Autumn Rhaine

By Never 118

Autumn Rhaine (and how she had given her parents Hell for that name) checked her long blond hair in the mirror one last time before turning her attentions to her clothes.  It fell straight, framing her elfin face and large grey eyes perfectly.  She smiled to herself as she smoothed down the front of her emerald green silk blouse and tucked it into the waistband of the knee length black satin skirt she wore, slit up the back for easier movement.  She accessorised with a broad black leather belt.  Sitting on her large, plush bed with its white satin sheets, she pulled on the knee-length black leather boots and zipped them up.  When she stood, Autumn was three inches taller than she had been.

She admired herself in the mirror.  Perky but not overly large breasts, slender waist, long legs and a good backside, all shown off perfectly by her clothes.  She nodded to herself and plucked up the black satin finish three-quarter-length trench coat with its wide collar and broad belt.  Putting it on, she did it up fully, belted it, and then added the final touch.  A large, emerald silk scarf folded into a broad band and tied as a cravat around her throat to keep the wind out.  

Looking in the mirror again, Autumn gave herself an approving nod, picked up her shoulder bag, and made for the door…

At twenty-three, Autumn was one of the youngest people at the station, and certainly the youngest investigative reporter.  However, her ability to get stories was second-to-none, and she had become a regular fixture on the news desk.  As she made her way through the car-park to her car, feeling and looking like a million dollars, she reflected that things had been going well.  The Jaguar XF parked in her reserved spot seemed to testify to that fact.

She was approaching her car when she heard the footsteps behind her.  That wasn't all that strange, she mused.  It was a public car-park after all.  She wasn't really paying that much attention as she got to the side of the Jaguar, pausing to check her phone for messages before she climbed in.  

As she slid the phone back into her bag, she became aware of the woman behind her.  As she turned, she got a good look.  Roughly twenty-five years old, long, cascading chestnut hair that fell in smooth waves, grey eyes, perfect features, long legs, good breasts, and slender hips.  The woman wore a fitted black satin shirt, a grey waistcoat, a knee length grey skirt slit up the back, a black leather belt, black boots that reached her knees, and an ankle length grey coat with a belt.  Her hair was held back by a broad grey silk scarf tied in a wide band through her hair, knotted at the base of her skull, the trailing ends sweeping down over her shoulder.

"Miss Rhaine?" The woman said uncertainly.

"That's me," Autumn answered happily, always thrilled at recognition.

"Oh, good.  I was wondering if I could ask you for an autograph," the woman said.

"Certainly," Autumn replied.  She looked for a pen in her bag and then at the woman.  "Do you have something I can sign?"

"Sure," the woman replied, already searching through her own shoulder bag.  

"Oh, how rude of me," Autumn exclaimed suddenly.  "I haven't asked your name," she said.  The woman smiled a dazzling smile and struck out her hand.

"Lara da Silva," she said.

"Nice to meet you Lara," Autumn said.  "Did you find it?"

"Oh, no," Lara responded after a moment of rummaging.  "I think I've forgotten it at home.  I'm so sorry to have wasted your time.  Perhaps I can catch you tomorrow?"

"No, don't be silly," Autumn said.  She checked her watch.  Still plenty of time to get to the studios.  "Come on up to the flat and I'll sign a photograph for you," she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course," Autumn said happily.  She gestured towards the apartment building again and led the woman inside.

By the time they reached the penthouse apartment that Autumn lived in, she had already decided that Lara was a discerning and charming woman who was worth keeping in touch with.  She was witty, insightful, and had a keen interest in investigative journalism, and especially organised crime.  As they came through the front door, Autumn was already thinking about how to ask this gorgeous young woman with a voice like sex and honey for her number.  

"Have a seat," Autumn said, flicking her hand at one of the large chairs that dominated the room.  She found a photograph and a pen and scribbled her signature in her large, sweeping script, and returned to the front room.  Lara beamed at her happily as she took the photograph and swept Autumn into a close embrace.  Autumn got a breath of Lara's sweet scent.

"Oh, thank you, Miss Rhaine," Lara gushed.

"Please, call me Autumn," she replied.

"I feel like you and I are going to be very good friends," Lara added, pulling back for a moment, then drawing Autumn in again.  Lost in Lara's heady scent, Autumn drew her close for a moment, sliding her lips into the woman's neck.  

"I'd like that," she whispered.

