Bound Together in Friendship

By The DragonQueen

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My name is Samantha, and I have a story that I'd like to share with you.

The story I am about to tell will sound strange coming from me because normally I am very shy. It happened just over a year ago now, but the memories of those events are forever in my mind. They have shattered my view of sexuality. But first let me give you a little background into my life.

I was raised in a very conservative home. My mother and father were very close to me. They taught me to keep myself pure until I was married, which I honored very fervently. Because of this I was very nervous around boys and rarely dated. It wasn't that I was unattractive. In fact it was quite the opposite. When I became a teenager my breasts developed much faster than the other girls my age. Once the boys noticed them I began to wear more modest clothing to hide them as best I could. But they still grew to the point where it didn't matter what I wore and I was quickly nick-named "Sammie DD". The young men also adored my long blond hair and athletic body and gave me endless compliments, but all that attention just embarrassed me. I probably wouldn't have gone out on any dates if it weren't for Cindy forcing me to double date with her.

Who is Cindy you ask? Well, Cindy is my best friend. In fact, she may be my only friend, as I never got close to anyone other than her. Cindy and I grew up together and have always been best of friends for as long as I can remember. She lived only a few houses away from me in my neighborhood. We are both the same age, 26, and we played together, grew up together, and even went to college together. She has always been there for me.

It is interesting that we are so close considering we are so opposite in personality. Where I am shy, Cindy is outgoing. Where I am conservative, she is provocative. Cindy loves to flirt with the men and flaunt herself. She is always wearing something that will display her charms and bring attention to herself. I think Cindy is the most beautiful young lady in the world. She has wavy, light brown, shoulder length hair. Her body is very athletic, with well-toned muscles. She works out with me at the health club twice a week and weighs about 125 pounds. She is three inches taller than me at 5'9", with long shapely legs to die for. I've always envied her body. She makes every woman look ugly compared to her. Her breasts are just a bit smaller than mine but they are perfectly rounded and firm. Her ass is hot and sexy, especially in those little skirts and shorts she is always wearing. I can see why the men at the club are always turning their heads when the two of us walk by.

But her best feature isn't the firm breasts, long legs, or tight ass. It is her eyes, those gorgeous green eyes. They are so mysteriously enchanting. They are the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. Every time I look at them all my fears and concerns just melt away. And when Cindy gives me that beautifully warm and friendly smile, I just want to give her a big hug and snuggle up safely in her arms.

With the men it is even worse. When they see her eyes for the first time, they are filled with such desire that they become like putty at her feet and will do anything to have her. Steve was one of those men. When he saw Cindy he knew he had to have her.

Steve was rich and Cindy loved it. It helped that Steve was good looking too, but Cindy had always craved the extravagant life-style more than anything. So, when Steve began buying her expensive jewelry and taking her to fancy restaurants, she fell in love with him. They were soon married, too soon in my opinion. It was at their wedding reception that I first met Brian.

Brian was Steve's best friend. Brian was such a gentleman and he treated me like a lady from day one. Brian didn't make me feel nervous like the other guys before him. He wasn't crude and didn't embarrass me, or make comments about my large breasts. He just smiled at my beauty and always gave me a gentle little kiss as his way of saying he loved how I looked. I fell in love with Brian and we married about two years after Cindy and Steve did.

Brian and Steve worked together as computer software developers for the United States government. They were paid extremely well but, because of the secret assignments they often received, they had to travel away from home fairly regularly. They had to stay out of contact with family and friends during those trips too. Cindy didn't mind though. Not because she didn't love Steve. She just felt it was worth putting up with if it meant she got to live in a big house, own a sports car, and have a hefty spending allowance. They bought a mansion and hired a butler and two maids.

I, on the other hand, hated Brian's travel. I loved him with all my heart and I was reluctant to see him leave the house. I was lonely without him and I would always go to Cindy's place and stay with her during our husband's weeklong trips. I needed someone to cheer me up and Cindy was the one I turned to. It was during one of these business trips when my story began.


It was a midsummer Saturday afternoon, and Cindy and I were lounging by her pool in the hot sun. Cindy was wearing a white string bikini, and I was wearing my usual one-piece blue swimsuit with the conservative cut. I had a wrap over my shoulders too. I didn't like to show too much skin with other men around, and Cindy's butler, Walter, was waiting on us.

"Aren't you hot with that wrap on?" Cindy asked.

"No, not really. I'm used to it," I said.

"How do you expect to get a good tan with your skin all covered up?"

