Caroline's Long Weekend Ordeal

By Heidiho

She looked around her husband's den. She saw the family picture and prayed that she would see her husband and kids again. That, of course, depended on the two armed intruders that were currently ransacking her home looking for some kind of box that the man had left in the home over twenty years ago. Her thoughts were interrupted by the voices of her kidnappers.

"OK, Mrs. Sanchez, it's not upstairs in the attic. Now I'm going to ask this one more time. Well, the hell, is my box?"

"Maybe she doesn't know, baby."

"Oh, I bet she does especially since she has lived here for the past ten years. Give me those scissors. Perhaps a little less clothes on will jog her memory."

Caroline Sanchez shakes her head pleading with her abductor even as he clips her left bra strap. The 45-year-old mother of two has been sitting in a dining room chair placed in her husband's upstairs office. She is securely bound with rope and gagged with duct tape. She had been forced to strip down to her bra and panties soon after she was attacked as she came home from shopping trip. The two home invaders forced Caroline to go into her living room. They taped her hands in front of her, made her sit down and then taped her ankles together while they asked her about a box left in the basement. Caroline told them she didn't know anything about a box as she fought back tears. She was terrified as expected but tried to stay calm so that this ordeal would end quickly.

Her mouth was taped shut with several pieces of duct tape as the man went off to search the house for this mysterious box.

He returned about fifteen minutes later empty-handed but very angry. He threatened Caroline with a gun and would have pistol-whipped her if his girlfriend hadn't stopped him. Caroline Sanchez knew she was in danger and all for a box she had never seen or heard of.

After the man calmed down he told his girlfriend to go and retrieve the bag from the bushes out front but to make sure any neighbors didn't see her. Now the Sanchez family lived in a wealthy neighborhood of Miami so neighbors were not that close to them. In fact they had a long driveway that ran up to their four - bedroom three story house. Not much went on in this neighborhood so no one would even suspect what was happening to Caroline Sanchez and with her surgeon husband, Emilio, away at a conference in London and their son and daughter away at college, Caroline was trapped with no rescue in sight. She had to use the skills she had obtained as a former school counselor to get out of this nightmare.

Once the girl got back carrying the little canvas bag, the man told her to cut the tape from around Caroline's feet and wrists. She was grateful to be able to rub some circulation back but she didn't have much time, though.

As soon as her hands were free and with a gun pointed at her, the man ordered Caroline to strip down to her underwear. The brownish blonde mother of two tried to beg him to reconsider but the threat of being shot quickly made her decide to comply. So soon she stood in front of her kidnappers wearing just her bra and panties. She tried to cover herself but the girl came over, grabbed her arms, pinned them behind her back and started binding her wrists with rope. Caroline screamed and winced in pain as the girl tightened them very tight. Caroline was afraid she would loose circulation but the two intruders didn't seem to care. The man looked haggard with tattoos on his arms. Caroline recognized them as prison tattoos for the gang he was involved in. He looked to be about her age or a little older. The girl looked like she couldn't have been older than her daughter, Emily, about 19 or 20. How could a girl that young get involved with an ex-con like this? Could this be his daughter? If only she could ask that question but the tape over her mouth kept her from communicating very well with her kidnappers.

Once the girl had bound Caroline's wrists behind her back, she took another piece of rope and wound it around her waist and the arms securing them to her back.

The man then ordered the girl to go into the dining room, grab a chair and take it upstairs to Dr. Sanchez's home office, which was on the upper floor. The man pressed his gun in Caroline's back and ordered her to walk upstairs. The blonde complied since she was in no position to argue.

It was a struggle to walk up the staircase with her hands bound behind her and in bare feet but she managed. The three flights of stairs were slick from the waxing the maid had done earlier in the day but Caroline made it to the third floor. On the third floor were a small utility room, partial attic and Dr. Sanchez's office. It was here that the girl placed the chair and the man ordered Caroline to sit down. The chair was cold to her bare flesh but at least she was still clothed a little bit. Now with rather large breasts, Caroline filled a bra out rather nicely and she wore, as she did often, small paneled panties so being half dressed was still bad but at least she was covered for now. She watched as the girl got down on her knees and bound her ankles together and then bent them back a bit to tie them to the back chair rung. She also wound a rope around her waist and the chair to hold her there. The man checked the ropes, and satisfied that they were tight and that Mrs. Sanchez wasn't going anywhere, the two of them left to explore the rest of the house for that elusive box.

