The Auditor

By R. B.

Part 3: Rescued

It seemed that I had been trapped for eternity in my dreadful prison.  There was no way of knowing how long I had been there.  I was in such strict and agonising bondage that I could hardly move, and constant aches and pains racked my body.  I was totally blindfolded, and had not seen even a glimmer of light since that brief glimpse of the Adonis who had kissed my breasts and given me the most wonderful orgasm I had ever known.  Nor could I hear anything except for a perpetual roar and banging in my ears.  Sleep was so difficult; I doubted that I had slept continuously for more than a few minutes since this torment started, as I was constantly being jerked awake by a particularly loud bang from the earphones.

The tube in my mouth, through which I was fed, was probably not a very effective gag, but there was no point in trying to shout.  Who could possibly hear me, other than my captors? My mouth was always wide open, so my jaw ached, and the inside of my mouth was always parched.  Whatever they poured down the tube went straight into my throat, never wetting my mouth.

The huge vibrator buried inside me never ever stopped, but it was never enough to cause an orgasm, so I was in a constant state of extreme frustration.  That, and my sensory deprivation, meant that I had non-stop sexual fantasies.  Mostly, they were about that Adonis.  Who was he?  Would I ever see him again?  Was he also being held prisoner?  Was he even real?  And I seemed to keep hearing his voice saying "I love you".  I loved him too, more than I had ever believed it was possible to love someone.

Then, again I felt someone removing my blindfold.  I held my breath.  Was it him again?  Again, at first I was dazzled and could see nothing.  But then, my vision cleared and there he was, exactly as I remembered him, extremely handsome, bronzed and well muscled, wearing the same tight and skimpy swimming briefs.  Tenderly, he kissed my breasts again.  Once again I orgasmed with a searing intensity even greater than before, bucking and writhing as much as my stringent bonds allowed.

When I had calmed down, he unbuckled the strap around my head, and gently pulled the tube out of my mouth.  I tried to speak, but my mouth was so dry and nothing coherent came out.  He held a cup to my lips with his left hand, and cradled my head in his right hand, and let me drink.  After I indicated that I had had enough, he took the headphones off my head.  Then, in that beautiful deep voice I had heard so often, he said, "I love you, Chloe.  I love you more than life itself.  Will you marry me?"

I was totally taken aback by that.  While I had been constantly fantasising about him, I had never expected him to respond.  Of course, I wanted to marry him, more than anything in the world.  Summoning up all my strength, I croaked, "Yes, yes, yes of course."

A round of applause greeted my statement.  I looked up in astonishment at the group of people gathered at my cell door.  They included an elderly, grey-haired man in clerical garb and two sweet teenaged girls in bridesmaids' dresses.  My rescuer must have been jolly sure that I'd say yes, I marvelled.  While I was looking at the group, the man was busy cutting off the padlocks holding on my bonds with a pair of bolt-cutters.  Before I knew where I was, I was free and he was helping me to my feet.  I needed help to stand, but he gently massaged my naked body all over, starting with my feet and working his way up my shins, my thighs and my back.  As he did so, all my aches and pains seemed to melt away like magic.  The whole thing still seemed to be a dream, and I was not embarrassed to be naked in front of these people.

The bridesmaids passed me a small box.  "Open it, my love," said the man.  I did so, and there was a beautiful diamond ring.  I took it out and put it on my finger.  It almost made me giggle to be standing there stark naked except for an engagement ring!  A bag proved to contain a white satin bra, thong and suspenders, followed by white stockings and high-heeled sandals.  The bridesmaids helped me into them.  Yes, there was a lacy dress, almost ankle length, and a veil, and a bouquet of flowers.  What a pity that there was no mirror.  Surely never in the world was a happier or more radiant bride.

Then the man was standing next to me.  He too had got dressed, in a black suit with a blue tie.  He led me out of the cell and down the corridor to a richly decorated room, and there we had our wedding ceremony, conducted in English.  Everything seemed hazy and I could not concentrate, but somehow  said what I had to.  It was only when I was given several papers to sign that I realised that I didn't even know my new husband's name!  But there it was in the papers, Carlos Castano.  He hugged me, and everyone applauded again.  Still the whole thing made no sense.  Where were the guards; why had they not stopped all this?  How come I knew Carlos' voice?  When I had first seen him, I would never have been able to hear him, with the headphones in my ears.  But what did I care?  I was free and married to a man I loved passionately, unless the whole thing was yet another vibrator-induced fantasy and I was still trussed up and blindfolded in that cell.

