By Johnny Mills

Chapter Three

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    In every sense of the phrase a captive audience, Jenni watched in disbelief while one of the women who had kidnapped her turned on the other. Samantha - Sam - had handcuffed Michelle as Michelle had started to free Jenni. And now Sam was dragging Michelle by her hair and handcuffed hands across the floor of the storage building where they'd brought their mutual victim.

    The two struggling figures came to one of the building's many posts - this one about fifteen feet from where Jenni was tied in a chair - and Sam forced Michelle face down onto the floor. Before the shackled woman could get to her feet, Sam had seized her left ankle in her left hand. She pulled Michelle backwards, stepping behind the post as she did so. From that position she grabbed Michelle's other ankle in her right hand and pulled backward again. She now had both of Michelle's ankles behind the post, one on each side of it. She crossed them, pulled a length of cord from her belt behind her back, and quickly tied her former associate's ankles together.
    Ignoring Michelle's demands and imprecations, Sam strolled over to the desk behind which Michelle had been sitting earlier. From one of its drawers she took several two inch-wide leather belts. After checking their lengths she kept one, dropped the others back into the drawer, and walked unhurriedly back to where Michelle lay by the post.
    Using the same handcuffs-and-hair handholds that she had employed before, she slowly pulled the groaning woman up onto her knees and back against the post. Sam then released her holds but used her body to pin Michelle against the column while she buckled the leather belt around both Michelle's neck and the post. Stepping back, she crouched and began to slowly unbutton the front of Michelle's white blouse.

    "Stop it! What's this all about? Let me go right now!"
    Sam clucked her tongue disapprovingly. "What's it been, 'chelle? Almost four years now? And you still don't know that it's not too effective to give orders when you're the one who's tied up? Like I told you, I got a better offer."
    "What the hell are you talking about? An offer for what? From who?"
    "'Whom,'" Sam corrected with a smirk as she undid the last button and pulled Michelle's blouse open and out of her skirt, revealing her frilly, low-cut bra. She squeezed the captive woman's large, firm breasts and sighed. "I'm going to miss these."
    "Get your damned hands off me, stop your idiotic grinning, and let me go! Why are you doing this?" Michelle wiggled angrily but ineffectually in Sam's grip.
    "Because I'm getting a lot of money from Geoffrey Walker, 'chelle. Remember him?"
    Michelle's struggles had stopped suddenly at the mention of the man's name. "Of course I remember him - he's a monster! That girl spent a week in the hospital!"
    "Yeah. Well, he wasn't too happy that you kicked him out of the group and said you'd testify against him if that woman pressed charges. He wants to have a little... discussion... with you, and he's paying me a lot of money to bring you to the table, so to speak." She scooped Michelle's breasts out of the bra and continued to fondle them.
    Michelle's voice was carefully controlled, but there was an undercurrent of desperation to it. "Sam. Dominants are one thing.
Walker is a psychopathic sadist. He's an amoral sociopath. You know that."
    Sam removed her hands from Michelle's breasts and shrugged. "His money's good. And he's got a lot of it."
    "Turn me loose. I'll pay you more than he is."
    "Come on 'chelle. I have an agreement with him. I can't void that."
    "WE have an agreement, damn you!"
    Sam held up her open hands like a villainous pro wrestler showing the referee that nothing was happening. "How have I failed to fulfill that? We've had a lot of fun. And I helped you bring in Hurts-So-Good over there." She flashed a predatory smile at Jenni.
    "Our agreement is that you let me go when I say or signal for you to do it!"
    Sam walked over to the desk and began searching through its drawers, occasionally pulling out items she wanted. "Yeah, guess you've got me on that one, 'chelle. Tell you what - if you're 'free' next week, give me a call and we'll talk about a partial refund." She walked back toward Michelle with an armful of ropes,  straps, and miscellaneous materials, all of which she dropped on the ground in front of her captive.
    "Stay away from me, you pig!" Michelle spat at her.
    Sam slapped her across her face. Then she knelt and pulled Michelle's skirt down over her hips, leaving it around her knees on the floor and revealing the woman's hi-cut, bone colored panties. Sam put her hand against the crotch of the underwear. "Not steamy yet? Well, I'm sure you will be soon. I know you."
    She picked up a  length of rope from the pile on the floor and stepped behind the post. She put a loop around Michelle's right wrist and then passed the cord around the post, keeping it in her left hand. Then she took a handcuff key and released the cuff around Michelle's left wrist.