Caroline tried her bonds but they were secure. She saw the phone on her husband's desk but the chair was too heavy to move and on the thick carpeting that she had insisted go in his office, it would have difficult to move it anyhow. How she hated that carpet decision now. She sat there looking at the family pictures for almost an hour until the two intruders returned and the man being very, very angry at not being able to find the "box" he desired.

"There, now do you want to tell me where the box is. Your boobs are very vulnerable and if you don't tell me, your pussy will be next," the man warns throwing Caroline's bra across the room.

He gets down at Caroline's eye level, runs the knife across her bare nipples and asks her again about the box.

"Are you going to tell me where the box is?"

Caroline cries and shakes her head trying to once again let him know that she doesn't have a clue.

"Well, I guess you don't mind being butt naked."

She looks down in agony as he cuts her panties off. He picks them up, smells them and then rips the tape viciously off her mouth.

"Please, let me go. I don't know anything about a box. My husband and I have only lived here ten years. The box may have been taken by the previous owners."

"Oh, you know where it is, lady. One of my associates saw it here about eight years ago when he did some work for your husband. I have had several people keeping track of it over these years so quit lying and tell me the hell where it is."

" I'm telling you. I don't know where it is or even what it looks like. Untie me and I can help you look for it. Perhaps if you told me what was in it, I might know where to look."

"A million dollars in diamonds," the girl blurts out.

"Shut up and stuff these in her mouth. Maybe having to suck on herself will jolt her memory."

"No, please don't. I will strang-- mmmppppphhhhh."

The girl crams Caroline's wadded up panties into her mouth and before she could spit them out, the man plasters a new piece of duct tape over her mouth. He then used four or five more pieces to further gag her. Caroline was terrified to swallow. Not only was the taste horrible but also she was afraid she might get them dislodged enough to have them slide down her throat and choke her to death.

"Now to make you a little more uncomfortable while we search the basement more thoroughly. Since we will be a way down there and to make sure you aren't going anywhere, I will need to tie you a little tighter. Honey, give some more of that rope."

The girl hands the man three or four neatly packaged coils of rope. It was the kind you can buy at a Walmart for clothesline and he was planning on using all of it.

"All of this is going around your naked body unless you finally tell me where that box is."

Caroline just looks off in space already giving in to her fate.

The man doesn't say another word but instead starts winding rope around Caroline's chest. The girl, meanwhile, is untying Caroline's legs. What she going to do with them?

Over the next ten minutes Caroline Sanchez is welded to the chair with rope that was as tight as one could make it. The two intruders didn't seem to care if her circulation was hindered or not.

The girl spread Caroline's legs apart and bound each ankle to a chair leg. Caroline could barely see the floor but she could feel about ten loops of rope going around each ankle and tying them tightly to the chair. The girl then took two more pieces of rope and bound each knee to the upper chair leg. Caroline was now very much exposed and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Meanwhile the man had a very nice time binding her chest area. First he carefully and meticulously wound the rope under her large breasts. He had about five loops below them and then wound five loops above them. Finally he took the rest of that coil and brought it down between her breasts, took it under the bottom ropes and then back up the other side. When he tied it off at her wrists, Caroline's breasts appeared to have a nice, tight bra around them. Her large breasts dangled.

"Wow, that really makes those boobs stand out," the man says as he reaches out and pinches her nipples.

He made Caroline sit back against the cold back of the chair as he uncoiled another length of rope. She couldn't believe that he was going to use more on her. She watched helplessly as he took the rope and started winding it around her already bound boobs. She screamed in pain when he took the rope and carefully placed it right over her nipples and then looped it three times around that. He took some more rope and tied her thighs to each back leg of the chair. Finally he wound rope around her body from her breasts to her waist holding her tightly to the chair. Now Caroline Sanchez wouldn't be able to do anything but sit there while her captors went to the basement to search.

"OK, now Mrs. Sanchez, you can just sit here and think hard about where that box is and if we don't find it downstairs, we will come back and I promise you we will hurt you badly," the man warns as he runs his knife across Caroline's exposed crotch.

Caroline breathed a sigh of relief when they left the room and she could hear footsteps on the steps. She had a while to attempt an escape even though it would be very futile; still she knew that they would probably kill her so she had to do something.

