Bondage Boutique

By Jubal Jackson

Part Four

Games console, Blu-ray player, plasma television, couch, fridge and bed. It seemed Jack had himself quite a man's den set up in a corner of the cellar of the boutique. The cellar itself was quite cavernous and Jack had segmented it off using drapes hung from the ceiling. In a small room on the side a very basic kitchen had been arranged. Hob, small portable oven and a microwave. A small kettle and toaster were squeezed into the corner. The room smelt of a single man's apartment, fried food, dirty underwear, stale beer, tobacco and farts. A small pile of used smalls were piled by the end of a single, unmade bed. Used, crushed tins of beer littered the side of the couch. Dust collected on the edge of the TV and game's console.

"Sorry about the mess. Hadn't time to clean." Jack called from the back of the basement..

"Oont oorry oot eeet, uhhh." Roz garbled. She lay sideways on a imitation leather couch where Jack had literally dropped her earlier. The couch was set in front of the television. A low, wooden coffee table lay in front of the couch.

Trying to sit up was difficult with her arms secured in the heavy, leather straight jacket. Finally with much gargantuan effort she righted herself. She panted like a dog through the gag, partially from the effort and partially from the discomfort.. She slurped up the saliva that had built up behind the gag. The leather strap from the jacket rode irritatingly up her crotch, her skin still burned from the ropes and knots from the earlier bondage. The room smelt stale and unpleasant. Roz curled her nose up in distaste. A pair of dirty Y Fronts lay on the side of the couch. Roz edged herself away from the foul smalls. The cheap, synthetic material of the couch clung to her buttocks.

'What is he doing? Do I want to know?" Roz thought to herself. "At least my arms aren't tied behind my back. The gag is killing me though.'

"Dinners here. Takeaway pizza." Jack reappeared with a cardboard box containing pizza and a can of beer in his other hand. Laughing, he pushed Roz aside and she landed face down on the filthy smalls.

"Eeeeuuugh, uuf, ou assssoolle!" she fumed, struggling to right herself. Falling on Jacks dirty underwear was bad enough. But as she fell she had instinctively tried to raise her bound hands to cushion her fall. Unfortunately this pulled the leather strap further up her crotch. . Roz tugged at the strap, furiously trying to un-wedgie herself.

Jack relaxed back on the couch, switched on the TV and pulled a slice of pizza from the box. The sight of the pizza made Roz's stomach rumble. She stared longingly at the pizza her mouth producing saliva in anticipation. Jack finally realised she was staring at him and looked at her.

"Sorry about leaving you on your own. I had one last chore. What's up?"

"UUHHNGRY, AHM UUHHNNNGGRRYYY." Roz nodded her head at the pizza box.

Jack sighed, put the crust of the pizza back in the box and pulled Roz beside him. He roughly pushed Roz's head forward and began to unbuckle the gag with difficulty. It was tied on tight and it was hard to pull the pin out of the eye. He eased his fingers between the strap and Roz's neck to make it easier. Unfortunately, for Roz, this had the effect of driving the already unbearably tight gag further into her mouth. Roz gurgled and choked kicking her feet and stomping them onto the floor. The fingers fluttered and hands waved at the wrists.

"Calm down. Its on very tight."

He finally managed to unbuckle the gag and the straps fell down by Roz's cheeks. Her frantic struggles ceased. She looked up at him forlornly, drool hanging from her cheeks.


"Do the rest yourself. My program is on soon."

He pushed her back over onto couch and Roz landed with a thud, face first on the dirty jocks. The boxers stuck to the saliva covered gag. While Roz fought to knock the pants from her gag, shaking her head like a dog drying itself, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. The TV came to life.

Once Roz managed to shake the pants from her chin she began straining her jaw as wide as she could while pushing the back of the gag with her tongue. Roz lightly stomped her feet on the ground in concentration. All the while her stomach rumbled furiously as her asshole captor ate the pizza while looking at some kind of weird program. Roz suddenly realised what was on the TV and ceased trying to push the gag out.

The picture on the TV was the interior of a bedroom. The lights were dim but you could still make out clearly what was going on. The camera was angled down on the bed. The picture showed Nadia tightly bound on the bed, a rubber bit strapped between her teeth. She seemed to be trying to edge herself away from Glenda who was at the moment busily licking the nipple of one breast with the other hand twisted and flicked the other nipple. Roz looked aghast at the image while the gag protruded from her mouth.

"Looks like the wife's having fun at the moment. Lets check on the house guest," Jack flicked the channel.

The picture changed and Roz saw the interior of a very small room. Bound to a pole was a woman, her head encased in a hood, some kind of device strapped to her crotch.
"Check this out, whatever your name is." Jack chortled as he chewed on his pizza.
As if out of nowhere the device between her legs sprang viciously to life. The poor girl jumped suddenly, arching her back, striking her head from the pole behind. The girls screams of ecstasy were muffled by God knows what in her mouth. Roz stared slightly aroused as the girl in the camera ground against the sex toy. She seemed to be building to a climax when the toy died. A muffled scream of frustration, pain or humiliation came from the hooded woman.

