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Anya returned just a minute later.  Cindy and I screamed when we saw what she was carrying.  She had two sets of nipple clamps with connecting chains, and two strap-on devices, the likes of which I’d never seen.  They looked like some kind of butterfly-shaped, battery powered, rubber or silicone things with wireless, remote control boxes.  Seeing that they were motorized in some fashion really made me worried.


Anya laughed when she saw our faces and whispered something to Tatiana who laughed too.  They were obviously laughing at us, but Cindy and I were not amused.  We whimpered and mewled into our ball gags as we helplessly waited to see what they were going to do with them.  They talked quietly in Russian, and seemed to be discussing how best to administer our fate.  Finally, after reaching some kind of agreement, Tatiana picked up a pistol and pointed it right at me.  I screamed in terror, thinking she was going to shoot us.


“The two of you have ruined all of our plans, and for that I should kill you.  But I am not that heartless.”  She walked towards me until she was standing directly over me.  Using the tip of the gun, she raised my chin so I was looking directly into her face.


“I like you,” she said, while looking down at me.  “You are such a sweet and innocent young girl and have been very helpful for the most part.  However, remember that little stunt you pulled, using Anya’s panties to gag me with?  Well, let’s just say that paybacks are a bitch,” she sneered.


With sudden forcefulness, she reached down and grabbed my hair with one hand and pressed the muzzle of the gun against my cheek with the other.  “And, I don’t care if it is wiser to get the hell out of here, because I’d rather stay and take all the time I need to put you two in your place and make sure you suffer.”


She released me and waved a hand to Anya.  “Go ahead and cut them loose now.”


Anya nodded.  She picked up a knife and cut all the ropes from us, except the ones around our breasts.  We were allowed to stand and stretch our sore limbs but the ball gags remained strapped in our mouths.  I was quite surprised, and relieved, to have my hands and legs freed and to be rid of the crotch rope.  But I feared our relief was to be short lived.


Tatiana gathered up all the pieces of rope and then picked out a few certain length ones.


She smiled at us, “Now, I want both of you over here, on the floor again, kneeling face to face.”  She indicated a spot just behind Diane’s wiggling rear end.


Cindy and I looked at each other.  Being gagged, we had no way to communicate, save with our eyes or facial expressions.  For a brief moment I considered bolting for the door, as I figured this was now my last opportunity for escape.  But I wasn’t that brave.  I slowly walked over to Tatiana and dropped to my knees in submission.  Cindy followed and we turned to face each other as instructed.


“Put your hands together behind your backs,” Tatiana ordered.


You should have made a run for it Samantha, now it’s too late, I said to myself as I placed my trembling hands behind me and watched as Cindy did the same.  We both sat down onto our heels as Tatiana came around and tied our wrists together very tightly.


“Now, get closer together until your knees touch,” she ordered.


Cindy and I scooted forward until our kneecaps bumped into each other.  The touch of Cindy’s skin to my own, and the proximity of her naked body, sent a shot of adrenalin through me.  I looked at my friend anxiously as the butterflies swirled again in my tummy.


“Get up on your knees and hold still!”


Cindy and I tried to rise up, but we were so close to each other that we bumped our bodies together.  I fell back down onto my heels again with a grunt, but Cindy managed to remain upright.  My second attempt had the same result after my tits bounced off of hers.  Tatiana grew impatient.  She roughly grabbed me by the arm and yanked me upright.  She put a hand on each of our backs and slammed Cindy and I together.  I let out a squeal as our breasts were squashed flat against each other, and our ball gags kissed.  We both grunted and tilted our heads back to avoid the humiliating mouth contact.


I could now feel Cindy’s thighs wriggling against my own and her pubic hairs tickling my pelvis.  Oh my gosh, the warmth of her pussy was such a turn on.  She squirmed around with her hips a bit, and inadvertently smeared some of her wetness onto my skin.


“Mmmmmmmm,” Tatiana murmured.  “Aren’t you two just the hottest looking pair ever?”


While the woman held us firmly together, Anya came over and began tying one of my knees to Cindy’s knee.  Cindy and I looked down and began whimpering as we realized they were going to tie us together like this.  Anya knotted the rope tight with a jerk and I felt the cotton strands dig into my tendons.  Then Anya went around to the other side and did the same thing to our other knee.


Tatiana continued holding us up as Anya moved around behind me again, out of my field of vision.  Her hands grabbed at my ankles and I let out a yelp of surprise.  I wanted to kick out at her, but with my knees tied down to Cindy, I couldn’t.  She crossed my ankles and then wrapped another piece of the cotton rope around them several times and knotted it off tightly.


I began trembling from the humiliation I felt as all the remaining dignity I still had was quickly disappearing.  Then the tears started to fall.  Cindy looked at me with sympathy.  She mumbled something to me but I couldn’t make out what it was.  She was trying to comfort me, I knew.  I could see it in her eyes.  Those green eyes that made me feel so safe and secure.  I rested my head on her shoulder and started to sob.  At least we are together, I thought.


Then Tatiana let go of me.  I screamed in alarm as I fell backwards unexpectedly.  Anya grabbed my shoulders and gently lowered me down to my heels again.  Cindy’s belly button was directly at eye level now, and her naked pussy was just below that, wavering only inches from my face as she struggled to maintain her balance.  For some reason I became instantly fascinated by the way she had trimmed her pubic hair and the shape and folds of her sex.  Her tiny clit was swollen and pulsing with arousal, and her slit, warm and inviting.  The moisture on it was glistening like soft candlelight, drawing me in.  I was now staring at the most delicate and beautiful thing I had ever seen.


Suddenly, I realized what I was doing.  I snapped my head to the side and blushed shamefully at the thoughts going through my head.  Damn it, Samantha, I scolded myself.  What the hell are you thinking?  You ought to be ashamed of yourself for drooling over your best friend.  And yet, I couldn’t shake the incredible feeling of excitement and desire that was overwhelming me at that very moment.


Then I felt a tug at my bound ankles.  I looked back as best I could and saw that Anya was fastening another piece of rope to them.  She attached this rope to the ones binding my wrists.  It was tied off so that the distance between my wrists and ankles was only about twelve inches.  I turned back to face Cindy and saw that Tatiana was doing the same to her.  She crossed and tied Cindy’s ankles and then attached a rope from her ankles to her wrists just like mine.


Then I felt another rope snaking behind my back and around my belly.  Anya wrapped it around me like a belt and then pulled it tightly into my abdomen just above my hips.  The rope dug into my skin and made me grunt as it was knotted off behind my back.  Cindy was getting an identical rope belt.  I knew the direction things were now heading and protested through my gag, but only garbled mumbling sounds and drool came out.


