivana Romanov, lying helpless in the grass, and helped her to her hobbled feet.  She dropped the lasso's noose over the captive's head and tightened it around her throat, then led her to a large, flat rock about a foot above the level of the grass, under a large tree.  Ten feet overhead was a big branch.  Princess Aïcha led her prisoner onto the rock and under the branch, tossed the end of the lasso up and over, and pulled out the slack.  "You'll be a good girl?" she asked Ivana, "or you want to dance on toes?"

The captive sighed through her gag, then nodded.

Aïcha, smiled, pulled out the slack, but left enough that Ivana's bare feet remained flat on the rock.  She tied off the lasso to a wooden stump, then untied Ivana's gag and pulled the disgusting panties from her mouth.

Ivana worked her jaws and tried to lick her lips, but her tongue was too dry to do them much good.  Aïcha unstopped the water-skin and held it to Ivana's mouth.  She drank and drank, gulping and swallowing a little more than a pint.  Water splashed her chest and breasts and dribbled down her stomach and thighs in the process.  She willed herself to stop, not wanting her stomach to start heaving.  "Thank you," she muttered.

The princess slapped her savagely in her face.

“Thank you your majesty! And tell everybody you are my “licking-pussy slave.”

The humiliated Russian captive faced her captor:

“Thank you your majesty. I’m your “licking-pussy slave.”

“Another time and louder, face to my warriors.”

Ivana Romanov was a brave woman but she was not fool. She submitted herself to the humiliation, what did not spare her twenty lashes before resuming the road.

The road… the painful road through the steppe…

Finally they saw the city, a city of colored tents, maybe thousands of tents snuggled up at the foot of the steep hills, badly protected by a bass fence.

The arrival at the camp of the Turcomans had not been glorious for the three captives, naked and dragged behind the horse of the proud princess Aïcha. Hundreds of warriors had come out of the tents, armed with their curved swords, preceded by the howls of  women and children running to meet the unfortunate prisoners.

The princess did not rush to ask her men to spread the crowd that had thrown itself on the poor captives, pulling their hair, pinching them in the belly, thighs, buttocks and breasts, laughing at their scoundrels of pain.

They could not protect themselves with their arms cruelly tied behind their back from wrists to elbows. They were  bound together by a tight rope around Josepha's neck and Charlotte's hands tied behind her back and  the rope pressing Charlotte's nipples  joined to Ivana's wrists. The Turkish princess pulled the hitch by a long rope enclosing the voluptuous chest of Ivana forced to run behind her mount.

The princess turned her cruel face to enjoy the spectacle of her captives every time they scolded in their gag under camel lashes.She burst out with a shrill laugh, even more strident when the whip slammed on the bare skin of her personal enemy, Ivana Romanov. She even roared with pleasure as she saw the crowd of women and children assaulting the defenceless prisoners and tormenting them with malice and cruelty.

The noble Russian woman tried to keep her head up and bear the lasery gaze of her enemy, but sometimes the pain and shame were too strong and she looked up to heaven, in a desperate call for divine help.

They were thus forced to go around the camp three times, under the whip of their guards, hustled by the population that was growing at each turn and by the Turkish princess who took a clever pleasure in giving brutal jerks to the rope that tightened the crimson breasts of her Russian prisoner.

Despite her pain and distress, Charlotte de Maupas did not forget that she was a spy and she was spying. Looking to the right and left under the blows, pinches, spitting and hair pulling, she noticed how little protection the camp had. A makeshift palisade surrounded it, a weak bulwark for the archers.  It is certain that they were more inclined to ambushes and raids than to the defence of cities.

She was a good spy and she also observed that Yvana Romanov  looked very good, even pulled behind a horse, her beautiful bare buttocks whipped by a Turkish warrior !

She listened from behind her maid Josepha begging for mercy in her enormous gag but there was no mercy in this ordeal. Charlotte was now staring at her, clenching her teeth as much as her gag allowed. She told herself that everything has an end, even the hardest trials.

Finally, princess Aïcha had her horse pitched up in front of a large tent, firing a blow on the rope that martyred the Russian prisoner's chest. She ordered her men to repel the crowd who took  pleasure in tormenting the captives, especially the Russian designed by the young sovereign to the popular vindictiveness.

They were in front of a particulary great tent, richly decorated with golden moons. A purple drapery closed the entrance and the princess came to camp there, arms folded.

“ My father, the King, is gone with his army to ransome some Russian peasant villages. We'll wait for him to come back so he decides your fate to all three ! I hope he will decide a terrible death for you, Ivana. For the other ones, it can be slavery ! Do you know what's the torment of the pal, Ivana ?

Ivana had heard of this ancient and cruel torment. Charlotte too. Josepha did not know what it was. She discovered it with horror.

