The Amorous Burglar

By Mel

Jenny had come home very upset. She had been expecting a hot date, so she had gone dressed in her sexiest clothes – seamed stockings, black lacy bra and thong and red stilettos, but it had been a disaster and she went home early. She drank a bit too much wine to console herself, started to watch the television and fell asleep on the sofa.

She was quite oblivious as a burglar, dressed in a tight catsuit that showed off her excellent figure well and a ski mask, picked the lock on the back door and sneaked in. The burglar saw her asleep. She went up to her, clamped a gloved hand over her mouth and pulled her to the floor. Jenny, taken by surprise, was quite unable to win the wrestling match which soon ended with her lying on the floor and the burglar straddling her back, pinning her down. Jenny was unable to shout, as the gloved hand never left her mouth. Her skirt had ridden up in the struggle, revealing her pert bottom in its black thong.

The burglar gripped Jenny's arm, pulling it behind Jenny as she held a hand over Jenny's mouth. A finger and thumb closed her nose, completely cutting off the air. As Jenny's struggles weakened, the burglar released her nose, and then she reached into her bag, pulling out a large wad of cloth. She began to pack it into Jenny's mouth. Jenny tried to push the cloth out with her tongue, but it was a losing battle. Soon her mouth was filled to bursting and her cheeks bulged. She tried again to shout, but it was completely muffled by the cloth and only mumbles could emerge.

The burglar kept the cloth pressed in with one hand and with the other she pulled out a roll of sticky tape, pulling it between Jenny's teeth. She wrapped it tightly around and around Jenny's head to make a cleave gag, then more turns covered Jenny's mouth from nose to chin. Smoothing it down, she smiled and said “There, that will keep you quiet enough." Taking out several lengths of white cotton rope from the bag, she gripped Jenny's arms, jerked them behind her and pinned her hands palm to palm.

Again, Jenny's struggles were quite futile. The burglar wrapped rope tightly around her wrists and then cinched the bonds. Grabbing Jenny's left hand, she squeezed her fingers together and wrapped tape tightly around them. She did the same with her right hand. Jenny's fingers were now paralysed and useless. More rope went around Jenny’s elbows, tightened until the elbows touched.

The burglar ran fingers down the seams of Jenny's stockings, down to her red stiletto heels. She crossed Jenny's ankles and quickly wrapped them with several turns of rope, tightly cinched. She wrapped the ends of the rope around Jenny's shoes and tied the rope off tight. Then she moved back to Jenny's legs, looping the rope several times below her knees and then above your knees, cinching both bindings. Jenny’s legs were firmly pinned together.

The burglar stood up and smiled as she watched Jenny squirm helplessly on the floor, looking so sexy with her bottom uncovered. The burglar could have enjoyed that for ages, but time was limited. She rolled Jenny over onto her back and then sat her up. She wrapped rope around Jenny's arms and body, above and below her breasts, trapping her arms tightly against her back. "There that should hold you for now," laughed the burglar. "Now let's see what valuables you have in this place."

After the burglar went upstairs, Jenny wriggled back to the sofa and with some effort she managed to climb back onto it. It was far more comfortable than being on the floor, and she was even able to push her skirt back down. She was sure that the burglar would be very disappointed, as she had hardly anything of any value in the house. What were her options? She could not use her phone, because it needed a fingerprint to unlock it and she couldn't do that or press the buttons with her fingers all wrapped up. Her computer was upstairs.

The burglar ransacked the house and was disappointed. She returned to where Jenny was sitting. "Well, you sure don’t have much here," she complained. "But maybe you are the real thing of value here. Let's get a better look at you." She sat down beside Jenny and slid her hand over Jenny's stockinged thighs. She forced her hand between the thighs, so tightly bound together. Then she moved her hands up over Jenny's body and squeezed and massaged her breasts slowly. Having her elbows touching made Jenny’s breasts stand out even more than usual. "Now that is a nice pair you have," said the burglar happily as she looked into Jenny's eyes.

Jenny shuddered as she was groped by this horrid woman and tried to move away, but it was hard to move and the burglar just pulled her back. Jenny was struggling to stay calm, reckoning that the burglar was probably getting enjoyment from frightening her. She realised that it was most unlucky that she was wearing stockings and sexy black satin underwear, as it would probably turn on this intruder even more.

The burglar smiled as she gripped Jenny's blouse, ripping it open with a savage jerk, the buttons flying. She admired the black satin bra. She cupped Jenny's breasts, squeezing them slowly. "Very nice indeed," she said approvingly. She took a pair of scissors and cut the blouse into pieces, leaving Jenny in her bra and skirt with only fragments of sleeve under the elbow bonds. Jenny was livid at the destruction of her favourite blouse, but of course that was the least of her troubles. She could see how much the vile burglar was enjoying this. And she knew that she was completely helpless to stop her doing whatever she wanted to her.