    Michelle immediately began to fight with her left hand, first trying to scratch at Sam's face and then, after she found she couldn't reach her, trying to find the buckle of the belt holding her neck against the post. For her part, Sam transferred the rope holding Michelle's right wrist into her right hand and reached around with her left to grab Michelle's free hand.
    They struggled for almost a minute. Michelle howled like an animal and fought like one too, while Sam was silent but no less determined. Several times Michelle's arm was caught but then pulled free again. But she was on her knees, her ankles were bound behind the column, and her neck was secured to it by a wide belt. And so the unequal contest finally ended the way it almost certainly had to - with Sam able to bring Michelle's wrists together behind the post and hold them long enough to tie them . After completing her task, Sam undid the other part of the handcuff from Michelle's right wrist and removed it.
    "I could have left you like you were, of course," Sam told her. "But it wasn't really aesthetically pleasing. And besides - it's just so much fun to capture you all over again."

    Michelle strained to no avail while Sam walked around in front of her and picked up a longer length of rope. Humming the tune from the Beatles' "Michelle," she wrapped the rope around the kneeling woman at waist level and then above and below her breasts, pinning her arms and torso against the column. "I think that'll hold you for awhile," Sam said after knotting the rope at the side of the post.
    Michelle seemed to offer mute agreement with the assessment as she stopped her struggling and sagged against her bonds. She took a couple of deep breaths and looked up at Sam. "At least let Jenni go, Sam.
Walker isn't paying to hurt her. He doesn't even have to know she was here. Keep her out of it. Please."
    "I'm not planning to let him do anything to her. Well, nothing drastic anyway. But I'm losing you, and I need a new plaything. She'll be good for a weekend of laughs, anyway." Sam poked through the items on the floor and then stood again.
    "Find someone else, please! You can afford it now. I'll even give you m-uuhh!"
    As Michelle was speaking Sam had suddenly lunged at her as if trying to punch her in the mouth. But in fact she pushed something between her lips - a leather-wrapped ring with straps attached to it. When she got the ring seated behind Michelle's front teeth, Sam held it in place with one hand while using the other to release the belt holding Michelle's neck against the post. Of course she did that only so that she could tightly buckle the gag at the back of Michelle's head. Then the wide belt went back around her neck and the post.
    "Just the way he wants you," Sam noted after stepping back and eying Michelle up and down approvingly. "Tied, on your knees, body on display, and a ring gag in your mouth. Wonder what he's planning to do for starters?"
    Michelle tried to talk but could make only unintelligible noises. Saliva began to run over her lower lip and down her chin.
    "You aren't making much sense 'chelle, and the noise is annoying," Sam said in a bored tone as she picked up a roll of tape from the ground. She tore off several long strips of the wide tape and grabbed Michelle by the hair with one hand. With the other hand she slapped the strips of tape over the helpless woman's open lips.
    "There. Much better." She smoothed the tape down lovingly, and added a few more strips to completely cover Michelle's face below her nose. She took a last long look at the kneeling beauty, and then turned her gaze toward the wide-eyed Jenni. Sam dropped the tape, picked up a final item from the floor, and concealed it behind her back. She slowly walked over to the chair-bound girl, clearly savoring the fear in her eyes. She stopped in front of Jenni and brought her hand out from behind her back in the manner of a parent revealing a gift to a child. Jenni saw a leather panel gag with what looked like a thick leather tongue sewn onto one side of it.
    "We can't have little Jen-Jen making a big racket while Mommy's gone either, can we?" she asked in a reasonable way. "So this is your new pacifier. If you give me any trouble about putting it in, I'm going to hurt you. Some now, and lots more later."
    She leaned in close to the girl. "She may care about you, but to me you're just..."  her free hand suddenly pulled on Jenni's crotchrope "...candy," Sam finished with a laughing whisper into Jenni's ear. Her tongue licked the side of the girl's face.
    Jenni made a disgusted sound and moved her head away. Then she grimaced and cried out as Sam grabbed her head by the hair and twisted it back to look in her eyes.
    "You don't turn away from the Mistress," Sam hissed at her, "unless told or permitted to do so. That's one of the more basic lessons you need to learn. You're going to need very intense instruction and discipline, aren't you little doggie? That's okay. It's going to be a lot of fun teaching you."
    She held the gag up in front of Jenni's eyes. "Now we've gotten off to sort of a bad start, little doggie. Are you going to make it worse, or are you going to open up those luscious lips?"
    She let go of Jenni's hair, and the bound girl reluctantly opened her mouth slightly. The leather tongue pressed against her barely open teeth. "Wider, sweetheart," Sam instructed her pleasantly.
    Jenni complied, closing her eyes and fighting the urge to choke as she felt the thick leather invade her mouth atop her own tongue. The gag's panel mashed her lips back against her teeth as the straps were brutally tightened and buckled behind her head.