Tatiana looked at me and laughed, “Don’t worry sweet pet.  When I get our little toy on you it will make you feel so good you’ll forget all about those ropes.  Trust me.”


“Mmmmph… nnnggggh… uuuhhhnn…”  I murmured anxiously.


I had never used sex toys of any kind before.  After all, they were for desperate, horny girls that didn’t have husbands.  I had no idea what one actually felt like, and the thought of what she just said was making me fidget nervously.  I had to admit though, that it did sound a bit intriguing too, but when I saw her bring one of those butterfly shaped devices over to me, I screamed loudly.


“NNNNNNNPPPHHH!!!   MMMMMPPPHHH!!!”  Suddenly, I had no desire to try it out, and got quite noisy.  “NNNNUUUHHHHH!!!”


But she ignored my complaints and opened up one set of the thing’s straps.  The bands were wrapped around my hips and then fastened together behind my back.  I squirmed uncomfortably as the silicone butterfly dangled against the front of my sex, tickling it.  I looked at Tatiana, whimpering and pleading for her to stop.


She grinned at me, “I know, I know, it makes your pussy wet doesn’t it?”


I pulled against my bonds and wished I could get away, but the ropes gave me no chance of escape.  My hands and fingers writhed helplessly behind me as Tatiana took the remaining straps of the butterfly and pushed them down between my thighs.  She moved around behind me and pulled the loose ends all the way through my legs and fastened them onto the first set of straps.  I mewled helplessly into my gag as her hand reached around to touch my crotch and adjust its position.  She placed the thing directly over the cleft of my pussy, with the short protruding piece centered between the lips of my opening, and the knobby tip pressing against my clitoris.  The pleasure this caused was instantaneous.


“Mmmmmmmmmm!” I bit down hard on the rubber ball and closed my eyes.


My clit slowly became erect from the pressure and I could feel my pussy moistening with the anticipation of being penetrated.  Then I heard a deep moan from Cindy.




I opened my eyes and saw my friend’s face filled with bliss.  She was staring down at the butterfly that was strapped onto her own crotch.  Anya’s hands were behind her tightening up the straps.  Cindy moaned again and wriggled her hips.  The butterfly was forced deeper and deeper into her pussy as Anya pulled from behind.  Cindy suddenly threw her head back and moaned even louder.




Then I felt pressure against my own pussy.  Tatiana was now adjusting the straps behind me, and I howled in alarm when I felt the thing slowly sliding its way inside me.


“Ohhhhhhhh mahhhhhh gofffff!!!”


Oh my God!  I squealed as it entered my pussy.  The increased pressure on my sensitive little clit made me gasp with pleasure.  OH MY GOD!  My eyes bulged with surprise, as I was completely shocked at how good the thing felt inside my hot slit.


I gave my hips a firm wiggle to dislodge it, but the straps held it in place.  Crap!  I can’t get this off of me.  I knew I was in trouble from the intense and very erotic feel of this thing between my legs.  All of this was so new to me, and I had to admit, it felt wonderful.  The knobby tip focused the pressure directly on the center of my clitoris.  My chest was heaving, as oxygen suddenly seemed so difficult to get a hold of.  Cindy was moaning loudly too and I knew exactly why.   Our pussies were stuffed with the hard silicone and our clits were feeling the pleasant stimulation.  It wouldn’t take much more to make me climax.  Damn it!  I can’t let them do this to me.  I don’t want to orgasm like this.  I shut my eyes tight and forced my breathing to slow down.


Once I had regained control and my respiration had returned to normal, I slowly opened my eyes.  I looked across at Cindy and watched her struggling with her own feelings and emotions.  She was moaning and shaking her head from side to side.  Fight it Cindy!  Don’t give in!


“Fife fif Findee!  Dohm giffin!”  I opened my mouth to encourage her, but only more drool and gargled sounds came out.


She didn’t understand me, but I don’t think it mattered.  She had her eyes closed and was concentrating really hard.  It took almost a full minute, but eventually the rise and fall of her breasts slowed and she stopped moaning.  Then she slowly opened her eyes again to the sound of Tatiana’s clapping hands.


“I applaud your efforts to keep your composure,” she commended.  “Now let’s see how well you do with this.”


At that, she approached us with even more rope.  I mumbled another incoherent complaint to her.


“Pweaf doan goo at.  Pweaf, no maw rofes.”


Tatiana acted as if she hadn’t heard me, and proceeded to feed half of it under the rope belt I wore at the small of my back.  Then she doubled the line by folding it over.  She pushed her hand down between my thighs in front to reach for the pair of ends.  I moaned, as her wrist rubbed over the butterfly, causing it to wiggle inside my sex.  She grabbed the two strands of the rope and pulled them out through the front.  I could feel the cords slipping in between my buttocks.  She jerked hard on it, causing me to grunt as the ropes wedged into my ass.  I squirmed uncomfortably but it was no use.  I was going to have to endure this whether I wanted to or not.


I murmured to Tatiana to take it easy as she took the loose ends and fed them under the rope by my belly button, but she ignored that too.  She guided the lines with her hand as she pulled them tight, so that they ran right over the butterfly on my crotch!


“Ohhhhhhhh!” I moaned, when she pulled hard on them to force the butterfly in even deeper.


“Lift them up for me,” she said to her partner.


Anya raised Cindy and me up again.  She pushed us together by rudely gripping our ass cheeks, but made sure to allow Tatiana just enough room to complete her task between us.  Tatiana took the loose ends in her hand and fed them down behind Cindy’s rope belt in front.  Now it was Cindy’s turn to whimper and squeal.  Tatiana ran the pair of lines over Cindy’s butterfly and then down between her legs.  She went around behind and pulled the ropes through to the back.  As she took in the slack, I could feel the ropes pulling on my own pussy as well.  Anya pushed our hips together until our butterflies touched, so her partner could tighten it up even more.


Then I suddenly noticed my feet were no longer contacting the floor.  The rope between my wrists and ankles was too short.  I let out a tiny yelp of alarm when I realized I couldn’t put my feet down unless I leaned way back.  Tatiana gave our crotch rope a few more tugs until she was satisfied that it would keep our pussies glued together.  Then she tied it off to the back of Cindy’s rope belt.


Anya let go of us.  Two squeals of frightened surprise echoed in the room.  Cindy and I struggled for balance as our pussies and butterflies rubbed together.  We leaned our shoulders back and arched our spines so we could put our feet down onto the floor for stability.  The position this left us in was very humiliating.  Our groins were thrust out against each other and our tits were pointing up in the air.