"Wow, poor Sonja is really getting it. " Jack finished off the last of the pizza and turned the TV to satellite.

"UUUHHH, UUHH UUHH." Roz grunted to get Jack's attention. The disturbing images on the TV had do little to make Roz forget about her hunger.

"Oh, all right," Jack moaned as he grabbed the straps of the gag and pulled it from her mouth. It came out with a distinctive popping sound.

"Ah, ah, thank you. Please can I have some food?" Roz pleaded. Her lower chin was sodden with drool. The sides of her mouth and cheeks red from the straps from the gag.

"Here you go, knock yourself out," Jack said as he place the box with the leftover pizza on her lap, "eat like that. I'm not undoing that jacket for a while."

Roz carefully lowered her head down and managed to grip one of the crusts with her teeth, the one with the most topping still left on it. She sat back, put her head back, letting gravity do it's work and chewed carefully. After a lot of effort Roz finished off her meager meal as Jack watched some movie on TV, sipping beer.

"Ah, thank you. Can I have something to drink. I'm thirsty?" Roz said meekly.

"Oh, alright. Open your mouth" Jack snapped.

He gently pulled her head back and poured beer slowly from his tin into her mouth. It was barely enough to sate her thirst. Once she swallowed the beer Jack pushed her head forward and resumed watching his movie. For the next ten minutes or so Jack ignored Roz while she shifted uncomfortably in her bondage. The heavy leather straitjacket was becoming very warm. They sat in silence until Roz could stick it no longer.

"What are you going to do with me."

"Keep you." Jack answered not looking away from his movie.

"What for, I mean why?" Roz asked nervously.

"Well it's quite a long story," Jack stood up and walked behind the couch, "myself and Glenda run a lingerie boutique for rich clients. That much is true. We also use live models and fashion shows to promote the underwear. However, as you may have guessed the models aren't voluntary."

Jack bent over and swiftly place a leather panel over Roz's face, the panel had a large Red ball in front. The ball stifled Roz's complaints immediately. An intricate series of straps were attached to the panel. Roz stomped her feet in frustration as her mouth was yet again gagged.

"We started off with a voluntary model, but she complained and soon she became involuntary," he buckled the straps on the side of the panel to the back of her head tightly, "now all our models are like Nadia. We do live shows for customers."

Next he pulled the strap on the top of the panel which started like an inverted Y around her nose. He tightly buckled that also.

"We'll see how you get one, whatever your name is," the next two straps under the panel criss crossed under her chin and were finished off at the back.

Roz was totally gagged by the muzzle gag. Roz groaned mournfully as she tried to push the rubber ball out of her mouth. The taste of pizza and beer in her mouth was quickly replaced with the foul taste of the rubber ball.

"Oh yeah, I found something when I was clearing out your apartment." Jack half jogged out of the man den.

"UUUHHHH?" Roz puzzled what he meant by clearing out the apartment.

From the back Roz could hear muffled grunts and a loud thud. This was closely followed by the sound of footsteps. Jack's and somebody else's. The mystery was resolved when Jack walked in leading a black girl by a leash tied. This leash was attached to two metal nipple clamps which bit into her nipples. Her arms were bound tightly by leather belts at her elbows and wrists. Her curvy body was cover with a leather harness that criss crossed her body and ran between her legs tightly. Her shapely legs were covered with black fishnets. On her feet a pair of dizzyingly high stilettos. A leather belt, tied tightly around her lips, held in a huge wad of cloth. The girl grunted and stared in terror at her surroundings. When she glimpsed Roz she began to mumble something unintelligibly, her eyes pleading.

"Now, now, you. She can't help you," Jack laughed, "I caught this beauty robbing your place when I went over to clear it out."

"Ooou eetttch." Roz shouted.

How dare she try and rob her apartment. The idea of someone robbing her made Roz furious. Somehow she didn't realise that Jack had just ransacked her entire apartment and planned to sell everything of value in the very near future. Most of her clothes, apart from a few choice selections, were destined for charity shops. Roz glared at the thief, temporarily forgetting her discomfort and hunger.

"Don't you worry, she'll get punished." Jack called as he rolled in a platform almost identical to the one Roz had been tied to recently. On the platform was a metal framed, four legged stool with a hard, wooden, cushion-less seat. The legs of the stool were tied to the platform. Jack locked the wheels so it could no longer roll.

"Ok over you come." Jack said as he picked up the thief's leash and pulled her over.
The ebony skinned thief tottered over in her heels as Jack slowly pulled the leash towards him.