    Sam laced the fingers of both hands over the front of the gag, crouched a bit, and pulled. Jenni felt the back of her head pressing into Sam's breasts. "This gag gets to French kiss you before I do, pretty girl," Sam whispered into Jenni's right ear. "I envy it." She kept one hand over the gag and used two fingers of the other to "tightrope walk" along the wire stretching between Jenni's nipples.
    Finally she removed her hands and walked around to stand in front of Jenni again, where she applied another light, teasing pull to the crotchrope. "Can't wait to find out what kind of creamy center my new little piece of candy has," she smiled. "Bet it's real sweet."
    She turned away and stood at a point roughly midway between the two bound women. "Well, I'm off to pick up my new employer at the airport. Shouldn't be more than an hour. You two have fun while I'm gone, but behave yourselves, you hear?"
    She laughed and walked past Jenni, trailing her fingertips across the girl's face as she passed. A moment later Jenni heard the overhead door go up. The van was started and moved, and the door closed again.
    Jenni's head drooped forward on her neck until her chin rested on her chest. She couldn't believe that just as her impossibly horrible ordeal had seemed to be ending, it had gotten even worse. She felt nauseous as thoughts of what Sam might be planning to do to her oozed through her mind.
    She heard the sounds of desperate struggle and raised her head to look over to the column against which Michelle was bound. The older woman had little more freedom than did Jenni - perhaps less in some ways - but she was straining desperately to escape her restraints. Her face was red above the belt around her neck as her arms and shoulders worked against the ropes. Her gaze met Jenni's briefly and Jenni saw the tears in her eyes. Then Michelle looked away, but she continued to wrench with all her strength at her bonds, seemingly oblivious to the way they were sawing at her flesh in return.
    As Jenni continued to watch Michelle's lush body writhe in its bondage, she realized that she was becoming aroused by the sight. The beautiful woman's well-endowed chest heaving, her partially nylon-covered thighs and trim midsection and hips twisting and tensing to try to provide leverage, the little sounds of exertion which filtered through her gagged mouth... All of these fed into Jenni's own sexual fantasies of bondage helplessness. Michelle's eyes were closed now, and her head turned from side to side as she appeared to be trying to tear the post itself loose. Jenni felt her crotchrope seem to come to life against her clitoris...
    The girl looked away, feeling terrible and guilty about being affected in such a way when both she and Michelle were in dire danger. She concentrated on her own bonds, hoping that the pain they were inflicting would drive thoughts of pleasure from her mind. The ropes around her limbs seemed, if anything, tighter than before. Her hands were tingling from lack of circulation and it felt as if her fingers had been removed and replaced with plump sausages.

    She tried briefly to move her chair in Michelle's direction, thinking that perhaps if she could get to her that Michelle could untie her wrists for her. But that fanciful hope vanished quickly. Only the toes of her crossed feet were brushing against the floor; she couldn't push the chair at all. She tried a few times to rock it in the proper direction, but it was too heavy and its legs too wide. She feared that any effort hard enough to budge it would cause her to tip over.
    She closed her eyes in defeat. Could it really be that just over an hour ago she had been in her own bed, happily anticipating a night of bondage bliss? What a vicious joke.
    Minutes dragged past. The thick leather tongue of her gag creaked between her teeth. She felt a small stream of drool start to trickle out of her partially open mouth between her lower lip and the panel of the gag. She wondered how much longer it would be before the sound of the door opening would signal the start of an even more monstrous chapter of her nightmare. Would they laughingly force her to watch while Michelle was abused? Would Michelle be forced to view Jenni's degradation? She had thought she had no tears left, but she felt them building again behind her closed eyes.
    There was an explosive albeit stifled grunt of triumph. Jenni opened her eyes. Michelle was breathing heavily with her head pressed back against the post. Her face glistened with a combination of tears and perspiration. It looked as if one of her elbows was higher and further out to the side than it had been before. Michelle's nostrils flared as she inhaled deeply. Then her body went rigid and seemed to vibrate with exertion. Suddenly the arm moved further and one of her wrists appeared with no cord around it, although the ropes around her body still held it to some degree.
    Crying and groaning, Michelle worked her arms around her sides until they were in front of her. The loops of cord which were still around one wrist were pulled off and angrily thrown to the ground. Even from fifteen feet away Jenni could see the angry red marks around Michelle's wrists. It looked as if they might even be bleeding some. Michelle worked her arms upward, sliding one and then the other up through each loop of rope until her arms were free up to the level of her breasts.
