Bondage Boutique

By Jubal Jackson

Part One

The Shop… or as its owner, Glenda styled it, the Boutique… was an old detached cottage placed well back form the street. Nothing marked it out as unusual or unique from any other business in the quiet street. The windows were tinted making it impossible to see what or who was inside. The only thing that made the building standing out from the rest of the street was a pretty hand-made sign with "Rose Acre Boutique" painted on. What exactly the Boutiques business was a mystery to anybody who happened to notice it.

Two girls, one brunette and one blonde, walked uncertainly up to the entrance. Each was dressed in a fashionable tracksuit. A business man walked past quickly giving both girls admiring glances.

"Is this the place?" Roz asked giving the business man a cheeky smile.

"This was the address I was given. Doesn't look like a shop though." Nadia replied as she tried to peer through the tinted window.

Nadia had seen the classified ad online asking for girls willing to model underwear for a shop catalogue:

"Amateur models wanted. Between 20 to 25. If suitable long term contract may be available. Generous payment for right girls. Contact me at.............."

It wasn't something she had done before but she was short of money and the money the job was offering was quite very generous. For the past two years Nadia had lived off the generosity of her much older lover. Now that his wife had found out, she needed another source of income quickly. Nadia replied to the ad by email sending a holiday snap of herself and got a reply two days later. Being slightly nervous, Nadia had asked if she could bring a friend for moral support.

"Of course you can." the email had replied, "Please come tomorrow morning to the Rose Acre Boutique."

Nadia brought the only friend she knew, Roz. Nadia and Roz had only meet recently. The only thing in common they had was the fact they were new in the country and both had no family connections or friends. Loneliness and companionship had brought the two together: Nadia a pretty brunette, petite with a lingerie model's body, toned with a well proportioned bum and boobs; Roz, a blonde, was slightly taller with a similar toned body. Nadia thought secretly though she wore too much make-up. Roz had, in several wine filled discussions, revealed her plan to marry rich. Nadia's plan now was to model. Both were quite pretty and found that in life they could get almost everything they wanted through a smile, cleavage and a cute giggle. Working for money, they both agreed, was a fools lot.

The two girls walked uncertainly up to the door. On the right of the door frame was a buzzer just below shoulder height.

"Please ring for service" was printed over the button.

"Well, are you going to ring the bell?" Roz playfully asked.

Nadia hesitated, her finger hovering over the button. She finally made up her mind to ring when the door opened.

"Ah, you must be Nadia. Welcome to my boutique."

Standing in the doorway was a middle aged lady. She smiled warmly at Nadia gently placing her hand on Nadia's shoulder.

"And you must be Nadia's friend. Aren't you two girls pretty. My name is Glenda. Please come in."

Nadia and Roz giggled nervously and followed Glenda in. The door swung closed behind them.

 The interior of the boutique was quite large. The hangers were well spaced and contained a small selection of lingerie, shoes and other items. The walls were decorated with black wallpaper with silver leaf patterns. A small chandelier illuminated the room. On either side of the room were two large photos of girls modelling lingerie. The overall effect was a comfortable boudoir. However the decoration had several items which seemed out of place. In one corner, Nadia noticed, was a high back, wooden chair with a series of leather straps on the arms and feet. Dangling on a chain from another side was what could only be described as a large, human-sized, bird cage. At the bottom of the cage was a heap of metal chains, leather straps and some kind of rubber mask. However the place looked warm and relaxing. Nadia smiled at Roz, Roz raised her eyebrows in reply.

"I know what you were thinking when you came here first. This Boutique is out of the way. But I have been running this business for twenty years. We have a very small customer list but they spend quite a lot of money. My customers value discretion and my products are of the highest standard."

In the corner of the room stood a middle-aged man holding a professional looking camera.

"Hi there Girls, I'm Glenda's husband, business partner and your photographer for the day, Jack." Jack smiled friendlily and raised the camera up as if to confirm his statement; he was a middle-aged, powerfully built man. Though short, he still stood over the petite Nadia and came eye to eye with Roz.

