The Terror of Bondarr

by Johnny Mills

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"There is no escape, female!" Even as he spoke the words through the voice distorter under his hood and mask, Jason Banning had to fight the urge to laugh. Which would spoil everything. But it was hard not to laugh at what a complete girl his young wife Teri was. Maybe the girliest girl he'd ever known, he thought as he tied her wrists together behind her back.

When he'd leaped out at her in their darkened hallway, she'd actually screamed "Eeek!" Not "Aaah!" or "Oooh!" But "Eeek!" And she'd even screamed it rather demurely, as if she didn't want to bother anyone with the fact that a robed, masked figure was attacking her.

Then, while he pushed a cloth inside her mouth and used another one to seal the packing in by wrapping it around her head, she hadn't tried to scratch out his eyes or knee him in the groin. She'd just waved her arms wildly in the air before pounding lightly on his chest and shoulders with her small fists. She even had her thumbs tucked inside the fists - so it was a good thing she wasn't hitting hard. "Gonna have to give her her some self defense lessons when this is over," Jason thought to himself.

But for now, her girlishness was a great help. He finished binding her slim wrists easily and then forced her to the floor and started to tie her ankles together. The feel of her warm, well-proportioned body squirming beneath him - in a ladylike fashion of course - started to really arouse him.

He decided that saying she was "squirming in a 'restrained' fashion" might be more accurate now, as he finished binding her crossed ankles with cord and eased to his feet. Looking down at her in her "Poor Princess" costume with its short,shredded, glittery dress, he felt his desire continue to swell.

He lifted her up onto her knees and fastened the last item he was carrying around her neck. A collar with leash attached. He took the other end of the leash in his right hand and drank in the sight of the beautiful, helpless, and terrified girl kneeling before him.

That terror caused a fair portion of guilt to wash over him. He rationalized it away by telling himself that it would only last for a few more minutes.

But what a rush those minutes were providing to him!

"You summoned Bondarr, and now the price must be paid! I shall carry you back with me to my dark dimension, where you will serve as my helpless plaything until I tire of you!" He finished with an evil laugh which he was sure the voice distorter made even more sinister.

Teri was shaking her head wildly and trying to scream through the gag. Several times she looked desperately over at the closed bathroom door, behind which the shower was running and where she believed Jason was trying to shake off his drunken mental fuzziness.

They'd returned about fifteen minutes before from a nearby Halloween party. Teri as per usual had enjoyed only one drink, but Jason had downed quite a few. Perhaps it was because he didn't like the way so many guys were talking to Teri and ogling her body in the barely decent costume she was wearing. Of course she just thought it was "cute;" she didn't understand the male response system. Or maybe she did.

And maybe Jason had imbibed heavily to give himself courage for what he was planning to do. In any case, he'd finally had enough of both the liquor and the guys circling Teri like bees around a flower. He'd grabbed her and pulled her home over her mild protestations.

Inside their home before the party they'd been fooling around with some kind of black magic from a book Jason had bought weeks ago at an estate auction when the recluse owner of a decaying mansion down the street had died. (Under what police termed "suspicious circumstances.")

Using a stub of chalk that was wedged inside the book, Jason had drawn a pentagram on their hardwood living room floor while Teri fretted and begged him to stop. Then he'd recited some Latin mumbo jumbo as best he could while making what he thought were sorcerous gestures. Teri had wrung her hands, kept asking him to stop, and said a few prayers.

Finally to her great relief he concluded and feigned disappointment, saying it must not be the right cycle of the moon. Of course he hadn't expected anything to happen. It was just to set the stage for what he was planning later - the appearance of "Bondarr."

After they got home from the party he said he needed a shower to clear his head. While Teri did some social media stuff on the computer, he'd changed out of the clown costume he'd worn to the party. Putting on the "Bondarr" costume he'd hidden under their bed and getting the restraint items out of his sock and underwear drawer, he'd then lain in wait inside the dark room for the inevitable moment when Teri would come down the hallway.

And now he had her where and how he wanted her. Did she ever look great tied up in that costume! Time to move things along...

He bent over and scooped her up while she screamed her loudest yet into the cloths and tried to somehow get out of the cords. "Useless, m'dear," Jason thought to himself as he straightened up. He started to walk and immediately staggered from a combination of the alcohol in his system and from the fact that Teri was twisting in his arms like a 110 pound game fish.

He completely lost his balance an instant later and started to tip forward. He knew he had to protect his wife and bent over even more, managing to get her within a few inches of the floor before releasing her. She gave a shrill exclamation as she dropped and then a lower one as she impacted the floor - mostly on her nicely padded derriere.

Jason tripped over her body and hurtled head first into a marble-top table against the wall. He dropped to the floor with a groan and lost consciousness for a moment. Then he roused himself. His head was really throbbing. He pulled down the hood and took off his mask. A hand to his forehead confirmed his guess that he was bleeding. He looked around quickly and located his wife.

