The Ballerina

by Mel

Mel looked round her living room with great satisfaction. It was impeccably tidy; everything was exactly as it should be. She had been neglecting her housework lately, so she had made a huge effort to straighen out the house. Mel looked out through her cleaned and polished patio window. Her garden, screened from sight by rows of hedges, was immaculate too, and the sun shone brightly on it. Her little house was in a very secluded road, and she knew that her neighbours on both sides were on holiday, so whatever happened in that room she would be as unobserved as if she were on the far side of the Moon.

She heard her grandfather clock chime in the hall. It was 10am. After all the hard housework over the previous few days, she would now relax and do some ballet dancing. One of her greatest secret pleasures was to change into her ballet things and dance by herself in her living room. She ran upstairs to her bedroom and stripped off completely, tossing her clothes and underwear onto the bed, and then pulled open her bottom drawer where she kept the ballet things.

First, as always, she put on a dainty white satin thong, pulling it well up so that it fitted snugly at the rear. Mel enjoyed the sensation, and gave the waistband an extra tug, so that the thong went even further into her. There was a matching white satin bra, designed to give her an uplift - although her firm breasts scarcely needed the support.

Out came the tights, white, sheer to the waist and with rear seams. Lovingly, she rolled them up her legs and pulled them high over her waist. She spent a few minutes making sure that the seams were dead straight up the back of her calves and thighs. Next, she wriggled into her shiny white satin sleeveless leotard. It was a size too small, and took a fair amount of effort to put on, but Mel enjoyed the snug sensation that it gave her. She pulled it up as far as it would go, just covering her breasts. The little pink ballet shoes slipped easily onto her feet. Last came the white tutu skirt; she pulled it over her legs and up round her waist. The stiff lacy material stood out almost horizontally, so that any observer would easily have been able to see right to the top of her legs, and look at her bottom in its covering of white tights, with the thong easily visible through the tights.

Happily, Mel literally danced down the stairs back to her living room and picked up her MP3 player. She slid open the patio doors slightly to let in some air, then put on the earphones, tucked the player into her cleavage and switched on the player. Ravel's Bolero filled her ears, drowning out all other sounds. Mel was so happy, dancing and twirling around the room on tiptoe. She was in a world of her own, oblivious to everything but the music and the ecstacy of the dance, barely able to avoid bumping into things.

She was so absorbed that she could not possibly have noticed that a pair of intruder had slipped into the garden. The intruders had balaclavas over their heads, and stockings under the balaclavas, completely obscuring their faces. Each of them was carrying a large rucksack, and their pockets bulged. When the first of them peered in through the open patio doors and saw Mel dancing in her tutu, he could not believe his luck. A smile spread across his face, not that anyone could have seen it, and he nodded to his companion, who was equally startled by the sight.

Noiseless as a cat, the pair crept into the living room. At that moment, Mel had her back to the patio doors. She clasped her hands together behind her back and made a deep bow. The first intruder smiled again as he saw her bottom framed so prettily in a froth of lace. This would really be fun! He put down his rucksack. Striding forward, he grabbed her wrists and handcuffed them together. As Mel stood upright in shock, he grabbed her and wrapped his arms tightly around her, hugging her firmly against himself, completely trapping her arms behind her back. He put a leg round her legs, trapping them too. Struggle as she might, she could not escape the grip of somebody so much stronger than she was.

Mel opened her mouth to shout, but the other intruder ran around in front of her, pulled a rag from his pocket and stuffed it into her mouth. Mel immediately realised that shouting was futile, as nobody could possibly hear her, anyway. He forced more and more of the rag in; this seemed to go on forever. Her mouth felt oh so full, yet still he pushed until her cheeks bulged and she felt that she would choke. Eventually, he was done, and he wrapped something round her head and pulled it tight. It was so soft, yet so unyielding. Mel realised that it was a silk scarf. There was a large double knot at its centre, which helped to force the packing in her mouth yet further in. The tight scarf compressed her cheeks.

