The Billionairess

Walter Hammond

Part 3

After Lilith and Brent had had their meal, they came down to the basement to check on Wendy.  Brent had brought a dog bowl with something inside it.  He lowered Wendy to the ground and removed her hood and ball gag.  She was of course still blindfolded, so she could not see what was in the bowl, but she could smell it, and it smelt decidedly unpleasant.  "Time to eat, Wendy," ordered Brent.

Wendy was reluctant to taste that foul stuff, even though she was hungry.  Brent slapped her bottom.  "Eat, slut, eat," he demanded.  Wendy could hear Lilith laughing.  Awful though it was, Wendy knew that Brent was capable of inflicting a lot more pain on her if she didn’t do what she was told, so although she was revolted, she somehow ate it all down.  Once she had finished, Brent lifted her up and pushed a rubber tube into her mouth.  "Drink now," he ordered.  As Wendy sucked on it, her mouth filled with lukewarm vinegar.  He made her drink more of it than she wanted, but he did not overdo it.  He then took the tube away. "Did you enjoy your dinner, young tycoon?" he asked sarcastically.

There didn't seem to be a right answer to that question, so Wendy just grunted non-committally.  Her captors laughed.  Brent replaced the gag and hood and put her back on the bed.  The rope from the hood to her toes was also replaced.  "We have plenty more of that food," he said.  “You'll be eating lots of it for the next few days. After that, it will be up to your owner what you get to eat.  I've no idea whether he'll be as nice as we are.  My mother will be keeping you company tomorrow while I go and get my company back.  Enjoy your rest.  I will check on you before I leave in the morning."

Wendy was worried.  What would "Mother" do while she kept her company?  So far, she hadn't hurt her much apart from adding the bondage hood and head to toe rope to her bondage.  But Wendy wouldn't put it past her to be a lot nastier, though she really hoped not.  Being deprived of her sight and ability to move was driving Wendy around the bend, but of course there was no point in saying that or asking for anything to be eased.  It also had the effect of making her far more aware of bodily sensations, so that she was reacting far more to the vibrator than she had initially.

The next morning, Brent got up early and prepared to go to the board meeting.  He whistled to himself as he got Wendy's breakfast ready and, accompanied by his mother, he took it down to the basement.  He opened the locked door and smiled as he saw Wendy.  "Sleep well, little sister?  How are we doing this morning?"  Wendy gave a noncommittal grunt.  He removed her hood and gag and sat her up as his mother inserted a vibrator into Wendy's pussy.  She then fed Wendy the breakfast shake.  Its taste was different from the previous night's supper, but it was certainly equally unpleasant.

Even though the breakfast was as awful as the supper had been, Wendy did not dare to resist taking it.  Again, she had to drink a lot of lukewarm vinegar.  When her captives had finished feeding her, they replaced the gag, hood and head-to-toe rope.  "Let's make Wendy’s bondage even more secure, just in case," said Lilith.  Putting her already taped hands together palm to palm, they wrapped even more tape around them, welding them together.  "Now, if you'll just pull on the head-to-toe rope a bit; don't lift her right up."  Brent did that, pulling her head and toes even closer together.  His mother then added a new rope, holding her in that position.  "That's as much as I dare; we don't want to risk breaking her neck," she explained.

"OK, bye Mum, see you later," said Brent, leaving.

"Now, Wendy, let's keep you amused for a few hours," his mother said.  "I expect you are going to have a couple of dozen orgasms while I play with those lovely breasts."

Brent called his mother right before the board meeting. "I'm going in now; have fun today.  I am going to have to take care of your pet later," he laughed.

After he hung up, his mother turned to Wendy.  She picked up a butt plug and forced it into Wendy.  It took her a lot of effort, while Wendy squirmed, but finally it went in. "You had better get used to this; where you are going, I'm sure that this hole will be used a lot," she said.  She then turned Wendy over, put a vibrator on her pussy and teased her nipples. "You know, your mother was gorgeous.  I tried to get her into bed before I divorced my husband.  She was not into women, she said.  You do look a lot like her."