Oh gosh, this is awful, I thought.  My back is aching already.


“Mmmmmm, how lovely that you both decided to offer your tits up to Anya,” the young red head purred.


She giggled with excitement and pulled out the nipple clamps.  She held up one pair of them, and repeatedly opened and closed the metal jaws, smiling with delight at the reaction this caused from us.  I couldn’t stop myself and screamed in terror. 


“Nnnnnnnnnnn!”  Oh God, please no!


Even Cindy couldn’t contain her fear, and cried out around her ball gag while shaking her head from side to side.




Anya brought that first set over to me while Tatiana cupped my breasts in her hands and massaged my nipples.  I whimpered hysterically, as my nipples betrayed me and grew erect before my eyes, extending out toward Anya to give her an easy target.  She licked her lips as she grinned at my vulnerable position.  I closed my eyes and held my breath, expecting the bite of metal at any moment.


When Anya’s soft hands touched my breasts, my upper body jerked spasmodically.  My shoulders were shaking terribly and made my tits jiggle.  I couldn’t help it, as I had never been so scared in my life.  Anya attached the little clamps to each of my nipples and let go of the chain.  The weight of the metal gave a sharp downward pull to my sore buds and I cried out loudly through my gag as I winced and groaned from the pain.  My arms hurt as I pulled at the ropes binding my hands to my feet behind me.  I wanted to bring them up to my aching breasts.




My nipples were on fire as I stared down at them.  The clamps were squeezing them flat and they hurt terribly, even though it had only been a few seconds.  My eyes watered as I gasped for air.  I didn’t think I could endure this much longer.  But something else was happening that gave me quite a shock.  The intense sensations in my nipples quickly traveled down through my abdomen and straight to my pussy.  A pleasurable shudder went through me as I felt myself getting strangely aroused from the jolts of pain.


Then I saw Anya kneading and massaging my friend’s breasts.  Cindy was already squealing because she had witnessed what happened to me.  But Anya was having fun and decided to draw things out a bit more.  She cupped Cindy’s breasts in her delicate hands.


Cindy whimpered and closed her eyes as Anya fondled them and rubbed the nipples with her thumbs.  “Uhmmmm… mmmmohhhmm…”


Anya continued caressing them while whispering in her captive’s ear.  “You have the most beautiful and perfect tits.  Anya just loves squeezing a girl’s nipples.  You like this, don’t you?”


Cindy didn’t look like she was able to answer.  She had a look of repulsive anguish and intense pleasure on her face as Anya pawed at her breasts.  I could tell she wanted to pull away but couldn’t.  She was bound just as tight as I was and helplessly had to endure the molestation.


Eventually Anya tired of this, and picked up the other set of nipple clamps. But she didn’t just simply attach them onto Cindy’s breasts, like she had done to me.  To our horror, she had Tatiana push our chests closer together so she could run the new chain through mine!  Then she attached the clamps on Cindy’s nipples making my friend jerk in pain and shock.


“AHHHHH… OWWWWMMM… EEEEE!!!!” she screamed.


Actually, we were both screaming now.  Our nipples were clamped and the extremely short chains between them were interlocked.  We were now forced to hold our breasts close together to keep from pulling on them, which would make the clamps even tighter.  But that was impossible.  We wobbled unsteadily as we perched on our knees.  Neither of us could put our feet onto the floor now because we had to stay so close together.  I squealed when Cindy leaned back to gain her balance.  She yanked me forward by my nipples and I came dangerously close to falling against her and knocking us both down.  But somehow she managed to spread our knees apart and kept us from toppling over.  Then she pushed her body forward into mine so that I could regain my balance.


Cindy and I looked at each other as we tried to work in unison to hold our bodies still.  We rocked back and forth for a little while until we finally gained some equilibrium by leaning our chests together.


All this struggling was making the butterfly wiggle between my legs.  That, and the fact that my breasts were now engulfed with Cindy’s, was turning me on.  My pussy was clenching at the part inside of me, trying to pull it in deeper.  Cindy and I were breathing hard and both of us were starting to drool a lot now.  The tops of my breasts were already coated with moisture and some if it was now falling onto Cindy’s.  I felt extremely humiliated to be so helpless as to be drooling onto my best friend.


“Well I see you two are just dripping with excitement.  But the best is yet to come.”  Tatiana chuckled as she brought our attention to the remote controls she now held in her hand. 


I had forgotten all about them.  Cindy shook her head “No” and whimpered as Tatiana looked at her with a huge grin on her face.  She switched the motor on.  Cindy jumped and squealed as the butterfly on her crotch suddenly sprang to life.  She moaned and squeezed her eyes shut tight.  I was startled too because I could feel the vibrations through the rope in my own crotch.


“MMMMMMMMM!!!!  Mmmmph… uhmmm… ahhhhmm” we moaned together.


Then Tatiana flipped the switch on the other control box.  Despite the fact that I had been prepared, the sudden vibrations caused me to jump as well.  The thing began to stimulate my clit and pussy and made me gasp in surprise.  I couldn’t believe how incredible that little buzz felt on me, especially while feeling so repulsed by the whole idea.  I tried not to moan but the warmth in my pussy was growing so rapidly that it just slipped out on its own.


“Ohmmmmmph!!!” I snorted.


Dear God, make it stop!  I tried really hard to keep from losing control and closed my eyes tight.  I had to, because the look of euphoria on Cindy’s face and the sounds she was making now were driving me crazy with desire.  Sweat began to form on my brow as I gritted my teeth against the ball gag in concentration.  After a short struggle, I finally felt like I was able to regain some control.  I opened my eyes again when I heard Tatiana speaking.


“Well I hope you enjoy your new toys.  We’ll be leaving you two alone now.  Well, not completely alone, because you’re other friends are still here too.”


She motioned to Jennifer and the two FBI women who were still in the same place they were before.  I had been so distracted by my own predicament that I had forgotten all about them.


Tatiana began stroking my hair, “Try not to hold back too long dear.  I wouldn’t want you to miss this golden opportunity to have some fun with your friend.  She’s quite a hottie you know.”


I looked over at Cindy.  Yes, I already know that, I thought.


I could tell by the look in my friend’s eyes that she was trying to fight it too, but was having a much harder time of it than me.  Her face was grimaced in a mixture of concentration, pain, and ecstasy and her eyes were half shut.   Her groin was quivering spasmodically at the vibrations running through her pussy.  I could feel her pelvis turning and twisting against me as the vibrator buzzed away at her.  She tried to slow her breathing down and had almost succeeded, when she suddenly tossed her head back and let out a loud moan.