"Jack is my partner in crime, girls. He helps with any of the heavy lifting around here. He also an amateur photographer. Helps keeps cost down. "

Glenda opened a door to a separate, smaller room. The room had a large mirror, a single bed and a chest of drawers. A hanger on the side of the room hung various lingerie sets. Each set had a numbered dangle tags hanging from them.

"Just change in the changing room and my husband and I will prepare the set. You can help, Roz, if you wish. It'll be fun. Nadia the outfits are numbered. Just change into number one first, then two and so on. If you need help just ask."

At first Nadia was nervous, parading in smalls in front of two strangers was new to her. However, Glenda's easy charm and Jack's professional manner soon put Nadia at ease. Roz, after helping Jack move two chairs spent her time lounging on a couch at the back of the room.

"Nadia darling you are a natural. Roz dear you must be bored. Can I tempt you with Champagne?"

"It's a bit early for me, thanks."

"I insist. In fact I'll join you."

 Glenda poured two generous glasses of sparkling Champagne and sat beside Roz. She clinked her glass with Roz's


Roz giggled and sipped the sparkling liquid.

The morning progressed with the sound of clicking cameras, Glenda's encouraging words and Roz's laughs.

"Wow Nadia, you look ravishing. You're a natural." she gushed.

"You seem to be having fun," Nadia replied.

Roz was relaxed on the couch, glass of champagne in her hand."I really could get used to this."

After two hours of changing in and out of underwear and posing for photos Nadia grew tired. She was relieved when Glenda suddenly declared, "OK everyone. After this outfit we take lunch. My treat."

Nadia stepped into the dressing room and slipped out of the underwear. She picked the next item on the rail which seemed to be a corset.

"The corset should be next Nadia. I'm sure you'll look great in it" Glenda called in.

Nadia squeezed with difficulty into the tight fitting corset. Its firm construction pinched her waist and pushed her boobs upwards. Roz volunteered to tie the laces on the back and pulled them taut. As Roz pulled the laces the air was forced out of Nadia's lungs.

"Not too tight Roz. I'll need to breathe you know." Nadia gasped.

The corset enhanced Nadia's tits and ass by reducing her waistline. The black matching knickers had a black ruffle on the bum that almost looked like a rabbits tail. The bust of the corset had black tassels all along the neckline. Nadia admired herself in the mirror before she stepped out.

"Wow Nad's you look fucking gorgeous" Roz slurred her speech slightly. Nadia glared at Roz. She'd had at least five glasses and was quite drunk.

"Roz was supposed to be here to look out for me. Great job she's doing." Nadia thought angrily.

Glenda smiled when Nadia stepped out in the corset. "I've got an idea, Nadia," Glenda took a wide leather belt off a table beside her and walked over to Nadia.

"Put your hands behind your back. Lets try something a bit bondage."

"OK, Glenda, but not too tight."

"No worries Nadia, you can trust me. The way you're going today I think I'll offer you a permanent modelling contract" Glenda smiled.

"Really Glenda, that's great," Nadia smiled.

"Lets see how you do with the corset. If you rock this outfit I think you'll fit right in."

Nadia put her hands behind her back and Glenda quickly secured them together at the wrist, palms facing out. Nadia winced slightly when Glenda secured the buckle.

"Oh kinky" Roz laughed.

"OK Nadia, just try and look mean and angry." Jack encouraged as the camera whirred.

Moving was a little awkward with her hands behind her back but she persevered.

"I don't know about 'angry', Jack. How about unable to breath or move?" laughed Nadia.

Suddenly Glenda walked over again smiling friendlily.

"Let's try some more, darling Nadia. We do sell a nice selection of bondage items." In her hand she held what seemed to be a variety of belts, a metal pole and a red rubber ball.

"'I'm not too sure to be honest Glenda."

"Ah go on Nadia, you're fine. You look really sexy." Roz encouraged.

"I realise this is a bit strange Nadia, I'll make sure you're fully compensated for the inconvenience."

Nadia smiled nervously; this could mean getting a permanent position.

 "OK, just not too tight."

"Anything you say." Glenda smile "First your feet."

Nadia shuffled her feet together preparing for them to be bound.

"No, silly girl open your legs wide apart."