    Moaning but never stopping to rest, Michelle pulled on the ropes around her upper body until she found and untied the knot holding them in place. Then she reached up and undid the belt around her neck. As that hit the floor she was peeling the tape off her lips, and she then undid the ring gag. It was more difficult for her to reach around behind the post and free her ankles, but with one hand on the ground for support she finally managed it. Pulling up her skirt, she ran over to Jenni.
    She undid and tossed away the younger woman's tight gag and began to work on her wrist ropes. "I don't know how much time we have," Michelle gasped. "We need to hurry."
    Jenni flinched as the ropes around her wrists were pulled out of the furrows they'd dug into her flesh. And she couldn't suppress a cry minutes later as her elbows were freed from their strict confinement. Michelle untied the ropes around Jenni's midsection and arms next, and then hurriedly knelt and began to work on the girl's ankle bonds. Jenni meanwhile tried to undo the ropes above her knees. But she couldn't do it; it was as if she were wearing huge foam gloves. Michelle untied her knees for her after she had pulled away the ankle cords.
    "God, your wrists," Jenni said as she saw the wounds clearly.
    "I managed to keep them flexed and bridged a bit - just enough," Michelle said.
    Michelle threw away the knee ropes, started to reach for Jenni's crotchrope, and then pulled her hands back. "We have to get out of here," she told Jenni. "Can you walk?"
    "I think so." Jenni stood uncertainly, initially keeping one hand on the chair for balance. She was grateful that her leg bonds, although snug, had not been tied as tightly as those around her wrists and elbows. "How far are we going to have to walk? She has your van."
    "The van is Sam's," Michelle corrected her. "My car is outside." She ran to the desk and came back with her purse slung on one forearm as she buttoned a few of her blouse buttons, not bothering to try to fix her bra. "We're lucky she didn't take my purse. Come on. Do you need to lean on me?"

    Jenni shook her head. As she followed Michelle on legs which were a bit wobbly, she tried for a few seconds to undo her crotchrope, but her fingers still weren't working well enough. She was able to pull the nooses off her nipples at least.
    There was an entrance for pedestrians next to the overhead door. Michelle cracked it open narrowly, peered outside, and then nodded to Jenni. They ran outside and Michelle unlocked her sedan, opening Jenni's door for her. As the girl got inside Michelle opened the back door, pulled out a business jacket, and gave it to her.
    Jenni gratefully donned the jacket as Michelle started up the car and drove. "I don't think we'll need to worry about them now that we're away from there," she told Jenni. "When they find us gone, they'll be focused on getting out of town before the police arrive. After I get you home I'll go to the police station. File a complaint against Sam. I don't care what she says about me in turn when they find her. Can't believe she did this. I thought I knew her."
    After moments of silence she added "I'll confess to what I did to you too Jenni, if you say I should. I mean it. I didn't think it would go the way it did, but that doesn't change the fact that I did horrible things. I'm sorry for all of it, but that doesn't change anything either. When I think of what could have happened to you..." her voice trailed off.
    Jenni glanced over at her and in the one eye visible to her saw tears glistening. She looked back at the road they were traveling, seeing some familiar buildings now as they neared the apartment.
    "No," she said softly at last. "You don't have to do that. It was really wrong, but... let's just forget about it."
    Michelle's head bobbed once. "Thank you, Jenni," she said, a catch in her voice. "It may still come up if they find Sam, but I'll deal with it then, I suppose."
    Neither of them spoke again until they arrived at the apartment building. Michelle unlocked Jenni's apartment door but didn't try to step inside or ask if she could. She took a few seconds to finish buttoning her blouse.
    "I'll certainly understand if you want to move," Michelle told Jenni from across the threshold. "But I hope that you won't. I'll have your locks changed at my expense, and you alone will have the keys. I'll give you free rent for the rest of the year. I'll... I'll do anything I can to try to make this up to you."
    "You took that camera out of here tonight?" Jenni asked her. "You swear?"
    "Yes. Yes. And I'll return all of the recordings..." her voice stopped and her eyes closed as she realized something.
    "The camera was in Sam's van. But I'll return all of the other recordings. I've been a horrible person, but I want to be good to you from here on Jenni, if you'll let me."
    Jenni stood silently with her arms folded under her breasts. Her hands massaged her arms above the elbows where the ropes had bound her so cruelly. "Okay," she said at last. "I'll have to sleep on it... think about it for a couple of days. But you did free me. You could've just left me there."
    "No Jenni," Michelle said as her eyes held the younger woman's. "I couldn't have done that." After a few seconds she added "Is it... would it be okay if I called you in two or three days? Just to talk on the phone and see how you are? Make sure you're okay?"