“Ohhhhhhhmmmmm…. Guuuhhhh…”


Her hips began thrusting against me, as she started up again.


“Mmm… mmm… uhhh… uhhh…mmm…” she moaned with each thrust.


“I don’t think this one is going to last very long,” laughed Tatiana as she patted Cindy’s bottom.  “Well, ta-ta girls!”


She dropped the control boxes onto the bed next to Laura, and headed for the exit, with Anya on her heels.  I groaned for them to come back.


“Nnnnooooooohhhhmm,” I cried in despair as they disappeared out the doorway.  As much as I hated them, I knew they were the only ones who could possibly free us.  A few minutes later I heard a vehicle drive away.  We were all alone now.


Cindy had stopped squirming again, but her breathing was still very rapid.  I could see her tits rising and falling as she panted through her nose.  Her body started shaking now as she fought the orgasm rising inside of her.  Then with a loud moan of intense pleasure she began grinding at me yet again.


“Uhhhmmmmmm… mmm… uhhh… uhhh…mmm…”


Dear lord, Cindy, stop!  You’re going to make me cum!  The buzzing was relentless, and I could feel the fire growing inside of me, much stronger than before.  Cindy’s gyrations were only adding more fuel to it.  My nipples were being pulled every time she threw her head back, which was quite often.  But even worse, her hips were pumping against me constantly.  I gasped and moaned as our vibrators slammed together in rhythm, driving it deeper into my pussy.  Now my own hips began to thrust back, almost on their own.  I was losing myself to this tiny little sex toy.


“Uhhhhmmmm…. ahhhhhh… uhhhhh… mmmmm…” I moaned.


Damn it, Samantha, what are you doing?  I grunted in consternation and forced my hips to stop.  A glance over to the two FBI women gave me a reminder of the harsh treatment they had just received.  I made myself get angry with the Russians who had done that to them, and used that anger to refocus myself.  I won’t give in, I won’t give in, I kept saying to myself, over and over.


Meanwhile, Cindy had her own battle.  I could tell she was trying to fight it, but it appeared that she was losing.  As soon as she managed to stop herself for a moment, another surge of excitement would cause her to cry out again and then her pussy would start grinding some more.  She stopped and started like this about five more times, with each one getting more and more difficult to control.


The look on Cindy’s face was getting to me.  A mischievous grin appeared behind her ball gag that seemed to be inviting me to let go and enjoy this with her.   She looked right at me and started thrusting… intentionally!  I suddenly moaned without even realizing it.  Oh God, Cindy, please!  I can’t!  I… oh my God… OH MY GOD!  My pelvis was churning against Cindy as I moaned in ecstasy.  Ohhh… my pussy… Ohhhhhhhhh!  I never felt such pleasure before, not even from Brian.  A ripple of intense desire passed through my body.  I wanted Cindy.  I wanted her so badly.  I wanted her to fuck me right now until I passed out.  I wanted to… curse myself for giving in.  What is wrong with me?


But a new surge of pleasure forced its way up from inside of me and I had to gasp.  It emerged with a flow of juices as I thrust my hips into Cindy, rubbing our crotches together harder and harder.  For the moment, I couldn’t stop myself.


It had been several minutes since the Russian women had left us with our toys, and by now, Cindy had given up trying to resist.  Her thrusts became increasingly more desperate as she rammed into me.  She was working with the vibrator now, as her passion grew hotter and hotter.  I could see waves of pleasure were coursing through her body.  Pure delight was etched on her face as she screamed in my ear.  Our ball gags were so big that I thought they would have done a better job of stifling us.  But she was so noisy, that everyone in the room could hear her.  Cindy had lost all control of herself to the little vibrating butterfly wedged into her pussy.


“Ohhhhhh… Ahhhhhh… Uhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhh!!!”


She was thrusting her whole body against me, and was trying to finish the job the vibrator had started, as if I were her sex toy also.  Our butterflies banged together with each thrust of Cindy’s pelvis and our ball gags were kissing.  I screamed from the pain of my clamped nipples and from the pleasure erupting from my pussy.




She was pushing so hard now that I lost my balance and fell backwards, causing the chain between our breasts to pull tight.  The weight of my body yanked Cindy forward by her nipples.


“Eeeeeeehhhhhhhh!!!”  We both screamed.


Somehow, I managed to stop our fall by grabbing my bound ankles with my hands.  I held us up like this for a moment, but Cindy’s body was now leaning on top of me, and she was heavy.  My arms hurt from trying to maintain this awkward position, so after just a few moments, I couldn’t take it any longer and fell down onto my back.  My hands and feet were now trapped underneath me as I lay back in my hogtied position.  My head and shoulders hit the floor as my back arched over my bound feet and hands, with my hair pooling out around me.  I could see Cindy’s bound feet waving straight up in the air, still tied to her wrists.


But Cindy never stopped her pumping.  In fact, it was even easier for her now.  She bobbed up and down on me with her face nestled on my shoulder.  Our breasts were squashed together, and the clamps and chains poked into my skin from the weight of her body.  Pain and pleasure were running through all my erogenous zones and driving me crazy.


I stared up at the ceiling and listened to the sounds of my best friend moaning and screaming in my ear as she fucked me, almost like she was raping me.  That’s just how I felt.  I was helplessly bound against my will while she thrashed about uncontrollably on top of me.  She obviously didn’t care at all anymore as she pounded away to reach her orgasm.  Her moans and screams were so loud they made my ears ring.


Oh my God, Cindy!  Please stop!  You’re going to make me cum!  Please!  I can’t hold it back any more!  Please!


My clit was throbbing and buzzing with pleasures I never knew were possible.  Contractions were now starting deep inside my pussy and they were quickly getting stronger.  Oh my God, I’m going to cum!  I held my breath and tried to hold it.


But Cindy wasn’t holding anything back.  She was getting even more energetic and forceful now, completely lost with the heat of the moment.


“Ohhh… uhhhh…” she snorted with each thrust.


Oh my God!


 “Ohhh… ohhh… uhhh…”


Oh Cindy!  Please, don’t!




Ohhhhhh, please!


“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”  She was about to explode.


Oh, my pussy!  Oh Cindy!  Oh yes!


Cindy erupted in the wildest, loudest scream I ever heard, as she shuddered violently and climaxed on top of me.




The look on her face, and in her eyes, suggested she had just experienced the greatest pleasure of her life.


Oh Cindy!  Oh my God yessss!  Here it comes! 


I was still trying to fight it, but it was impossible now.  My chest and pelvis began to shake and vibrate with the effort to hold it back.