She would have over an hour in the hot, office to try and also to think about a box she knew nothing about and whether she had done something with it.

Time passes slowly for the captive woman. She can see a clock on her husband's desk and can even hear the constant ticking. She strained against the rope around her sweaty, hurting body but no slack. The kidnappers did a real good job with the knots and she worked for nearly 30 minutes and got nowhere except extremely hot and tired. Her skin was dripping from sweat and with that came the itching and no way to relieve it. Still Caroline worked hard. She managed to move the chair a few feet but not anywhere near a phone, a knife or anything else that could help her. She was also thinking about the box and it finally struck her. She remembered Emilee asking about an old wooden box one day when the girl was a young teenager. She told her that she could have it and the girl walked away beaming. Later that week, her 15-year-old daughter suddenly had a new Ipod. Caroline thought Emilee had bought it with her allowance but now could see have found the diamonds and sold them it. If she did, then Caroline knew that Emilee would be in danger even if she weren't away at college. Caroline resolved never to divulge this information and maybe she could convince these two that the box wasn't there anymore and they would just leave.

About that time, she heard some angry steps coming back up the stairs. She closed her eyes and prayed that she wouldn't be hurt much. The man burst into the room, came over to Caroline and placed his hands around her neck.

"I warned you what would happen if I didn't find that damn box. I ought to choke the life of you right now but I think I will have more fun."

With that he released his hands and Caroline breathed in a long breath of air through her nose.

"Let's untie the bitch and make her extremely uncomfortable."

So the man and the younger woman untie Caroline from the chair. She is so wet from sweat that the girl takes a cloth and starts toweling her off. Caroline is appreciative of that but she had a feeling what the man planned to do to her. She was about to be savagely raped and there wasn't anything she could do about it except give up her precious 20-year-old daughter way up at Florida State.

Caroline still had a lot of rope around her sweaty body after she was finally released from the chair. She still had the rope wound around her breasts and the two kidnappers didn't attempt to take that off.

"OK, Mrs. Sanchez, I think you'll be glad to tell us where the box if very soon. Let's get her down to the basement."

Caroline struggled against her captors. The basement wasn't what she expected. What were they going to do to her? Whatever happened, she was not going to tell them about Emilee. After she was just a kid at the time and the box is probably gone by now. The only good thing is that her daughter is hundreds of miles away in Tallahassee so she is safe.

The two kidnappers walk Caroline slowly down the two flights of stairs down to the main floor. Caroline sees that it has been tossed. These two have pretty well trashed everything looking for the box. They walk the naked, bound and gagged woman down the hallway to the stairs that lead down to the Sanchez's full basement. Caroline prays that someone will see through the windows and see what is happening. Caroline soon realizes that her windows have been covered with dark, opaque paper. No light will be seen by her neighbors.

Caroline struggles to walk down the narrow, wooden steps downstairs. At the bottom she notices the small, old, dirty table that she kept in the furnace room had been moved to the middle of the basement. Surely they weren't going to bind her to that thing.

"OK, Mrs. Sanchez, you leave us no choice but to torture the truth out of you. Let's tie her down on that table."

Caroline was forced over to the table where she was picked up and placed on the edge of it. It was splintery and cold but she couldn't do anything about it. The girl lowered her down onto the top of it but her head was not on it. She tried to plead with her captors about her head but they didn't seem to care. The two kidnappers quickly tied her naked body down to the table. They then came and stood over her.

"Now I imagine you have heard about waterboarding. That was the little torture procedure that our CIA used against Arab terrorists at Guantanomo. Well it works on stubborn women as well."

Caroline screamed into her gag because she knew what it was all about. She had done a paper on it for a psychology class she had taken recently. It was the sensation of drowning and a perfect way to extract vital information from the person being waterboarded. She feared for her life and for Emilee's.

The two kidnappers tied rope around Caroline's head was hanging down below the table top. They tied it around her neck and secured it to one of the table legs. She could hear running water from the faucet in the furnace room.

Within minutes the man returned with a huge gallon bucket full of cold water.

"OK, Mrs. Sanchez, this is your last chance to tell us where the box is."

The girl removes Mrs. Sanchez's gag but Caroline is only able to say the same thing again.

"For the last time, I don't know where the damn box is. And would I go through all of this hell if I did know."

"Good point, but I think you are protecting someone so here goes the water."