"I already have a tan."

"Yes, but men prefer women with really DARK tans," she said, emphasizing the word dark.

"Brian likes the tan I have now. Besides, I don't care what other men think."

"Why not? Isn't it kind of fun to have guys notice you more?"

"I don't want men to notice me more. I am quite happy with Brian."

"Does Brian really make you happy?"

"Oh yes! Brian is wonderful! He loves me dearly and makes me feel good about myself," I said happily.

"What do you mean he makes you feel good?" asked Cindy who seemed intrigued about my choice of words.

"I… I… Well… That's not… I mean…" I stumbled with the words. I was embarrassed every time Cindy took the conversation in a sexual direction.

"Well," Cindy continued. "HOW does he make you feel good?"

I blushed red and pulled my wrap tight around me.

"Th-Th-That's not what I meant," I finally said nervously.

"You said he makes you feel good. I was just wondering how."

"Please, can we talk about something else. Your butler is coming."

Walter arrived with our glasses of lemonade on a tray. I grabbed one quickly and began sucking on that straw as fast as possible. I handed the other drink to Cindy hoping she would do the same. Walter bowed his head slightly at me with a smile and left. Cindy set her drink down on the table without a sip.

"Walter's gone now. You can say what you were going to say. The maids are inside the house too," she said looking around.

I knew how Cindy was, she wasn't going to quit until she got an answer. I looked back at the house and waited until I was certain that Walter would remain inside before I responded.

"Brian is the best thing that ever happened to me. He loves me more than I ever imagined. I can't wait until they get back tomorrow."

(I was referring to Steve and Brian's business trip. They had been gone for their usual week long trip and were due back tomorrow afternoon.)

"You said he makes you feel good. Does he have sex with you?" Cindy asked bluntly.

I almost choked on my lemonade when she said that word. I coughed a bit, wishing I were someplace else. My face felt hot and flushed. I looked at Cindy and saw those eyes again. She was looking at me curiously, patiently, knowing that I couldn't get away from her gaze. I sighed and chose my words carefully.

"Yes we make love. We ARE married you know."

"Ah, making love. I've always wondered why women refer to sex as making love. Women are just like men. We enjoy sex for sex too. Why do we try to romanticize it and call it making love?"

"I don't know," I said truthfully.

"Steve and I have sex. Not often enough in my opinion. You would think that since he is gone so much that he would have sex with me the moment he got home. But he doesn't. He always arrives home exhausted and sleeps most of the next day. But at least he treats me good later. I really love it when he uses his tongue to lick my…."

"Cindy!" I scolded, quickly cutting her sentence off before she finished it.

I was shocked. She knew how uncomfortable I was with this topic.

"What? Can't I talk about my sex life?"

My face was red again and I felt hot. I took another sip of my drink thinking it would cool me off.

"No. I'd rather you not. Talk about something else."

"OK, let's go back to you and Brian. Does he ever give you oral sex?"

"What?" I said, flabbergasted.

I looked around to see if Walter was coming back. I really wished she hadn't asked that question.

"Do I have to answer that question?"

"Of course you do. I'm not going to let you go until you do."

"Well," I said quietly. "No, actually."

I wasn't sure if I was more embarrassed from her question or from the fact that I had never experienced sex in that way before. She probably thought I was a prude for not having oral sex.

"Really? You have to try it sometime. I just know you would enjoy it. You can't imagine how good it makes you feel inside."

When she said that, I didn't know what to say. I closed my eyes as a strange feeling came over me for the first time that I couldn't quite identify. I found myself beginning to wonder about what she was describing. What would it feel like?

I started to imagine my husband, Brian, getting down on his knees between my legs as I lay back on the bed. My muscles began to relax and I could actually feel my crotch starting to get wet just thinking about it…

"Ahhhh!!!" I yelped.

My eyes flew open as I realized I had inadvertently spilled some of my lemonade into my lap. Cindy quickly grabbed a towel and came over to me.

"Here, let me help you with that," she giggled.

She knelt down in front of me and tried to use the towel to dry my crotch. But I snatched the towel out of her hand before she even touched me.

"Thanks, but I can do it myself."

Annoyed at myself, I took the towel and dried myself off as quickly as I could. Cindy watched me patiently. When I finished I looked over at her. I saw her grinning at me as she stifled a laugh at my clumsiness. Suddenly I became acutely aware of Cindy's position, as she was still kneeling in front of me, her face only a few feet away from my lap. Cindy glanced at my crotch and then looked up at me. Our eyes met for just a moment and then we both turned away blushing.

