by Mel



The crowd of people thronging the sideshow tent all gawped at the strange creature in the cage.  It had the body of a young and beautiful woman, with large, pert breasts, a washboard stomach and glorious hips and bottom.  Only two points marred that impression.  The head was difficult to see, as it was in shadows while the rest was brightly spotlit, but it looked like the head of an enormous bird. And from its back sprouted two enormous wings covered in iridescent feathers like those of a peacock.


The creature could not move much.  Its wrists were handcuffed together and the handcuffs were attached by a chain to the roof of the cage.  Cuffs also encircled its ankles, and there was a long rod joining the cuffs, forcing it to stand with its legs spread wide apart.  Chains also joined these cuffs to the side of the cage.  Due to the way it was chained, it could not put its heels on the floor but had to stand on tiptoe.  It could not even flutter its wings much; the cage was too small.  All it could do was rattle its chains, writhe helplessly and emit weird inhuman cries.


The bars of the cage were fairly widely spaced, and the visitors could easily put their hands in and touch the wings, not to mention the breasts, thighs and every other part of the helpless captive creature.  To be honest, many of the men and even some of the women got more enjoyment from staring at and copping a feel of this beautiful body than from admiring its wings.  The men running the sideshow seemed not to care what they did to it unless someone tried to pull out a feather, when they intervened immediately.  As it was touched and prodded again and again, the creature writhed and wailed more and more.


Were these wings genuine, many wondered, or was this just a beautiful woman putting on a show?  Most people were convinced; the wings really seemed part of its body.  In fact, the wings really were genuine, but the head, which hardly anyone bothered to look at closely, was a fake; it was just a rubber mask.  Inside it was the head of a beautiful blonde.  She was heavily blindfolded, with two blobs of goo over her eyes, forcing her to screw them tightly shut, and large quantities of adhesive tape were wrapped tightly round and round her head to hold the blobs in place.  Her mouth was stuffed so full with rags that her cheeks bulged and she nearly choked.  A tube was pushed through the rags; it was a bird whistle, and every time she tried to speak or breathe hard, it emitted a bird-like sound.  More tape held her mouth shut and her jaw immobile, holding everything firmly in her mouth.  With the gag and the rubber hood, it was quite difficult for her to breathe.  She frequently tried to gasp, and that produced more wails through the whistle.


Nobody could have guessed that she had a large and heavy steel plug shoved a long way up her rear, or a balloon catheter buried deep inside her.  These were to stop her making any "bird droppings" while she was on show, and they added in no small measure to her pain and discomfort.


Finally, after untold hours of agony, the sideshow closed for the night.  The sideshow owners opened the cage door and released her from the roof of the cage.  She immediately collapsed, every part of her body from head to toe aching unbearably.  Quickly, they fixed the handcuffs to a bar of the cage, near the floor, giving her no chance to do anything.  Then they removed her mask.  The winged woman made more of those inhuman noises.


"Listen carefully, bird girl," hissed one; she knew it was John.  "We're going to ungag you and give you some food and water.  But say a single word, just one word, and we'll gag you again and leave you unfed till tomorrow.  We'll also flog your cute pussy with a rubber hose."  He emphasised the latter point by rubbing her carefully shaven pussy.  The woman had every reason to believe that these were not idle threats, and she remained mute as the men ripped off the tape over her mouth and jaw – although that was pretty painful – and pulled out the soaking wet rags, dropping them onto the floor.  Then they fed her on left-over scraps, taking no care to be gentle.  Once that was done, they picked up the now filthy rags, stuffed them back in and re-sealed her mouth, leaving out the whistle.  All the time, she had been kept totally blindfolded, as she had been since her capture.  She had never seen the other man.


This done, they lifted her up, put a plastic sheet under her and dropped her onto it.  The other man pushed a pair of forceps roughly up the young woman's behind and pulled out the butt plug.  Nothing came with it.  "Good girl, no mess to clean up," he said.  Screwing a tube into her catheter, he let her empty her bladder, which for hours had felt as if it would burst, into a bottle.  She would have sighed with relief, but the gag prevented her.  They put an adult diaper on her, and topped that with a belt with a crotch strap, both pulled as tight as they could, to keep it firmly in place.  They left the tube in, to ensure that her bladder would stay empty.  After ensuring that she was quite helpless and unable to escape, they left her for the night.


With the contorted position enforced by her constraints, the blindfold, the gag and the diaper, she was far too uncomfortable to sleep much.  She would have cried, but her eyes were so tightly sealed up that no tears could have emerged.  What had she done?  How could she possibly have been so stupid as to fall in love with John?


* * * *


The next morning, the men woke her early.  Making the same threats as before, they again ripped the tape off her face and dropped the rags onto the floor.  After feeding her, they put the rags back, with the whistle, and covered her face with the suffocating rubber hood again.  Unfastening her handcuffs and hauling her to her feet, they fixed her handcuffs to the roof of the cage again.  They took off the sodden and filthy diaper, removed the catheter tube and cleaned her up.  Finally, they reinserted the butt plug.  This was quite a painful process, but with her body stretched taut and her legs spread wide she could do very little about it other than writhe in her bonds and try in vain to protest.


"A quick wash," said John.  She endured the humiliation of being rubbed over by a rough sponge soaked in cold water.  John lingered over her breasts and bottom, rubbing them again and again with his hand as well as the sponge.  "Now, don't you dare move or you'll get cut."  He shaved her pussy and her armpits.


The second day was even worse than the first.  While of course she could see nothing, she was sure that there were even more visitors than before.  Evidently, word had got out about her.  The poking, prodding and even pinching were worse than before; some people stuck their fingers into her pussy; others even twisted her nipples excruciatingly.  She was really in a state by the time the sideshow closed.


"You're definitely the best thing that's ever happened to us, bird girl," said John smugly as he let her down.  "You're making us a mint.  A few years of this and we can retire."


A few years of this?  How could she last for more than a few days?


"And I have some good news," he continued.  She wondered what on earth that could be.  "I ordered some contraceptive pills.  Once we start feeding them to you, we can screw you senseless every night before your supper."



To be continued…


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