He places a piece of plastic over her mouth. The man slowly pours the water down across Caroline's face. She struggles, gurgles and fights for her breath as the water cascades downward into her nostrils and her eyes.. The girl goes to fill another bucket so that when the first one is done, the man will just grab another one until he gets the information he wants.

This goes on for about twenty minutes. Caroline fears she is going to drown but tried hard not to crack. Finally though, the brave mother finally caves in.

"My daughter found the box about seven years ago. She probably sold the jewelry and I remember she kept the box to put personal things inside."

The man stopped pouring.

"So just as I suspected you were protecting someone. So your daughter, Emilee, has the box and I bet she still has some of the diamonds. Release Mrs. Sanchez from the table."

The girl starts untying Caroline starting with her neck and soon Caroline was sitting on the table. She was dizzy and very wet but at least she had been released but now she had put her precious daughter in jeopardy."

"What are we going to do now? Her kid's hundreds of miles away and we can't just go there and grab her."

"No, but she could call her daughter and ask where the box is now. Maybe she will do that in exchange for us leaving her alone, isn't that right?"

Caroline shakes her head hoping that is the beginning of the end of her ordeal.

"OK, now when we take the gag off and call your daughter, you're going to ask her calmly about the box and you need to be very persuasive if you want to get out of those ropes and back into some clothes."

The girl pulls Caroline's tape off and pulls out the soaked panties. The still wet woman runs her tongue over her parched lips.

"Please can you untie me so that I can hold the phone in my hand."

"OK, untie her wrists but no funny business."

"And can we go back upstairs. It is really getting cool down here with no clothes on."

"You know we could just plug you with a gun and drive up and talk to Emilee ourselves and eliminate all of these demands coming from a captive naked woman."

Caroline says nothing and takes her cellphone when it is handed to her. She shakes nervously as she presses the express call to Emilee.

"Hi, kid, what is up? Oh, a new boyfriend, huh. OK, what is his name and tell me everything about him. Oh, a linebacker on the football team. Well, you must tell me more later, but I need to know some information, Em."

Caroline struggles to keep her composure as the man is pointing a gun at her as she still sits on the table.

"There was a box here when we moved in and someone mentioned a box like that at a sale I went to today. Do you know where it is now? I have been down here in the basement and I can't find it. No I won't get mad, honey. What did you do with it?"

Caroline is ready to cry as her daughter apologizes to her mother and tells her that it is gone for good.

"So you just threw it away after you found it. Did it have anything inside it?"

Caroline shook her head as the man tried to control his anger.

"There was some old jewelry in there. Well, is that how you bought that Ipod years ago. No, I'm not mad. A little shocked but not mad. I suppose some of that jewelry is in your jewelry box . Well, that was so long ago I doubt if anyone is looking for it. OK, well I better go for now. Love you and I will want to hear more about that new guy."

With that Caroline closed the phone and started crying.

"Please don't do anything to her. You heard her, some of jewelry is upstairs in her box.

` "Well, unfortunately, that isn't good enough. I think she still has the box and there is only way to find out. You and I, kid, are going to make a trip to Tallahassee and see for ourselves. Gag her again and tie her wrists back again."

"God, no, don't hurt my baby," Caroline screams out as the panties get crammed back in her mouth and the tape is reapplied.

"Let's get Mrs. Sanchez back up to that attic."

Caroline tries to fight her kidnappers as she is pulled back upstairs. The man is getting a little angry with her resistance. He slams her hard against the wall as soon as they reach the upstairs.

"Now, you either stop fighting us or else I will decide to kill you instead of leaving you bound securely upstairs."

"But, father, she is only trying to keep her daughter from us. I think you'd do the same thing if I was going to be in jeopardy."

"OK, Mrs. Sanchez, we won't hurt your daughter as long as gives us everything she still has from that box, understand. Now let's head up to the attic without any resistance."

Caroline Sanchez struggled to climb all of the stairs. She was exhausted, still a little wet from the waterboarding ordeal and sore from the tight rope that is cascading her body. She finally made it back up to the partially finished attic. This was a small area above where she had held for most of the ordeal. Now they were going to leave her in the most isolated, hot and stuffy part of the huge house. She had to plead with them one more time for not only her freedom but that of her daughter whom they were going to kidnap once they got to Tallahassee.

"Please don't do this. You and your father can take my ATM and withdraw enough money to live on comfortably. Just let me go and please, please don't hurt my daughter."