"I need to go use the bathroom," I said as I jumped to my feet.

I had to get out of there, and fast, as my mind was starting to give me images of Cindy that I didn't dare even think about.

"Sorry, it's all my fault," Cindy apologized as she got to her feet. "I shouldn't have brought that subject up."

Cindy gently grabbed my arm as I started to leave.

"Are you mad at me?" she asked me.

I turned and looked into her face. I sighed as my anger at her disappeared when I saw the look of genuine concern in those luscious eyes of hers. She really cared about me and I knew she was just playing.

"Of course not. How could I ever be mad at you? I just wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. I'm sorry."

We hugged briefly and then I walked to the house.

I lingered in the bathroom a while after I finished my business. I stood in front of the mirror with my bathing suit on the floor. I looked at my naked body as I thought about what Cindy had said.

"I wonder what it feels like to have someone lick me?" I thought.

I had never thought of that possibility before. Brian had never tried this with me. Maybe he was as reserved as I was. Or maybe he just didn't like to do that. But either way it didn't matter. I was more than happy with my relationship with Brian. Our sex life was just fine if you asked me. I put those thoughts out of my head and changed into my clothes.

Cindy came inside a few moments later but made no mention of our previous conversation. The two of us went about our regular activities without a second thought.


The phone rang about 10:30pm that same night. Cindy answered.

"Hello" … "Hi honey! I'm glad you called." … "Samantha came over as usual and we did some sunbathing. We can't wait to show you our tans tomorrow." … "What?" … "Why? Can't they find somebody else?" … "Samantha's not going to like it."… "Can she talk to Brian at least, is he around?" … "Oh, I see."

I saw the frown on her face and I could tell that the guys were going to have to stay away longer. I didn't pay any attention to the rest of the conversation. I was too depressed. I slumped down on the sofa and cried. I missed Brian a lot.

Cindy hung up the phone and sat down next to me. She tried to comfort me with a hug.

"I'm sorry honey. Their assignment got more complicated all of a sudden. They'll have to stay until everything is done. He said it could be another week or more before they return."

"Where was Brian?" I cried.

"He was still at the job working. Steve snuck out to call me even though he wasn't supposed to. I hope he doesn't get into trouble. This assignment seems much more serious than the others. They are so strict about contacting anyone. They're always worried about national security or something."

I rested my head on Cindy's shoulder and cried for a good fifteen minutes.

"I didn't bring enough clothes for another week," I said.

"That's all right," Cindy said. "You can wear some of mine tomorrow while I have the maids wash yours."

Cindy and I went to our bedrooms.


The next morning I awoke when Cindy came into my room.

"How do you feel today?" she asked.

"I'm still depressed," I said.

"I'll have Sara make us a big breakfast of eggs, sizzling bacon, sausage, and hash browns. Then we can go shopping. That'll cheer you up."

"Sounds good. Is she going to wash my clothes soon?"

"Rachel already started. They should be done after breakfast."

"What am I going to wear to breakfast?"

"You can wear some of my clothes."

I thought about that offer for a moment as I looked at what she had on right now.

Cindy was wearing a white bustier like top that was laced together up the front between her ample breasts. It provided barely more coverage than a bra, as her abs and belly button were completely bared by the short top. The shoulder straps were spaghetti thin and you could clearly see her nipples through the thin material. She wasn't even wearing a bra! Her elastic pull on shorts were made of a thin white nylon mesh and barely covered her ass cheeks as she walked. The material was so thin that if you looked closely enough you could easily make out the fact that her bikini panties underneath were bright pink.

Cindy got up and took out a white colored, cropped T-shirt with a deep V cut in the front and a pair of shorts, exactly like the ones she wore now, only this pair was pink. She set them on the chair next to my bed.

"Here these will fit you," she said ignoring the fact that my jaw had dropped open in horror.

Then she went to her lingerie drawer and took out an ivory colored bra and panty set made of fine silk, exquisitely sculpted with lace edging. They were very expensive and were made in France. She placed them on top of the shirt and shorts.

"You'll look really sexy in these."

I was reluctant to wear any of Cindy's revealing attire, even for a little while. But what was even less appealing to me was the idea of wearing her underwear.

"I'm not wearing those," I said flatly.

"Oooh! Are you going to go without panties? I've done that on occasion."

I flushed red again.

"No, I just don't want to wear your clothes. Call me silly if you want. I'll just wait until my clothes are dry before I get dressed. Breakfast will just have to wait."