Teri stopped trying to push herself away and looked at her husband with incredulity, anger, and then some concern. "Ah-uh!" came through the gag.

Jason got to his feet as his head ached even more. "Sorry babe," he laughed. "I know it was mean. But damn, do you look sexy like this! We really should have done this a long time ago. And really sweetheart - Bondarr? Come on!" He laughed some more.

Teri had an aggrieved look on her face, and he was sure she'd be crossing her arms and stamping a foot if she could.

"I'll make it up to you sweetheart, I promise," Jason told her. "Just gotta fix myself up a little bit first, okay? Just gimme a minute here." He stepped past her as she cried out for him to release her, entering the bathroom while still chuckling "Bondarr!" and closing the door again.

Teri couldn't decide who she was most angry with - Jason for his mean prank, or herself for believing that some demon was really abducting her. "Anyway, you bet you'll make it up to me Mister," she thought. "And not just in the bedroom like you're thinking." She remembered the really cute but really expensive purse she'd seen a few days before. That might make a good peace offering.

If only she could get out of these stupid ropes! It had been so easy back when she was playing Cowboys with the other neighborhood kids. You moved your arms up and down in opposite directions, and the ropes came off in a minute. But these were so tight! She wanted to get loose to show Jason he wasn't as smart as he thought he was, but she just couldn't make any progress at all. She shook her whole body vigorously, arms and legs straining. Nothing.

With an angry little "Unnh!" into her gag, she relaxed and looked around the room, hoping to see something sharp. All she noticed out of the ordinary were little droplets of blood from the cut on Jason's forehead. She tried to say "Eww!" as she noticed that a couple had fallen on her.

Then she froze. Her heart, which had started to regain its normal rhythm after accelerating wildly during Jason's "attack," seemed to skip a beat and then began to race again. Some of Jason's blood had also fallen inside the pentagram which he'd drawn that afternoon. And now a column of smoke or fog seemed to be growing out of the floor in the center of the chalk diagram.

While she watched with wide, disbelieving eyes, it reached to the top of the room and thickened as well. And something started to emerge from within.

"AAAA-UHHH!" Teri screamed as loudly as she could. But the cloth, the closed door, and the running water made her effort useless.

It was a tentacle. Yellow and purple. Covered with both slime and disgusting bristles. It moved sluggishly from side to side, as if just awakening and trying to determine where it was.

As she followed its movements, Teri noticed something else which by multiples increased a terror which she had thought was at its maximum. One of Jason's steps had smudged out a bit of the circle around the pentagram.

Teri hated scary shows. But (through her fingers) she had seen in a movie and on a tv show what happened if the circle around a summoned demon was broken.

The monster could get out.

She screamed again for her husband, turning her terrified face to the bathroom door. Then she looked back at the tentacle. It was starting to move with more energy. Then it stopped and pointed itself at one of the drops of blood. It moved forward. And another tentacle started to come out of the smoke.

Teri's brain desperately worked at options. Could she squirm over to the door, bang on it, get Jason to come out in time? Would he open the door quickly? If he did, how much time would he waste staring in disbelief? Would he see the broken circle and understand the danger?

She decided it wouldn't work. It was up to her.

Fighting her instinct to roll away from the horrible things, she pushed herself across the floor toward them. She tried to move quietly, uncertain whether they could hear or feel vibrations.

Both tentacles were over drops of blood. Horrible needle-like tongues emerged from the tips of the things and lapped at the liquid with increasing enthusiasm. A third tentacle began to emerge from the smoke.

Teri looked around wild-eyed. Where was the chalk? Where had Jason put it? After a few seconds which seemed like hours she saw it on the edge of a chair a few feet away. Moaning softly into the gag, she inch-wormed her bound body over to the chair, casting frequent fearful glances back at the tentacles. She got to the chair and tried unsuccessfully to reach the chalk with her tied hands. "Come on, come on!"

The tentacles were searching around for more blood drops. They located one and fought one another to be the one to savor it.

Teri rubbed against the chair with her upper body, paying no attention to the way she was pushing her costume off her shoulder and lower on her chest. She used the gag and her nose to knock the chalk off the chair onto the floor and grabbed it with her fingers. She reversed her earlier movement motions and went back toward the pentagram. Tears from her panicky eyes mixed with the perspiration of her efforts on her cheeks.

She reached the place where the chalk had been smudged out and twisted her pinioned arms to the side, turning her head to see if was in the right position.

No. She needed to move forward and closer to the circle. She scooted forward, her skirt pushing up over her panties.