"Shut her up, dad, she is really getting on my nerves."

Caroline looks on in terror as she is being tightly secured to one of the wooden poles in the attic. She has been forced to sit down on the splintery, wooden planks amidst some old boxes that were stored in this desolate, dirty place in the house. The girl didn't say another word as she wound rope after rope around Caroline's naked body making sure with each loop the poor woman was being welded to the pole. While the girl was doing that her father was going around the house, gathering up all of the stuff they had brought with them. They were leaving and weren't planning on coming back soon at least not unless Emilee Sanchez told them where the box was located in the house.

"Ok, honey, I have everything ready to go. Let's finish making sure that Mrs. Sanchez isn't going to get freed anytime soon."

The man goes and doublechecks his daughter ties.

"Excellent job, dear. Now let's get those legs tied together again and we can leave. Let me introduce her to a new kind of gag. One that I promise will keep her quiet for a long time."

Caroline screams into her cloth gag as he produce a large red ball gag which he crams into her mouth after he removes the cloth gag and soggy panties. Caroline panics trying to swallow but soon realize that she can do everything it takes to survive. She is not happy with the pain that cascades inside her head as the gag is tightened in the back of her head. The man then takes a medical wrap that they had found undoubtedly in Emilio's office and wraps it tightly around the ballgag further gagging her. Finally the man wraps duct tape around Caroline's head to finish the job.

He bends over and squeezes one of Caroline's nipples causing her great pain but when she screams out not much noise is emitted.

" Good, now we finish with those legs and we're good to go to Tallahassee."

Caroline watches in helplessness as her legs are tied with rope from her ankles to her knees and then from her knees to half way up her thigh. The girl finishes it by running a couple of pieces of rope to the pole in front of her and tying it off. Caroline Sanchez was totally immobile and helpless. She couldn't believe that they were going to leave her like this. She is going to die a very slow death since no one is expected home for several days. Trapped, bound, tightly and severely gagged in a hot, dark attic without water or food will mean that she will die within a day.

"Well, Mrs. Sanchez, we will give your daughter your regards and tell her that you love her and gave her up to us."

The man gives Caroline's breast one last squeeze and then he and his daughter leave. The only light that comes into the attic is from a very small gable window that is partially open. At least Caroline will get a little bit of air but no relief from the heat of South Florida in the summer. She sits there praying for a quick death if rescue isn't possible. She also prays for Emilee and the hope that she will not be hurt. Caroline Sanchez will not know what day it is as she embarks on the most horrifying experience one can endure. Will she survive it?

The next day:

It was late around 8:00 at night even for Caroline Sanchez the time of day meant nothing. She is fading fast. She is thirsty and hungry. She has sweated so much that a nice little puddle of water sat beside her and her ass was sore from the water. She has matted down hair from the constant heat of probably 100 degrees in the attic. The only thing that has probably kept her alive so far was the thunderstorm that rolled through in the middle of the night that sent a cool breeze through the little gable window in the attic. She had not budged any of her bonds nor her gag. She had been able to swallow the drool produced from the gag and that has sustained her so far but she figured she only had a few more hours to live. Caroline has been dozing off more consistently and had been having hallucinations both signs of impending death. She continually prayed for Emilee wondering if she was enduring the same hell she had been put through. All of this for some stupid old box.

Suddenly Caroline hears a car coming up the driveway. Is it someone coming to save her? Had Emilee gotten away from the man and his daughter and called the authorities. In the dim light of the outside, Caroline struggled to see if there were any lights from police vehicles but there wasn't any. Then a horrifying thought came over her. Could this be them coming back having already killed her daughter and coming back to finish her off?

She heard nothing for a few agonizing minutes and then suddenly the door of the attic opened. She screamed as loud as could into her gag but the joy of possible rescue died when she saw the girl reenter the attic.

"Yeah, she's still alive. I will get her out of here in just a minute."

The girl started untying Caroline from the poles. The poor woman wouldn't be able to walk even if her legs were untied. They had lost circulation a long time ago. Still she is being freed from this hellish prison but what awaited her. The man soon joined his daughter. They seemed in a hurry like maybe they were staying ahead of the cops and needed a hostage to bargain with. Still Caroline was just grateful to be freed a little.