"Not the first time you heard that" Roz laughed.

Nadia obeyed without thinking. Quickly Glenda secured Nadia's ankles to leather cuffs which were attached to an adjustable metal pole. Once Nadia's ankles were secured she couldn't close her legs. Without saying a word Glenda gently tilted Nadia's head back and put on a wide leather collar quickly around her neck.

"Hey, I didn't say yes to a collar, I'm not a dog." Nadia complained.

"You are now." Roz laughed, slapping her thigh and slipping champagne.

"Oh please Roz don't tease dear Nadia. She looks divine." Glenda slowly looked Nadia up and down. "Just one more thing dear I think."

"You seem pretty good at this Glenda," Roz chirped "what do you and Jack do in the bedroom?"

"You might find out for yourself soon enough," Glenda replied.

Jack laughed as he took more photos, the camera resting on a tripod just to his chest level.

Nadia noticed Roz giving Jack a sly smile, licking her lips suggestively.

"Don't fuck this up for me." Nadia thought.

From behind her back Glenda revealed a leather padded blindfold.

"Just to complete the effect. It'll look great I promise."

"Oh OK." Nadia shrugged "But not too long I'm getting tired."

Nadia prepared herself for the blindfold. She noticed Jack was no longer by the camera.

He was now standing behind Roz.

"We should all just go for lunch and leave her like this. After whipping her of course." Roz teased, making a whiplash noise.

"She's really tipsy," Nadia thought to herself before Glenda put on the blindfold and her world went black. Nadia struggled to pose blindfolded, the movement of her head restricted by the wide leather collar and her wrists bound behind her back.

"I have an idea lets put some music on Jack, give some atmosphere." Glenda sang.

Suddenly the room was filled with loud, thumping music.

Nadia jumped startled at the sudden noise.

"Wow you really gave me a jump there. So what do you want me to do?"

Nadia shouted to be heard over the din.

"Just stay as you are Nadia, actually can you shuffle in a circle so we can take you from all angles?"

Nadia wasn't sure why but there seemed to be a bit of strain in Glendas voice, as if she was lifting something heavy and doing weights in the gym. She wasn't sure but she thought she could hear a strange grunting noise. Like somebody straining or fucking.

"I'll try but its hard with my legs wide apart."

"For me darling, try please"

Nadia slowly shuffled in a circle. She felt clumsy and wasn't sure how this could look sexy. The music was way too loud and Nadia thought she could hear what sounded like more grunts and something being knocked over.

"Is everything OK out there? Can we turn the music down please Glenda."

"Just a tick dear. Oh before I forget I need to do one last thing."

Nadia continued to struggle to turn in a circle. Unconsciously, Nadia began to bite her tongue in concentration as she gingerly turned around with her ankles bound in the metal leg-spreader. The music volume slowly reduced to a more bearable level. Nadia was grateful for the lower volume. Whatever what was causing the grunts was gone now. Probably part of the music Nadia mused.

"Thank yuuhmmmmmm"

Nadia tried to thank Glenda but her mouth was suddenly filled with the taste of rubber. She felt her jaw stretched wide while her tongue was trapped behind a ball. Straps dug into her cheek and a buckle painfully dug into the back of her neck and ripped a couple of hairs from the nape of her neck.

"Whuh ah ooooo uhhhhhhnng" Nadia asked, confused and a bit angry. She hadn't agreed to this.

"Don't worry Nadia the shoot is almost over. Just relax and it'll be over soon. The gag will look great in the pictures. You really are quite professional aren't you Nad's."

"Oooh aay, aannkh ou leendaa." Nadia tried to reply OK, but the rubber ball was turning her words into gibberish.

"Now lets finish you off shall we Nadia."

"Whuuuh ooooo ouuu," Nadia mumbled.

She realised that the ball was making her salivate. Pretty soon she would start to drool on her corset and ruin it. She was going to laugh to herself. That would teach Glenda for gagging her.
Suddenly Glenda lassoed Nadia's elbows with a wide leather belt and pulled them together, almost touching.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" Nadia grunted loudly with pain into her gag.