The torment of the pal consists of  sinking a sharp stake into the foundation of the condemned man until his death in horrible suffering. Whoever was used here was not supposed to kill and had a rounded tip. But if she wasn't gagged, the proud noble Russian woman would have told you that it was still very unpleasant

Charlotte and her maid had been dragged by the Turkish warriors on either side of the stake where the Russian princess was to be tortured. Their arms already tied behind their backs had been securely tied from the shoulders to the wrists. Big ropes had been chinched between these ropes and pulled high towards a long beam horizontally attached to two tree branches. Strappado, the prisoners knew now perfectly well what that word meant ! Charlotte's feet had been tied up, not her maid's ones. It was a particular attention  that forced her to climb on the tip of her toes to resist the pull of the ties on her arms. Princess Aïcha personally tied her red hair in a thick poneytail  on the top of her skull, leaving the long rope that tied them.

Last detail but not the least. The princess again squeezed a long rope around the waist of the French prisoner and did the same  to her servant, squeezing as much as she could while staring at the wide-eyed eyes of each of her victims.

Then she spread with two fingers the intimate lips of the unfortunate Charlotte, slipping the rope into her red forest where she made her white way. Then she pulled hard, until the poor Frenchwoman screams in her gag.

Josepha shuddered when the evil princess turned away from her mistress to come towards her. She knew it was going to be her turn and it was. Princess Aïcha did not stop pulling on the white rope before it disappeared into the young woman's black forest!

But the worst was yet to come.  On a compelling sign, the princess asked two men to install another princess, the Russian one, Yvana Romanov, on the pal that had been prepared for her. The proud woman struggled furiously against the two men who had grabbed her but she was too firmly tied and a vicious hand even used the rope that tightened her tits to move her forward!

They forced the noble indignant young woman to lay her pretty ass on the rounded tip of the menacing pal. She was not pierced by the machine thanks to the support of the warriors who held her firmly, thanks also to its rounded shape but also to her own resistance, her legs wrapped around the stake and resistant to the slide which without being deadly could be unbearable.

To help her in her attitudc, if we can say that, her two fellow captives were associated to her torment. Princess Aïcha tied Ivana black long hair in a poneytail with the two ropes tied to the crotchropes  of the captives that she passed over a mast that served as a pulley. One rope was tied above Charlotte's navel and the other above the navel of her unfortunate maid.

To add to Charlotte's discomfort, the cruel princess  used the rope tying the French spy's hair in a ponytail identical to Ivana's and  passed the rope over the mast to fix it to the rope pulling the arms of the noble Russian in a cruel strappado. The desperate princess tightened her buttocks as much as she could to escape her terrible fate! Her long black eyes widened when she saw the cruel instruments that her enemy brought to torment her even more: two heavy bells with cruel pliers. Naturally, it was destined to her fragile nipples. The unfortunate woman howled in her enormous gag when the steel pinched her flesh where it was so tender. And the bells started ringing.

The Turkish princess laughed behind her favorite enemy.

“ I hope the sound of these bells will make my father come sooner! You'll see that he can be even crueler than me. But we're not going to torment you anymore, dear Ivana. It will be the privilege of the King!”

“ I hope I'll be dead before,” the Russian captive thought, moaning in her gag.

But the bells had no other effect than to make the unfortunate Russian princess suffer and the King did not come  so much so that Ivana's terrible ordeal lasted.

Princess Aïcha had lazily settled on a bench covered with rich golden cushions. She would get up from time to time to torment her captives, and she paid a lot of attention to Ivana, who didn't ask for so much!

She slammed the buttocks, pinched Charlotte's breasts and her maid, on the other hand, concerning Ivana she attacked more of her buttocks in unstable balance on the rounded pal, taking pleasure in trying to insinuate a finger in the spread anus.

All this provoked desperate grunts from the gagged prisoners and the laughter of the crowd. But the laughter suddenly choked. The eyes turned to the west, where a line of riders appeared on the wooded hill.

It was not the King with his cavalry. The riders wore the dark blue tunics and shako characteristic of the French Hussars.

The first shots caused the crowd to panic. The princely guard ran to meet them, brandishing the curved swords but they were mowed down line by line.

The cavalry galloped towards the tormented captives that only the princess kept now. Princess Aïcha heroically brandished her sword, ready to resist. The horsemen surrounded her, also holding swords.

A young officer jumped off his mount in front of Charlotte, who couldn't believe it. He came to camp himself before the excruciatingly tied young woman. He made a military salute and said:

“May I do something for you, young lady?”

“Mrrrmmfffff !” The French spy grunted

“I suppose you want me to take this gag off ?”

“Mwwaaa !”

The young man got out with a disgusted look what he did not immediately recognize as panties.

“ They did it to you ? That's not very gentle !”

“Thanks, Charlotte grunted, now please untie me quick and give me a sword. I want to fight and to capture this bitch !”

The officer untied Charlotte's ropes while four men  took care of Ivana and  two others untied Josepha.