Oh my God!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh!  I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Yes, yes, yesssssss!


An enormous surge of pleasure erupted from within my pussy and forced its way through my defenses like a tidal wave.  It was too strong for me to resist anymore and I let it go with a loud scream of delight, and I climaxed like never before.




Oh Cindy!!  Oh my God!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!  I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!!  Oh my God!!  I’m cumming!!!!!


I couldn’t believe how incredibly wonderful and amazing it felt.  Spasm after spasm, rocked my pussy with tremendous intensity.  The convulsions got even stronger as the vibrator continued to buzz away on my clit, and Cindy was still riding along with her own orgasm and grinding against me.


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Oh Cindy!!  Oh my God!!  Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!


I was completely blown away by the strength of it.  My pussy was shuddering on its own now, clenching and pulling at the vibrator that was relentlessly buzzing away against it.  It seemed like it would never end.  I kept moaning and screaming as my entire body shook violently.


Cindy lifted her head and looked at me, surprised at how loud I was getting.  Then she started giggling behind her ball gag.  She gasped and moaned too, as she rode out the final waves of her own orgasm.  She kept on churning her pussy into me until she was done.


But I was far from done.  My pussy continued to spasm and convulse as my orgasm continued on like a runaway freight train.  I was sweating and panting so hard now I couldn’t stop.  Not that I wanted to.  I felt absolutely fantastic.  This was the most amazing and wonderful pleasure I’d ever felt and I loved it!  I was thrusting my hips at my friend, wanting her to continue grinding back.  I couldn’t believe how much I wanted and needed her right now.  Oh Cindy, I need  you!  Please, don’t stop!  Please!


The other girls were looking at me in wonder, but I didn’t care.  Nothing was going to stop me from enjoying this moment.  The Russians were the last thing on my mind right now.  It was just Cindy and I, and our hot bodies and pussies rubbing together.


Cindy slowly stopped moving.  She was completely spent and was just laying on top of me panting and trying to catch her breath.  My own chest was heaving too, and the contractions inside of me were just starting to end.  I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes.  I felt the last waves of pleasure washing over me and I moaned contentedly.  Wow!  That was awesome!  My entire body felt like it was glowing with energy.  I was totally exhausted and couldn’t move at all now.  Cindy and I lay perfectly still, nuzzling with each other.  The only noise being the sound of our breathing and the buzz of the vibrators on our pussies.


Then it suddenly dawned on me.  The vibrators!  Even though Cindy and I had both stopped cumming and were relaxing now, the vibrators weren’t going to quit.  They would keep on stimulating our pussies the longer we lay here.  I could feel my pussy getting worked up again already.  Damn it, Cindy, we need to get loose.  Now!


I opened my eyes and tried to talk to her.


“Finthee! Geff uff! We haffa geff woof.  Finthee! Pweaf!”


Cindy just murmured quietly and wiggled her hips a bit.  A tiny tremor of pleasure passed through my pussy.  Mmmmmm.


“Finthee!! Geff uff!! Finthee!!”  I was getting anxious now.


I nudged her cheek with mine and shrugged my shoulders in an effort to get her to look up.  I tried to push her and roll over on our side towards the bed where the controls were.  Cindy moaned a little bit louder and finally raised her head to look at me.  She tried to speak.


“Waff wong?”


Drool dripped from her gagged lips and fell onto our tits.  My nipples suddenly swelled under the bite of the clamps and I moaned softly from the feel of it.


“We haffa geff ouwwa here Finthee.  Hepp me geff ofa fu fa bed.”


“Hmmphh?”  she seemed confused.


“Fa bed!” I repeated louder. “Ofa fu fa bed!”


Gosh, she doesn’t understand anything I am saying.  The drool was falling freely now and soaking my tits, as I tried to get words out so Cindy could understand what I wanted to do.


“Tha confwols aw ofa onfa bed!  Hep me gef fu fa bed!”  I spoke slowly and kept nodding my head towards the bed until finally a look of comprehension appeared in her eyes.




The vibrator was persistent and I was still in a very aroused state.  Another moan escaped my lips.  If we didn’t hurry I knew I would be cumming again shortly.  Cindy closed her eyes and moaned too.  Her hips slowly started moving as she also tried to flip us over to the side.  She rocked back and forth on top of me from side to side, trying to build up momentum to turn us over.  Ohhhhh!  That little rocking motion was putting pressure directly on my pussy and tits again and I was quickly struggling to remain focused on trying to get out of this mess.  I tried to help by thrusting and pushing with my hips and shoulders.  Finally we managed to roll to the side.


“Owwwwmmmmpphh!”  I squealed.


Oh my poor breasts!  The short chains between our tits stretched tight and yanked mercilessly at our nipples.  The sensation of that was driving me insane with both pleasure and pain.  Oh my God!  Please Cindy, we need to hurry.  My pussy was beginning to spasm again.


Cindy’s green eyes looked at me expectantly, wondering what I had in mind.  She was still grinning and giggled as she wiggled her hips against me playfully.  I grunted at this and shook my head angrily.  Stop it Cindy, we need to focus on getting free!


“Finthee!  Fwop!  We haffa geff fwee!”


I tilted my head towards the bed in a jerking motion to signal to her where the controls were.


“Hep me gef fu fa bed,” I mumbled to her.


She nodded in agreement and then suddenly whimpered softly.  Her pussy pressed forward into mine again as the buzzing continued.  She closed her eyes and pushed her body closer.


“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned too.


Oh God Cindy, you are so hot, but we really need to get these to stop.  I rolled over, into and on top of her.  Cindy squealed with delight at this and opened her eyes to look up at me.  She probably thinks I want to ride her now, I thought.  But I continued rolling and flipped us over to the side again.  I bumped into Diane, who had turned away from her partner’s pussy and was watching us now.  She looked down at me and urged me on with a few grunts.


Now, how to get up without ripping our nipples off… I thought, as a tremor of pleasure surged through me.  …and before I cum again.


I looked around, how am I going to get the controls from the bed?  I thought.  Diane and Laura were watching me intently, curious to see what I planned to do.  Once again I tried to communicate with Cindy.


“Finthee, leff twy tu sif uf togevva.”




“Sif uf togevva.”  I jerked my head.  “Sif uf!”