* * * *

Brent went into the board meeting.  The chairman started it by asking everyone to stand for a minute in silence to remember Sir Henry.  After this, he formally opened the meeting and the minutes of the previous meeting were approved.  "Now, the next item of business is the appointment of a CEO.  As you know, ladies and gentlemen, Henry expressed the wish in his will that his daughter should be offered the job.  I for one would have no objection.  However, it has been put to me this morning that she has declined the job and gone for a holiday abroad.  The suggestion is that the post should go to Henry's son Brent.  Comments please."

Several directors noted that they had had meetings with Wendy since the reading of the will; two had met her only on Friday.  All said that she had been very enthusiastic about taking on the job and were surprised that she had suddenly changed her mind.

"She might have had sudden cold feet," mused the chairman.  "And she has of course been through a highly distressing and gruelling time.  She needs time to calm down."

"I know it was Sir Henry's wish," said one of Brent's supporters, "but is it really appropriate to give the job to a 28-year-old girl?"

The chairman was taken aback.  "You probably don't realise that Henry was only 26 when he started this firm.  And I hope you aren't suggesting that ladies are less able to run companies than men are."

"It was only a tiny company when it started," urged the supporter, "not one of the largest companies in the country.  And sorry, I didn't mean to belittle the ladies present."

“I would have agreed with the previous speaker, chairman,” said another director, “but having spent two hours last week discussing things with Wendy, I was extremely impressed by her intelligence and grip of the issues facing my division.”

Brent fumed.  That man had been one of his strongest supporters.  Had the little tart offered to sleep with him or something?

The discussion went to and fro for some time.  Finally, the chairman summed up.  "There is clearly no consensus at present.  I defer further discussion to the next meeting, when with any luck Wendy can be present so that we can ascertain definitively whether she would be prepared to accept the position.  Also, I shall try to have a one to one discussion with each of you.  In the meantime, we shall continue with the current interim arrangements."

Brent was furious.  Obviously, there was no way that he could allow Wendy to attend the next meeting.  He could send more e-mails from her account declining it, but Wendy's supporters might still say that she should be given more time.  He sat in stony silence through the rest of the meeting.  Unable to concentrate on his work, he went home early.

As soon as he went into the house, he rushed down to the basement where Lilith was playing with Wendy.  "Hello dear," she said.  "Wendy's had ever so many orgasms, and she's really getting used to having a butt plug, aren't you, my young tycoon?"

"Come outside just for a moment, Mother," he said.  He didn't want Wendy to know what had happened at the meeting.  His mother was taken aback when he told her, but she tried to console him.  "That doesn't mean you won't get it eventually dear, and if the worst comes to the worst at least you've stopped Wendy getting the post and you'll soon be rid of her forever.  And in any case, of course you'll be a billionaire.  Come and play with Wendy for a bit, and then we'll have supper and then we can have fun forcing Wendy to eat that rubbish.  She's had nothing since breakfast, so she'll be hungry."

* * * *

On Tuesday morning, the day after the board meeting, George Redfern carefully examined a photo he has been sent.  "No," he thought.  "No way is that my niece."  He went up the corridor to talk to his boss.  "I scarcely need to tell you, sir, how vital Wilkins Industries is to our national security and that of some of our allies.  I did warn you that there would be a grave danger to us if Brent takes it over.  I assume that Sir Henry agreed, which is why he made my niece his heir.  And have you heard anything from the plane crash investigators?"

"Yes George, I heard what you said.  I'm also quite aware of your emotional involvement in this case, so you do understand why I'm taking a cautious approach.  We need a bit more evidence before we do anything drastic, although we’re keeping a close eye on the house.  It wouldn't be easy to get a search warrant, though if your niece is still in there, they'd have a job smuggling her out without being detected.  And the investigators say that there might have been a bomb on the plane, but they think that they're at least a week away from having solid proof.  And as you know, the board has postponed a decision about making Brent the CEO.  With any luck, eventually they'll refuse to give him the job."