"Suit yourself. I'll go tell Sara to put breakfast on hold then. In the meantime, why don't you take a shower while you're waiting? Your clothes should be dry by the time you're done. I'll come back when they're ready."

"OK, sounds good to me," and I went into the bathroom and turned on the water.

Cindy called through the door, "Toss out your pajamas and I'll have Rachel wash them too so you can wear them again tonight."

Rachel and Sara were her maids. They did all the cooking and cleaning around the large house.

It must be nice to have people do everything for you, I thought, as I began to undress.

I removed the short-sleeved pajama top and pulled off the matching shorts and stood there naked. I wasn't wearing anything underneath because I had put all the rest of my clothes into the laundry. I opened the door just far enough to hand Cindy the pajamas and shut the door quickly before she could make any other comments. I heard Cindy leave and go downstairs. I got into the shower and stayed there for over 20 minutes.

When I was done, I stepped out of the shower and started drying my hair with Cindy's hair dryer. While I was doing this, I thought I heard a crash from downstairs. I turned off the hair dryer and listened more closely for a moment. I didn't hear anything more so I went back and finished drying my hair. Maybe I had just imagined it, but I decided it probably would be better to go investigate. I brushed my hair as quick as I could and then all of a sudden I heard a muffled scream emanating from downstairs! I rushed out of the bathroom covering myself with just the towel. Then I remembered Cindy had taken all my clothes. I had no other choice but to put on what she had set out for me. Reluctantly, I donned her clothes as fast as I could. Then I heard men's voices, angry voices, and someone running up the stairs headed towards my bedroom. I panicked. What should I do? I thought, as I frantically looked around for somewhere to hide.

CRASH… The door to my bedroom burst open and I screamed loudly!!

A giant hulking figure of a man stood there with a machine gun pointed directly at me.

"Shut up woman, or I kill you now!" He emphasized his threat by raising his weapon and pointing it at my head. He spoke broken English with a Russian accent. He was wearing a black shirt and camouflaged colored pants. He also wore military boots.

I was terrified, more than I had ever been in my life. I stopped screaming and backed against the wall. My whole body trembled and my knees sagged weakly. I was petrified with fright as he moved closer and pressed the barrel of the gun into my throat. I barely managed to stifle another scream that was about to escape my lungs. I sobbed miserably, fearful that he would shoot me on the spot. He leaned his face forward bringing it close to mine. He was smiling evilly as he looked into my eyes.

"I have comrades with me. We have guns and will kill you if you not listen. Do not scream again or you die."

I could smell his breath as he spoke. He had blue eyes of steel that bore holes through me. It looked like he was hoping that I would scream again so he could pull the trigger. My lips were quivering so much that I had trouble speaking.

"I… I… un-understand."

He almost seemed disappointed. He pulled the gun away and stepped to the side. He waved his machine gun to signal me to move toward the doorway.

"Move. NOW!!"

I didn't wait for him to ask again. I threw one arm over my bosom and the other over my belly, wishing my shirt was bigger as I walked past him toward the door.

"STOP!" he ordered.

I froze in place next to the bed, not turning my head. What now? I felt very vulnerable with him out of sight behind me. I put my hands behind me to cover my rear. He laid one hand on my shoulder and pressed the muzzle of the gun to the back of my head. My heart was pounding hard and fast as I was expecting him to force me to the bed and rape me.

Instead he yelled out the door into the hallway, "I find another one up here!"

In a moment I heard several footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hall. Three more men and a woman entered the room. All of them were dressed as the man behind me, in black shirts and camouflaged pants. Two of the men carried machine guns. The woman and the other man each carried a large caliber automatic pistol. The man with the pistol looked at me and smiled.

"Are you Samantha?" He asked me.

His accent was also Russian and I surmised the rest of them were too by their blond hair and blue eyes. I was looking around at each of them nervously as I tried to size them up, wondering why they were here and how they knew my name.

"ARE YOU SAMANTHA?" he repeated louder.

He seemed very annoyed that I hadn't answered already and raised the barrel of his huge pistol and pointed it at my head. I nearly wet my pants from fright. I took a step back and opened my mouth to scream. But I held it back as I remembered the earlier warning. I forced myself to speak quietly.


"Good," he said.

He lowered his pistol and walked towards me. He reached out his right hand and cupped my chin in his rough palm. He lifted my head so I could see his eyes.