"Be careful with this one, take her down from her stake but don't untie her," scolded Charlotte, pointing to Ivana, who was a great pity for her saviors.

But it was some relief for the Russian Princess to be allowed to kneel down into the grass !

With an incredible ardour coming from a young woman exhausted by long ill-treatment, Charlotte took the sword offered to her by the young French officer. Still naked, she ran towards the Turkish princess surrounded by hussars. "Leave her to me, I want to capture her myself"

The princess watched her former prisoner come with a contemptuous smile. What did she have to fear from this half-crazy naked and exhausted woman?

Yet it was a beautiful sight offered to the soldiers by the beautiful young woman, even more splendid in her nudity. The Turkish princess knew how to fight, but Charlotte was enlivened by rage and she promptly stole her opponent's sword. She slit the throat of the vanquished with the point of her sword.

“Josepha, come here and strip the bitch. Then tie her hands behind her back ! I suppose you know the meaning of the word TIGHT ?”

Josepha knew that. The naked princess squeezed her lips so as not to moan in front of the soldiers when the black maid tied her wrists, actually very tight. But she suffered more from the humiliation of her public nudity than from the bite of the rope on her bare forearms.

 Looking at the prisoner naked and bound by her maid, Charlotte de Maupas became aware of her own nudity. She set off in what was to be the princely tent and returned booted and dressed in a white shirt with wide sleeves and puffy trousers. She had also taken a long dress to cover the devoted servant.

She also held a large piece of wood that no one understood the usefulness except Princess Aicha.

“You know what is it, darling !” the French agent said in front of the furious captive.

“Don't put that on me or you'll die by the pal!”


It was a kind of shackle with only one opening for the neck, none for the hands. But there was a hook at the back, intended to attach the wrists, which Charlotte did by placing the hands of her captive as high as possible.

“Comfy ? I suppose that not and the shackle is heavy. You'll have to carry it on your shoulders until the French camp and I hope it is far away!”

“Bitch !” The indignated princess only answered.

“What do you want to do with these women? It's not the French army's tradition to treat like this captive females !” , the French officer said looking at the humilated Turkish princess and the still naked and bound Russian princess.”

“Hostages. With her daughter captive, the Turkish King will accept to negociate all that we want. And the Russian woman is a Romanov ! There is not a better hostage in Russia.”

“A Romanov? If the Tsar knows that she was walked tied up naked and gagged with these dirty things, he will be ten times more furious with our expedition. I'm already going to take off her gag, she looks like she's having trouble breathing.”

The Russian princess was finally able to spit out the saliva-soaked panties that stuck to the palate of her mouth. She coughed, spat and then said in a hoarse voice:

“You're right, Lieutenant. If the Tsar learns that you have dragged me all over Crimea tied up, gagged and naked, he will send an army of Cossacks to punish you. I'm a prisoner of war and I'm not a vile daughter of a little nomadic king. I can understand that you keep me tied up but you have to give me respect by giving me decent clothes."

The young officer looked at Charlotte, shrugging his shoulders, doubtful. Charlotte smiled:

“I'm going to look for something to cover this Russian doll.”

She went back to Aïcha tent.

“Look what I found for you, Princess. That's all I can offer you.”

It was trousers identical to the one Charlotte was wearing and a short bolero

“The advantage of this bolero is that it goes under your armpits and can be fixed in your back without having to loosen your hands. You'll keep your hands tied, but I'm going to untie your arms.”

“That's good”, the Russian princess appreciated, relieved not to have to walk naked and tied up in the midst of all these men.

“ I have stille something to do and we can go,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte Emperor's Special Agent: The Russian affair


Charlotte rode her horse taken to the Turks next to the young lieutenant who seemed more and more to her taste.  A Russian princess walked behind them, not too happy to be roped by the neck to the pommel of a sergeant's saddle. But a Turkish Princess  was even less happy to walk naked and barefoot on the pebbles!

The shackle weighed heavily on her frail shoulders as the hours passed in this endless march. But the worst was the tongue she had to draw since the Frenchwoman had tied her to use it as a leash to pull the defeated princess behind her mount!

“The pal for you ! The pal for you” It was all the desperate King's daughter could think when she looked at the French agent, chatting with the seductive officer.

But she had the same thoughts for the black maid who walked behind her, armed with a whip which she used without restraint. Could a noble princess be treated like this?

Charlotte drew her horse closer to the officer's.

“How is it possible that a regiment of hussars found us in this nomadic camp lost in the middle of the Russian steppe? And you got there in time!”

“You have great friends in the War Department. We were ordered to find you, even if we had to travel all over Russia. And when a hussar receives an order, he executes it.”

“Thank you Lieutenant, you saved us. You're wonderful.”

The young officer blushed with this compliment but he dared to ask the beautiful red-haired spy:

“We're here soon. There is a good inn overlooking the Black Sea near our camp. Will you do me the honor of dining with me?”


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