George returned to his office and e-mailed his niece: "Dear Wendy, I hope that you are feeling better now and enjoying Italy.  You will of course remember your mother's cousin Bill Trenton and his daughter Mary who was the other bridesmaid along with you at your mother's second wedding.  He'd very much like to see you again.  Can I put you in contact?"

Two hours later, someone opened the e-mail and the computer's camera switched on, though the light stayed off.  George recorded Brent typing "Dear Uncle George, of course I remember them, but I really don't want to meet anyone for a while.  Please give me a couple of months."

Proof positive.  Of course, neither Bill nor Mary existed.

The next morning, George was back in his boss's office.  His boss showed him a photo.  "George, is this the lady who you believe impersonated your niece?"

George studied the photo carefully, using a magnifying glass.  It was a passport photo.  "I'm pretty sure it is, sir."

"Good.  Her name is Amanda Wells.  She left the country a few months ago, returned, and has now returned for a second time without having left again.  So she must have left on your niece's passport and returned using her own.  We'll add her to the surveillance list."

* * * *

Amanda returned to her flat after a big shopping trip.  She smiled as she puts down all the stuff that she had just bought with the money that rich guy gave her to dress up and go to Italy with the fake passport.  She stayed there for a couple of days, taking selfies that she sent to him, but came back early.  Now all she had to do was spend the money and stay low.  She smiled to herself as she heard a peep on her phone; she picked it up and it was Jordan, the guy who got her this sweet gig.

"Why did you come back so soon?" he demanded.  She smiled and told him that she wasn’t enjoying herself in Italy. They had a long discussion on her phone when she was interrupted by a loud knock on the door.  She opened it and it was violently pushed in.  Two large men grabbed her as a third came in carrying a bag.  "Girl, you should not have come back so soon.  The deal was for you to stay in Italy for a month," said the third man.

Amanda was powerless to resist the three strong men.  She was soon bound, gagged and chloroformed.  The men then stuffed her into the bag and carried her out of her apartment, down to a waiting van.  However, they were met at the van by an armed policeman and two other men.

* * * *

George's boss groaned as he looked at his inbox.  More about that blasted firm.  Still, he knew as well as anyone in the world how important Wilkins Industries was.  Amanda, the person George claimed had impersonated Wendy, had been abducted.  She had speedily been rescued by his agents and the police, and was now in custody, together with her abductors.  She was grateful, knowing that her life had been in grave danger, and was making a full confession.  Wendy's passport had been recovered from Amanda's flat.  Idiots, he thought.  Didn't they realise we'd be keeping an eye on her.  He had, he admitted, been sceptical of the impersonation idea, blaming it on George's emotional involvement in the case.  Well, he was not ashamed to admit that he had been wrong.  George would probably deserve a promotion.

There was a report from the accident investigators.  Yes, there had certainly been a bomb on the plane.  It was an explosive only made by the Wilkins firm, and very difficult to come by.  That suggested that someone in the firm had supplied it.  Could it be Brent?  Probably, but could it ever be proved?  He would do his best to get it proved.

* * * *

Wendy knew that she could not last much longer.  She had been in bondage for days, having had three suppers and three breakfasts, all revolting.  Throughout that time, she had seen nothing and had been almost unable to move.  She could not even bend her fingers.  While the torture she had dreaded had been surprisingly minimal, she was distinctly uncomfortable.  The original butt plug had been replaced by an even bigger one, giving her an additional place to ache as well as her neck, shoulders and indeed just about everywhere.

What was going on with her firm?  Surely if Brent had been given the CEO job, he'd have rushed in when he came back from the board meeting and crowed to her about it instead of going out of the room with his mother.  Evidently, they didn't believe his attempts to convince them that she didn't want the job.  It was the faintest of faint traces of comfort, but it was all she had.  Maybe he would come in and crow later, but if he did, she could be quite confident that he was lying.