Abrupt motion made her look into the pentagram. All three tentacles had suddenly pointed themselves directly at her. More tentacle tips - many more - started to emerge from the smoky column. Switching her gaze from her hands and the chalk to the tentacles and back again, Teri positioned the chalk over the gap in the circle and pressed it onto the floor.

All of the tentacles shot toward her like rabid animals.

She screamed and rubbed the chalk across the floor, falling onto her back as she did.

The tentacles slapped against an invisible barrier, raging all around it like snakes trying to escape from a jar.

Teri closed her eyes and continued to scream, much longer than she would have believed possible. Her head shook from side to side and her whole body bounced up and down on the floor.

There was a thunderous roar and an instant later the smoke and tentacles all disappeared.

The bathroom door opened a couple of seconds later and Jason emerged with a sloppy bandage on his forehead.

"What the heck was that?" he asked. "Are we getting a storm?" He walked past Teri's bound form and peered out a window.

"Huh. No clouds to speak of. Maybe a hotshot Air Force guy showing off."

He turned and looked at his wife where she lay in bondage. "I told you how sexy you look like this, right?" Her face was desperate and full of emotions. But of course he was paying attention mostly to her body, with the costume up nearly to her waist and almost off her nipples.

"Looks like you're really getting into the spirit of this, babe," he smiled. He walked over and carefully picked her up.

Teri's exhausted eyes pled with him and she tried to tell him what had happened in a tired little gagged voice. Jason just smiled tolerantly.

"Now I know you're gonna be mad," he told her as he carried her into their bedroom, "but I really do have the mother of all headaches right now. I've gotta sleep for awhile. And I wanna wake up, rested and ready to go, and find you still just like this. So you're gonna have to stay tied up for a few hours."

Teri shook her head and protested through her gag, even squirming some in his arms after initially feeling comforted by them.

"C'mon, Sugar. Please? Pretty please? You know I'm gonna make it up to you." He laid her onto their bed.

She furrowed her forehead. "Ihh hurr, A-uh. Ih hurr!"

"It hurts?" Getting confirmation from her nod, he stood indecisively for a moment and then went to her closet, returning with two sashes from bathrobes.

"These'll be more comfy," he said with a smile.

Teri sighed heavily, giving in. There was no reasoning with a horny, drunken husband, at least not with a gag filling your mouth. She pressed her head against the pillow while she felt him replacing the cords on her wrists and ankles with the robe ties.

His face leaned down near hers. "Better, li'l girly girl?"

She glared at him but then softened her eyes while lifting her chin and moving it side to side. "Uh ah," came out pleadingly.

"The gag?" He considered it. "I guess it isn't a good idea to leave the packing in. Maybe I should tape your mouth instead."

Teri shook her head and frowned hard.

"Mmm - yeah, your nose could get stuffed up. Okay." He loosened the gag enough to pull out the wad of packing and then re-tied the cleave gag less firmly.

Teri moaned plaintively.

"Li'l girly-girl. Li'l baby girl. Poor helpless li'l girl. Make it up to you t'morrow, Ter. Swear I will. Your white knight will rescue ya." He kissed her lightly on the top lip and then the bottom one before rolling over her onto his side of the bed.

Despite her anger, Teri felt herself aroused by the light kisses from the man she loved. She rolled over and wiggled toward him. Maybe she could give him energy he didn't know he had, and then get him to release her before he was planning.

But Jason was already snoring softly.

Teri stared daggers at him for a few seconds, cursing the general cluelessness and selfishness of all his gender. Then she sighed with resignation. She just hoped he'd kiss her like that again when he woke up. At least the sashes were softer and not as painfully tight as the cords had been. He'd been in a hurry, and who knows - maybe even a little considerate.

She worked her arms vigorously and soon felt one wrist start to pull free. She hesitated and then pushed it back into the restraining loops. She guessed being tied up wasn't too bad, as long as it didn't hurt much and was done by someone who loved you. It was sort of like being held. It helped when you knew you could get free when you wanted, also.

She was getting tired; the adrenaline which had flooded her system was wearing off and she actually felt sleepy. Hard to believe that a few moments before she'd been in terror for her life and soul. She sighed and stretched with a little moan.

She reviewed a list for tomorrow. After he let her go, let him know how mad she was about the whole thing. And then how much she'd liked those light little kisses. Scrub away the demon circle and pentagram. Burn that book. Then a shopping trip, a big one. That purse, some shoes, and a new outfit or two. And... tell Jason what happened? No, of course not. He'd never believe it. Who would? He'd probably laugh at her, and she hated that.

She heard his words again. "Little girly-girl. Poor helpless little princess. Your knight will rescue you." She gave a little "Hmmph!"

She knew, even if no one else ever would. Sometimes the little girly-girl was the hero. Sometimes the poor helpless Princess saved the Knight. And the day. And, who knows, maybe the whole world! She gave a satisfied nod and closed her eyes with a deep sigh.


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