Blackmailed at Work

by Mel

Part Three

Once again, Vanessa could do no more than stand in shocked silence for several minutes. Things were rapidly getting worse and worse for her.

Nervously, she tried on the tutu, first pulling on a thong. As she feared, the tutu stuck out in all directions from her waist, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. At the rear, the tutu actually sloped up. Her suspenders would be clearly visible to everyone who saw her, and her bottom in its thong could be seen by virtually anyone who was behind her. It would be impossible to sit down in the tutu except on a backless stool, and even standing on a bus would be highly awkward if it got crowded. Getting a taxi wouldn't help, as she could scarcely stand up in it. Obviously, walking to work was out of the question; it would be a long walk at the best of times, and impossible in those awful shoes.

Could she cut the shoe keys off the chains that Mr Stern had attached to them, so that she could again carry the shoes and only put them on when she got to the office? Not with any tools she had in the house. Anyway, she was frightened about what Mr Stern would do to her if he found that she had done that.

She could hide her bottom on the journey by wearing a skirt under the tutu until she got to the office. Ironically, the miniskirts Mr Stern had previously given her would have been quite suitable for that, but of course he had taken them away. Maybe she had something that would do.

So, the next morning Vanessa hobbled slowly to the bus stop, feeling incredibly self conscious in her tight, low-cut top and the tutu, though with her thong concealed. Surely everyone she saw was staring at her, especially the men. Fortunately, the bus was less crowded than usual. She got off the bus and removed the miniskirt, revealing her thong and suspenders, and entered the office in a state of near panic. She headed straight for Mr Stern's office, doing her best to ignore the incredulous expressions on every face she passed. Like the previous day, he was in creepy smiling mode.

"Ah, Vanessa, I'm glad you've arrived. We have the monthly staff meeting in a few minutes and can you please give us a presentation about the work you were doing last month," he purred.

"D-dressed like this? And I have n-nothing p-prepared," she stammered.

"Just do the best you can," he replied.

Of course, the talk was a disaster. She had never been so nervous or embarrassed in her life as she did her best to give a lucid explanation of her work and failed miserably, especially as she couldn't remember all the details. The worst times were when she had to turn her back to the audience to write on the whiteboard, showing her bottom to everyone. Of course, Mr Stern kept telling her to write things. It was an incredible relief when he said that there was no time for questions and sent her to her new office next to his. Going into the gloomy unfurnished room, she lay across the top of the box, which at least allowed her to take the weight off her agonised feet.

Before long, Mr Stern joined her. "What an enthusiast, Vanessa, getting into position for your day's work already," he said approvingly. "But let's get you properly ready. Stand up and take off your thong."

Unwillingly, Vanessa complied. Then as on the previous day, he handcuffed her left wrist to her right elbow and her right wrist to her left elbow. Again her mouth was stuffed to bursting with cotton wool reinforced by a rubber ball, gagging her very effectively. Again she was blinded by that padded leather blindfold which stopped any gleam of light reaching her eyes. The horrible, suffocating hood, the tight noose around her neck and the straps around her thighs followed.

"Now, get back on the box, Vanessa. I've added a small refinement to make thing just that bit less comfortable for you," purred Mr Stern. The tone might have sounded reassuring, but the words were anything but. As she put her chest across the box again, numerous points dug into her. He had put something spiky, she obviously could not see what, over the box. It would make today's ordeal even more excruciating than yesterday's. As he secured the free end of the noose on the front of the box, forcing her head down, her chest pressed even harder against the points. Her legs were spread wide apart.

Mr Stern had no need to pull her skirt up; the tutu did nothing to conceal her upturned bottom. He walked out, closing the door behind him, leaving her trapped in darkness. Soon he was back, and Vanessa tensed herself against the swish of the cane. But no. Something pressed against her, something was penetrating her bottom and it hurt.

"The books say that a butt plug should be lubricated, and inserted slowly and gently," explained Mr Stern, "but I can't be bothered." Savagely, he rammed the object into Vanessa until she thought that she would be torn apart by it. She felt her muscles close around it as it went all the way in. Before she could adjust fully to having that huge intruder inside her, something pressed against her most intimate opening. Soon, an even larger object was being forced in. Vanessa could barely move, let alone resist. She was sure that her insides would rip. But somehow, it went in.

"You won't be able to get either of those out without my help," said Mr Stern with a touch of pride in his voice. Before she could think that through, there was a swishing sound, and a line of agonising fire seared across her bottom. Remembering yesterday, she managed not to raise her head.

Mr Stern left, and the two intruders began to vibrate. The speed gradually increased and, despite her agonising predicament, Vanessa was getting aroused. Her nipples grew hard and pressed against the points on the top of the box, adding to her pain but not stopping her growing arousal. She knew she was about to come. Suddenly, she jumped against her bonds as she was caned. The arousal stopped abruptly, and Vanessa started choking as the noose tightened. Mr Stern loosened the noose and walked out. Vanessa was left feeling frustrated as well as in dire pain.

That day was even more awful than the day before, with the endless canings made worse by those monsters buried deep inside her and the growing frustration as the vibrators excited her only to have the sensations wrecked by the canings. The relief as Mr Stern let her go was indescribable, even when he told her that he was going ahead with her door key and skirt. He yanked out the butt plug and dildo; that hurt almost as much as when they went in. At least he left her thong; it would have been impossible for her to go home in public without it, as the tutu would have made its absence all too apparent. She pulled it on gratefully. As she left the office, she had no doubt that she was getting even more looks from the men than the day before.

Limping home from the bus stop, she was again greeted by Mr Stern in the front garden with a ladder and a small window open. "You'll never get through that window with the tutu, Vanessa; you'll have to take it off," he explained. Vanessa seethed with indignation, but she could do nothing about it. "And another thing; today you'll wear the blindfold and the hood, and these mittens." He made her fold her fingers into fists, and then enclosed her hands in tight leather pouches so that her fingers were quite useless. He then buckled the blindfold tightly over her eyes and pulled the hood over her head. This was unexpected, and made the process much more difficult. Sightless, she groped her way up the ladder, unable to clutch the rungs or even to feel much. Finding the open window was not easy. He pulled the ladder from under her almost before she was fully in, and it was quite a struggle to fall into her house rather than out again. Again, she fell into the room head first.

"Well done, Vanessa. This gets to be more and more fun," laughed Mr Stern, rubbing her bottom. He freed her hands, but then handcuffed them behind her back. He left on the hood and blindfold. "The key to the handcuffs is on the floor; you'll have to find it," he chuckled. "I'll see you tomorrow; bring the hood and blindfold, and wear a tutu again."

To Be Continued...

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