Carol's 19th Birthday

A Tribute to CaptivePenny

By Arthur

Author's Note: This story is inspired by a old site now closed. It was an innocent site, telling tales of games a little like the ones I liked to play when I was young. But I am more mature and this is a adult site so my characters are older and it's Carol's 19th birthday.

Jeb's Note: the author is a longtime fan of this site whose native language is French, and I think he did a superb job of writing this in English. I did a tiny bit of editing here and there for clarity.

I know there are fans of Penny's old site that may be uncomfortable with the idea of creating "new" adventures with her characters, and I guarantee it's not something I'd do casually nor do I plan to post any other such stories. But I think this particular story is a nice tribute to the way her sense of fun transcended boundaries of language and culture.


Carol's 19th Birthday

There was a phone ring while I was putting on my top, pants and sneakers. I recognized the familiar voice: Charlette, my both worst and best friend!

"Hello Penny" she said. "Have you forgotten it's Carol's 19th birthday?"

"No, I haven't. But it's at five and I have to rent my costume. You know it's a costume party, Charlette?"

"Yes, I know it... so I had an idea."

"Charlette... I don't like very much your ideas. There's too often a 'Penny in ropes and gag' in your storylines, don't you think so?"

"Hee hee... It's not always like that. No, it's a simple idea, to go together to the party. You know, Carol's grandfather's ranch is behind our house's garden. We can go riding horses..."

"Ah Yes, I know that you have a horse, now..."

"Yes I have... so we can be Crazy Horse and Calamity Jane in the old west! You are in? I have the costumes."

"Tell me : who will be Calamity Jane?"

She laughed

"Penny, you can't be an indian girl with your honey tresses. Be serious."

"I am serious and I don't want to play the cowgirl tied up to the torture pole by Indians!"

"Penny, believe me, I promise that you will not be tied up to the torture pole. So come on, I'm waiting for you."

I accepted. I knew that there always was something behind Charlette´s words, but I had to find and rent a costume and finally Charlette's idea was an easier way for me. Calamity Jane on her horse going to Carol's grandfather's ranch! Yeah, it sounded good to me.

I parked my car in front of Charlette's parents's country house. It was a little house with a very large park and stables. Charlette liked to come here and ride her white horse in the forest behind the park. Charlette run to me with a large smile on her face

"Oh Penny, I'm so glad to see you!"

She kissed me twice and took me by the arm. She was very cute in a pink top and cutoffs but I noticed that something was missing.

"Your Indian costume?" I frowned.

She smiled.

"Penny, it's two o'clock. Carol's party is at five. We have plenty of time to change. Come on!"

There were two costumes on Charlette's bed.

"Yours," she said.

She showed a pale blue blouse, a blue skirt and a grey hat, and boots at the bed foot. And she took a dress in buckskin fashion for herself.

"I take the bathroom, you stay in the bedroom."

And she went.

I changed my shirt for the blouse. It was sleeveless and knotted in the front, leaving bare my navel. The skirt was short... too short for a nineteenth century woman. With the boots and hat, I could be a cowgirl... a modern cowgirl from the twentieth century.

I was ready, looking at myself in the mirror on the bathroom door left."Charlette takes her time to change in a simple dress," I was thinking while pulling on my skirt for trying to cover more of my bare thights.

"Very cute, Penny Jane..." said a voice behind me. I saw Charlette behind me in the mirror, a Charlette in a Indian sleeveless short dress, with a gun in her hands. "Hands up"

"You??? But you were in the bathroom."

"You don't know that there are sometimes windows in bathrooms, Penny?"

"It´s no fair. And I have nothing to fight back with." Charlette had "forgotten" to add weapons to my Western costume!!!

"No matter, I'd plug you before you could draw."

"So now what?"

"So you're staying puthere, after I get you tied up. You know the rules."

"But you promised not to tie me up."

"No no... Remember, I said that I would not tie you up to a post, and I won't! What do you prefer, a crunch-tie or a hogtie?"

I smiled. " So I'm supposed to run to Carol's grandfather's ranch tied up in a hogtie?"

"Not really, and I will change your ropes for the journey. But now, we have two hours before going. So, that's the contest. I tie you up in my way. If at four o'clock or before, you are free, you decide what to do with me, and I have nothing to say. I'm sure you'll have a few ideas for me... but if you don't escape from my ropes, you will be my gift to Carol. What better gift for Carol's birthday than a CaptivePenny all in ropes and gag!"

She laughed nearly hysterical. I glared:

"Ha Ha, very funny..."

"You can put your hands behind your back, sheriff." Charlette answered.