"My name is Sergei, and you are now my hostage. From now on you will do exactly as I say or you and your friends will die. Please remember that because I am not a patient man. Aleksei would be more than happy to blow your head off."

I assumed Aleksei was the big man behind me. I nodded weakly and in shock. How did they get in here? Why did these people want ME? I figured it must have something to do with Brian's work.

"Nikolai, Boris, bring in Cindy. It is time to get to work." Sergei said to the other two men with the machine guns.

Cindy! I had almost forgotten that she and the other servants were in the house. I remembered the scream I had heard earlier and feared someone might have been hurt. I was relieved to hear that Cindy was obviously still alive. The two men left the room and went downstairs.

"Tatiana, go down and see how the others are doing and get the prisoners ready. We will meet you shortly."

He turned his attention back to me as the woman left the room too. He looked down at my feet and slowly raised his eyes up my body. I blushed at his attention. He was examining me a little too closely for my comfort. I tugged on the bottom of my shorts hoping to make them an inch or two longer. Then as his gaze traveled to my chest, I brought both arms up and crossed them over my breasts as if they were naked.

"Do I make you nervous?" He asked quietly, still looking at my chest.

I didn't answer. He raised his head. He leaned forward and then roughly grabbed my hair in his left fist. I squealed a little at the sudden force, but I refrained from screaming. I raised my hands to defend myself. I grabbed his muscled forearm with both hands and tried to pull him off me.

He tucked his pistol into his waistband and then grabbed both of my wrists with his empty hand and pulled my hands away. I squealed again as he held my hair with one hand and my wrists with his other. He was very strong and was hurting me. He chuckled at my weakness as I whimpered in his grip.

"It is good that you are afraid of me. You do not know who I am. I am a very powerful man. I have killed many many Americans. Do not touch me again or I will have you stripped and beaten. It would be a shame to have to mar such a beautiful body as yours. You will do as I say whether you want to or not."

He released me by shoving me backwards. I fell back into the powerful arms of Aleksei. His huge hairy arm was thrown over my chest from behind. He trapped my arms against my side as he squeezed me tight up against his sweaty body. I grunted as the air was pushed out of my lungs. I weakly brought my hands up and clung to his forearm.

I watched in horror as the other two men returned with Cindy. Her hands were secured behind her back somehow. They each held one of her arms, shoving her along. Cindy was determined to resist every step they made her take. She was bucking and kicking furiously as they led her into the room. They pushed her forward until she was standing only a few feet away from me. She had struggled so hard that the lacy waistband of her pink panties was now sticking out the top of her shorts. She was breathing heavily and her skin was covered with a sheen of perspiration. She looked so vulnerable and helpless with her large breasts heaving as they strained against her thin top. With her arms pulled back like they were, it seemed that her breasts were much larger than I remembered. There was a large red ball in her mouth. The ball filled her mouth and protruded slightly beyond her teeth. Her lips were stretched tight as they wrapped around the ball. Ugly black leather straps were attached to each side of the ball, holding it in place. The straps went around both sides of Cindy's head, under her hair, and were attached somehow in the back. The straps dug into the corners of her mouth, pulling them back fiercely.

She looked up at me pitifully with those green eyes. This time she was looking to me for help. She made strange gurgling sounds as her lips quivered to form words around the ball gag. She wanted to tell me something but I couldn't understand what she was mumbling. I searched her eyes for their normal confidence and control. Instead they were filled with worry and terror. It was almost enough to make me cry. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched her mouthing the red ball gag, struggling against its discomfort. She was almost crying herself as we looked at each other for security.

"Oh, Cindy," I said. "Are you all right? Did they hurt you?"

"Mmmm-mmmm," she mumbled in the negative.


Sergei struck me across the face. I would have fallen if Aleksei weren't holding me up.

"Do not speak unless I tell you to. You will be beaten the next time you talk without me saying so."

I felt as if I had been hit with a brick. The blow had made my head spin and my jaw hurt a lot. Aleksei's huge arms kept my hands from reaching up to rub it.

"Now you must answer my questions. Your husbands are working on a new missile guidance system computer program. You must tell me where they keep the files and what the decryption key is or one of your friends will die."

"I don't know what you are talking about," I said truthfully.

(Brian was never allowed to divulge any information about his assignments. This guy obviously knew more than even I did about his current one.)

"Very well, I see you want to be tough. Well I can assure you that you picked the wrong man to defy."