At that point, something changed and Autumn wasn't quite sure what.  For a moment, she thought she had overstepped the mark.  Then she felt something press against her stomach and she stepped back, knowing almost immediately what it had been.  The barrel of a Walther P99 glinted between them, menacing in the low light.

"Not a sound, sweetheart," Lara said firmly.  "I really don't want to hurt you."

"What do you want?" Autumn said, raising her hands lamely.  She couldn't decide whether she should be angry or upset.  Or turned on.  She did know that her breathing had sped up dramatically, and her chest started to move up and down quickly.

"For now, I want you to do as you're told, my love.  Now turn around and put your hands behind your back.  I need to tie you up."

"What? Oh, come on! That only happens  in film, surely!"

"I can shoot you if you like?"

"Good point," Autumn conceded meekly.  She turned and reluctantly put her hands behind her.  Lara fished in her bag one-handed and removed a pair of handcuffs.  She locked them tightly around Autumn's wrists and then placed the gun on the table.  Autumn's heart rate slowed, but only slightly.  The gun was still very close, and very real.  "Good girl.  Now, hold still a minute."

"What for?"

"You're being kidnapped, darling.  It would be pretty useless if you weren't gagged as well.  I've got some tape," Lara explained.

"No, don't," Autumn blurted.

"Sorry," Lara said, coldly.

"Don't use tape.  Use my scarf.  Please."

"Well," Lara started, walking around in front of Autumn.  She lifted her hand to the cravat, stroking it gently between finger and thumb.  "It is much prettier," she conceded.  

Without another word, Lara slipped the lustrous silk from around Autumn's neck, sliding it over her skin with erotic slowness, and folded it into a wide band.  She tied a large knot in the centre which she held up to Autumn's mouth.  "Take the gag, darling, or I will use a whole roll of tape on you," she said.  Autumn was confused at first, not realising how the gag would be applied.  She thought they were just tied over the mouth, surely!? Lara repeated the demand.  "Open your mouth, Autumn, dear," she purred.

Autumn opened her mouth and Lara jammed the knot between her teeth.  She stepped behind Autumn and pulled both ends firmly, tipping Autumn's head forward so she didn't trap any hair and knotting the gag inextricably between the petite blond's lips.  "Right.  Don't try and get it out.  Come with me.  I'm going to replace the cuffs with rope.  It will be tighter, but there's a bit more give in it and it's softer.  Okay?"

Autumn nodded meekly.  The woman smiled thinly at her and checked the knot on her gag.  Then she produced some rope from her bag and proceeded to loop it around Autumn's upper body, pinning her arms to her sides firmly.  She wound it twice around Autumn's chest below her breasts, then twice above them.  The ropes pulled tight and Autumn sucked in air through her nose in surprise.  Lara didn't pay much attention, looping the ropes expertly around each other to form a harness that followed up and around the back of Autumn's neck and then down the other side, cinching the ropes under her arms and forming a tight bond, which, although firm, Autumn realised was not all that uncomfortable.

Lara removed the handcuffs, though Autumn knew better than to try and break free.  She allowed Lara to wind rope around her wrists, then pass it between her wrists and form a tight cinch knot.  Lara checked her knots carefully, testing them twice each.  She took Autumn by the arm and guided her to the sofa, lowering her into it carefully and then crouching in front of her.  

"I'm going to tie your ankles and knees now, darling," Lara told her soothingly.  "It won't hurt, but it will be snug.  Don't take it personally, will you?"

Autumn shook her head weakly, watching as the woman produced yet more ropes, winding them around her ankles securely, then slipping up her skirt so that she could bind her knees together with a tight cinch.  Autumn also noted that the ropes tying her ankles had been wound between her feet and the heels of her boots, further immobilising her and making it difficult to feel her feet properly.  She softly moaned into her gag as Lara finished tying the knots, her eyes wide as the chestnut haired beauty before her stood up, admiring her work.  

"You look very pretty," she said, finally.

"Nnnk www," Autumn murmured pathetically.