It took about five minutes to free Caroline Sanchez from her prison for the past 26 hours. They left her arms, breasts and some of her legs tied with rope but also removed the tape and the wrap from her gagged mouth but left the ball gag inside. The two gently raised to her feet and she couldn't walk immediately. Both of them stood on both sides of her, pulled her up and slowly walked her out of the attic and down to her husband's office.

She was deposited back into her husband's office chair and the man left. The girl took Caroline's gag down and gave her some water. But before she could ask about Emilee, the girl popped the gag back in and tightened it much tighter. Caroline couldn't understand what was going in until she saw the man reappear in the doorway. She started screaming and thrashing about. There, in the man's arms was Emilee and she was almost exactly in the same shape as her mother. She was naked, bound and gagged with a matching red ball gag.

The man deposits a nearly hysterical Emilee Sanchez on the floor at her mother's feet.

"Now as clearly can see, bitch, your mother is very much alive but not in much position to help you. Now you will tell us the location of the rest of the jewels if you want her to remain very much alive."

Emilee had been crying and showed signs of having been drugged or chloroformed. Nevertheless she was as tightly bound with rope as her mother. Her wrists were bound behind her back and there was extensive rope wound around her rather impressive 20 -year-old breasts. They weren't as large as Caroline but still they were quite impressive. She had rope wound the same way as her mother, above, below and down between. Her legs were bound above and below her knees and at her ankles. A rope dangled from her ankles suggesting she had been hogtied. Her red ball gag was so large that it protruded from her mouth silencing her cries. Her mascara had ran down her face as she had been crying and with her brunette hair glistening she had also been sweating heavily.

"Now, when I remove the gag, you will have a chance to reveal what happened to my jewels or else you will both pay."

The man popped Emilee's ball gag out and the young woman immediately showed some of the spunk that her mother always loved about her but this time Caroline was terrified for her daughter.

"Go to hell, you bastard. I won't tell you anything. You knocked me out, stripped my naked, tied me up and made me lie in the trunk of a hot car for over six hours and you expect me to tell you something. And now I see that you have tortured my mother to get your answers, so you can go to hell. I won't tell you anything."

Caroline screams into her gag as the man forcefully slaps Emilee causing her mouth to bleed.

"I don't want any words from a little bitch who is in no position to do anything. Didn't you teach your daughter about a potty mouth? Perhaps a little more convincing is needed. Take mom back upstairs to the attic while we deal with this little hellion."

The girl unties Caroline from the chair and pulls her up to her feet.

"OK, I will tell you everything. Just don't hurt my mother any more."

The girl puts Caroline back down in the chair. The man unties Emilee's legs.

"OK, now you're going to show us where you hid the diamonds."

"As long as you untie my mother."

"Sorry but my daughter will watch her just to make sure that you don't do anything stupid."

Before Emilee can respond the man pops the gag back into the young brunette's mouth.

"But you won't be talking any more while we go searching. Now let's go find those diamonds."

Emilee tries to defiantly resist the man but he grips her bound arms tightly, presses his gun against her back and prods her out of the room while Caroline fights back the tears watching her precious daughter leave the room.

For the next hour, Caroline listens as she can footsteps up and down the stairs. She can hear the man sometimes yelling at Emilee. The older woman wonders what the man and his equally deranged daughter will do if and when they find the diamonds.

Finally the man yells with glee and soon she can hear two sets of footsteps coming back up the stairs. Caroline cries out when she sees Emilee again. She is so glad to see her daughter hasn't been hurt but now what will happen to them. They can clearly identify their attackers so will they be killed. But so far the two kidnappers haven't seemed like the homicidal type but she was waterboarded and Emilee was slapped hard. She got somewhat an answer when he pushed Emilee hard into the room causing the young woman to stumble and fall across her mother's feet.

"OK, who would have figured that the diamonds would be embedded in the rocks out on the patio but the kid did well to hide them. Of course it isn't all of them but enough to give us a nice start over in the Cayman's or Aruba."

"What are we going to do with them, daddy?"

"Well, we could take them with us but they would get in the way. We could blow their heads off but I am no killer. Do you have an idea?"

"Why don't we leave them upstairs and by the time they get loose we can be long gone?"

"I don't know. What happens if we don't get out the country before they get loose. We will spend the rest of our life in jail."

"We have no other choices, do we?"

"Well, maybe one more."