Part 4

Brent followed Lilith into the basement room and looked at the tightly bound Wendy lying on the bed.  A slight smile crossed his lips.  “To think that this is the little trollop they want to be the face and CEO of the company.  I wonder what they would think if they could watch her like this.”   Lilith had brought a Hitachi wand with her.  She explained to Brent that it was more effective than a vibrator.  He smiled as he watched his mother apply the wand to Wendy’s  pussy and twist the plug in her butt.  She screamed out through her gag as both of her holes were used.  The wand was turned up higher as Wendy’s moans got louder and louder.  It did not take long for her to cum over the toy.  Lilith grinned and turned to him.  “See, she is almost as big a whore as her mother was,” she laughed.

Brent took great pleasure in watching Wendy suffer, but he started to think about the board meeting and having to wait until the next meeting to fulfil his dream of becoming CEO.  In his anger, he made a decision.   “It’s time for her to vanish,”  he told his mother.  “We’re running out of time.”  He picked up his phone and dialled a number.   

Wendy was not sure what is going on, but she heard that she was about to vanish.  She heard Brent speak on the phone.  “The consignment will be ready in an hour.  You must come to the servants’ door at the rear with the lorry.”

Turning to Wendy, he said, “Now we have to get you ready; I have some special treatment for you.”  Wendy winced as she heard his horrible cackle.  “What are you going to do with her?” asked Lilith, still pressing the wand against Wendy’s pussy.  Wendy was anxiously wondering the same thing.  He had done so many horrible things to her already.  What else was in his evil mind?  “We need to bind her up really thoroughly.  Remove her hood and blindfold but leave her gagged.”

Wendy felt the wand removed from her pussy and she felt that she really did not want it taken away.  After the old bitch had made her cum so many times that she had lost count,  she had become addicted and her body wanted even more of it.  The hood and blindfold came off.  After so many days with no light, Wendy was dazzled and could see nothing for a minute.  However,  her eyes soon adjusted, and she could see Brent holding up what looked like a rubber suit.  Looking more closely at it,  she realised that there was only one leg for the suit and the arms were together in the back as well.  At the top there was a hood that had no eyes holes and just nose and mouth holes.  Her eyes went wide as she saw it and realised that she was going to be put into it.  She tried to fight her bonds, but it was futile.  The ropes confining her body just dug more deeply into her.

Lilith sat Wendy up and held her shoulders as Brent unzipped the latex outfit and crammed her bound ankles and legs into it.  He forced her feet into the latex “shoe” at the end; it squeezed her feet tightly together.  He then slowly pulled the latex outfit up to her knees.  He cut away that rope, but her knees were pushed together even more tightly as he closed the zip behind her legs.  The two villains lifted her up onto her feet.  The high-heeled latex shoe forced her to stand on her tiptoes.  Lilith held her up as he pulled the latex over Wendy's bottom.  He pushed her arms, pinioned behind her, into the latex armbinder.  He zipped that up as the rest of the bodysuit pulled tightly over her breasts.  She felt the rear zip being closed along her back, pulling the material ever tighter around her body.  It was the tightest and most form-fitting outfit that she had ever worn.  Wendy tried to fight, she tried to cry out but there was nothing that she could do to resist the two of them.  Brent’s mother cupped her breasts and looked into her eyes, something she had not been able to do before.  “Look at the horny little tycoon we have here,” she laughed.  She then rans a finger over Wendy's pussy.  Wendy realised for the first time that the latex was so tight that it outlined every curve and inch of her body.  When Lilith touches her sex, a jolt of pleasure shot through her body.  What have I become, am I really turning into a slut, Wendy thought.

Brent took the latex hood and pulled it over her head, blindfolding her again.  The darkness she hated so much had come back and all she could do was hear.  He then zipped it up below her chin.  The material was so tight that it almost choked her.  There was a sound; something large was being dragged across the floor.  “What does he have planned for me now?” was all Wendy could think about.