"We'll be waiting here for a short while, darling," Lara said, sitting next to her demurely, reaching an arm around her slender shoulders and pulling her close.  Autumn slid into Lara's body, feeling the warmth radiating from her.  She whimpered into her gag as she slid into her captor.  Lara adjusted her position, rolling Autumn over so that she was lying with her back on the thick cushions of the sofa, with the brunette beauty kneeling above her.  Autumn looked up with wide eyes as Lara hitched her skirt up slightly to straddle her, then lowered herself down slowly onto Autumn's body, running a hand up the side of the bound girl's body.  Autumn shivered involuntarily, somehow aroused by the feeling.  She wasn't sure if it was the feel of her own satin shirt on her skin, or the ropes, or Lara's warm touch, or a combination of everything.

"I think we should get to know each other.  Don't you?"

"Nww," she moaned.  

"Aw, sweetie," Lara whispered as she drew closer, her hair spilling over Autum in fragrant swathes.  "Don't get cranky."

Without another word, Lara's lips pressed themselves over Autumn's mouth, her tongue flicking at her teeth and her bottom lip, caressing the silken gag that kept her quiet.  Autumn moaned softly, pressing herself into the kiss a little more.  Lara drew back, chuckling.  "Oh dear, darling.  You're starting to like this," she whispered, surprising Autumn, largely because she knew it was true.  She craned her neck slightly to the side, and Lara needed no further invitation, dipping her mouth to kiss and lick her neck and earlobes.  

"Well now," Lara announced after a while, straightening.  "This is fun.  Your nipples are the naughty side of hard, sweetie."

"Mmm hmm," Autumn said, smiling despite herself.  Something about the helplessness of her situation, coupled with Lara's beauty, was turning her on.  She felt warmth spread through her, wishing she was free to take full advantage of the girl that sat astride her.  Lara carried on teasing her, lips and teeth nipping at Autumn's body and soft skin, her warm, sweet breath whispering over her body.

"But the problem is," whispered Lara, kissing Autumn's nose, then her chin, then her cheeks.  "Soon, Mister Toretto will be here, and he will want a word with you," Lara said, draping herself lazily into the gap between Autumn's body and the back of the sofa, her leg flopping seductively over Autumn.  "What can we do about that, eh?"  

Autumn froze.  The mere mention of Toretto was something that terrified her.  She had been following his criminal enterprise for a while, and was in the middle of a large exposé of his latest list of crimes.  It had been him that had sent this gorgeous kidnapper after her.

"I'm not sure I want Carmine to do his worst," Lara said, kissing Autumn again, sliding her hand along her stomach gently.  "But then, I don't want him to do his worst to me, either," she added.  She drew Autumn's body to her, rolling her so that they were facing each other, then reached up to her own shirt, slipping the buttons of her waistcoat and then the satin shirt free, exposing her bra. Autumn sighed despite herself, wishing Lara would go further.  Her eyes were drawn to her black satin bra, drinking in the ample breasts within.  She was now feeling incredibly hot, flushing as she stared hungrily at the woman in front of her.

"Tell you what, darling.  You look after me, and I'll look after you, okay? Nobody needs to be hurt, right?" Autumn nodded eagerly.  Lara grinned and pulled her bra down, letting her ample breasts spill out.  "Now, if I take the gag out, will you promise not to scream?"

Autumn nodded.  Lara slipped the knot out of her mouth, leaving the moist silk dangling around her neck.  She sat up, pulling Autumn up slightly, then laid the bound girl across her knees, propped up against the arm of the sofa, bound and wriggling.  "Kiss me, darling," Lara instructed.

Autumn didn't need any encouragement, leaning forward and letting her lips find Lara's, their tongues meeting briefly, flicking at each other's teeth.  Autumn wished her hands were free, wished she could hold Lara close to her, enjoy her warmth and the strength of her body despite her fear of both Lara and Toretto, who had sent her.  Lara bit her bottom lip softly, sucking and then letting go, allowing Autumn to sink back to the sofa.  She sighed happily, despite her situation.  Lara slipped an arm around her shoulders and gently lifted her up again, sliding her legs back to the ground so that they were sat next to each other.

"I'd like you to kiss my breasts now, sweetie," Lara whispered, her voice husky.  Autumn nodded without thinking, fully entranced by the gorgeous woman that dominated her.  She allowed Lara to guide her head down, kissing both of her breasts softly, licking her nipples.  Lara purred happily, guiding her from one breast to the other.  She held Autumn close as she slipped back onto the sofa, wiggling around so that Autumn lay on top of her between her legs.  

Autumn looked up, resting her chin lightly on Lara's sternum.

"Miss da Silva," she said, softly.  Lara looked down at her.  "Carmine Toretto's going to kill me, isn't he?"