"Sorry did that hurt Nadia? Don't worry you'll get used to it" Glenda asked sweetly.

"UH UH, UH UH ouuu aaatch" Nadia shouted angrily, her head furiously nodding up and down. She felt like her shoulders were almost dislocated.

"Did you call me a bitch Nadia, I'm sorry I can't make out what you say when you're gagged. "

Nadia realised that she was blindfolded, gagged tied at the elbows and wrists. Her legs were bound wide apart in some kind of weird bondage device. Her jaw ached from the gag, her shoulders were already sore from being tied. Even moving her head was difficult with the wide, leather collar. But the strangest thing was Roz was making no stupid wisecracks. Was Roz even in the room anymore?

"OZ, OZ, OOOU ERE?" Nadia called to her friend quizzically.

"Roz? She's just helping Jack with the very last set in the next room. Here let me help you Nadia. Your day is almost over."

Glenda quickly removed the blindfold and Nadia blinked furiously at the light. She could see herself in the mirror and was shocked at how she looked. The tits stood out because of the way her arms were tied. Drool covered her lover chin and was slowly dribbling onto her chest. She looked around and could see no sign of Jack or Roz.

"Pluhhhhh aaakkk oooo aaaag" Nadia grunted.

"Take out your gag? Of course Nadia. You must be tired by now. I'm so sorry."

There was something in Glenda's tone that sounded insincere to Nadia's ears. Glenda unbuckled the gag, gripped a ring on Nadias collar and pulled the rubber ball from Nadia's mouth quickly. It came out with a popping sound and was followed by a stream of saliva. It flooded from Nadia's mouth down her chin and onto her tits.

"OHHHHH, thanks, uhhh. That was really, uh, horrible. Can you untie me now? Where's Roz?"

Nadia rolled her tongue and slowly worked her jaw up and down to relived the stillness. Even with the gag gone her mouth was still tainted with the taste of rubber. Even with the ball removed from her mouth Nadia found speech difficult, her jaw numbed by the stretching.

"Wow Nadia. You are full of questions, aren't you? Don't you worry I'll untie you in a tick but Jack and Roz have a surprise for you."

"OK. Just make it quick please. Ohhhh, mmm, I think my arms are going dead." Nadia shifted uncomfortable trying to ease the building pressure in her shoulders. The sight of the drool on the chest and lower chin unsettled her. She just notice that the gag had ruined her lipstick, smearing it over her lower lip.

"Just a few more pics Nadia, you look great. Let me untie your ankles though. Oh and that corset needs to be adjusted."

"What do you mean. I look a mess. There's spit all over my chest." Nadia continued to open and close her mouth, trying to relieve the cramp.

"No worries Nadia, we'll photo-shop that out. Don't forget you get final say in all the photos. I'll make sure I put some extra cash your way for this."

"Thanks Glenda. Sorry if I ruined the corset. I think I spit all over it."

"No worries Nads," Glenda replied cheerfully.

The thought of more money made-up Nadia's mind. However the bondage made her arms ache. Her jaw felt stretched from the rubber ballgag. Glenda walked over and released Nadias ankles from the metal bar. She quickly untied the laces on the back of the corset and Nadia felt relieved as it loosened.

"Ooooh, ahhhh, thanks Glenda. That feels....."

 She was about to thank her again when Glenda suddenly yanked the laces and the corset became unbearably tight. The air in Nadia's lungs was forced through her lips in a slight whistling sound.

"Pheewwwfffpppp....Ahhh, too tight..uhh....too tight...uhhhhh."

"Nonsense, one more time, brace yourself dear."

Glenda tugged again further reducing Nadias waist. Nadia felt slightly faint, breathing became harder. Stars floated in front of her eyes.

"Can't breath..uh..please loosen..uh..." Nadia panted.

"Breathe from you tummy, Nadia. Don't worry, let's get this over with, honey."

Glenda half jogged back to the camera and raised her right hand to Nadia.

"OK Nads, final pics before lunch."

For the next twenty minutes Nadia posed in her uncomfortable corset. The discomfort made her forget about the disappearance of Jack and Roz. Her world now was Glenda's taking pictures and Nadia's struggle to breathe normally. After what seemed like hours but was really less than thirty minutes Glenda brought the shoot to a close.