The burglar groped Jenny's breasts for a bit longer. Then she undid the button and zip on Jenny's skirt and pulled it until it came off, fully revealing the black thong and suspender belt that matched the bra. "You're so very sexy," purred the burglar as she slid her hands over Jenny's body, probed between her legs and stroked her mound through her thong

Jenny was getting frantic. This was a nightmare. The burglar had access to her most intimate areas, rubbing her crotch. Jenny protested as much as she could, but the gag was so effective that only incoherent mumbles emerged. Next, the burglar took out the tape again and wrapped several turns around Jenny’s head, covering her eyes until she was totally blindfolded, making her feel even more helpless.

That done, the burglar resumed feeling Jenny’s crotch. Her other hand massaged Jenny’s breasts, then slid under her bra, tweaking her nipples. “You’re such a sexy lady,” said the burglar happily as she slid her fingers under Jenny’s thong and pinched her lower lips. Jenny was absolutely shaking in anger and fear, but somehow her body was reacting to this molestation. She could feel her nipples going hard and her pussy getting moist. How could such a repulsive woman be turning her on?

The burglar pulled Jenny’s bra straps off her shoulders and pulled the cups away from her breasts. Now it was obvious how hard Jenny’s nipples were getting as they were teased. The burglar bent close, sucking them, pulling them with her lips as she kept Jenny pinned to the couch. Her hand probed more and more deeply into Jenny’s pussy and her fingers moved ever faster. “Let's get a really good look at you,” she said, using the knife to cut the thong, pulling it up through Jenny’s pussy. She then to cut the shoulder straps and between the cups of the bra, leaving Jenny naked except for her stockings and heels.

Jenny blushed as her full nakedness was exposed. Never had she felt so helpless, especially now that she was blindfolded. She was completely at the mercy of this ghastly woman, and no doubt she had no mercy. Indeed, the burglar redoubled her groping, squeezing each breast and probing deep into Jenny’s pussy. Her nipples were now rock solid. How could this be? The burglar chuckled. “It looks like you are enjoying yourself, my little bondage toy,” she said, continuing to play with Jenny’s pussy, fingering her more deeply. Finding Jenny’s clit, she rubbed it slowly, then squeezed it as she bent down. She sucked Jenny’s nipples, her tongue swirling around as she switched back and forth between them, sucking them harder and then gently nibbling them.

Being blindfolded, having her sight cut off, made Jenny more acutely aware of sensations in her body. Clearly, this burglar knew how to turn on a girl. Jenny felt as if her breasts were swelling like balloons being filled with water. Her head also felt like it was swelling. Meanwhile, she was very definitely wet down there. The burglar noticed. “Mmm so very wet, you must be enjoying your bondage,” she laughed as she played with Jenny’s nipples. “I have all night to play with you as I rub your clit, slowly working it up and down. I bet I can make you cum.”

Jenny was certainly not enjoying it. She hated it. But her body was betraying her. Yes, she knew that the burglar would soon make her cum. Her back was arching, and she was starting to see shooting stars. Yes, she knew that it would happen any minute now ...

The burglar continued to work Jenny faster, sucking harder on her nipples as her hand slid over Jenny’s body, caressing her slowly. “Mmmm so very lovely,” she said as she stroked Jenny’s thighs along the stocking tops, sucking on her nipples and pulling them outward. Her fingers continued to probe, stroking Jenny’s clit. She smiled behind her mask as she could see Jenny fighting a losing battle not to cum. However much Jenny struggled, she could not win. Her back arched even more, she thrashed around as much her bonds allowed, and she moaned loudly into her gag, though of course hardly any sound emerged. She slumped back, furious with herself for allowing the burglar to make her do this.

The burglar chuckled at what she had done to Jenny. She wiped her fingers on Jenny’s stockings. Then she put Jenny over her shoulder and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. She dropped Jenny face down onto the bed. She wrapped a length of rope several times tightly around Jenny’s waist and arms, cinched between her back and elbows to ensure that Jenny could not move her arms. Turning Jenny on her side, she tied the rope off in front of Jenny, putting the knot completely beyond her reach. She fixed another rope to the front of the waist rope. She pulled this between Jenny’s thighs and buried it deep into her crotch so that it dug in. The rope was then threaded up and around the elbow bonds. Turning Jenny back onto her face, the burglar pulled Jenny’s legs back and tied the end of the rope to her ankles. If Jenny struggled, it would pull on the crotch rope, making it dig in even more.

The burglar looked at the utterly helpless girl with amusement. “Don’t worry girl; I’ll call the police and they can release you. Of course, I won’t do that until tomorrow morning when I’m safely away.”

Jenny rapidly discovered that struggling was too much effort and anyway hurt her crotch too much. There was no way that she could escape from her bondage. She just had to lie still for a few hours, gagged and blindfolded, until the police could come.


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