"What have you got on him," Lara asked, folding her legs around Autumn gently and pulling her up so that their breasts touched and they were face to face.  Autumn's gag dangled around her neck, the silky ends brushing Lara's naked breasts, making her sigh.

"Proof that he's involved in drug trafficking, chop shops, and illegal gambling, not to mention a murder from two years ago I can prove he definitely did."

"Why don't the police have this?"

"Somebody in the department is crooked," Autumn said, letting her head flop into the nape of Lara's neck.  

"I see," Lara said, stroking her hair absently.  

"Are you going to let him?" She asked, her heart pounding.  Lara paused a long time before answering.

"No," she said finally.  "But this is going to take some planning.  I think Toretto should probably go down.  But he pays my wages, darling.  Can't bite the hand that feeds."

"So, what happens now?"

"I'll think of a way around this, don't worry."


"Not sure, but he'll be here soon," Lara told her.  Autumn nestled her head back, feeling safer now that Lara had drawn her close.  She shifted slightly.

"Miss da Silva?"

"Yes, darling?"

"Will you put the gag back in?"


"I like it.  It's sexy," Autumn said, surprising herself.

"Oh," Lara seemed surprised.  She sat up, levering Autumn up with her.  "Are you sure?"

"Yes, please.  Gag me," Autumn said.

"Suit yourself," Lara said.  She reached up, lifting the knotted gag back between Autumn's teeth and securing the knot again.  "I'll have a think while you enjoy yourself," she said.

Autumn lay, bound and gagged, for ten minutes, squirming and feeling the tightness of the ropes against her skin.  She decided after a while that she should probably make an effort to escape, if for nothing other than the journalistic endeavour.  She squirmed into a sitting position, then attempted to push herself to her feed.  It was harder than she had thought, and she realised how simplistic all those dramas she had watched were.  It was much harder pulling herself up than she had ever imagined, and by the time she was halfway up she was breathing heavily, her chest heaving.  She was still worried about the prospect of Carmine Toretto, and despite Lara's claim that she would help, Autumn was not certain she was safe yet.  She started wriggling her way towards the phone, enjoying the tightness of her ropes and gag, the strain of her breasts against her silk shirt, and the sensual grip of the ropes.  She breathed heavily into her gag, finally reaching the phone and leaning on the desk to get her breath back.  She tried to work out now how to pick up the phone, then realised the futility of it given the gag that kept her so effectively silent.  She smiled, despite herself.  Lara was certainly good at this.

Autumn looked around for something to attack her ropes with, spying a letter opener her father had given her and she'd never really bothered with before now.  She stretched to reach for it, not quite able to reach.  Autumn sighed and shuffled along the length of the desk, arching backwards to reach again for the letter opener, enjoying the way the ropes pulled her silk shirt tightly across her smooth skin.  She smiled to herself, finally sliding the letter opener between her fingers and pulling it into her hand.  Autumn began to half-heartedly saw at the ropes around her wrists.  She was enjoying her captivity, even more so when Lara walked in to tell her that Toretto was going to take at least two hours to get to them, and that gave them plenty of time to figure out a plan.  She had almost forgotten what she was doing when Lara cocked an eyebrow at her half-hearted attempts to escape.  "Going somewhere?"

"Nww…" Autumn said through the silk gag.  Lara gripped her by the upper arm and guided her to the sofa.  

"Maybe I should hog-tie you? Or a crotch rope?" She said, lowering Autumn into a sitting position.

Autumn squirmed into a half-sitting position and Lara glided into the chair, smoothly lifting Autumn's legs onto her own lap and drawing her close.  Autumn allowed herself to be pulled in, nestling close, noting that Lara had removed her coat.  The brunette kissed her lips softly, then gently eased the gag out of her mouth.  This time, Lara untied the scarf and draped it over the arm of the sofa.

"Kiss me again," Autumn whispered hungrily.

"This is hardly the correct relationship for a kidnapper and victim," Lara said.

"I've got Stockholm syndrome," Autumn told her with a smile.

"Evidently," Lara responded, kissing her.

"Did you come up with a plan?"

"Yes.  Not a great one, but a plan."

"What is it?"

"First, I need to untie you."

"Then what?"

"You're going to tie me up," Lara said, kissing her again.

"Good plan," Autumn sighed.

"For you," Lara said.