Another hour later, a couple of people leave the Sanchez home and walk out through the woods. The man is carrying a small gym bag while the woman is carrying her purse. They soon get in a car hidden on another road and drive off never to be seen again.

Meanwhile back in the Sanchez home, a life and death situation is going in up in the hot attic. The two kidnappers have left Caroline and Emilee bound and gagged in the attic but not in a nice situation.

It was extremely hot in the attic but Caroline had experienced it before. At least the small attic window was open a crack to let in a little air. And this time she did at least have someone else to commiserate with even though they couldn't talk to each other. Their gags still allowed a little garbled dialogue. But that didn't help the two helplessly doomed women.

Caroline is bound standing up to one of the attic wooden posts and Emilee was bound to another one across from her mother. The two kidnappers have bound them very tightly to the posts making escape impossible. Besides all the rope already around their bodies, the two kidnappers took some more rope, purchased at various stores when they traveled to Tallahassee to kidnap Emilee, and wound it around their bodies welding them to the posts. Rope was tied around their ankles, half way to the knees, around the knees both above and below them. They had it wound around their waists, lower stomach and around their breasts. In fact one of the ropes goes right over their nipples. Finally their was rope around their necks and the posts making sure that they had to keep their heads against the hard surface of the post. They both still had the ball gags in their mouths, but the kidnappers also used the remaining roll of duct tape to wrap around their heads to reinforce the gags and then tied a final rope over their foreheads and the post so that Caroline and Emilee couldn't move a muscle. To make the situation worse the girl had suggested making a death trap in case someone would try and find them. So there was a gun that Emile had in his desk drawer, cocked directly against a gas can. The can was full of gas for the mower so if the gun went off it would puncture the can and immediately explode into a small fireball. But since it was sitting on the attic floor right next to Caroline and Emilee, they would be consumed with fire. The gun was attached to the door knob so that when anyone came in, it would set it off. The women couldn't free themselves and if someone tried to save them, they would be blown up. So it looked bad for Caroline and her daughter.

But what the Sanchez women don't know is that the gun are filled with blanks. The two kidnappers wanted to buy enough time to get out of the country which they were doing by getting a friend to fly them to Mexico where they can then get transportation to one of the Caribbean islands with no extradition agreement with the US.

So the day slowly goes by for the Sanchez women. After several hours of trying to strain to loosen something and occasionally screaming as loudly as they could when they heard a noise outside, Caroline and Emilee have quieted down. They are tired and thirsty. Caroline could see her daughter was in distress. She figured that they only have about a day left until they would start showing the affects of dying. They couldn't hang on much past that time without water and their legs would become very tired. Being a doctor's wife, Caroline knew the signs of forthcoming body shutdown and she could feel it starting in her. Poor Emilee looked so helpless standing across from her. Caroline hadn't realized how mature her only daughter had become. She had as big a chest as Caroline and it was now breathing heavy as Emilee was starting the first signs of distress. Somehow her mother prayed they had to free themselves or have someone save them. But how and who?

Night turned to day but for Caroline and Emilee Sanchez it didn't matter. The attic was dark regardless of the hour. For Caroline her captivity had entered its second day and with no end in sight, the two women prepared to die in that attic. Emilio would not be back for another day and Ernesto, the son, was never home since he went off to college. Fortunately the kidnappers provided the Sanchez women with a rescue.

When they were in Tallahassee they had kidnapped Emilee from her off-campus apartment. There were signs of a struggle. So when her roommates got home, they called the police with concern. The police investigated and determined that there were signs of a kidnapping. They checked everything out and determined that they needed to file a kidnapping alert. So Emilee Sanchez's picture was posted on every news outlet in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The state bureau of investigation also got involved quickly and one of their investigators called the Sanchez home to find out if she had gone home without telling anyone. Caroline and Emilee could both hear the phone ringing many times but obviously couldn't answer it.

The investigator, a young guy named Brad Lawrence, took a female colleague and decided to make the trip to Miami and check it out. When they arrived shortly after 10:00, the captive women could hear them pull into the driveway and even come up ot the door but they were so thoroughly gagged and very tired, they couldn't muster enough noise to alert them of where they were held.