"We just need to put her into this crate.  They will soon be here to pick her up.  They just have to get her to the port and aboard the ship, and then we will never have to worry about this little minx ever again,” Wendy heard Brent tell his mother.  She replied. “Well, she needs to have something to keep her amused.  That will be quite a long boat ride.”  Wendy then felt a zip being opened over her crotch.  A vibrator was pushed into her pussy again; it was turned on low, just to tease her.  The zip was closed, keeping the vibrator trapped inside her.  Brent then picked her up and squeezed her into the crate; it was barely big enough to hold her.  Wendy, lying on her side with her thighs pressed against her breasts and her knees near her chin, could barely move at all.

She did not know what Brent was doing.  She heard him moving around, and then she felt the ball gag being cut off and the material being pulled out of her mouth.  She tried to cry out but then another gag was pushed into her mouth. It was like a long penis and filled up her mouth.  He buckled it tightly around her head.  “Wendy, I did not want you to go without dinner.  All you need to do is suck on that gag and your ‘yummy’ dinner will be fed to you.  It's the same stuff as you've been enjoying for breakfast.  Goodbye forever and enjoy your new life for however long it lasts.”

Wendy could hear him put the heavy lid on the crate and then was almost deafened by the hammering as she guessed that the lid was being nailed into place.  With the lid on, Wendy could hear very little, but she did feel the crate being tipped back and being moved.  She felt the crate going upstairs in the lift and then from the series of bumps she felt, she guessed that she was being taken out of the house.   She did hear the loud lift gate of the lorry go down.  She was soon raised up and loaded into the back of the lorry.  She felt the lorry leave the house.  Had Brent just won?  She knew that she was going overseas.  Would anyone ever be able to find her?  She felt the toy in her pussy, teasing her to frustration, and was acutely aware of how tightly she was bound.  There was absolutely nothing that she could do to help herself.  All she could feel was the different bumps on the road and it was only about an hour before they got to the port.

* * * *

Two of the agents who had been watching the house set off in pursuit of the lorry.  Minutes later, George and a group of agents and policemen came to the house, ready to serve a search warrant.  Amanda had testified about why she was using Wendy’s passport.  Amanda said that she had been told that Wendy wanted to be left alone and she did not know where she was, but it was enough for a judge to sign off on the search warrant.

They went in and raided the house. They searched every foot of the house but could not find Wendy.   One of the men found the room in the basement.  It had a bed in it with bits of rope and the ball gag on the floor, but there was no sign of Wendy.  Had George just lost his niece forever?  He could not believe that.  In her room, he found her phone, her purse and other things that she would not have left behind.  He accused Brent: “Where is Wendy?  I know you have done something to her!"

Brent just laughed and replied, “I'm calling my solicitors.”  George knew that he would not get any more information out of Brent.  But just then, his phone rang. George's colleagues had intercepted the lorry at the port as the driver was trying to load a crate onto an unregistered ship.  They had opened the crate and there was a young lady inside.  George smiled as he ran to his car. The policemen who had been with him arrested Brent and Lilith.

* * * *

Wendy felt the lorry come to a stop.  It had been a long drive and very uncomfortable in her cramped prison.  She was sure that very soon she would be unloaded and then reloaded onto a ship, and she would be in the crate for a lot longer.  She kept sucking on the food tube, eating the gross food that Brent had left for her.  However unpleasant it was, it was the only solace that she had.  She has no idea why it was taking so long to move her.  She could hear loud noises around her and she felt her crate get moved, then she could hear more sounds around her as she guessed that someone was taking the lid off the crate.  There was a breath of fresh air and she was being lifted out.  "Good Lord in Heaven," said someone.  "Are you Wendy Wilkins?"  She nodded weakly.  "You're safe now, Wendy.  Your Uncle George will be here as soon as he can."

The End

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