She nodded understanding.  We struggled around for a few minutes, grunting and squealing from the pull on our nipples and the pleasures in our pussies, as we tried to get back up to our knees.  Sweat was pouring out, as our hot bodies writhed together helplessly and the vibrators continued to work their magic on our most sensitive areas.  I couldn’t concentrate at all, as waves of pleasure ran through my pussy and kept getting stronger.  I was beginning to lose Cindy’s cooperation as well.  Her vibrator was driving her wild and I knew she was about to have another orgasm by the look of it.  Her eyes were closed and she was moaning and grinding her hips again.  I soon realized there was no way we would be able to get back up to our knees while connected together and with the vibrators running.


Suddenly I felt incredible passion and desire flooding through me again, and moaned around my ball gag.  I didn’t try to hold anything back this time, as the feeling was so wonderful.  Cindy and I wriggled against each other happily, moaning in unison.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  Uhhhh, uhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!”


I bucked and squirmed and pressed myself against my friend as hard as I could.  Oh Cindy, oh yes, yes, oh my God yes!  I’m cumming again Cindy, I’m cumming again!


“Ahhhhhhhheeeeeeee… ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”  My whole body shook with the strength of it, and I almost started laughing at how good it felt.  I had never orgasmed twice in a row before and I was absolutely stunned from the feeling of doing so.  What have I been missing my whole life?  I thought.


The pleasure lasted for a minute or so, but it was quickly followed by the irritating buzz of the vibrators.  I couldn’t settle down.  My pussy and clit were starting to get sore now and I was getting frantic.  I whimpered and pleaded for someone’s help, and looked up at Diane and Laura.  Please, help us get out of this!


Diane quickly understood what was wrong and pointed to the control box with a nod of her head.  I couldn’t see it from where I was on the floor, and I doubted she could reach it either.  Diane turned to look at Laura and opened her mouth to talk.  She gurgled out words around her ball gag and drooled onto Laura’s spread thighs.


“Lauwa, gan yu weaf fa contwolfs?”


Laura glanced down at the remote control units sitting beside her.


“Ah thing fo, yeff.”


She tried to lift her bottom from the bed and scoot to her left as best she could.  She had her right foot off the floor and held that leg stretched out completely straight, straining against the rope holding it to the bedpost.  I watched her bouncing up and down on the bed, her tits jiggling as she struggled to lift her left thigh over and behind, what I assumed were the remote controls.  I couldn’t tell if it was working or not.  But on her fourth attempt she must have succeeded, because she stopped her bouncing and was suddenly very excited.


Now she was trying to push them with her thigh.  She bounced and scooted forward in an effort to knock them off the bed with her leg.  Finally I saw them fall and I heard two clunks as they hit the hard wood floor behind Cindy.  Freedom from the vibrators was now within our reach!


I tried to lift my head up to locate them visually, but stopped when my nipples painfully reminded me I was still attached to Cindy.  We still needed to work together to retrieve them.  Cindy already knew what my plan was, and the two of us started wiggling and squirming along the floor.


Oh my goodness!  Every time we squirmed like this, it caused our vibes and crotch ropes to wiggle around on our pussies.  I could feel another orgasm rising by the time we had moved just one foot.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Cindy hurry!  Turn it off, turn it off!  Please!  I could see that one of the remotes was just a few inches from her fingers.  But Cindy wasn’t trying to grab it.  She was a bit preoccupied.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmpppppphhhhhh!” she squealed, as her third orgasm hit her.


Her whole body suddenly started shivering violently, from head to toe.  She was convulsing and screaming and laughing, all at the same time.  Cindy! Please! Turn it off.  I’m about to cum!


“Huuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn!” I let out a helpless snort.


A powerful convulsion suddenly wracked my body.


“Ohhhhhhh, Fintheeeeeeeee, I wuv youuuuuuu!  Oh, oh, oh, oh yeffffffffff!” I suddenly cried aloud.


Love her?  What am I saying?  I can’t be in love with my best friend… can I?


More spasms emerged, forcing my hips to act on their own, grinding and thrusting at my friend beside me with the heat of passion.


“Ohhhhhhh maaaa Goff, yefffffffff!”  I do love you Cindy, I do, I do.


The vibrator was driving me wild and forced yet another orgasm from me.  I had never felt such intense feelings of pleasure and just let it all out with a scream of delight.




My head was spinning, my nipples throbbing, my pussy shuddering and convulsing for the third time in 20 minutes.  I knew at that moment I was forever changed.  The pleasures I was now feeling, from being tied up with my friend and forced to cum against her, completely blew me away.  I could never go back to my normal sex life.  I HAD to feel this again, I just had to.  Oh my God, I was so in love with Cindy and the helplessness I was now feeling.  I collapsed against her, wheezing and gasping for air, totally exhausted and spent.  My hair was plastered to my face from sweating so much.  I nuzzled against Cindy’s cheek and she murmured her approval, wiggling herself a little bit closer, pushing her pussy into mine.


Oh Cindy, I love you with all my heart!


I lay there, unmoving, just swimming in the depths of a blissful orgasm.  I could stay like this forever, tied up with my best friend, our pussies shuddering contentedly.  I wanted to fall asleep to the sound of her breathing.


Then Cindy started wiggling, a lot.  I murmured excitedly, eyes closed, as I felt her hot body rubbing my own.  Mmmmmmmmmm, I felt so happy, so lost in love.  Then she started moving her body away from me, and I groaned with disappointment.  I wanted to make love to her, to feel her body respond to me with passion and desire, just as I wanted to respond to her, so I wriggled after her.  My pussy was tingling again as the vibrator continued to run, increasing its speed and power now.  Somehow it was going faster!


Hmmmphhh?  Faster?  What is going on?


I opened my eyes and lifted my head up.  The buzzing on my crotch grew louder as the vibrator kicked into high gear.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” I squealed helplessly, my pussy rapidly surging with excitement at the stronger stimulation.


How?  What was making the vibrator go faster?  I looked around the room, thinking Tatiana had come back.  Giggling and laughter brought my attention back to the real culprit.  Cindy!  She must have managed to get her hands on my remote control and was now using it to her own satisfaction.  She was smirking at me behind her ball gag and was giggling playfully.  She turned the speed back down to low, only to turn it up faster again, seconds later. 


“Mmmmmmmmm!”  I moaned at the new sensations this change in speed was bringing.


She turned it to low again, then to high.  Back and forth she went, slow, fast, slow, fast.  She was making the thing throb and pulse against my hot slit in a steady rhythm.


Stop! Stop! Ohhhhhhhh God Cindy, pleassssssse sssstop!!  My clit was quivering and spasming and driving me insane.  I was going to cum again if this kept up.  Then it suddenly shut off completely.  I exhaled a huge sigh of relief and gasped for air, my tits heaving.  I gave Cindy an annoyed look.  You naughty girl!  We’re supposed to be getting loose and all you have time for is playing!  Cindy ignored my glare and switched my butterfly back on, just for a second, and gave my pussy another blast of vibrations. Startled, I jerked back and tugged at our nipples inadvertently.  A surge of excitement ran through my pussy at the combination of pain and stimulation, causing me to moan softly.  Gosh, that felt so good.