Brad and his partner rang the doorbell, went around the house and even peeked in windows. That was when he saw it. The house had been ransacked. So the agents checked the door and found it unlocked. They went inside and started calling out for Caroline and Emilee. Of course they couldn't respond since the attic was off of the study on the third floor. The two agents even came upstairs and found evidence of a crime but still didn't know that the attic existed. So the two agents went back downstairs. The women were going hysterical in the attic. They forgot about the trap and tried to scream for help but they couldn't. How could they let the authorities know where they were.

"Yeah, this Brad Lawrence. Someone has ransacked the Sanchez home here in Miami. We have found evidence of foul play and need a forensic team here ASAP. No one is here but someone has definitely been looking for something."

Within an hour, a large contingent of agents are swarming over the Sanchez home. They found the makeshift waterboarding material down in the basement. They found the blood from Emilee's lip on the carpet and found evidence that someone had been held against their will. But still they hadn't found the attic where Caroline and Emilee are feverishly trying to communicate their location to the cops.

No longer were they terrified that no one would find them but rather when they would and if they would sent off the boobytrap. Since the door to the attic was partially hidden behind a chester drawers, it could be immediately seen.

It was well over two more hours before one of the forensic CSI's saw part of the door.

"Hey, does look like a door?"

"Yeah, better look in there. Maybe that's where they stashed the bodies."

The CSI went downstairs and got Brad Lawrence. He and his partner came upstairs and after the CSI crew pulled the chest away the team saw the door.

"Let's open it."

"No, it might be rigged. Let me have the mirror device to run under the door. I think I hear some noise in there."

Brad had pressed his ear close enough he heard Caroline and Emilee's muffled screams.

The team member ran the little camera under the door and everyone was stunned when they saw two sets of bound legs and the make-shift booby-trap.

"Quick call the bomb squad in. There are two people being held in there and there is a gun pressed against a gas can. Probably attached to the door so that when anyone opens it, it blows them up."

"Brad, wasn't there a little gable window at the top of the house."

Before an answer came, Brad Lawrence was out of the house. He looked up, saw the window and ran to the garage for a ladder. He climbed up to the second floor and then took the ladder and put it against the house just below the window.

Caroline and Emilee were ecstatic. They could hear someone attempting to see in the little window. They thought it was large enough for someone to poke their head inside and maybe even reach the gas can. They were so excited to see Brad Lawrence's head pop through the small opening. They didn't even care at this point that they were both naked and exposed. They felt that they were finally going to be free of this hellish nightmare.

"OK, ladies, we will get you out as soon as we get rid of this boobytrap."

Brad pops his head back out and climbs down to the second floor roof.

"Yeah, I have two females bound and gagged in an attic with a door that is boobytrapped. I am requesting a long pole. What, I can reach the gas can, move it and then we can break the door down and get to them. I will need a paramedic and an ambulance."

Brad Lawrence was back on the window in a matter of a few minutes with a long device with a claw at the end. Caroline and Emilee watched in glee as he gently pulled the gas can away from the gun so that if it discharged it wouldn't hit it. Once that was done, he gave the order and the door was bashed in. The two women were never so glad to see the SWAT team as they were now. Their ordeal was over.

Both mother and daughter were slowly untied by the cops so that the knots were preserved. Even though, they knew who did this heinous crime, the authorities still needed the evidence in case they could convict. Both women were taken to the hospital and actually put in ICU. Both were dehydrated and had severe rope burns. Emile Sanchez rushed home from Europe and Ernesto likewise. It would be several days before the entire family could be reunited in the hospital.

Meanwhile the FBI contacted the Cayman's and Aruba governments about the suspects, 42 -year-old Floyd Towson and his 22-year-old daughter Amelia. The Towsons were gone in the wind and were suspected to be hiding on one of those islands. The diamonds would be worthless unless they could fence them and they hadn't done it before they fled the country.

Soon Caroline and Emilee were home but they would still have to endure many months of intense therapy. Emilee left Florida State and returned home to attend U of M. Both women would eventually recover from the ordeal but it would a long process. As far as the investigation, nothing happened for a long time.

Emilee and Brad Lawrence actually started seeing each other and are now engaged to be married. Emile took Caroline on a long European vacation to help in her recovery.

And some two years later, an Aruban cop was called out to a small beach house on a remote part of the island. There he found the bodies of Floyd Towson and his daughter. They had beaten and robbed. It seems some diamonds were the only thing missing. No one will be charged with this crime but Ernesto Sanchez soon presents his mother and sister with a beautiful necklace made out of pure cut diamonds.

The End

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