Sergei whipped out a large knife then and grabbed the front of Cindy's top with his other hand. Using the fabric as a handle, he yanked her over to him and put the blade against her left breast. Cindy's eyes went wide with fright as she stared down at the sharp weapon threatening to slice into her soft flesh. Sergei cut her left shoulder strap and then used the blade like a finger and pushed the left side of her top down exposing her nipple. Sergei held the sharp edge of the blade against the erect bud. Cindy whimpered into her gag, unable to control her fear.

"I think you are lying!" he said to me.

"P-P-Please, don't hurt her! Please!" I begged. "They never tell us anything. They aren't allowed to. Please, I really don't know anything about it."

I cried hysterically as I feared my answer would be rewarded with a slash across Cindy's breast.

"Tell me what you do know girl or I'll carve my initials into your friend!"

"Wait, please… I… I… I think Steve keeps his computer locked in the den. It's downstairs at the end of the hall on the right. The files must be on there."

I had to tell them something or they might kill us all, I said to myself.

Sergei smiled. "Thank you for that information, but we already found it. I just wanted to see how willing you would be to cooperate. Your friend here wasn't quite as helpful," he said. He threw Cindy back to Nikolai, not even bothering to fix her top.

I hung my head in shame. I couldn't look at Cindy now as I felt I had betrayed her by giving in to them.

"Comrades, bring these women down stairs to join the others. It is time to get to get to work. We are running out of time."

Nikolai and Boris then marched a very reluctant Cindy out of the room, her left breast still exposed. Aleksei was strong enough to handle me on his own. He practically carried me as he shoved me along. Sergei followed in the rear. As I followed Cindy I could see a set of handcuffs had been locked on her delicate wrists. They bounced against her rear as she walked. The short metal chain jangled with each step on the stairs. It was a horrible sound. I feared my own fate would be the same shortly.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs a disturbing sight filled my eyes. Walter and the two maids, Sara and Rachel, were all being held captive by yet another man holding a pistol and the woman, Tatiana. They had each been bound in a different position.

Walter was laying face first on the floor with his wrists and ankles cuffed together behind him. His ankles had been pulled up and connected to his wrists by a short rope, leaving him hogtied. His mouth was covered with duct tape and his face was red as the old man struggled to breath.

The older woman, Sara, (I think she was in her 30's) was lying on her side, across one of the sofas, with her wrists handcuffed behind her back. Her ankles were bound together with rope and her mouth held a ball gag not unlike the one in Cindy's mouth. She was still wearing her black and white maid's dress, but was missing her shoes. It appeared that she had struggled quite a bit as her hair was disheveled and the hem of her dress was riding up.

The younger girl, Rachel, (I think she was 22) wasn't in much better shape. She was ball gagged as well and was sitting on the edge of coffee table. Her bare feet were crossed and bound together at the ankles and her hands had been hand-cuffed behind her back. Her maid's skirt was much shorter than Sara's and had slid all the way up her thighs. She seemed too frightened to move or even notice that her panties were showing. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she whimpered hysterically into her gag. The man with the gun was standing right next to her with his hand stroking her hair. He was well muscled, baldheaded, and had a black handle bar mustache. He had a wicked grin of lust on his face as he looked down at his captive.

I was made to stand next to Tatiana. She was tall and well muscled and appeared to be about 30 years old. If it weren't for her buzz cut hair style I would have said she was good looking.

She smiled at me and caressed my face with her fingers. "Welcome, sweet pet," she said to me. "I can't wait to play with a pretty little thing like you. When we get more time I'll give you a proper introduction of myself."

She ran her fingers softly over my lips and along my chin. Then she let her hand drift slowly down my neck, brushing her fingertips across my breastbone to tickle my skin. I tried to pull back but she grabbed my upper arms and pressed her body right up against me, crushing my breasts into her own. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to my ear.

"I hope you decide not to help Sergei," she whispered. "Because then he'll turn you over to me, and I'm sure I can come up with a pleasurable punishment for you."

She squeezed one of my breasts and tried to kiss me at the same time, but I shoved her away.

"Get away from me!" I blurted, surprised at my own courage.

She just threw her head back and laughed.

"You'll learn to like me little girl, trust me."

Cindy was shoved over to stand next to me. We turned and whimpered fearfully as we looked around at our captors. They were obviously in control now. I saw Sergei pull out a pair of handcuffs. Then he looked at me with a grin as he headed my way.

"NO! NO! DON'T!" I screamed, despite the previous warnings.