Charlette took a box under her bed and selected a healthy length of white cotton rope and began looping it around my wrists tightly and cinched twice before tying it off with one of Carol's own demon knots.

"I'm sorry Carol taught you that," I said looking back at my bound hands."I… Mmmmph!"

Charlette stuffed a rag in my mouth and quickly criss-crossed my lips with duct tape. She grabbed another length of rope and tied my elbows within a few inches of touching. Rope was looped around my torso at the shoulders and waist, digging in my bare arms' flesh.

"Sit down on the floor, Penny. Don't be afraid for your skirt. It's cleaner... than your gag."

"Humffffff." I protested but I sat down.

Charlette bound my crossed ankles with some looks at me, making fun of my expression of sadness. The boots protected my ankles from the ropes but nothing protected my bare knees as she tied them up, the rope digging in the flesh of my thighs.

"Grmmmfff," I grunted when she turned me on my belly, pulling my feet over my wrists and looping rope beetwen ankle and wrist bonds. At least, with my experience, I knew that a hogtie is a little better than crunch-tie!

I grunted once more: with my legs flexed, cord dug harder in my thighs and it hurt.

"Yes, perhaps a little too tight... but efficient. Don't struggle too much or ropes could hurt your poor flesh, honey" Charlette suggested, running her tanned fingers over my bonds

I turned my head and glared. She laughed, one more time:

"Don't look at me like this, Penny, it's just a game. So I said the rules, and I don't think that you are in situation to contest. Good luck!"

I heard her bed cracking. She was lying on it while I was lying on the floor. Immediately, I began to pull on my ropes. There was no space between my hands and my feet so I tried to find the hogtie's knot, and I found, and I pulled, and it became tighter and tighter, like a good demon knot!

Time passed. The only noises were the turning pages of the book Charlette was reading and my grunts, more and more grunts. I struggled in my bonds, mewing through my gag in complaint. I struggled and waited... then waited some more... then struggled some more... then waited some more.

Two hours like this felt more like ten hours, I thought, feeling the rope cutting in my wrists and my thighs. A game? Not that, miss Charlette. Not that!

More time passed. Eventually, I heard approaching footsteps... Charlette had moved from the bed.


I was lonely in the bedroom. I struggled once more (pointless, yes, but it's a damsel's duty to resist, even if her wrists are on fire) but I stopped when I heard the door opening and new approaching footsteps.

I felt hands on my bare shoulders, pushing me on my left side.

"Gmmmmm," and a louder "Ahhhhhhhshhhh." when she tore the tape from my lips.

I spit the gag with relief.

"Do you want a Coke before operation 2?" she asked, bringing a glass to my mouth.

"I do not want operation 2!" I shouted. "Cowgirls and Indians stops here! I'm tired, my arms are numb, my legs are numb. I want a break."

"Sorry you feel that way, but you know the roles. Now, it's time to go. Carol is waiting for her gift, you know. So, Coke or gag?"

"Coke," I growled.

Fresh Coke was so good after two hours of desesperate struggling... but my relief was short.

"After Coke, gag..."

And Charlette pushed the saliva soaked rag back in my mouth, and she pulled a pink scarf over it and knotted it behind my neck, pulling 'till the material pulled hard on my the corners of my mouth. She pulled the gag deeper between my teeth, giving Charlette a not entirely involuntary grimace of a smile.

"Grmmmmmffff" (sorry but speaking was not easy for me!)

Five minutes later, Charlette had freed my legs. She had to wait ten minutes more for me getting able to walk. In this time, she had tied a long leash up to my arms ropes, under my breasts.

"Oh, a detail..." Charlette went and took a little thing I recognized when she showed it in my face: a sheriff's star she hung on my left breast."A very cute little sheriff, prisoner of the Sioux! Next time, you will stay on the east coast, Pale Face!"


I plodded up the narrow, dusty track, concentrating on maintaining slack in the long rope lead tethering me to Charlette's horse. I had to walk very fast, sometimes even to run...

"White Thunder needs only twenty minutes to get to Carol's family ranch... but with you behind, I don't know."

Sorry... but I didn't really want to be behind your horse, stupid indian girl!

Then the trail had begun to climb, and it was harder for the poor captive, obliged to walk behind her captor and her horse, her bare white arms pulled behind her back turning red with the hot sun (I thought they were red, but of course I could not see behind my back). Slowly, grass had given way to shrubs and small trees, and finally we were trekking through a forest of tall pines. They had a crusty, rust and gray bark, and long green needles in bundles of three. I trudged along, dry, rust-red needles crunching under her boots, grateful for the towering pines' sparse, dappled shade, and savoring their pungent, pleasant aroma.