    "I guess so," Jenni agreed. She realized she was wearing Michelle's jacket and started to take it off a bit reluctantly, looking around for something else which could cover her.
    "Keep it for now," Michelle told her. "You can return it when I give you those recordings." She turned to leave, then stopped with one hand on the door frame. "I'm sure you have nothing more to fear, but you might want to prop a chair under your doorknob for now. And... thank you Jenni. For being so nice, so forgiving."
    Jenni gave a small nod, then reached out and brushed her fingertips against Michelle's forearm. "Be sure to have your wrists taken care of..." she said in a voice not much louder than a whisper, adding after a couple of beats "...Michelle."
    Michelle smiled wanly and returned to her car. Jenni closed and locked the door and leaned against it while taking and exhaling a deep breath. She took off the jacket and tossed it onto her sofa and then brought a chair from the kitchen which she jammed under the door's handle.
    She walked into her bedroom and laughed bitterly at the sight of the hanging block of ice still melting. Shaking with delayed reaction, she undid her crotchrope and kicked it and the other ropes and cuffs under the bed. Leaving the nightstand light on, she took off her heels, got into her bed, curled up into a pre-natal position and covered herself completely with blankets. She trembled and cried for awhile and finally was able to get to sleep. Michelle, Sam, ropes, and gags figured prominently in her troubled dreams.
...                   ...              ...              ...             ...             ...            ...            ...
    Michelle stopped her car as she came to a red traffic light. An instant later she gasped and flinched as the passenger-side door suddenly opened and Sam jumped inside the car.
    "Jeez, Sam! Would it kill you to stand on the boulevard and wave when you see me coming? Or to at least tap on the window before you hop in?"
    "Sorry," Sam laughed. "Left the rental at the lot like we planned. Decided to walk a couple blocks. Nice night. So? How did it go?"
    "You never know for sure," Michelle answered as the light changed and she drove down the street. "Have to give it some time; work up to it again slowly. But I think I've read her right. She really is a sweet girl. She declined my offer to turn myself in. Thanked me for getting her out. Touched me on the arm. Finally used my name."
    "Oooo!" Sam cooed in approval. "A foot in the door for sure! Hope I didn't scare all of the bondage love out of the little cutie."
    "I don't think she's going to be tying herself up for awhile," Michelle admitted. "But her urges aren't going to go away. You know that."
    "Mmm. Still say we should have just gone with the plan you told her about. Leash her, love her, and leave her."
    "No. I really do like her Sam. When I had this golden opportunity to have her - at least once - as a victim and then as someone I could 'save,' I had to take advantage of it. But I want her to eventually think of me at least as a friend. She's a honey. Sorry you won't be able to see her again. You're a fugitive now, you know."
    "Not really my type anyway. And it's your city, your call." She looked at Michelle's wrists as they passed under a streetlight. "Wow, you did a job on yourself! Why didn't you just pull the end of the cord?"
    "Thought this would look more believable. You left me enough slack - barely!" Michelle said with mock reproach. "If I can get the pity vote, I'll take it. Besides, you know how I love to struggle. And if things go according to plan, I'll be doing more tying than getting tied in the months to come."
    "Well, when you come to visit me, we'll fix that," Sam promised cheerfully.
    "I'm counting on it. Anyway, tonight was a great episode, no matter what does or doesn't happen later."
    "Mm-hmm. Just didn't last long enough."
    They had reached the airport parking lot. Michelle found a space and eased the car into it and then opened the trunk so Sam could remove her bags. Sam in turn handed Michelle the video camera from Jenni's apartment. "Send me a copy," she requested. They embraced briefly and Michelle waved as Sam headed into the terminal. Normally she'd have gone in to see her off, but she didn't want to be showing her raw wrists in public at the moment. Nor to be seen on a surveillance tape with Sam, just in case.
    Besides, she was anxious to get home, both to enjoy the tape of them abducting Jenni and to access the footage from the hidden cameras at the storage facility. As she drove, she felt a surge of remorse for her deceptions and the other various wrongs she'd inflicted upon the innocent girl. But she rationalized it to herself, arguing that it was, in the long run, to give Jenni what she really wanted and would enjoy. And she did care about the younger woman; she hadn't lied about that. If Jenni wanted no further part of her, she'd reluctantly accept it. And if the lovely girl did at some point agree to become her bondage partner, as Michelle thought she would... well, Michelle would never hurt her again. "At least not after she asks me to stop," Michelle thought with a smile. The smile stayed on her face. It had been an incredible night, and still better ones should be ahead.



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