"OK, I think Jack and Roz should be ready now, lets go."

Glenda strode over, her hands behind her back.

"Thank God...uh...that's over..mmmmm. I think my arms...mmm..are going to fall off. This bloody corset is, ugh, cutting me in two. Can we take, ahhh...break now?" Nadia was finding the whole experience tiring, painful and slightly humiliating.

Glenda grabbed the metal ring on Nadia's collar and attached what looked like a dog leash to it.

"We'll take a break real soon honey. Now come along."

Glenda tugged the leash roughly and Nadia stumbled forward, tottering in her heels. Glenda walked quickly forward while Nadia struggled to keep up.

"What are you doing. Not so fast. I nearly fell. Hey, ahhh!"

Glenda ignored her and opened the door.

"Oh here we go Nadia. We can have lunch in her. Ah Jack I see you and Roz are ready."

Glenda opened the door.

"Come on in girls." Jack cheerily replied.

"Glenda would you mind wiping the drool........." Nadia froze in shock, her mouth wide open.

Her brain froze as she struggled to digest the scene before her.

The fact that Roz was no longer dressed would be shocking enough normally. But she was also naked aside from the ropes that now crushed her body. Roz was kneeling on a small round wooden platform which spun slowly around displaying her at all angles. Her chest was surrounded by an intricate series of ropes which both enhanced and crushed her tits. Roz's arm were bound tightly at both the elbows and wrists forcing her shoulders back and her chest out. Her knees were secured to the platform by ropes as were her ankles and both her big toes. Thick ropes were tightly bound around her waist which were then pulled tightly between her legs, parting her lips. Her golden, blonde hair was dishevelled and hid the left side of her face. Indeed the hair was partially glued to her chin by spit. Beads of sweat on Roz's body bore testament to the physical strain which she was under. When Roz saw Nadia stumble in the room she gurgled and grunted into a thick leather gag that seemed to fill her mouth. Drool trickled from her lower lip, down her chin and had began to pool around her tits and belly. She tossed her head left and right trying to throw the hair from her face.

"What the fuuuuhhhhhmmmm uuh!"

Glenda stifled Nadia with the ballgag, still wet from Nadia's previous encounter.

"Now now Nadia. No bad language."

Nadia shook her head back and forth trying to evade the foul ball but Glenda quick stuffed it behind her lips and teeth. Nadia groaned in defeat when Glenda secured the buckle quickly. Her mouth was filled with the unwelcome taste of rubber.


Jack walked over and took Nadia by the leash. Nadia mumbled loudly into her gag, shaking her head from side to side. He gently tugged the leash and guided Nadia to the centre of the room in front of Roz's platform. When he had reached the centre of the room he quickly attached the leash to a ring fixed in the ceiling. Nadia was forced to raise herself by the tips of her toes to release the strain on her neck. Doing this exposed her ass which was enhanced by the bunny tail tassels on the back of her knickers.

"Hi Nadia, I think we can stop the photo shoot now. I was just showing Roz what me and Glenda do in the bedroom. We really hit the Jackpot this time honey: dumb and pretty," laughed Jack while he roughly squeezed Nadia's ass. Nadia's eyes widened in fright as he grabbed her and she let out a loud, muffled protest.


Glenda smiled sweetly to her husband while she casually walked up to Roz.

Roz grunted furiously and tried to shy away when Glenda stroked a finger over her nipple.

"Well Roz. You didn't a good job looking out for your friend. You should say sorry."


Roz closed her eyes in pain and bit down hard on the gag when Glenda roughly twisted both her nipples.

"Well Roz, say sorry." Glenda smiled and twisted both her nipples again.

"OOOORRRREEE OOORRREEE." Roz wailed into her gag, rocking back and forth her face creased in pain.

"That's much better," Glenda began to untie Roz's gag, roughly gathering Roz's long blond hair to gain access to the buckle "Let try that again without the gag."


Roz half screamed, half grunted as Glenda pulled the gag from her mouth.