We crested a low ridge and Charlette stood in her saddle, scanning the terrain ahead. We continued to the top and paused, Charlette motioning for me to join her. Weary and sweating, I sighed and trudged forward, until my left shoulder nearly brushed her bare right leg.

Charlette pointed forward. The trail was level for about a half mile, making a slow bend.

"This is Carol's land," Charlette drawled,"but over there it's National Park, and that trail is poplar. If you see anybody over there, I suggest you duck to the right and into the trees and we'll wait for them to mosey along... unless you get a charge out of lettin' strangers see you bound, and pulled behind the white horse of Sitting Bull's daughter?"

I favored my captor with one of my patented 'if looks could kill' expressions, but Charlette didn't fall from the saddle. Instead, she laughed, clucked her tongue, and White Thunder clopped into a slow walk.

Twenty minutes more, perspiration was running down my front, onto my breasts, my tummy, my bare armpits. My arms were sore, and I was tired of this game... which was not a pleasant game for me!

"Look, Penny, here we are."

Look what? All I could see was the big back of a white horse and a Indian girl hiding a gun behind her back.

"Hey Debra, Lisa!"

She pulled on my leash and forced me to come at her side

There was a gate, and in front of the gate two more cowgirls, pretending to be "Texas Rangers," both in short skirts and high socks, one with a blond ponytail and a shortsleeved cowboy shirt and the other one, the one with glasses, with a cowboy hat over her dark hair, and a sleeveless shirt.

"Hello," said Charlette, with a wave of her left hand, the other one behind her back, holding my leash... and a gun.

The girls looked at me then at her.

"Hey, little squaw, you are on the warpath? Why, you've got the sheriff all tied up."

"It's the tribute from Sitting Bull to the Great White Chief, général Carol."

As always, Charlette was convincing... The two gardians approached.

"Come on rangers," Charlette invited them,"Take the sheriff's leash."

Debra and Lisa came with mocking smiles. Debra said:

"You look so cute and helpless, Penny. But then it's certainly not the first time Charlette has tied you up!"

Charlette laughed:

"But it's the first time I've pulled her behind my horse."

"Give me the leash, Charlette," Lisa said. "Don't worry, Penny, even roped and gagged, you will enjoy the party."

She reached for the leash but found a gun in its place.

"Hey, Charlette, what's wrong?"

"Hands up, rangers. I have a plan for a good birthday party: the whole team tied up around Carol bound from head to feet. It will be a fun afternoon! But's your turn, ladies"

She tossed a knapsack on the ground.

"Tie up your pal, Deb, and make it as good as we all know you can."

Lisa gulped as Debra reluctantly took ropes from the bag and approached her. They flashed a look of consolation at each other.

"Turn around Lisa, hands behind your back," ordered Charlette.

Lisa complied.

"Palms together please Deb, and don't let me catch you making fists, Lisa."

"Damn," Lisa said quietly as she straightened her fingers.

Debra tied Lisa hands snugly and then continued to use up much of the pile of rope in the bag following Charlette's every instruction. When she was done, Lisa's wrists and elbows were closely adhered. A taut swath of ropes around her waist and chest anchored her arms to her body. A fat knot concluded the ropes' wild journey around her torso.

She gave Debra the leash holding me.

"Conect that to this tree," she said.

And Debra pulled on the leash.

"Sorry, Penny," Debra apologized, fastening me as ordered

"Mmmgnn" I said with an understanding look.

By this time Charlette was on the ground:

"And now, Deb, I suppose you know what to do?"

Debra found herself offering her own hands behind her back to Charlette who duplicated the treatment Debra had just delivered to Lisa. Charlette tightened Lisa's ropes to her satisfaction-even though Debra had tightened them quite adequately-then gagged the two captured damsels using two pieces of an old shirt and a large amount of duct tape. The addition of a rope linking the front of Debra's waist to the rear of Lisa's with three feet of slack between and a six-foot leash from the front of Lisa's waist to Charlette's grip finished the job.

Charlette fastened White Thunder to my tree and she took my leash in hand. She led me to the couple of confused, gagged, and bound rangers.

"Now we go for the Sitting Bull daughter's triumph. Plenty of Pale Faces to capture, so come on girls"

She pulled on the leash holding me and the other one holding the poor defeated rangers and she led her captives to their fate like a trio of llamas. I was the last of the trio and I could see Deb and Lisa's elbows nearly touching behind their back. Did the rope dig like this in my elbows? From the feeling, I knew the answer.

To Be Continued...

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