Cindy giggled some more and turned my vibe back on again.  She’s enjoying this!  I opened my mouth to complain, but it was difficult to form coherent words with the vibrator running and my mouth gagged so fully.


“Finthee fwop iffff... Ohhhmmmphhh, pweaf!  Mmmmmppphh, pweaf fwommmmmm!”


Cindy, however, had no plans of stopping.  She had just found the world’s greatest form of amusement, teasing her best friend to orgasm.  And she was doing one heck of a job of it.  She kept turning the thing on and off, on and off, repeatedly.  I was trying to plead with her to stop, but every time I opened my mouth I would drool helplessly onto my tits.  Within moments my pussy was buzzing with so much pleasure that I was unable to think straight.  I had succumbed to the sexual pleasure and allowed it to overwhelm and control me.


Never had I desired anyone or anything so strongly, as I did now.  I wanted nothing more than for Cindy to bring me to another orgasm.  I wanted her and needed her so badly.  I begged and moaned for her to grant me just one more.  God how I craved it!  Please Cindy!  I need you!  Yes, that’s it, turn it on!  Faster, faster, yes, just like that, ooh yeah!  Oh my God, yessssss!


“OHHHHH!!! Fintheeeeeeee!!!! Yeffffffff!!!”


I moaned loud and hard with a deep husky growl.  Oh my God!!  I couldn’t stand it and collapsed against my friend, helpless to do anything but grunt and groan.  I was getting louder and louder as my orgasm drew closer and closer.


“Ohhh…  Ohhhhhhhhhh…  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”


Then, just as I was about to cum, she shut it off again.  Nooooooo!  Please, Cindy, keep going!  I was right at the brink of a massive climax and she had stopped just when I needed it the most.


“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! Pweef Finthee!! Pweef!!  I need tu cummmmm!  Ohhhhhhhh pweeeeeeeff!”


I begged and pleaded with her as she smirked at me so evilly.  God, how I yearned for her.  I was a helpless wreck, shuddering and trembling with arousal from head to toe, unable to bring myself to the orgasm I so desperately craved.  Please, Cindy, turn it back on and let me cum!  Please!


I was bucking my hips and grinding my pussy into her like a wild animal in heat.  Thrusting and shoving my pelvis forward with enough force that I knocked her over.  I followed too and climbed right on top of her.  Now I was riding her like a cowgirl, like she had done to me just minutes before.  My ass was wiggling around in circles as I drove my pussy into the vibrator and crotch rope.  I never needed an orgasm like I did now.


“Uhh… uhh… ohhh… ohhhhhhhhhh!!”


Harder and harder I slammed my pussy into her.  Cindy was moaning now and responding with thrusts of her own.  Finally, she switched the vibrator back on and let it run at full speed.


“OOOOHHHHHHH  YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I screamed at the top of my lungs and climaxed with the force of an earthquake.


“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I screamed again, as loud as the first time.  My pussy and uterus were convulsing and contracting with such intensity I almost passed out.  It was unbelievable!


My screaming rang throughout the cabin as my orgasm engulfed my body and flooded my senses.  I was completely oblivious to my surroundings and never heard the sound of the front door being slammed open.  I had just uttered another scream of passion when I heard Agent Jeb’s shout.


“Hurry men, it sounds like the girl’s are in trouble!”


Now I heard the noise of booted feet running until Jeb and his men appeared in the doorway.


“Oh my God!” someone exclaimed.


I looked up and found all the eyes of the FBI men staring at me as I lay on top of Cindy, grinding against her with my fourth and strongest orgasm.  Oh Noooooo!!!!!  My face turned beat red with embarrassment.


I immediately hid my face into Cindy’s shoulder, kicking myself for acting so slutty.  Samantha, you idiot!  How can you behave like this, humping yourself like a wanton whore?  But when another tremor of pleasure passed through my pussy, I knew I couldn’t wait do this again.


Jeb and his men rushed forward, and began untying us.  Some of the knots they had to cut loose, but eventually the five of us ladies were all freed.


We were very relieved when Jeb instructed some of his men to take off their uniform shirts and give them to us for cover.  I still felt ashamed though, and couldn’t bring myself to look up at any of them, even when I said thank you.  Diane and Laura were equally embarrassed.  Not only were they feeling guilty at having allowed Tatiana and Anya to escape, but their colleagues had now seen them completely naked.  I’m sure their lives would never be quite the same again.


Jeb radioed for additional help and requested they bring more clothes for us.  He also sent out an update.


“Attention all agents, two of the Russian kidnapper’s have escaped in an FBI vehicle, car number 267.  They are both female.  The blonde is about six feet tall, with a muscular build, and has crew cut style hair.  She goes by the name of Tatiana.  The other, younger woman is named Anya, and is about 5’6” with shoulder length red hair.”


He looked at Diane and Laura for a second, and continued.  “They were last seen wearing the uniforms of Agent Diane and Laura.  They are both armed and dangerous and need to be found at all costs.”


“S-s-sorry boss, we shouldn’t have let them escape,” Diane apologized.


Jeb’s expression softened.  “It’s OK ladies, you were taken by surprise.  I shouldn’t have assumed they were prisoners like the others and paid more attention to the description we were given by the two maids.”


Maids?  My ears perked up at that.


“Excuse me Agent Jeb, but did you say it was two maids that tipped you off?” I asked, hopeful that Rachel and Sara had made it.


“Why yes it was.  I believe they’re your employees,” he said to Cindy.  “They escaped through the woods, and called us from the police station.  It took us a while to find this place but I am glad you are all safe now.”


“Thank you Agent Jeb.”  Cindy stepped forward and gave him a big hug.


As she threw her arms around him, the uniform shirt she was wearing rose up her buttocks and I found myself staring at her cute and very naked ass.


“Where are they now?” Cindy asked.  “I need to tell them that we are OK.”


Jeb answered.  “I can take you to them.  They are back at our office being interviewed for information to help us catch the Russians.  We have the men in custody but the two women seemed to have escaped.  I’d like to ask you girls some questions as well, maybe you can help too.”


Jennifer, who had been listening nearby, came over, looking very upset.


“What do you mean the women escaped?  How can you let those two bitches get away? I’ve been tied up, humiliated, and sexually abused by that fucking red head, and now you’re telling me she’s still free? What the hell are your men doing out there?”