"You didn't have to tell me.  I think you secretly like the plan," Autumn giggled.

"Be serious, would you?"

"Sorry.  I'm very grateful," Autumn said.

"Good.  Now, let's get these undone."

"Remind me again why this is a good plan?" Autumn said, winding ropes around Lara's wrists.  "Why can't we both just run away together? It's very risky for you, isn't it?"

"Your running away plan isn't any less risky, love," Lara told her over her shoulder.  "Toretto has a way to find me, and I'm less high profile than you.  Killing me will barely make the papers.  No way I can run."

"And this is better?"

"It's mildly better," Lara said, smiling.

"Okay then," Autumn said.  She stood up, admiring her work on Lara's wrists.  "How does that feel, sweetie?"

"Firm," Lara sighed.  "Best do the rest, babe," she added.

In fifteen minutes, with Lara's instructions, Autumn tied her upper arms to her body, winding ropes above and below her breasts, her knees, and her ankles, cinching the ropes firmly each time.  Lara tested the ropes.

"You're good at this," she said.


"Right.  I had a couple more ideas."


"Well, obviously you need to gag me."

"Obviously," Autumn said with a grin.  "What else?"

"Roll me up in the sheets, tie me into them, and leave me on the bed."


"Because then I definitely couldn't have escaped, could I?"

"Oh.  Good point.  Come on then," Autumn conceded.  She helped Lara hop to the bed where she helped her lie down gently and then started to gather the satin sheets around her.

"Hold on," Autumn muttered, standing over her helpless prisoner, smiling.


"How long have we got?"

"Half an hour?"

"So we have time."

"For what?"

Autumn didn't bother answering.  She simply dipped her hands to Lara's waistband, slipped open her belt, her skirt, and pulled both down to expose Lara's black satin thong.  She gasped, but there was a smile on her face.  Autumn pulled the thong down, climbed onto the bed, and brought Lara into her arms.

Lara squirmed slightly, lifting her legs so that Autumn could slip her hands beneath her, fingering her exposed sensitive skin.  She stroked it gently, grinning down at Lara.  "Bet your last boyfriend didn't manage that, did he?"

"No," Lara admitted.  "Can you keep doing it?"

"For a few more minutes, sure," Autumn said with a grin.

She continued stroking with one hand, and with the other started to tease Lara's nipples, gently stroking them into a hard bud.  Lara moaned beneath her, writhing as Autumn's hands stroked over her flesh.  "Use your tongue," Lara whispered.

"Good idea," Autumn said.  She rolled Lara onto her side, shifted the bound girl's legs so they were out of the way, and slipped behind her.  A moment later Lara felt the soft, warm touch of her tongue sliding over her already moist flesh.  She shuddered as Autumn's tongue started to move faster.  Autumn reached a hand round and continued to caress her breasts.

"Oh, boy," Lara moaned.

"Having fun?"

"Oh, yes," Lara sighed, shuddering again as Autumn's tongue probed further.  "But you need to go."

"I know."

"Gag me, then," Lara whispered.

"Okay.  Open up," Autumn said, lifting the emerald green scarf she had worn as a gag moments earlier.  

"Not that one, sweetie," Lara said.  "Use a clean one.  One that matches," she added.

"Okay," Autumn said.  She grinned.  "Want your skirt up, or down?"

"Up, babe.  I don't want Toretto getting ideas."

"Good point," Autumn said, sliding Lara's thong and skirt up so that she was covered again.  She then moved to the chest of drawers and opened it.  "Got a preference for colour?"

"Black or grey?"


"Lovely," Lara whispered.

Autumn appeared with a long satin scarf with a wide black border and diagonal black and grey strips along its length.  She helped Lara to sit up and then draped the scarf around her neck, playing the ends across her chest seductively.  She held the centre of the scarf at the back of Lara's head and then wound the long satin between her lips twice, knotting it firmly at the base of her skull.  She stood back, smiling.

"You look hot," she said.

"Nnnkph," Lara responded around her satin gag.  She squirmed a little, her breasts straining at the ropes around her chest.  She was smiling.  Autumn sat next to her, kissed her cheek, then her lips.  "Gww," Lara told her.

"Okay.  Lie back.  Let's get you all rolled up."