The first intruder turned her around, pressing her face and gagged mouth against his chest, still holding her in a vice-like inescapable grip. Something went round her elbows and was pulled tight - another scarf. As her elbows were pressed together, her shoulders started to feel the strain and she groaned into her gag, unable to say a single coherent word. More and more tightly her elbows were tied, until they touched. She groaned again.

"You ain't felt nothing yet". The intruder spoke for the first time. Yet another scarf was wrapped around Mel's upper arms and pulled tight, forcing her shoulders back even more.

"Nnnnnn," groaned Mel. Her voice, which despite the gag eloquently expressed her agony, might have melted a stone, but it had no effect on her captors. They further imprisoned her arms by winding rope tightly round her wrists, tying and cinching it, carefully positioning the knots where she would never be able to reach them. Her arms were pressed together from elbows to wrists. For good measure, they even put a pair of thumbcuffs on her thumbs. The handcuffs stayed put, not that they were necessary.

The first intruder spun her around so they faced each other, if facing was the right word when his face was so thoroughly concealed.

"What a wonderful figure you have, my dear," he said. "Let's see if we can see it better." Gagged, and with her arms bound into utter immobility, Mel was in little position to resist as he put an arm around her again and held her to himself. He put his free hand inside the waisband of her tutu, and rubbed and squeezed her bottom. Struggle and grunt as she might, Mel could do nothing as he pushed the tutu down until it lay around her ankles.

The second man took a little pocket knife and cut the leotard at the shoulders. Grabbing the back, he slit that down to the waist. The remnants of the leotard joined the tutu on the floor.

"Nice bra," said the first man appreciatively.

"Yep, but not needed," said his friend, cutting the straps and then the sides of the bra, so it fell off. He reached round and gave each of her breasts a squeeze. Mel was now naked to the waist.

But the brutes had only just begun. The second man grabbed the waistband of her tights and made deep cuts before pulling the tights to her ankles. He pulled out the right side of her thong's waistband and cut it, then did the same with the left side. The remnants of the thong joined everything else on the floor. The first man released Mel, pushed her down to the carpet, wrenched her clothes and ballet shoes off her ankles and flung them across the room. Then he pulled her to her feet again.

"Yep, a really wonderful figure." Mel could not see his eyes, but she knew that he was taking in every inch of her naked body, and surely the other man was, too. She blushed deeply. She trembled in fear, too, with no idea of what would happen to her next.

He took a coil of thin rope from his rucksack and wound several coils round Mel's trim waist. Then he took the ends and pulled hard. Mel groaned again as the rope bit into her flesh. The man heard the groans, but they only made him pull even harder before he tied off the rope, carefully putting the knot at the front where Mel could not possibly reach it.

Spinning Mel round, he fastened some more of the rope to her handcuff chain. He pushed one of his feet between her feet, and moved it from side to side, making her stand with her feet apart. Walking round in front of her, he grabbed the free end of the new rope, pulled it between her legs and passed it under the rope that was digging into her waist. "OK, let's get this right into position," he said, working the rope with his fingers as far into Mel's most intimate regions as he could. Then, taking the free end of the rope, he yanked it upwards with all his strength.

Mel howled into her gag. She knew that it was futile, but she could not help herself as the white-hot pain shot through her. The man just ignored her, and tied the end securely to the waist rope. Then he slipped two fingers under the crotch rope just below the waist. Mel moaned as the rope pressed even harder into her. "Yep, feels taut all right," said the man happily. Mel pressed her hands as hard as she could against her bottom to try to relieve the pressure, but it did no good.

From the rucksack, he took two narrow leather straps with buckles. He wrapped one round the base of Mel's left breast which was bulging due to her elbow bondage, and passed the loose end through the buckle. As he pulled on it, Mel's breast was forced to bulge out. She could not believe how tight he managed to make the strap before he buckled it off. It dug in painfully, and her breast was a shape she would never have imagined possible. He treated her right breast in the same way.