Once the ceremony was over and all the photographs taken, my new husband escorted me to a waiting car, an immaculate white Cadillac with a uniformed driver.  Hold on, hadn't I seen a car like that recently?  My mind was clouded, and I could not think straight, so I just leant on my husband and went to sleep.

I awoke with a start as the driver dragged me out of the car.  Why was he being so rough?  Looking around, I saw that we were outside a little cabin in the middle of a forest.  A dirt track led up to the cabin, and no other road was in sight.  The driver opened the cabin door, and Carlos picked me up and carried me over the threshold.  Inside, there was nothing but a few nondecript boxes.  The driver came in and closed the door behind us, and Carlos put me down.  "Right, Chloe," he said, his voice now cold, very different from the tones I knew and loved.  "This is where you'll be staying for a long time.  It will be quite uncomfortable for you, all trussed up, but you'll get used to it."

"Why - Carlos - what do you mean?" I cried, bewildered.

"I mean that now we're married, I'm your husband and I tell you what to do," he replied in the same cold tones, and with a most unpleasant smile on his face.  "And you know that among the papers you signed was one renouncing your British citizenship due to marrying a citizen of Serif.  That's been hand delivered to your embassy, so if they ask about you we can tell them to mind their own business.  You've also signed a letter to your firm resigning your job and explaining you're staying here.  We've posted that off to them together with some nice wedding photos."

I was stunned.  So the whole thing had been a filthy trick by Juan Casals to get me out of the way to cover up his crimes.  Of course, I had been subjected to prolonged sensory deprivation and the vibrator, and no doubt all sorts of drugs, which had totally screwed up my mind.  That's why I fell in love with Carlos.  But what could I do now?  I had no idea where I was, and there were two large and muscular men between me and the door.  I glanced round and noticed that the only window in the cabin was barred.

I flew at Carlos, trying to hit him with my fists, but the driver just grabbed me from behind.  The two of them forced my hands behind my back and handcuffed them.  I screamed, shouted and struggled, and called them every name I could think of, first in English and then in Spanish.  Of course, it did no good, and no doubt there was nobody within earshot.  "You know, Senorita, your Spanish is much better than we gave you credit for," laughed Carlos after I had run out of breath.  "Anyway, I think that you have said enough for the moment."  While the driver held me firmly, Carlos pinched my nose with the thumb and middle finger of his left hand.  With the same fingers of his other hand, he squeezed my cheeks just over my rear teeth.  Accepting the inevitable, I reluctantly opened my mouth and let him push in a rag.  He pinched my lips shut around he rag, and sealed my mouth with several pieces of sticky tape.  Then he put a pad over each of my eyes, and secured them with more tape, blindfolding me very effectively.

While the driver continued to hold me, Carlos cut the straps on my wedding dress, undid the zip and let it fall around my ankles.  My bra and thong soon followed.  He also roughly snatched the rings from my finger.  "I'll let you keep on your stockings and suspenders for the moment, Senorita," he laughed.  "They make you look so cute."

The driver moved me a few feet to the right.  Carlos pulled off my sandals.  "Now let me explain what I am about to do for your discomfort, Senorita," he said, now sounding friendly and chatty.  "You are standing under a sturdy beam  that goes across the cabin, a metre below the ceiling.  I am going to rope your wrists together, and then rope your elbows until they touch.  I will also rope your knees and ankles together tightly.  Then we will lift you up and hook you over the beam so that you are resting on your armpits.  To make sure you stay there, I shall join your elbows and ankles with more rope.  You might call that a vertical hogtie."

I shuddered at the thought of how painful that would be, but there was no way to stop Carlos as he did exactly what he had said.

"Soon I will be back to consummate our marriage, my beloved wife, while you are still gagged, blindfolded and tied up.  Oh, and I shall bring a few friends."  With these cheerful words, Carlos opened the door.  I heard him and the driver leave, then the door slammed shut and I heard a key turn in the lock.

To be Continued

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