Lara lay back on the satin sheets, and allowed Autumn to roll her up in them, bringing the satin tight around her body and making sure she was fully wrapped.  Lara moaned sensually into her gag as Autumn found some more rope and wound it around her at the chest, waist, knees, and ankles, knotting it securely each time.


"Mmm hmm," Lara moaned.

"Good.  Okay, I better go.  Bye, sweetie.  Look me up when you get out of this, okay?"

"Mmm hmm," Lara replied, wriggling on the bed.

Autumn hurried to the door, pausing to look back.  She grinned suddenly, looked at her watch, and then came back, hopping onto the bed and straddling Lara.  "I don't need to go just yet," she said with a grin.  "We've got at least ten minutes before he gets here. We can do plenty in that time," she explained, reaching up to unbutton her blouse.  Before Lara could make a sound, Autumn had her blouse open and was pulling the bound and gagged girl's head into her chest, pressing her breasts against Lara's lips.

Lara moaned softly and tried her best to kiss the soft flesh she was presented with.  She sighed and pressed her lips against Autumn's body, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation.  Autumn paused, tilting Lara's head back and kissing her gently.  Lara kissed back as best she could, pressing her satin cocooned body against her captor.  

"Oh God," Autumn moaned.  "I shouldn't have wrapped you up so early.  I want to play with you again," she whispered.   Lara chuckled softly, smiling behind the satin gag.  

"Gww," Lara sighed.  "Pllmmmph."

"Okay, babes," Autumn said, kissing her again, then lowering Lara back onto the bed.  She slid off the bound girl and started to do her blouse up, watching Lara squirm and moan contentedly into her gag.  Autumn buttoned her blouse and then buckled her wide leather belt again, looking for her coat.

She buttoned the coat, belted it, and then moved towards the door, pausing to say goodbye as she reached for the handle.  Lara responded with a content sigh, wriggling still in her satin prison.

Autumn pulled the door open, smiling to herself as she did so, and walked straight into a large man in a dark coat…

Lara was surprised to hear Autumn walk back into the room, though even more surprised to hear the man in the dark coat call a greeting to her.  She tried to sit up, but had to content herself with craning her neck.  Toretto pushed Autumn into the room roughly.  

He was a tall, grey haired man with deep lines across his face and flint grey eyes.  He looked down at Lara with a knowing smile.  "She get away, did she? Tell you what, then.  I'll get her tied down, and then we'll decide what to do with you," he rumbled.  Lara tried to say something, but managed only faint gurgles.

Toretto produced some bundles of rope from a bag he had slung on his shoulder and proceeded to tie Autumn up roughly.  He tied her wrists and elbows behind her, making her chest push forwards and strain at her coat.  He then fashioned a harness for her chest and upper arms, tying it in a tight, intricate web.  He forced Autumn to sit down while he bound her ankles and knees together, adding ropes above and below the knee and pulling them tightly.  Autumn sat motionless and scared as he worked.

He looked at Lara again, grinning evilly.

"Well now.  Let's get you two better acquainted."

"What are you going to do? I thought you were going to kill me," Autumn said quietly.  Toretto looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Kill you? No," he mused.  "It would be too obvious," he added.

Autumn watched as he crossed to Lara and carefully sat her up, loosening the ropes around her satin cocoon.  Lara squirmed to try and get away, but it was no use.  Toretto pulled her up onto her feet and untied her hands and upper arms.  He did the same for Autumn a moment later.

The two girls held on to each other, whimpering, as Toretto stood over them.  He grinned suddenly, like a wolf.  "Take your shirts off, the pair of you.  Quickly.  And your bras," Toretto told them, his voice hard and cruel.  His face was split by a wicked grin as he watched both Autumn and Lara unbutton their satin shirts and peel them off.  They stood facing him as they took their bras off, both trying to cover their breasts with their hands, Lara still firmly gagged.

"Put your arms around each other," Toretto told them.

"What for?"

"Just do it," he said.  The two girls looked at each other, then gently wrapped their arms around each other, Lara threading her arms under Autumn's.  They were pressed tightly together, their breasts touching, their mouths close to each other.  Lara shuddered slightly with excitement, despite herself.

Toretto bound Lara's wrists together tightly, then repositioned Autumn's so that one was below Lara's arm, the other above, and then bound her wrists as well.  Autumn yelped as the ropes dug into her flesh, and Lara pressed her face into Autumn's shoulder, pressing their nipples together.  Toretto wound more rope around their waists, drawing them together and putting them off balance slightly.  He stood back, admiring his work, and then peered at Autumn closely.

