Beauty and the Bondage

By James

Chapter One

         Just another day at the office, working overtime... again. My friends at work don't understand how a slim brunette like myself does not have a social life and date. But all that changed on Thursday. It was 9 pm and I had just finished a project for my boss. Wearing a brown skirt with a tan shirt, I felt naked. I usually wore pants but Amy, my coworker, insisted that I wear a skirt.

         “It would look good on you, Bridgette, why don't you try it, I'll even go with you to shop for it.” Amy insisted.

         In the end, we went to the store across the street to go shop for a skirt. Since I had a meeting with the partners of the company today, I decided to look my best and wear the skirt. When I finished turning off all the lights I felt someone move behind me. Before I could turn around, someone pinned my arms to my side and shoved a dust mask to my face. The mask was doped with chloroform and after a couple of seconds, I was knocked out.

_       After I knocked her out I carried her into the elevator and then to the underground parking lot. I grabbed some rope from my car and tied her wrists together and securely. Then I binded her elbows together and finally I tied her ankles as well. I looked at her hungrily. “Maybe just maybe, my boss would be in a good mood and let me have some fun with her” he thought.

         While I drove by to my flat, my cell rang.

         “You got a girl James?” My partner, Tom, mumbled.

         “Yep, she's drugged and bound, I'm going to the flat... how 'bout you?”I answered.

         “No luck on my end.”

         And with that we hung up.

         I arrived at the flat a couple of minutes later. I grabbed my prisoner and brought her into my room. It was a wide room with a four poster bed, a bedside table, a dresser, a table and two chairs. I undid the rope that bound her and put her sitting on one of the chairs. I grabbed more rope, longer this time, and tied her wrists behind the chair back. Then more rope went around her torso, bringing her beautiful breasts full out. I felt my privates begin to harden, and lowered my gaze and tied her legs together and to the left rung of the chair. Then, for security I tied her upper legs to the seat of the chair. I went to the table and picked another dust mask, Tom thought they were more effective than gags because “what's the fun of being a kidnapper when you can't hear your captive's whimpers and moans?” In some ways I agreed with him, as long as we were alone and isolated. We wouldn't want the wrong people to hear those noises. I picked up a spray can and I sprayed the inside of the mask with a light chemical that would leave her mouth incapacitated for talking and would allow me to talk to her. I quickly switched the masks, throwing the old one out. I went to the window and saw Tom arrive . I went to the main room, locking the door behind me.

_       My vision slowly cleared and I started to look around for my captor. I was in a dimly lit room with very little furniture. I tried moving but then I realized that I was bound tightly. I tried to scream but no sound came out. I realized that I had a dust mask over my mouth and nose, but why I was muted I didn't know, neither did I know why I was abducted! I wondered if this was a trick made by Amy and the rest of the guys from work. But just then I heard the lock turn and open.

         The man that came in was completely covered in black. He had a black shirt, black pants, black leather boots and black leather gloves. He also wore a black mask, which really frightened me. I didn't want to know what he came here to do. And then he spoke:

         “Well, you must be wondering what you're doing here. Well, you are a future slave. I drugged you so that if you do somehow free yourself, you won't know where you are, and all the people here are even less friendlier than I am so count your blessings.”

         I felt myself go pale, I could not believe it, I was going to become a slave!!!! I wanted to scream out at him but nothing came out apart from muffles. He must have heard my muffled commentary because he said

         “Ah, yes, you have been slightly drugged with a chemical that disables your mouth while you wear that mask. Don't bother trying to hold your breath, it will just make life harder for you.”

         The door opened and a thirty something man came in. “Hey James, let's see the girl.”

         So my captor's name was James, It was a nice name for a horrible man. James stood to the side so his partner could take a look at me. I felt like I was an animal at the zoo.

         “Well, you have good tastes; what's her name again?” Asked James' partner.

         “Her name is Bridgette, so what news is there Tom?” James answered.

         “A very nice name for a very beautiful lady. Well, the boss said yeah, you can have your fun with her and Meg will be coming tomorrow to inspect her.” Tom touched my face and fondled my breasts, then turned around and left.

         “So that was the dirty bastard's plan, he was going to rape me and then leave me for 'Meg' to inspect me” I thought.

         “I'm going to need to drug you again, don't want you escaping, we are going to have a fun night together.” James said

         And with that he grabbed a dust mask, switched them with the expertise of someone who has done this before, and I was knocked out.

         I watched her head loll to one side and as I untied her, I smelled the sweet fragrance of her hair, making me even hornier. I carried her over my shoulder and laid her on the bed. I tied her wrists to the bed posts and then her ankles, leaving her spreadeagled on the bed. Then I grabbed my knife from my pocket and cut her clothes up and left her completely naked. I put my knife on the bedside table and I switched her masks again. While she woke up I left for a couple of minutes to grab a quick bite.

         As my eyes adjusted from being drugged I saw that I was lying spreadeagled on the bed, I felt a light breeze and then I realized that I was stripped, my clothes lying in a ripped pile on the floor.

         Then I heard the door open and in comes my captor, still in his black attire. He goes up to me strokes my face, probably checking to see if I'm awake.

         He then proceeds in removing his gloves, untied his shoes, took of his socks and then, he took off his shirt. For an evil guy like him, he looked very handsome, like one of those guys for the Jockey ads. He then removed his pants and his underwear, showing his privates at attention. Finally, he removed his black mask.