He took another length of the thin rope and tied it tightly round Mel's right arm, between the two scarves pulling her shoulders back so painfully. The rope went behind her, round her left arm and across her front. He positioned it carefully so it went over both her nipples. He then brought it back to her right arm, and pulled.

Once again, Mel howled into the gag in vain as a searing pain went through her already tortured breasts, which were divided into two. Her arms were pulled yet closer together, causing her shoulders even more strain. He pulled the free end across to her left arm and tied it there. Her breasts were forced out yet further, causing the breast rope and the tight straps to dig in yet more.

Two more lengths of rope went tightly round her body and arms, above and below her excruciatingly bound breasts, pinning her arms yet more firmly to her back.

Mel noticed that the new position of her arms, although it was agonising for her shoulders and her breasts, had at least created a fraction of slack in her crotch rope. That was some relief.

But it was short-lived. "Let's just fix your crotch rope," said the man, laboriously undoing the knot at the front of her waist. Once he had done that, he pulled as hard as he could on the rope, sending a fresh wave of pain through her and eliciting more groans from her thoroughly gagged mouth before he re-tied it.

"Now, let's lay you down," said the man, and the two men forced her to lie face up on the carpet. Every motion sent waves of pain through her crotch. Bundles of silk scarves came out of the rucksacks, and soon her legs were welded firmly together with scarves tied tightly around her upper thighs, above and below her knees and her ankles. Mel wondered at this strange mix of ropes and scarves. A pair of thumbcuffs went on her big toes, holding her feet together.

Once that was done, they rolled Mel onto her front, squashing her breasts into the carpet. One of them spanked her bottom playfully on each side of her hands. "You definitely have the most spankable bottom I've seen in ages," he laughed. They tied a rope to the scarf round her ankles and pulled, lifting her legs high into the air. They brought her feet over her bottom, and the scarves around her legs grew ever tighter as the changing position made her legs try to get wider. They wrapped the free end round the rear of the rope that pressed into her nipples, and pulled. Mel had no option but to let her feet get nearer and nearer the small of her back. They carried on pulling until she was in an incredibly stringent hogtie before finally the rope was tied off.

Mel's body was now bowed backwards, with her thighs lifted off the carpet and all her weight on her breasts. But she could not relieve the excruciating pressure on her breasts by lowering her thighs. When she tried, it pulled the rope round her breasts even tighter, and it pulled her tortured shoulders yet closer together, which in turn pushed out her breasts further. Once again, she moaned piteously through her gag.

"You know something young lady? You moan far too much. Let's see what we can do to make you a little quieter." One man took a wide roll of sticky tape and his knife, and cut off a piece of tape. Pulling Mel's lips round the silk scarf with one hand, he slapped the tape on with the other hand. He then put on several more pieces of tape to ensure that the first one could not come off.

Next, he took out a small jar, opened it, dipped in his fingers and pulled out some goo. "Close your eyes or this will sting," he ordered as he put a large blob of goo on each of Mel's eyelids. It indeed stung slightly, and she screwed her eyes tight shut. He then put a gauze pad over each eye and taped them in place. "This stuff will harden in a minute," he explained. The blindfold was totally effective; no light at all could reach Mel's eyes.

From his rucksack, he brought out a strange bundle of leather straps. "Specially for you, a head harness," he explained. The harness went round her head; a muzzle covered her jaw and mouth, holding the jaw immovable. Leather pads covered her eyes, further reinforcing the already comprehensively effective blindfold.

"Nearly finished," said the man cheerfully. He fastened yet another length of the thin rope to the thumbcuffs on Mel's toes. Then he grasped her hair and lifted her head. Pulling on the rope, he fixed it to the back of the head harness. As Mel very quickly discovered, that meant that she had to keep her head lifted high, putting a strain on her neck.

Somewhere in the far distance, Mel heard her grandfather clock strike eleven. "Right, well, time to be moving on," said one of the men. "We'll see you again some time. I don't suppose you'll be able to see us, but we'll be able to see all of you."

The End

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