I tried to run, but Tatiana grabbed my arms from behind, and held me still. Sergei helped her spin me around so my back was to him, and then he pulled my wrists behind my back. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I felt the cold metal on my wrists and then I heard the loud click.

"NO!" I cried again.

But it was already done. My wrists were secured tightly. Instinctively I pulled at the cuffs to see how much freedom they left me. The metal had been tightened around my wrists so that it gripped my skin very tightly but not painfully so. I could only bring my hands to my hips. My bravado weakened as I realized how much more powerless I was now.

"How does she look now?" Tatiana said as she spun me around to face everyone.

Their eyes were immediately drawn to my thrusting chest. I felt humiliated as my breasts pushed against the bra and against the tight T-shirt, threatening to split the material at any moment. With my wrists secured behind me, I could no longer cover myself. I lowered my head, too embarrassed to look up into their faces, as I heard them whisper comments amongst each other.

"We will need to constrain the two of you further, so that we can search the house. Igor, can you see that this one remains quiet.

He had indicated the baldheaded man when he said that. Igor smiled wickedly at me, and pulled out another red ball gag like Cindy's and waved it in the air with glee. I cringed. My knees felt weak and I almost collapsed.

"No! Please, no! I won't say anything! Don't…" I wailed as I tried to back away.

Tatiana held me steady as Igor slowly approached. I had to get away from him. I tried to run, and I broke away from Tatiana, but Sergei had been expecting my reaction. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. His strong fingers dug into my shoulders as he held me still. Igor moved in and held up the ball gag by one of the straps and dangled the ugly thing in my face.

"This one is for you my pretty little girl."

"No, please. I promise to be quiet. Please don't put that thing in my mouth. Please," I pleaded desperately.

My mouth felt dry as I swallowed hard. I was cringing at the thought of having that ball crammed into my mouth. I turned my head to the side and clamped my mouth shut as tight as I could. I whimpered and cried and kicked at him blindly with my bare feet, anything to keep him back.

From behind, Sergei threw one arm around my chest, over my arms, and then used his other hand to grab my chin. He forcefully turned my face front again. I struggled furiously, but Sergei was much stronger and held my head motionless. His used the hand on my chin to pry my mouth open a bit. I whimpered and squealed hysterically as I felt my mouth slowly forced opened as Igor jammed the ball in.

"Ahhhgg…guuhh… uhh… urrggh…"

I gurgled unintelligible protests as the ball forced my mouth open wider and wider. Then all of a sudden it popped inside. I grunted in surprise.


I was so shocked. The ball filled my mouth completely. My face wrinkled up as the rubber tasted disgusting.

Sergei took the ends of the straps and jerked back on them, hard, making me grunt again as the ball wedged deep into my mouth. My hands were writhing and twisting against the cuffs unable to reach my mouth. I sobbed uncontrollably, as I was helpless to stop him. The straps were pulled tight behind my head and buckled together under my hair. Then he finally let me go with a swat of his hand on the back of my ass.

"Hhuummph," I grunted at him indignantly.

Instinctively I tried to bring my hands around as I pranced in place with my feet, reacting like a dog that was muzzled for the first time. I shook my head violently as I fought against the gag.

"Gaig ig gouph… Guggh ahhg goo gligg…" and I began to drool.

Cindy looked at me with pity as she watched me struggling. She knew exactly what I was experiencing. She was just as helpless as I was. I grunted and mewled into the gag as I looked at Sergei for sympathy. Instead, he was grinning in amusement as he watched me dance around, gagged and handcuffed.

Sergei chuckled, "Relax, pretty one, you'll get used to it."

Sergei gave an order to Tatiana and Igor in Russian before leaving the room with the other three men. Igor smiled and grabbed my arm. Tatiana went over to a bag on the floor and pulled out some rope and turned to Cindy and me. We both shrieked in terror knowing what was coming next.

Igor threw me face down onto the sofa across from where Rachel was tied on the table. Before I could get up he sat down on the small of my back and grabbed my legs. I grunted at the weight of him as he was crushing my hands, against my back, underneath him. I didn't even bother to struggle as he used the rope from Tatiana to tie my ankles together. It was pointless to resist him from this position and it would just make things worse, I figured.

I turned my head to see what was happening to Cindy. I watched as Tatiana forced her to the floor, onto her back. Cindy kicked Tatiana several times in the stomach before the Russian woman finally managed to gather the defiant girl's legs up into her arms. But Cindy continued to thrash around so much that Tatiana was unable to get the rope on her. It took all of her strength to keep the girl under control. Tatiana cursed at her in Russian and called to Igor for help.