Drool that had built up behind the gag came out like a waterfall and poured down her chin and tits. Roz tried to shake the spittle from her chin, but Glenda held her hair tightly in her hand, and forced her to look up and straight ahead. Roz slowly opened and closed her mouth her tongue licking the spit from her lips.

"Oh aren't you messy, Roz.," Glenda wiped part of the drool from Roz's chin and then wiped her hand in Roz's bunched hair, "Eeeeugh gross. Now, say 'sorry' to Nadia, please."

Glenda held the gag aloft for Nadia and Jack to see.

The gag was a round, fat leather pad, the shape of a very large cookie, almost three inches thick. It must have totally filled Roz's mouth. The gag was sodden with Roz's spit and the front of the gag had lipstick marks and indentations where Roz had bitten in. The buckle of the gag had several strands of Roz's hair which had been torn out when either the gag had been inserted or taken out.

Roz gritted her teeth in pain and sucked in air through her teeth. Saliva soaked her lower face and upper body.

"Sorry Nadia, please can uhhhhhhhhmmm."

Jack laughed as Glenda quickly re-gagged Roz. The girl wailed and gurgled as the gag filled her mouth and pinned her tongue. Roz's cheeks bulged out when the gag was fully inserted. This was remedied by Glenda when she tightly secured the straps of the gag.

Nadia could see Roz wince and bite down as the buckle tore at her hair and the straps dug into her cheeks. Seemingly from nowhere Glenda produced a leather blindfold and proceeded to use it on Roz. From the high pitched, pained, grunts and moans Nadia was sure that Roz had lost some more hair.

"I would never let Jack tie me up Roz. I think you know why now." Glenda laughed.

Roz nodded her head up and down slowly and miserably agreeing with Glenda's statement. She then hung her head in defeat which caused drool to flow from her gag. She then released a long, mournful groan.

Nadia temporarily forgot that she was chained to the ceiling and gagged with a rubber ball as she watched her friend rock to and from on the platform. She saw how the ropes dug into her skin. She realised the strain that she must be feeling on her knees and shoulders. She could relate to her struggle to breathe as her mouth was invaded by a leather pad.

Nadia shivered as Glenda walked over to her. Jack gently stroked her ass while she strained to escape his unwanted hand. He took one of the laces of the corset and began to playfully whip her right butt cheek with the end. She found it hard to look back as the collar was chained tightly to the ceiling and she feared she would choke if she slipped. Suddenly he grabbed her hips in both hands and forced her ass into his crotch. Nadia wailed miserably as she felt his erect cock through his trousers rub on her ass crack.

"Nuuuuhhhmmmmm! Oooop atttt!"

"Honey, stop that. Well Nadia. You should choose your friends more carefully. But at least she said sorry. Here let me help you."

Nadia was almost grateful when Glenda pushed her husband away and released the leash from the ceiling.

"Awww, honey," Jack complained.

"uhhh. Ank oouu." Nadia cursed herself for thanking Glenda.

"You're welcome." Glenda replied as she gathered Nadia's long, glossy dark hair into her fist.

"Come on Nadia, lets go for lunch. Jack you stay here and get Roz ready. Please be gentle....ish with her."

Glenda gently tugged Nadia's hair and lead her out of the room. On hearing Glenda's address Roz began to loudly grunt into her gag and struggle more. Her exertions seemed to make her drool even more. She shook her head slowly form side to side.

"Don't worry I'll take care of our friend. Now Roz, where shall we start?" Jack cheerily asked.

Nadia found it hard to keep up as Glenda lead her out of the room. When she tried to call back to Roz Glenda roughly pulled her hair.

"Now Now Nadia. You'll see Roz in a few days. Don't worry."


Glenda quickly lead Nadia to a black wooden box back in the other room. The box had a hinged door and a crude wooden block inside. Somehow Nadia never really noticed the ugly box during the photo shoot.
As Glenda led Nadia to it Nadia suddenly realised what it was for.

"Ooo, puhlee oooo"

"Come on Nadia, quickly. I have work to do. Let's get this over quickly."