"UUHH, UHHHHH, UHHH." the thief grunted in pain as the leash pulled painfully on her nipples.

Soon the burgular found herself standing on the platform facing the ugly metal framed stool. She stared dumbly at the stool unsure what was expected of her.

"Ok, bend over quickly." Jack ordered, tersely.

"WHUUUUHHH?" the girl quizically grunted.

"Not quick enough." Jack snapped.

Simultaneoulsy Jacked tugged the leash with one hand and lifted her up by the body harness with the other.

"UUUURRRGGGHHMMMPPHH!!!" the nameless girl screamed as the leash tugged at her nipples and the leather strap from the body harness rode painfully up between her legs.

Roz was stunned at how quickly Jack tied the unfortuante burglar to the stool. Ropes looped around her lower thighs and were bound tightly to the stool's legs. Her ankles were then swiftly secured to metal eyes on the platform. The thief squealed through her gag when the ropes pinched her thighs. The leash that was attached to her nipple clamps was then fixed tautly to the platform also. The burglar was now resting all her weight on her tummy on the cushionless, wooden seat of the stool. Her large tits hung over one side of the seat, the leashed nipples clamps tugging at her nipples. Her round ass and pussy totally exposed on the other side of the stool. She gingerly kicked and pumped her legs slowly trying to maintain her balance.

"Just two more things and then we can get down to business."

Jack gathered the thief's hair in a severe ponytail and tied it off with a long piece of rope. The remaining rope hung over the miserable girl's face. He the looped a similar lenght rope around her wrists. He then dragged over a step ladder and gather the lenghts of rope in his hand. He climbed halfway and smiled over at Roz.

"Pay attention you. Any trouble and this'll happen to you.

"UH UHH. UH UHHH." Roz nodded furiously in agreement. She made a wet, slurping noise as she tried to speak.

"UMMPHH! MMMPPH!" the thief's struggles were weak and pathetic.

All her strenght had been drained much earlier in her ordeal in the van. She lightly bicycle kicked her legs and strain her body forward to relieve the strain on her nipples. She angled her head back to see what Jack was up to. Her curiousity was answered when Jack finally ran the lenghts of rope through a metal eye in the ceiling and quickly pulled them through in unison.

"UUURRKKKK! GAKKKKK! UUMMMMPPPHHH!!!" the burgular gurgled in pain.

Roz winced as the the ropes pulled the robber's head back and raised her arms up and back into a severe strappado.

'Better her than me' Roz though as she watched the luckless crook rest uncomfortably on a stool.

The robber moaned miserably trying unsucessfully to get into some kind of position that didn't cause pain. If she tried to relieve the pressure on her nipples this would in turn increase the tension in her shoulders and neck. While if she tried to ease the aches in her neck and shoulder the clamps would pull harder on her already tortured nipples. Pumping her legs and clenching, then un-clenching her buttocks she tried to force the leather strap out from between her legs. At the same time she chewed on her sodden gag, pushing at the back with her tongue trying to relive the cramps in her jaw. All in all she regretted ever breaking in to Roz's apartment.

Jack pulled the step ladder back and drank in the site of the girl's tortured body. Every muscle in her legs, back, buttocks and arms quivered under the strain of the bondage. Beads of sweat trickled down her ebony body. Even though she was under immense pressure the robber tried with great effort to glance back at Jack.

"Now you get comfortable there while I fish something out for you." Jack strolled out leaving the girls alone together.

The burglar strained and struggled as much as anybody could in her position when Jack walked back in. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw what was in his hands.

"This is for you." Jack sang as he swung the riding crop he held in his right hand through the air. It made an audible 'swishing' noise.

"NUHHH. NUUHH. UHHHLEAASSHE. UUHH," the robber thrashed in her bondage as much as she could as Jack slowly walked towards her, lightly tapping the whip against the palm of his other hand.

"Now now, you. I can't abide thiefs. Now we really can't get the police involved so I'm afraid I have to question and punish you." Jack lightly tapped the tip of the whip on her ass cheeks. The poor girl flinched as she braced herself for the phantom impact and in turn pulled savagely on her nipple clamps.

"UUUUURRRRGGGHH." she gurgled in pain.

"Aw now dear. I barely touched you," Jack laughed, "now be ready. Try not to jump too much, you'll pull on those nipple clamps of yours. You might even pull your nipples off."

Roz stared in silence as Jack raised the whip and brought it down swiftly on the burglar's ass. The captive robbers body winced and recoiled as he repeatedly whipped her buttocks. Over and over again she wailed into her gag as the whip stung her ass. Roz thought it would never end until after a particular savage swish the poor robber jumped almost off the stool and the clamps flew off her nipples. The blood rushing back into her nipples caused the burglar to scream gutturally into her gag.


Jack lowered the whip and gently rubbed her reddened ass.