Igor finished tying my legs and gave me a pinch on my ass as he stood up to help his comrade. He knelt over top of Cindy and grabbed her throat with both hands and began choking her. Cindy continued struggling but eventually her body went limp as she slumped unconscious.

"Ctthheee," I screamed into my gag!

Igor let go of her and stood up.

Tatiana yelled at him, "You idiot! Don't kill her! We need her alive."

"Shut up woman and do your job. She's still alive, for now."

And with that he stormed off after the others muttering something to Tatiana in Russian as he left.

Tatiana tied up Cindy's ankles and then got up and came over to me.

"Sit up Capitalist bitch!"

She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to a sitting position as she swung my legs around to the ground. She dragged Cindy over and laid the unconscious girl next to me. There wasn't enough space left for her prostrate body so her face landed in my lap. I looked down at my friend's face to see if she was OK. Her eyes were still closed, but I was relieved to see that she was still breathing. Her gagged lips nestled against my shorts as she lay there peacefully.

Tatiana grabbed Rachel by the arm, "Sit still little girl and be quiet." Rachel nodded meekly and looked over to me on the sofa. I wasn't sure what she was looking for but I tried to give her a brave look.

Tatiana walked to the center of the room and surveyed the room full of bound captives.

"Don't move, any of you!" the Russian woman commanded. "We'll be just in the next room and if I hear anything at all I'll come back here and make it worse." She turned and left the room.

I could hear the Russians searching the house. They were making a lot of noise as they ripped down paintings and broke furniture looking for who knows what. They weren't concerned at all about how much noise they were making. Not that it mattered anyway, as Cindy's mansion was built on a large wooded property, far away from any other dwellings. There was no chance of anyone hearing a single sound from this house.

Now that the Russians had left us alone, some of my fear began to subside. I looked around at my fellow captives. Rachel was the closest as she was sitting right in front of me, only a few feet away. From my position I could clearly see the white triangle of her panties under her short skirt. Rachel grunted at me and closed her legs as she realized for the first time what I was looking at. I looked away from her, my facing flushing at being caught.

I gazed over at Sara. She was across the room on the other sofa.

The woman was completely ignoring the warning to be still as she was desperately struggling to sit up. She swung her legs around and put her bound feet onto the floor. After a few failed attempts she finally managed to right herself and sit up. But through this process she had inadvertently twisted her skirt. It was now bunched up around her waist and I could see her light blue panties. I quickly looked away before she too noticed me watching her.

Walter was still on the floor. I couldn't see him clearly as he was down behind the coffee table. I could only see his cuffed feet sticking out above the table. I could hear his breathing though. He was snorting and grunting into his tape gag. I worried about him as he was well over 50 years old and wasn't in very good shape. It wouldn't be good for him to remain hogtied for very long.

I glanced back at Sara who was now trying to fix her skirt. Unable to stand, she instead decided to slide off the sofa onto her knees. But when she did that, her skirt was pulled all the way up for just a moment and I saw all of her lacy boy short panties in full glory. She pulled away from the sofa and her skirt fell back down to its normal position as she squatted down onto her knees in triumph. She leaned her back against the sofa, exhausted and sat down on her bound ankles.

Then I felt Cindy beginning to stir.

"Nnnnnn…." she moaned, as her head started to move.

I felt her warm breath on my legs, and the drool from her gagged mouth moistening my thighs as she started to awaken and roll her head. She turned her face towards me, but her eyes were still closed. She groaned again louder into my lap and her eyes began to crack open.

"Ctthheee" I cried. "Wtthh upphh!"

Cindy shook her head a bit to clear her mind, inadvertently rubbing her nose into my crotch. Then she lifted her head and opened her eyes, but she wasn't fully alert yet.

Saliva drooled from her mouth and dripped onto my shorts. I wiggled my thighs under her in an effort to get her to move off of my lap.

"Gtthhh upphh," I gurgled, thrusting my hips at her urgently. I needed her off my lap before I began thinking strange thoughts of her again.

Cindy looked up at me and then down into my lap as she tried to make sense of where she was. Then all of a sudden recognition kicked in and she turned and twisted her upper body as she wriggled herself down towards her feet until her head was finally off my lap just next to my thigh.

Cindy then turned her body and pulled herself up to sit upright. She swung her bound feet onto the floor and sat next to me. She looked over at me and then at Rachel. The three of us regarded each other as we helplessly awaited our fate.


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