“Hey, calm down lady.”  Jeb seemed annoyed by her attitude.  “We’re doing the best that we can Miss.”


“Well your best isn’t good enough.  I want that cunt’s head on a plate for what she did to me.”


She suddenly broke down into tears and collapsed onto the bed sobbing, her face buried in her hands.  For the first time, I saw a softer side to the woman and immediately felt compassion.  I sat down next to her and tried to console her.


“It’s all right, Jennifer,” I said, as I placed an arm around her shoulder.  “I’m sure the FBI will catch them.”


Jennifer lifted her tear-streaked face up to see who it was beside her.  When she discovered it was me, she jumped to her feet and shoved my arm away, and then started screaming at Jeb.


“It’s all her fault!” she pointed at me.  “She fucking helped them catch me.  I wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for this stupid bitch!”


Cindy was outraged by this and slapped Jennifer across the face.


“Don’t you dare call her that!  Or I’ll put my fist through your teeth!”


Jennifer was livid.  She shrieked and threw a punch at Cindy, who ducked under it.  Cindy rushed forward and slammed into Jennifer and the two women went down in a heap, screaming and clawing at each other.  Curses were flying and fists of hair were being pulled, but my attention was focused on the naked bottoms and spread thighs that appeared as they grappled and rolled around on the floor. 


“Ladies, ladies!” Jeb was yelling at them to stop.


He was bending over them, trying to find a way to separate the two hellcats but was finding it impossible to get in between them.   With no other choice, he grabbed each woman by the hair and pulled them apart.  Jennifer and Cindy were glaring at each other and breathing hard as they slowly climbed to their feet.  Cindy’s shirt had come open during the struggle and I could see her tits heaving.


“Did you see what she did to me?”  Jennifer snapped at Jeb.  “I want her arrested for assault!”


“Hey, hold on there.”  Jeb tried to regain some control of things.  “Relax!  I know you’re all under a lot of stress here, but you need to calm down and let us handle this.  You’re both safe now, so why don’t you let us take you home?”


“Good idea,” Jennifer snarled.  “Get me the hell away from these two.”


“Yes, it would be nice to leave these awful memories behind,” I said glaring straight at Jennifer.


(A short while, and a change of clothes later, we were back at the FBI office)


Jennifer gave her statement and was then given a ride home.  I was glad to see the woman leave, but part of me was also very sad because we had never resolved our differences.


Cindy and I were reunited with Sara and Rachel.  They shared their story of escape with us and how they had ran for hours through the woods until they finally came upon a town.  Then they found their way to the police station and had them notify the FBI.  The FBI determined the path and general direction they had come from and followed it back to the cabin.


It was also revealed that Cathy Richardson and her niece Kelly had been rescued.  Kelly’s boyfriend had come to the house that same night, looking for her after she had failed to show up for their date.  The two ladies were found very hungry and anxious to relieve themselves, but otherwise uninjured.


(As for us, our story wasn’t quite finished yet.)


“Can I get a hold of my husband somehow?” I asked Agent Jeb.  “I would like to see him.”


“Actually, he is already on his way here.  We contacted him a short while ago and told him what happened, so he insisted on coming over as soon as possible.  He should be arriving any minute.”


Any minute?  I was suddenly very anxious.  I had hoped to have more time to think of something to say to him.  How can I tell Brian about Cindy?  And what will he think when he finds out all the details of what happened to me?  I wasn’t so sure I was ready to see him yet, and looked at Cindy worriedly.


She must have known what I was thinking. “Honey, don’t worry.  He’ll just be happy to know that you are safe.”


Steve and Brian did arrive together a few minutes later.  They greeted us with hugs and kisses and a big bouquet of flowers for Cindy and me.  They were so happy to finally see us, after having been away so long, and especially after hearing about the ordeal that we had gone through.  Jeb let us use a small conference room so we could talk privately.  Cindy and I then began to share what happened, about our capture, and some of the things they had made us do.  I started crying when I was describing some of the more intimate and difficult moments.


Brian tried to be helpful, and held me in his arms and patted my head softly in an effort to comfort me.  “It’s OK dear.  I still love you and we still have each other.”


But that wasn’t why I was crying.  Something had changed inside of me and I couldn’t bring myself to tell Brian what that change was.  I looked over his shoulder as I hugged him and saw Cindy standing there.  She was looking back at me with those lovely green eyes of hers, the eyes that were always filled with compassion and love, and now they sparkled with sexual desire too.  My pussy began to tingle as I remembered what had happened between us, at the very moment we were rescued.


A knock at the door interrupted our reunion.


“I’ve got a phone call here for Samantha, it’s your mother.”  It was Jeb.


My mom?  How did she find out?  I thought, as I left to go take the call.


Jeb directed me to the lobby where an agent handed me the phone.  I took it, and slowly raised it to my lips, feeling confused.




The voice on the other end sent a cold chill through my spine.  “Hello my darling.  Did you miss me?”


“What’s wrong?” Jeb asked, seeing my face turn ashen.


The voice on the line continued.  “I hope you and your friend had a good time together.  It’s a shame I wasn’t able to stay and watch all the fun.  Tell me dear, how many times did you cum?”


The phone slipped from my stunned fingers and dropped to the floor.  My knees were suddenly very weak and I collapsed into a nearby chair.  Jeb came rushing over and scooped up the phone.


“Hello?  Who is this?  Hello?  Hello?  Damn it, they hung up!”  He slammed the phone down and turned to me.  “Who was that?”


I was too shocked to answer, so he gently shook my arm to gain my attention.


“Who was that?” he repeated.


“T-t-tatiana,”  I said weakly.


“Trace that call!” He yelled to one of his men standing nearby.  “And somebody get her a glass of water!”  He knelt down and held my hand gently as I started to cry.


I was scared.  No, I was terrified.  Somehow I knew that Tatiana and Anya had managed to get themselves away safely.  The FBI wasn’t going to catch them.  The two of them were free to return for me, any time they wished.  I needed Cindy.  She could help me through this.


No sooner had I thought about her than she came running out to me.  Brian was right on her heels too as they both wanted to know what had happened.  But Cindy was the one I ran to meet.  I threw my arms around her and hugged her dearly.  I didn’t want to ever let go of her.  I cried into her shoulder as she squeezed me and held me close.


“Oh Cindy, I need you!”


She gently patted my bottom and I giggled with delight and clung to her a bit tighter.  My tears had stopped, now that my girlfriend was holding me.


“I love you Cindy.  I really do,” I whispered in her ear.


“I love you too, Samantha, I always have.”




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