"See, thing is, kid, there's no point killing you.  If I do, I paint a big target on me.  People will know I did it.  If I sell you into slavery, same applies.  So I just scare the shit out of you.  I can do this to you.  I could do it to your family.  I could spread these images all over so you never get another job.  You starting to see my point?"

"Yes," replied Autumn, meekly.

"Good.  If I'm honest, this was always part of the plan.  Lara was always going to be tied to you, to make this embarrassing.  It's good of you to have done the hard work for me, because she's a tough broad.  Now.  If it's all the same to you, I'm going to gag you."

"Oh.  Okay.  Will you use my scarf?"

"Suits me, kid," Toretto said, grinning.  He plucked the emerald green scarf from the table and dropped it down over Autumn's head.  "It's kind of strange when your prisoners help you tie them up," he muttered to himself.  "Open up," he added.  Autumn complied, allowing him to pull the silk scarf between her lips and knot it tightly at the base of her skull.  Without another word, he lowered the two bound and gagged girls onto the bed and then stood over them, watching as they writhed against each other.

Toretto produced a camera and took several photographs, making sure he got both girls' faces in the pictures, and then produced a video camera, filming them for ten minutes as they struggled, watching as they got increasingly frantic, and also noting how they grew increasingly stimulated by the feel of each others' bodies.  He folded the camera up and pushed it back into its case, then stood above them again.

"Kill the story.  I can make life bad for you, for your family, for this bitch, and lots more, okay?"

"Mmm hmmm," Autumn responded.

"Good.  Now, just because I didn't kill you this time, doesn't mean I won't.  Kill the story, and this doesn't go on the ether.  Keep the story alive, and I not only drop this onto the internet and all the media channels, but I'll start killing people you care about, clear?"

"Mmm hmm," replied Autumn.  Toretto nodded and turned away.

"Be seeing you," he called over his shoulder…

After the door closed Autumn fought the urge to kiss Lara.  They were in less danger, but they were still gagged and bound and unable to move.  Lara, on the other hand, had pressed herself into Autumn's body and was brushing her lips across her neck, her chin, her cheek, and finally her lips.  A satisfied moan escaped Autumn's throat and she responded.

Within moments, Autumn had forgotten about getting free and was content to lie bound to the woman in front of her, kissing and stroking each other.  Autumn pulled Lara on top of her, pressing her lips against hers despite their gags.  She could feel her nipples harden, and the heat radiate off Lara's body.  She started to squirm against the ropes and the gag.

Lara pressed into her, rubbing her breasts against Autumn firmly.  Autumn moaned, pulling Lara against her hard.  She could feel a warmth growing in her, and she pressed her lips against Lara's tight.  Lara responded.

As they continued grinding their bodies together, their gagged mouths pressed together, Autumn shuddered with pleasure.  She then felt Lara's mouth move to one side, her teeth probing at the silk that gagged Autumn, and started to pull down on it.  Autumn got the hang of it and between them they managed to manoeuver the silk gag out of Autumn's mouth so it dropped down around her neck.  In a moment, they had managed to pull Lara's out in the same way.

"Hi," Autumn said dreamily.

"Hello," replied Lara.  They kissed gently, then more forcefully.

"Should we get out of this?"



"Give me a few minutes," said Lara.  "I reckon I can finish you off like this," she added.  Autumn grinned.

"I don't think it will take much," she said.

"I'd best get started then," Lara said, pressing her lips against Autumn's neck.  She felt the blond shudder at her touch and grinned to herself.

"Funny that he thought this would deter us," Autumn mused.

"Well, he did threaten to kill our families.  You are stopping the story, right?"

"Yes," Autumn said.

"Oh good."

"What do we do when we get untied?"

"We find new ways to tie each other up and fuck each others' brains out.  How does that sound?"

"I like it," Autumn said.

"Good.  Now hold still," Lara whispered.

Lara and Autumn spent the next three hours in various states of nudity and bondage.  By the end of the day they were both sore and exhausted, though blissful in each others' arms as they lay side by side, swathed in satin sheets.  As Lara pulled the silk gag out of Autumn's mouth to kiss her one last time as they started to doze off, they smiled at each other, appreciating the strangeness of the fact that they had met through bondage, and a shared interest in it would lead to them staying together for a long time.


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