Glenda stood Nadia beside the box which was a little over waist high to Nadia. Nadia nearly fell on her ass when Glenda kicked the back of her knees. Quickly Glenda grabbed her and shoved Nadia into the box. The wooden block serving as an uncomfortable seat.
"Come on dear. Shift up. Careful of the splinters."

Nadia found it impossible to fight back as Glenda pushed her fully in.

Glenda quickly bound Nadia's ankle to rings secured in the corners of the box.

Nadia found the box cramped. It was so low she couldn't raise her head and she had to bend to keep from banging her head. Her knees were almost to her face. Saliva began to drip from her gag on her knees. Glenda stooped down and looked in at Nadia, giving her a friendly smile.

"OK Nadia. I've have to do some chores. You relax there and you can come home later with me. Roz and Jack will spend the night in the boutique I think. The box is quite cosy isn't it."

Nadia struggled to look at Glenda. Movement of any kind was difficult in the small wooden box.

"UH UH. UH UH!" Nadia shook her head in disagreement. The box could never be described as cosy. It would be generous to call it cramped.

"OK Nadia I'll see you later."


Nadia groaned loudly when Glenda slammed the door. The box was plunged into darkness and sound was muffled from outside. She could dimly hear Glenda locking the door. Nadia rocked back and forth and side to side in a useless attempt to escape.

Finally she let out a long miserable groan and let her head nod forward, passing the hours by feeling her knees becoming wetter from the drool collecting on them. Breathing was hard enough with the tight corset. But with been gagged and forced in this stooping, sitting position Nadia was in hell.

She had drifted off into some kind of trance when finally the box started to tilt. From outside she could hear muffled voices and had a sudden sensation of being lifted. She banged her head when the box was suddenly dropped. A sudden slamming sound was followed shortly by a sensation of movement. She was going to her new home.


The phone alarm went off with an annoying Beep Beep Beep.

Glenda groaned as she groggily sat up in the bed and checked her phone.

"Ahhhh. Six thirty. Wow I feel exhausted. I got almost no sleep last night."

It was still dark outside and the phone only dimly lit the room. Glenda slept in an over-large king size bed. Beside her was a writhing form hidden by the duvet. Glenda smiled evilly and put her hands under the duvet. The shape grunted loudly and writhed violently. Glenda pulled the duvet back.

Glenda twisted Nadia's nipple in her finger. Her tired protests were subdued by a rubber panel gag that covered her lower face from nose to chin. Nadia's wrists were secured with leather cuffs with long chains. Her ankles were buckled to a metal leg spreader.

"Morning sleepy, how did you sleep last night? I couldn't sleep last night with your constant grunts Nads."

The black bags under Nadia's eyes revealed that Nadia had not slept at all. Glenda smiled and lowered her head to Nadia's breast.


Nadia grunted tiredly as Glenda began to suck on her left nipple and pinch her right. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Glenda raised her head and smiled at Nadia. She raised herself and straddled Nadia between her legs. Nadia's struggles, even though she was exhausted became more frantic. But after all her exertions this amounted to few pathetic jerks and kicks which Glenda barely noticed. Her legs weakly rose up and down trying to edge herself away from Glendas busy hands. Her hands, though not bound nearly as tightly as yesterday could not fend away the unwanted advances.

"Dear you really need to rest. You'll need to work soon. We can't let Jack and Roz do all the work can we? Would you like breakfast, you must be starving."

"UUUHH UHHHH UH UH." Nadia grunted and nodded her head up and down slowly. She was starving. Her last meal was breakfast yesterday. Thirst was the worst though. Nadia's last drink was a cappuccino almost twelve hours ago. She prayed for a glass of water to sate her thirst and clear the taste of the gag from her mouth.

"Wow you really aren't a morning person are you," Glenda laughed "OK I'll make you breakfast but first this."

Nadia closed her eyes tightly and bit down on her gag. Her back arched and she grunted loudly when Glenda gently bit her nipple and began to play between Nadia's lips.


"Well that woke you up. Time for my breakfast." Glenda quipped and sunk her teeth again into Nadia's nipple.


Nadia winced, grunted in pain, bit down on the gag and wished she never saw that ad.


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