         He was much younger than I expected. He had dark hair that fell over his forehead and his eyes were a soft brown that seemed much kinder than he actually was. He approached me and said

         “This is going to be a fun night” He stroked me again, and got on the bed. He propped himself on his elbows and took off my mask. He threw it to the ground and kissed me at the same time that he lowered his dick on me. He did it all with a kindness that I had not seen before and I returned the kiss passionately. He then grabbed his knife from the bedside table and cut my wrists free from the bed posts. Instead of trying to flee, I just wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing him closer to me.

The next morning, I woke up and looked at Bridgette, she was sleeping very peacefully. I kissed her on the lips and her eyes fluttered open.

         “Good morning sunshine” I said.

         Good mornin...” She broke off “you're not going to gag me?”

         “Unless you really want me to” I answered with an evil smile.

         “No, thanks” She kissed me back.

         KNOCK, KNOCK

         “uh oh, that might be Meg” I looked at the clock, “I thought she was going to be here at 5.”

         I got up, grabbed a mask, doped it, and turned around to face Bridgette.

         “Sorry” I mumbled.

         She took my face in her hands and next thing I knew, she was kissing me hungrily.

         “It's OK...” she answered.

         I put the mask on her and I watched her voice disappear. I tied her arms again and put my clothes on, however, I didn't put my mask back on because there was no need to hide my face anymore. After I made sure that everything looked good, I opened the door.

         “Ah..James, it's always such a pleasure to see you” Looking back at me was one the meanest woman on the planet. Meghan, or Meg as she preferred to be called, worked alongside me and Tom, but our boss trusted her good enough to tell what women were good enough or not for him. She was the slave's master and she handled all the discipline. Seeing her without her trusty whip was quite surprising.

         “Meg, how are you?” I answered in the coldest voice I could muster.

         “Very good, do I smell sex in the air?” she asked just as coldly as I did.

         Without waiting for an answer, she went inside the room, pushing me aside. She went straight to the bed and looked at Bridgette. She went around the bed, pinched her, touched her quite passionately.

         She then turned to me and said “she is a good pick, you obviously had some fun with her, so I'm going to as well. You may leave.”

         And with that I left.

         That Meg woman scared me. She was touching me in places that I did not want her to touch me. When she dismissed James, I felt the last bit of hope leave me. After yesterday night I really had second thoughts about him. Meg then proceeded to strip herself and position herself on top of me. After   some minutes that seemed like hours in which she humped me, I saw a vase hovering above her head. Next thing I knew, Meg was limp over my body and James was standing over me, with the other half of the vase in his hand. He took out his knife and cut my bonds loose. He then grabbed a mask and put it over her mouth. I took mine off. And he handed me some clothes. They were brand new, they even had the tag on them.

         “We've got to hurry, Tom's gone out for a couple of minutes, I'll drive you over to work and then I'll come back.” He said.

         I dressed and we got into the car. As we drove down, James made a sharp curve.

         “Shit, Tom's back early.” He cursed.

         “Do they know where my house is?” I asked.

         “I don't think so, why?”

         “Why don't we go to my house???”

         20 minutes later, we're inside my house. I start heating some food up and I notice that James is still in the parlour.

         “Come on, get over here, don't you want to eat?” I ask

         “I'm sorry, I feel like I'm intruding your life. First I kidnap you, then I have sex with you and now I'm in your home.” He answers.

         “I don't care about that, you are a very kind guy and I like that.”I say.

         Then I go over and kiss him.

         “But first I need a bath.” I say.

         “May I join you?” He asks, the devilish glean back in his eyes.

         “I would be honoured.”

         We get inside the bathroom and have our fun. He washes me and I wash him. And then we dry each other.

         Once we get back in the kitchen, I ask him about his employer.

         “Oh, his name is Zail, he can be very mean or very passive at times, it depends if he had a good night with someone or not.”He answers

         “ But I wonder what happens when he finds out his son has knocked out his right hand woman to be with a bitch?” Said a cold voice.

         James and I turn to look at Meg holding a gun to our faces.

         “What! You are Zail's son?”I asked, mortified.

         “What you haven't told her yet James? How kind of you.” Meg says, loving every moment of this.

         “I... w-was going to tell you....”James starts explaining.

         I couldn't look at him, I felt tears  coming to my eyes. The first man that I fall in love with and he has to be a bastard whose father runs a slavery company. I didn't know what to do.

         “Bridgette...” James started.

         “ENOUGH! I won't have any more of this nonsense. James, tie her up and then Tom, tie James up as well.” Ordered Meg.

         Tom handed James the rope and he proceeded to tying me up. He crossed my arms behind my back and tied them up tightly. He then tied my arms to my torso. Lastly he tied my legs together and laid me on the ground. Meg then grabbed a dust mask from Tom and pressed it to my face, snapping the elastics to the back of my ears. I slowly lost consciousness and the last thing I remember was Meg saying “you know what, why don't we have some fun with James?”

         Meg grabbed the left over rope and tied my wrists together and then tied them to my chest. While that Tom tied my legs together. When they were finished they ripped my clothes off and started attacking me. They made my prick stand at attention and they were both attacking me, Meg in the front and Tom in the back. They were enjoying themselves when all of a sudden, Meg's cell rang

To be continued....

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