"Wow, your ass actually feels warm from that whipping," he laughed.

"UUUHHHH." the robber moaned into her gag miserably. Her nipples ached and her ass was on fire. She flicnhed slightly as Jack cupped one of her boobs in his hand.

"Now you. Do you want me to take that gag out of your mouth?"

"UH MMMM. UH UH." the burgular nodder as much as she could with her head tied back.

"No problem."

Roz watched as Jack unbuckled the belt that held the cloth in the coloured girl's mouth. Slowly he pulled what seemed to be a large ball of sodden socks from her mouth. Roz noticed that Jack had his right hand in the back pocket of his trousers as he did this. A trail of sticky saliva followed the gag from the robbers mouth and hung down from her lower chin.

"Whhahhhhhh, uhhh, oh, mmmmmm," the poor girl opened and closed her mouth and rolled her tongue as she treid to get feeling back into her mouth.

"Do you recognise the sock's?" Jack asked Roz, "I got them from your wash basket."

Without any warning Jack whipped out a black 'O' shaped oject with leather straps from is back pocket. In a fluid, practised movement he drove the black 'O' behind the girls teeth. The robber bucked and ground as she struggled in vain against the new gag.

"GUUKKKK, UUPMMMPPHH, GGRRAAAKKK!" the robber choked and gurgled as Jack tighty straped the gag secure.

"It's called a ring gag," Jack said as he saw Roz's confused look. He placed two fingers inside the girls mouth. The thieves eyes widened and she shook her head in revulsion.

"Our new guest can't stop me putting anything in her mouth, can you." Jack asked.

"GURK, GAKKHH, UURRRHHHHH." the robber answered. Drool flowed past Jacks fingers and over her lips. Her legs kicked against the legs of the stool, her fingers fluttered.

"You are messy. Wait there. I'll be right back." Jack walked out again of the room.

He rentered pushing a large leather chair. Roz noticed a hole in the seat of the chair. Jack eased the chair right in front of the television. He then raised the seat of the chair to reveal a cramped box.

"I designed this chair myself." Jack chirped.

He walked over to the prone robber and swiftly untied her from the stool, platform and ceiling. Drool constantly flowed from her mouth on the floor. She groaned in relief as he lifted her off the stool. Jack then grabbed her under the arms and carried her to the chair and held her over the cavity where the seat was.

"Bend you knees," he ordered.

The robber obeyed immediatly, bent her knees and Jack quickly lowered her into the cavity. Roz shifted in the couch to get a better view of what was happening. The bound burglar looked around uncertainly as she wondered what the hell was happening. As Jack had lowered her she could feel her crotch resting on something weird. Before she could react Jack strapped her calves and ankles to the floor of the chair.

"Make yourself comfy there now," Jack said as he picked up the chair's seat and placed it down over the robbers head. He pushed down until the girls head finally popped through the hole of the seat. He swiftly locked the seat down engaging a series of metal locks on the seat.

'Oh God' though Roz as she realised what the seat was for.

The burglar was wide eyed in terror . She turned her head left and right but her view was hindered by the back and arms of the strange leather armchair. Jack whistled as he pulled an electrical cable from the back of the chair and plugged it into a socket.

He winked at Roz and pulled his trousers off and then his boxers. Roz closed her eyes as his manhood flopped out.

"Don't be shy, it's nothing you haven't seen before," Jack laughed, "I'll tell you what I'll give you a show."

Jack twisted the seat around so Roz could get a full view of the 'show'. All Roz could see of the restrained burglar was the back of her head. She looked around nervously, unaware of her impending fate as the back of the chair hid Jack from her.

"Ready or not here I come." Jack sang and stepped out from behind the back of the chair. The burglar stared at Jacks family jewels in silent horror, her body frozen, then she struggled frantically. The chair shook with her struggles, the seat rose up and down as she tried to escape.

"Now now, it won't be too bad," Jack ruffled her hair with his hand, "there's something for you too."

With that Jack flicked a switch on the arm of the chair. A loud humm came from the cavity of the seat. The robber stopped moving or grunting for a second. Suddenly her head snapped back and she released a loud, gurgled moan. Roz felt herself flush at the sound.

"You like that?" laughed Jack.


Jack climbed onto the chair, swung a leg over the robber's head and plopped down onto the seat, his crotch right in her face.

The bound burglar's vision was now totally filled by Jack's crotch. His huge balls lay directly in front of the mouth, just below her nose. His semi flaccid cock lay on top of her nose. Her nostrils were full of his scent.

Roz's view of Jack's crotch was blocked, thankfully, by the back of the poor burglar's head. The robbers head twisted and bobbed in the seat. Her moans and gurgling was now stifled by Jack's balls.

Jack smiled, closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head.

"Start licking,"

The burglar immediately obeyed.

To Be Continued…

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